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Thinking about Texas Tech University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Texas Tech University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Texas Tech University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Texas Tech University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Texas Tech University experience. These Texas Tech University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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We're going to tour my living space. I found a bit better to live off campus. It's just more convenient and a lot less expensive doing the math. That's probably about five thousand dollars cheaper than living on campus, and I have a four and a half bathroom for bedroom townhome, which I share with three other remains. Alright, I like this living space. Definitely, because I chose the right roommates, but I have a lot more room, a lot more privacy. This's our common area. We have a kitchen. I know what I was living in the dorms. We weren't able to really cook. It was fully furnished, moving in. Freij stove microwave. We did have to buy our own utensils. And what? Not, uh, comes with the washing dryer whole nine yards. It feels like it definitely feels like a home away from home. But, as I said before, three other roommates, the only downside, I would say, is the stairs. I really like the set up of these because it's definitely a lot more open in a dorm room when I was in my dorm. No exaggeration. You see the size of my bed. This is my room To the window sill on that window sill was a bit on the other side, where my dogs can always was where My bad wass. That's how close we were. And now I have a full sized mattress versus the extra large twin, which is in the dorm rooms again. It was fully furnished, so it didn't have to pay for furniture. I just had to pay for my betting clothes and whatnot. There's a closet in your room, a shower hello. Yeah, you can decorate it exactly how you like. I currently pay a little under six hundred bucks a month and doing the math. It's still cheaper than living in the dorms. On an annual basis comes with a shoe closet in my other roommate, which will be down the hall, his separate living space given example of other spaces. Artists are a little bit about your life. But I wanted to offer additional perspective for those living on campus. I personally prefer living off campus because I like to cook. No clattered into a small jail cell. Basically is where I call dorm life. You know, we have free range. Gabby is living in a flat. We're living in town, so we're gonna give you different perspectives. Yes. Oh, campus vs I prefer Afghan. In your room and things like I have decided. I prefer it because it was just all know things like it's old and not whatsoever. Had a lot of problems have a leaking flooding and stuff. I just didn't like that at all. Every semester transfer so inexperienced. I do recommend it for the experience. I think he doesn't care. Off limits for sure. Rest of you both. It's all right. It is seven on Russian remains before. So we lived in Carpenter Wells, and they kind of like they tried to compromise between dorm life and apartment life, and they tried. But this is definitely better. I would say on campus it didn't have some benefits. Like decidedly. The experience is, there's just nothing like it And being on campus, you are so close to classes. You're so close to so many different. We're not restaurants, exactly. But, yeah, the dining area. And it was, I guess it was nice for just the first year, but after that, very quickly, Yeah, very quickly wanted to move off campus and definitely not too far off campus. We're only like, maybe like a ten minute walk from campus so bad and this way, like it's definitely that's It's a good investment, but I prefer off campus because it's you can really grow into yourself a lot more. Yeah, is definitely more private. So Andrew actually live in the dorms here, but he's living in a couple of apartments around. Can you describe it? Because there's good bad, all right. So when I first came to Texas Tech and started living at the Avenue and that was a town home and at random, roommates have no idea what I was doing. And remember the first day I came attacked that night, I was like I'm gonna learn how to cook and I learned how to, like, Teach us About could take care of myself, just all the responsibilities that you didn't really think about it when you were living at home. But I have to recommend living off campus because you learn so many morals and values. You learn a lot about yourself and what you can and can't do. And you really learn to challenge yourself. Just howto live on your own and how to take care of yourself and also get to be a lot of really cool. You mean cool Roommates get, too make a decision after the year lease is up. Move elsewhere, Like was. Jonah lived in the growth for a year before living here in the lot, and that was an experience to say. But I would definitely say living close to campus that living close to campus and not living far away is mainly the key. When you're living off campus, because when you have to take the bus and you're about five miles away and you have a class is in thirty minutes, you're going to be late or you might you might wanna skip class or something because of over time. But I definitely, like, enjoy living off campus because of you. Get to make amazing friendships. That cooking, you learn howto Just take care of yourself. You get to have pets, but we have two dogs here eleven. It's just a good, really good. Our guys. You ready? We're going to go check out some of the busiest places on campus. These areas ranged from income, the sub free speech area and then around the library, busiest places on campus. You ready? We're having waiting for you. So this is our free speech area in the middle of the week. It still syllabus week here, but in the middle of the week, that's where you'll find out your free food. Propaganda protests events on organizational groups One of my favorite places on campus has to be the Student union building, also known as the sub. This place offers ice cream, pizza times and tons of food all the types of food you can imagine. To me, this is the most diversified menu across campus. There's also places to study place to hang out our displaces toe chill out for a second. They even offer ATMs, tutoring sessions in places for fraternities and sororities to meet up. Student union Building is the place to be on campus. The next step we have. Holden home. Holden Hall is central to campus because it overlooks our human sciences building and near the engineering side of campus, along with math and sciences. This place is probably the busiest because it's probably central to about five to six