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All right, so you guys, a little or a blackbird recently just got renovated, so it's really nice. So I simply area sandwiches. It gives us more options, like Syria. And there's also like, uh, always every day. There's different food items like today so Thursday, so there's corn bread and stuff. There's always a way. Pizza station and fries and burgers. Pizza's ever here. Yeah, but it's really nice. No, and it's the pasta line as well. A salad bar. You know, vegetarian. There's so many options that not just one person who eats a lot of me, are you? No, was not a vegetarian. There's a lot of options. Yeah, it's really nice. And now it's really spacious, like I. So here I am going into Founders library, and usually there's somebody to check your ID card in at the front. So you just flash it to them and you're good. So they're many artifacts to be found all around the library. That how it has on display for everybody to see. And here is a picture of our founder. So as you go up the steps, you'll see that they're areas of tables and chairs for you to sit and do homework guy and even computers and printers if you need to use them. This is where you can also check out books if you decide to get one. In this next section of the room. It's a more quiet space to really focus on homework. So here I am, entering to what we called the stacks, and this is where you can come to find library books that you look up online. So on the library's website, you're able to search up in books that you need, and they'll give you the information that you need in order to find it. So you will look through the aisles according to what stack number there in and the last name and eyes be in number. Locate the perception e. So Also in the stags are tables and chairs where if you like to study down there, you are more than welcome to do so So next up s O. So how to balance school and life? Fine. I will say that the balance comes individually so there's no certain way too Go about doing it To succeed. You definitely have to stay on top of your word. I don't recommend falling behind. I don't recommend procrastination. I know that it's easy to do so. But, you know, in order to stay where you are, you have to put in the work. But I do wanna re invoice to enjoy your college life here. There are many opportunities to become involved To get to know the soon body find your interest. I definitely I was able to find my entries Tio attending events and socializing, talking to people whether they were older, younger than me. And that sort of has my attention. While I'm not focusing on school related things, So I would definitely lead just say, find what you're interested in. Do a chain to sit in and just not forget that the one the eleven fifty nine assignment is Hey, guys. My name is Spencer Junior International Business Major from southern New Jersey. Very small town. But I just wanted to show my face very excited to show you guys around campus, so right behind me is the school of business. This is where I have my major classes on about these couple days show you my classes, you'll meet some of my professors and best friends. I'm sure you're on campus in the hot spots to go where to eat and stuff, So I'm very excited. So looking forward to our tour. Didn't I tell you guys? So for Thursday today. So you got from American cheese, some fried chicken and rice and beans on my favorite corn bread. And I'm here with my best friend Lilly, uh, met her, you know, as a freshman as well. And we've been best friends ever since. So she's a runner on the track team. And so, Julia, I have a question. What's your favorite place? Like get a quick snack like tea on campus. The store in the towers. I grabbed pretty much anything from Andy drinks. Okay, so it's like a nice, like, quick grab and go like seven eleven style. Nice, flexible hours. So you don't really have to swipe into the dining hall if you want to grab something. So, Yeah, You know, after our soul food that I'm gonna have to take a little tour Of what if Hey, guys, I'm back. So, at one of our home basketball games on the plane, your full statement, one of our I know it might be hard to hear, but it's our one of our rivals on the media conference in just the last home game. I'm here with my friend Kristen, and she joined me for a little bit. So I have a question for eso what's like your favorite sporting like sport Like during the season? I guess, um, my favorite sport like football, they just like I've loved football since I was little. So watching like you watch calls. Awesome. It's more intense and fast paced. So yeah, yeah, the only thing I don't like about twins, just like it could be Give me super cold out. Yeah, give me super cold. But sometimes it's like the football team is really, really good. And they're really on the rise. And like its a more atmosphere, really close atmosphere here in football games invested games, too, from the stadium. So yeah, nice person. All right. Talk to you guys later. I'm going to say what the other game and Yeah, all right. So here I am showing you the career services sinner and thie interview sweets, and they help with setting up career opportunities in, like, job fairs for students to attend in different resume section sessions to help them out along the way. This is a strategic legal and management communications sector which is composed of advertising, PR, legal, calm in or calm. This's the Annenberg Honest Program Resource in it and I will be taking you to speak with my dean, Dr Byrd. So this is Dr Burns, my darling. