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Thinking about Howard University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Howard University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Howard University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Howard University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Howard University experience. These Howard University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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way I'm on my way to the Q. Probate. I'm a late We're gonna see if I could even find parking, because, you know, it's not be crazy up here, so I don't even know why I'm attempting to drive. But then I have to go to set right after this for this show. So you got the O. Q. How do you feel wearing jerseys today? So today is that Miss Howard pageant? Kayla's preparing. So we can't What? You actually look really good in this life time. She's gonna be this hard. This is Kayla before Howard. How do you feel? Like what? Your sentiment. Excited for the opportunity? Um, I just I just left it all in God's hands. And if it's for me, won't pass me. God has his favor over my life, and I'm just grateful for she got, but she's gonna win it. So if so, I'm just, like, excited. So this is pre Miss Howard. Kayla, don't change up on us. Don't turn beyond. Still, she's still gonna You're still gonna be my blog's right now. You're famous. Okay, Well, she's gotta prepare you guys by. We'll see you later. Love you too. link under right there. Okay. Probate 17 17 17 I need to find is extremely yes. And the 32 it's okay. Okay. Probate season on the yard. Okay. Now what is it like you wear, like, a late don't. So yeah. Waiting for my friends to come out of a game. It's a lip today, people. Well, over their way. Theo, you see how hot it as you like. You can see this regulation. Wait a little. And I barely got any footage. Sorry. Yeah. So emotional. And I'm so proud of them. So proud eyes. I'm, like, so excited because I have so many updates. I'm going to be interning in l. A this summer with HBCU in l. A internship program. Um, that's like, I'm gonna be blogging all summer. You guys are gonna see. That's crazy. Uh, what else? I'm acting now, So I was I got cast to be in one of my that comes out. I'll let you guys know and look for me in that. Okay, um but I don't have, like, a speaking role in that show. It's just like it's a Netflix show, and I just I'm gonna be in the background and you'll see me Possibly. Yeah, but, um Thank you, guys, for almost 800 subscribers. I'm planning on doing a giveaway and yeah, stating car just right. I was making sure I don't miss homecoming at Howard, Hawaii to DC and plenty women Way are at Wait. I like It was great. You know what I'm saying? The name number one fan is me. You know, you e No. Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. My name's actually Ferguson for those who don't know me. And so today, my faith guys, today my face is swollen. I don't know if you can tell. Look, because I got a tooth taking out yesterday. I don't know why I decided to do it the week of homecoming, but it had to come out. So it's still gonna be a fun day. Ah, Lonnie's here. Lonnie's do. And my besties from home are here, and it's gonna be lit. So as you can see, I do. That was Carlin cheese extra? No. She ready? She is my last homecoming as an undergrad. It's crazy. Right? Um, we got way. Got some decent way. Got pulled down for Carla. Like hunger games. It's the you guys. I don't know. That looks like a line. So guys way we've struggled more than you could possibly imagine right now. guess where we are. We're outside Simone's apartment. You wanna know why? If anyone has any late night food spots and easy, they were starving, were starving Way we locked in a bus, boy. Suppose looking like dressed a f. And he's like, I'm sorry to cut you off, but are that means the guys? Yes. Okay. How has your kitchen? Which were don't We don't even want to go out at this point. We just want food. And it's like we can't even do a sweatshirt. I want some soup Course of people behind us. Oh, Jean jacket from Tara. I don't know what this is from Aldo. Well, they got a Howard had just over the rain umbrellas. My carlin care by day. Wait, you Oh, God. Working during wait forever? Yes. You're going back to jail. Get y'all. It's still out. It's like I started to come back and elegant. Way i e i You get tired earlier. Tom Petty's I wanna go to bed hungry and tired and we're still not done yet. Way. Yes. Yes. I cannot believe homecoming is over. It happened so fast. It was like a huge blur. Um, I made it through with my swollen cheeks. So I think that's an accomplishment itself. Um, I really miss my friends already. They left sad. There's a brunch today, though. So Loki homecomings. Not over yet. Hello, my bestie. You're blond. Thank you. I wish I could do for her boyfriend. Law, You got to check it out. I'm gonna put it right here, put it right there and follow them all that because they have a really good inspired one day we could do a log. Yeah, like a lab. And do like you talk this way. Messy Collab. Like a tab. This is the