buildings. This is where the bus is let out. This is also where a lot of scooters and transportation services can't be found. I tend to see all of my friends here and any time of the day. Hey, guys. Coming to you live from our Rex and own campus just killed my workout. I wanna give you a quick tour of the facility. The TT you rec center has amenities that work out for all on each level of our indoor facility. We offer fun, fitness and focus, no matter how you go about acquiring just that. From fitness classes. Teo are aquatic center to a space to dance, even work out and lift. I've seen some of everyone in the rec center, from dancers to football players to athletes or even traditional students. So two story When I first got to college, I didn't really talk to my roommate. I didn't have a lot of friends. Most of my friends from high school went to different universities, so I was a little bit of a loner until I started working out. Going to the wreck, I met a lot of cool people and friends, going to fitness classes or doing what I did best. I'm a big bias because in high school and growing up before then, I played basketball and ran track. So my natural past times were to go back to my previous habits. I run up to the track and what that said, I am very competitive. So on the truck, I'd see people running, and I passed them up and make eye contact with them. So they knew I was going to race them. And nine times out of ten, this work, getting them to race me. They're like bed. Okay, we're going to race and let me put it this way. Jonathan Richardson does not lose a foot race. I'm just say that, so not losing that so other than that, I did meet a couple of friends, one of my really good friends. I actually met him on the track, and we work out every day. Now I'm another past time. I enjoy. Like I said, it's basketball. I am very competitive, so I want to be out there playing. I wanna win and what I said, There's a lot of other people out there like me and just finding common ground and make myself comfortable by doing the things I did back home really made Texas Tech one of my favorite places outside of home. So it's easy to say that the wreck help make tech my home away from home. So students at Tech are given multiple options when it comes to living spaces, though your first year it is mandatory to live in the dorms. I highly recommend this experience because they grants use so many opportunities to make friends to network to learn about the university. And if you were like me my first year, I didn't have a car, so just made things more convenient and better for me personally. With that said, living in the dorms comes with a meal card, nothing additional outside expenses right now. And now that I've been here a couple of years, I'm living at one ofthe off campus features that are granted for students. Again, students are offered opportunities to live on campus. They're our dorms. There's on campus apartments and there's off campus apartment. So the dorms are organized by gender, alternating per floor. This floor on is the lady's floor, So the next floor we're going up to is the men's floor. We're gonna go sit down and talk with my friend. Chance Chance! And then what class are you? Ivan? Freshmen. They're freshmen. So what brought you to Texas Tech? They have really good architecture program. How would you say? How would you tell someone to survive dorm life where some tips makes you have snacks? Makes you stay on top of your tours of laundry and all that tons of hundred Sunday. And then when you moved into the storm like what was in here? What did you have to bring? I got a chair. Everyone gets an extra chair, but I helped me a lot. I don't know anything. You's a lot back home. Just bring that with You can be. So here we have one of our men's bathroom. Typically, they include individual stalls to handle your business. Also individual showers to handle your business. The's showers also have locks on them. I would recommend getting in here early as possible in the morning just so that they're fresh and they're clean and you're not getting in there after anyone else. It's a video. Public nights are usually quite the experience because a small town is full of students looking for outlet from their busy schedules comprised of school and work. I've got a complaint. You're probably going to find me here Thursday through Sunday. Broadway. Our street full of ours offers a unique experience for every person twenty one years of age and up. Find two, three years border some things to do and love it. No matter your scene or your interest, there's something to do for all I've met Ray vers. I've met partygoers, people that enjoy bars, clubs or a good old kick back. I say we all have in common that we just looking for fun and a moment to de stress along with our friends. Hey, guys, We're here on campus at Texas Tech University. I'm going to be a tour of the library. Let's go. Thiss first area. A lot of food it can transfer. Chief, My beeper. Where else? On campus, if you have. Information desk. It's all underground. I still don't know everything that's there. So I still got the information. These elevators here go off. Resource is outside of library, out of books. I guess. Back this way. Okay. Now that we're in the library, I don't know if you can hear me now that we're in the library. Have to be quiet, Of course, but it's organized toe where? If you want to go to digital sides upstairs those elevators deciding a study areas and Resource is we're going to go to the stacks and show you how many books we have here. If you never been to the library here in Texas Tech, you got each stack level for your book number, a letter number, all of that and the information on those files, what you'll find here. So when you log in online, if you don't want to look through all these books, you can look this number which you'll find a line. To study rooms, actually, some years. Usually pretty busy during finals. I can't get into it now. Right about that. You have tto ran a key to get a study. Which part of that information has to get all that? But inside, usually just a desk, a chair, place to study nice and quiet. The library is excellent place to come and study. It's always quiet for those that are not quite. He will be escorted out, so it's assured to be quiet. We have a lot of excellent resource is such as computers if you don't bring a computer to school scanners, printers, all of those things that you would utilize to supplementary education at Texas Tech University. Massoud is point of view. I would say it's very, very, very easy to get along with your professors and definitely even easier to find common ground with. These are individuals who have experience in the industries you seek to pursue, whether professionally or educationally. It's pretty cool to see that. Hey, they were