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Well, so she is over the Annenberg Honest Program. Did you want to tell us a little bit about it? Oh, the Annenberg Honest. Damn, very, very on this program here in school. Cations at Howard. And the purpose of the program is too assist students as well. Actually do research that could be considered research on the master education. Hi. We welcome you to apply Apply. You are freshman year, actually, before you become Howard or not. Come on, Not before you, our student. But as you apply Howard education once you're how university want, you are accepted. You could apply also in your South morning. But I look forward to hearing from our ladies gentlemen, fine to come too. And this is lastly, be resource in there where we have access to computers and different materials that we need for our research here in the Annenberg Honest Program. All right. Hey, guys saw him at the Howard Metro. It's about a nice, nice little ten minute, ten minute walk from my dorm, the main campus and Parametric. Ours called a smart car. You have to start. You have to put down five dollars to actually get the card and you can add as much money as you like, And behind me is a map. So wait, it's going to be difficult. So we are here, Sasha harem. It shows everyone down to gallery place, right? We're trying to tell you it's a straight shot. So metro cars kind of run every like five or ten minutes and pretty much it's a nice strategic map by color system of how to get in the Metro. So we are going to gallery place, and I'm gonna use my smart card to kind of get through the turntable. It's pretty much like, uh, you know, New York style kind of thing, and I'm through. So I have to wait into next car comes which, hopefully, it won't be a long wait. Sometimes they are dilated when it's, uh, weather like this. But the match is really nice. I use it all the time, sir. See, I want to get to point A to point B. I'm always at Chinatown. I'm always down near the monuments or some of the Smithsonian. Museums like Tio turn around museums a lot. But it's going to be really cool when you get to the National Portrait Gallery to show you guys, especially the new portrait that were just revealed for Michelle and Barack Obama. So I'm very excited. So, yeah, I'm gonna wait here for a little bit. See, I just went down. Um, pia, I'm looking forward to seeing the fortresses that here there also, and I cannot wait, So tuning with the guys a little bit Good morning eyes. So today I'm visiting one of my friend Sydney. She's an r A and one of the freshman doors, and let's see if she's up. Hey, how's local? Teo? Cindy has been a dear friend. She's on the bowling woman's bowling team here, Howard, and she's a senior. She's graduating soon, and also it's your birthday yesterday. S so like I said, Sydney's an r a in this freshman girls dorm. All girls room, which means that she monitors all the freshman girls on her floor. She does programs, you know, some fun stuff. Kinda like a mentor to the freshman girls on This is a little tour of a room s o. We have a little synch with the mirror here, some closet space. And then where you gonna show me? Nuts? So this is that Go to space. My desk here had pictures of my family, My love Wass. I'm a huge music person. I love Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, All that. I actually did a little D I y with these baskets. Got target spray painted them made, um, high school memorabilia, My palm. Otherwise, you know, I just keep it as close to me as possible. Awesome. Next, I'll show you. This is my second year being an R A. So I have a couch that I had from my previous storm. Slow Hall. And so if you are Ari, it does come with a couch already provided. But I had to switch it up, Have my own thing. Um, here some of my favorite reading books. Showcase candles. Also, you know, be a little in a roomful flat a shoe, Wally. And then pictures of paintings there I love. I feel like I was born at this time. Especially with Josephine Baker elephants. Gerald, I'm a huge Billie holiday fan. Uh, then I guess moving on. There's my bed my size. Usually freshmen girls storms. They become two people in the room. But, you know, Sydney has a perks of being by herself. Azari. So she got her own little space? Absolutely. So I guess I can show you guys over here. You'll always have a side and B side medicine clock cabinet. Eso here. Just follow my go. Teo. I feel sick. I mean, my mama. Stan. Teo, I guess, lastly, just a regulator. Degla bathroom. So you got the toilet there. And in this shower, it's a nice little sighs. Yeah. Also say, Well, thanks. I really appreciate it. And I know you got class soon, so you gotta get ready. All right, CIA guys. Hey, guys, I'm back. So I'm with you on one of my friends, Yana Way. Met since freshman year, and I'm gonna ask you a few questions. So, you know, what's your most memorable experience here, Howard? I would say is so stuffed with Thursday. So, you know, today's Wednesday, tomorrow's Thursday. So I'm going to show you guys what so few Thursday looks like at Blackburn, which is right behind us, but had there tomorrow. Uh, another question. You know what? Why did you choose Howard Howard for the business school? Course, I've got it. Pretty good ship. Which which internship did you do last summer? Universal. Wow. Nbcuniversal. Like so one thing about, you know, this is students. Is we all about her money? Way. Exactly. And we're like, the best known school. So So you guys going to see more of that later on? All right. Thanks, Yana.