rest of the family were at our homecoming. Brian. Yes. This is the Hamilton. This is a little booty. Everyone. Everyone else. Is that like this Darty, right? Are you one of the garden? I'm gonna go to the dark. I don't know what starting. I'm gonna go to I don't know, Tonto. Um right, Max. I just want to say like Howard, homecoming is something else. If you ever get the chance to make sure you guys come because it's so much fun and I can't wait to come back next year for it, so I'm really happy. I love Howard. This just made me love Howard. So much more. Carmen, Just ride for hours making sure I don't miss the homecoming at Howard Hawaii. All right, so you guys, a little or a blackbird recently just got renovated, so it's really nice. So I simply area sandwiches. It gives us more options, like Syria. And there's also like, uh, always every day. There's different food items like today so Thursday, so there's corn bread and stuff. There's always a way. Pizza station and fries and burgers. Pizza's ever here. Yeah, but it's really nice. No, and it's the pasta line as well. A salad bar. You know, vegetarian. There's so many options that not just one person who eats a lot of me, are you? No, was not a vegetarian. There's a lot of options. Yeah, it's really nice. And now it's really spacious, like So how to balance school and life? Fine. I will say that the balance comes individually so there's no certain way too Go about doing it To succeed. You definitely have to stay on top of your word. I don't recommend falling behind. I don't recommend procrastination. I know that it's easy to do so. But, you know, in order to stay where you are, you have to put in the work. But I do wanna re invoice to enjoy your college life here. There are many opportunities to become involved To get to know the soon body find your interest. I definitely I was able to find my entries Tio attending events and socializing, talking to people whether they were older, younger than me. And that sort of has my attention. While I'm not focusing on school related things, So I would definitely lead just say, find what you're interested in. Do a chain to sit in and just not forget that the one the eleven fifty nine assignment is I. So here I am going into Founders library, and usually there's somebody to check your ID card in at the front. So you just flash it to them and you're good. So they're many artifacts to be found all around the library. That how it has on display for everybody to see. And here is a picture of our founder. So as you go up the steps, you'll see that they're areas of tables and chairs for you to sit and do homework guy and even computers and printers if you need to use them. This is where you can also check out books if you decide to get one. In this next section of the room. It's a more quiet space to really focus on homework. So here I am, entering to what we called the stacks, and this is where you can come to find library books that you look up online. So on the library's website, you're able to search up in books that you need, and they'll give you the information that you need in order to find it. So you will look through the aisles according to what stack number there in and the last name and eyes be in number. Locate the perception e. So Also in the stags are tables and chairs where if you like to study down there, you are more than welcome to do so So next up s O. Hey, guys, I'm back. So I'm with you on one of my friends, Yana Way. Met since freshman year, and I'm gonna ask you a few questions. So, you know, what's your most memorable experience here, Howard? I would say is so stuffed with Thursday. So, you know, today's Wednesday, tomorrow's Thursday. So I'm going to show you guys what so few Thursday looks like at Blackburn, which is right behind us, but had there tomorrow. Uh, another question. You know what? Why did you choose Howard Howard for the business school? Course, I've got it. Pretty good ship. Which which internship did you do last summer? Universal. Wow. Nbcuniversal. Like so one thing about, you know, this is students. Is we all about her money? Way. Exactly. And we're like, the best known school. So So you guys going to see more of that later on? All right. Thanks, Yana. insisting on Okay. Hey, guys, welcome to my YouTube channel. So today I want to talk about something that's actually really important. And it's basically 10 things that I wish I knew before coming to Howard or just going to college in dinner. So I hope you guys enjoy. All right, So the first thing that I wish I knew Waas set reminders. And to have an agenda like things would be so much easier if I had just planned out my days accordingly knew exactly doing because nobody else has the same schedules. You you may have to go to class and then go take care of something in another building at a building. And so nobody's gonna remind you. The only thing that will remind you is when you set reminders you. Oh yeah, I had to go there, but just always make sure to write down what you have to do, and you'll be on top of your stuff. Number two. Do you like? Don't be afraid to just do you do things by yourself like it's fine to go to the CAF