here in my shoes and hey, I can probably be there and they made it past this. So why can I? And I think a lot of my professors and I could speak for others students outside of my major, even my classes, that I shared with them and say that Professor's a RH they actually do want to help you. So showing upto office hours, it sounds scary. It sounds like, Oh, what is this class outside of class? That's really not what it is. It's just extra opportunity to really get the message that they want to stick in your head. And maybe an additional way of receiving that message is getting a more hands on, one on one experience. From my personal experience. I remember one day in class, something wasn't sticking with me, and it's a class I was really passionate about. It was something I'm familiar with. But this day I was like, Are you speaking French? Lee, What's going on? But anyway, I went to our office hours and she explained it a different way. We set down. She really made sure that the information stuck with me, and we went through example problems, and I actually my next tests. I am now an A student, but back then I would probably say it was about a B C. Student, but my next tests definitely showed those results. I would say Visit office hours, even if you're doing okay in the class to do that much better. But office hours professors get close with your professors. You could get letters of recommendation following the classes. You can make friendships. I'm friends with some my professors All right. Hello, everybody. Welcome to TV. Craps on display. Hello, everybody. Welcome to Le Bic. I have some friends I told your friends Here is where you think my name is Gabrielle Sand. A major. And then what? Your major's order Major here. I'm also a public relations major. I'm a fourth year. I'm aggressive, getting maybe a cool, cool, cool. So we have someone, everybody. How would you describe Texas Tech? Like, Why did you choose this school? To be honest, I don't know, but I don't regret it at all. Like I'm so happy I'm living. So, yeah, I came here. I came here because a lot of kids from my high school did kind of transformed. I didn't realize really, all the advantages that takes a sec had it first. After a few years, that really came to be myself. And I realize how great texts tickets for personal growth. I can't take this tech because a friend influence also. But you really didn't know what I was going to do here. And what not? But very thankful for what I was doing here. And all the influences for friends and meaning of people was a really good experience. Coo, coo, coo. And then, as I describe this video, is explaining what life is like around six people have been here yet. So how would you describe the demographics? Yes, well since diversified. Can't you see it's for never spied on campus for sure? Definitely, definitely waiting. So I'm campus. I don't see anyone like me, but if you give them saying so, it's just yourself. Like so. Nothing's wrong with that. It's just a guess. But then our campus. And that's when you guys got a lot more friends, like myself and other ethnicities. So that was really fun. And I really Professor Lee off campus. Cool? Yeah, no, I mean, I didn't get to live on campus transferred here from community college, but I would say that there is a lot of diversification when you're not on campus. Really, When you get to meet, people are living in the apartment, are living off campus. You get to see a lot more different ethnicities and different races. It was longer contribution with that Yeah, position. And then everyone's evolve in different organizations. What are some of the job got into such a pain? It's a lie. So the communications I really it was a film essentially exactly into filming and being on camera and everything. So they work in somewhere. So just focusing more on PR. So then I started to be raided. Then I started Tio Society personal, very close at there's a lot. I just I just You everyone. Yes, it's eternity. Now also, um and Raydor come with Gabby and also take PR. Another big organization I recommend is Tech Marketing Association. They've been around for a while, and it's amazing how well connected they are. One. When I was doing my undergrad apology, I was in the Freedom of Society group in that offered a lot of opportunities for volunteering with Dennis. Do you know what a team of events in San Angelo or heavily Austin? We get shot a lot of business, and also a lot of you to meet a lot of Dennis in the limbic area where get letters of recommendation. There's a lot of community service events along with that in grass school on part of the RD A group and just helps you get Teo toward our corporate offices in Dallas. On the Austin area. You two get a higher your applications when you're applying to jobs, stands out because of that, and it's very, very beneficial. I highly recommend that if you're in France I personally like to eat and cook at home. Another one of my roommates. He does have a meal plan and another one. He just eats straight fast food. It depends on your lifestyle. Like I like to tell everyone that's thinking about coming to college. How do you live at home? Sometimes is a bit different because your finances are different. But what? You can afford a ticket on the college budget? I would say Go for it. You can afford a meal plan. Go for it. If you would like to eat that type of food, go for it. If you want to eat at home, go for it. Since I do live off campus, I would prefer to go home and cook. This is one of my favorite places to eat could make whatever I'd like, and I'm not restricted to fried foods out of the dorms. If I were to rate the food on campus, I would say Let me put it this way. My freshman year, first semester, freshman year, I gained thirty pounds. Choosing where to eat on campus can be almost as difficult as deciding what's right down in class. It's a great thing. Texas Tech University offers a number of dining options for students and communities alike. I would say, check out every place on campus to decide what she likes and what's your favorite? All right. Hey, guys. In here with Tyler on, we're here, Ace. One of our dining options around campus is you Don't explain how you can eat up here at Ace. So once you come up here you have to do is wipe your no card right here and then go in and enjoy what you like. Another popular place around campus would definitely be the Commons. This place is always busy, always packed in always packs flavor. I would say you could go in there and get breakfast, lunch or dinner. I've had a bagel that Chinese food, sub sandwiches, burgers and even Delhi. The market, probably the most popular place to die in around campus due to its centralized location, is home to a number of dining options and experiences for all. From sounds is two soups, two salads, enjoy, enjoy and