by yourself, even though it's embarrassing to even one's kind of like, I don't want to eat alone. If you can't find anyone to go with, like if you've asked all around and exercise all your options, then you just gotta go. And it's fine because if you walk to the CAF A. Someone would be like, Oh, where you going? And then if you say you're going to the CAF and they also want to go, they'll come with you or you might see somebody in the CAF and you might see your friends in there. It's not the end of the world. You do it and you leave. It's just part of life or you can eat in the cut. You know, don't be in the middle eating. Just go in the corner Being Loki, be by yourself sometimes. It's fine. I've got to get my eyebrows done by my son off. Got my nails fixed by myself When you go to college. It just it doesn't matter when you spend some days by yourself like it's okay. Sometimes you need to be alone. Just do your own thing and not need people holding you back. And then, you know people will start. Wanted to get stuff done with you. Year on your dish and doing stuff. Three. If you have one or two classes one day, you don't need to bring every single thing that you own. Like you're not gonna go back to your room because then your baggage is heavy. Just lugging this big bag around. It's like for why. Trust me, Howard, when you're doing all those all those walks, it's just you want to have as little weight on you as possible. So you'll see. You will see office hours, literally office hours. The reason that I got a four point of the semester is because I knew all my teachers if I was struggling, I came to them that this is the issue, you know, right here. This is where you don't just kidding. When you're coming to their office hours and they start learning who you are writing your name, they'll like you more. And when it comes time to put your grade in, they're gonna be like, Oh, I remember her. She's working hard. Just get to know your teachers. It's like it's, um it's like that should have been number one. Get to know your teachers and go to office hours, and they will help you out. They will. And I'm not just saying that because when I watched the videos, I'd be like, Okay, office hours. No, you need to go. So I always know how you're getting back from a party. Like, don't be stranded. Don't understand. That happened to me. If you guys want to hear that story, I'll make another video about it, because that's a long story. But I was stranded, actually got stranded twice, So I'll tell both in another video, but, um just, like, have uber plan have a ride back If you have a ride back, like a Plan B. Like, Okay, I'm probably gonna need to call an uber because this person is to turn to, so, no, I'm gonna get back. You don't have to pop out every single day for class. Like I know everybody thinks Oh, Howard, the fashion show stuff. But you know, if you don't wanna pop out every day, don't like, just make sure you look nice and presentable, but this isn't the most bomb offered in the world. But I would wear this to class just cause it's Jill. It's cute. And, you know, I feel good just wear whatever makes you feel good. Don't look at what other people are wearing. Compare yourself honestly. At the end of day, you're just going to watch a lecture and then maybe on the yard. You know, if you're wearing a cute outfit, go ahead, pop out, but don't feel pressure toe always be looking good. No, look good. But don't look, Pop Dr 100% all the time. Do whatever makes you happy. Super important when you're applying for internships and you wanna you want a really impressive internship over the summer. Make sure you apply for that and November and in the fall, because all the cool under trip that's when the deadline's on The big companies they want already secure their interns for the summer back in the fall. And so when you wanna cool, fall under chip, we gotta apply in this summer. So you just gotta plan months in advance What? Where you wanna work? Because that's when people are looking for interns. I really wish that I had mapped out from freshman year two separatist senior. This what I'm gonna do? This is what I'm gonna join like and have all these little set up not saying I don't wanna say Just be like mindful on B Be clever. And Martin was your decisions of the things that you join because that can benefit you, help you or hurt you in the future. Tips to leave you guys with in the at night walking groups. Find a good church home. Don't leave church at home just because you're leaving You know there's church everywhere, so it's just a good thing to have when you're going through stress and a lot of changes in your life. Just make sure you have got that utilize the library study lounges. You don't always have to study your room, and sometimes that can, like make it worse because you just always in your room like it gives you Jeff, to leave you and your room. You do not have to be best friends or go everywhere together. You guys just live together. So you know you don't wanna be the best of friends. Yeah, it's like it's fine if you guys aren't besties you in so many other people you could be friends with. So I hope you guys enjoy this video and please subscribe. Give it a thumbs up all that and also let me know what other type of videos you guys want to see five. Hey, also today you're coming to class with me. I want certificate spirit. I don't know how that works, but I just like it's funny because it wasn't my feet. So I moved all the way back. Thio 22 they were like, Congratulations to our winners. 22 5 1003 miles. It's an interesting airport. I met a secret location, but I'm with my line sister Haley fail and it's raining. You guys, I would have ever been raining in l A when I mean just just disrespectful, But no, we're gonna figure out some things to do today. I love it here. This office is so cool. I'm gonna thing right now. The first thing that happens when I wake up in the morning is I wake up to this wild construction noise. It's called gentrification. Identification areas just went away, and I just I'm just gonna go to class. I have one class. My class is canceled. All gonna bring you guys with me. It's a three hour thinking today, getting ready for school. You don't understand. I'm so excited. Yes, I want to cherish my left. You want schools, but I'm ready to get out of the world. Why? I look like the stereotypical blogger like, Look at me have, like, headphones on temples on a hat, a log camera. You know, sometimes I just I just don't feel like talking to people. I'm late for class, Like, right now I'm late, so I don't really want to talk to anybody. I just want I want it. I want to be paying. So don't judge me by figure out Jack campuses empty today. Here's my school. You guys saw this in my other blawg This If you major in broadcast journalism, this is where your school This is news that Tonto, can you say hi? Yeah, everything's good. I made it class on time. I'm too early. Look, way We're the only people in here, but it's okay. I'm glad to be here. So birthday in news visions and we're out here. We're out here doing this assignment where we have to go interview people. It's pretty crazy. She was just like you guys Just go go on to the world interview people. So that's what we're doing. That's why I can't block right now, because I'm on Didn't I tell you guys? So for Thursday today. So you got from American cheese, some fried chicken and rice and beans on my favorite corn bread. And I'm here with my best friend Lilly, uh, met her, you know, as a freshman as well. And we've been best friends ever since. So she's a runner on the track team. And so, Julia, I have a question. What's your favorite place? Like get a quick snack like tea on campus. The store in the towers. I grabbed pretty much anything from Andy drinks. Okay, so it's like a nice, like, quick grab and go like seven eleven style. Nice, flexible hours. So you don't really have to swipe into the dining hall if you want to grab something. So, Yeah, You know, after our soul food that I'm gonna have to take a little tour Of what if Good morning eyes. So today I'm visiting one of my friend Sydney. She's an r A and one of the freshman doors, and let's see if she's up. Hey, how's local? Teo? Cindy has been a dear friend. She's on the bowling woman's bowling team here, Howard, and she's a senior. She's graduating soon, and also it's your birthday yesterday. S so like I said, Sydney's an r a in this freshman girls dorm. All girls room, which means that she monitors all the freshman girls on her floor. She does programs, you know, some fun stuff. Kinda like a mentor to the freshman girls on This is a little tour of a room s o. We have a little synch with the mirror here, some closet space. And then where you gonna show me? Nuts? So this is that Go to space. My desk here had pictures of my family, My love Wass. I'm a huge music person. I love Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, All that. I actually did a little D I y with these baskets. Got target spray painted them made, um, high school memorabilia, My palm. Otherwise, you know, I just keep it as close to me as possible. Awesome. Next, I'll show you. This is my second year being an R A. So I have a couch that I had from my previous storm. Slow Hall. And so if you are Ari, it does come with a couch already provided. But I had to switch it up, Have my own thing. Um, here some of my favorite reading books. Showcase candles. Also, you know, be a little in a roomful flat a shoe, Wally. And then pictures of paintings there I love. I feel like I was born at this time. Especially with Josephine Baker elephants. Gerald, I'm a huge Billie holiday fan. Uh, then I guess moving on. There's my bed my size. Usually freshmen girls storms. They become two people in the room. But, you know, Sydney has a perks of being by herself. Azari. So she got her own little space? Absolutely. So I guess I can show you guys over here. You'll always have a side and B side medicine clock cabinet. Eso here. Just follow my go. Teo. I feel sick. I mean, my mama. Stan. Teo, I guess, lastly, just a regulator. Degla bathroom. So you got the toilet there. And in this shower, it's a nice little sighs. Yeah. Also say, Well, thanks. I really appreciate it. And I know you got class soon, so you gotta get ready. All right, CIA guys.