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warm clothes. YouTube, Disappointment link banker a baker TV back with another video. So today I'm doing a video about my school. The school I go to in a you this time last time I did what you said no about in a u Now, today we're gonna talk about things use your brain to in a u. So basically, this video is for first year college students that plan on going T o m a u in the fall semester. And basically, I just came up with a list of things you should bring for your first year in a youth. Well, basically terrestrial years. There you are. Hired Ramon. You plan on Lawrence again? Are you? Because who knows? You know. So before you go to in a U Before you even lied where you're coming from before you leave your house to go on the road or five toe Flagstaff, Arizona. The first thing you super brain in a new is school supplies. You have to drink schools o'clock. Okay. You don't want to go to the stores like target walmart up by the school, the weekend moving weekend, because everybody's gonna be there because everybody got buy school supplies. So it's best that you go buy school supplies wider in your area while you're in your city. Normally, I buy my school supplies around July before back to school sales. Like start jumping, everybody starts going. So that's when I normally start buying my school supplies. But basically, I will suggest to stock at your area wherever your nearest locals who supply, store and buy the school surprise back home before going to any next thing you should bring is best supplies. So when you're going to the school and you're staying in the dorms, they don't supply you banned supplies, no see snows, Fresno pillows. All they give you is the mattress and basically, you know, a little, uh, whatever it is the thing that helps the best states that Bandstand. Okay, let's got that. So, basically, you need to bring back supplies. So, like brain, uh, covers. See, uh, I like to bring a comforter and the low foam of memory foam, because the bad is not comfortable if you don't have. If you don't have a comforter or memory foam because it's gonna feel weird, it's gonna feel weird sleeping in it could just be like a light bills. We're comfortable with this and that. So I just You go buy a memory foam and a comforter and just brain your pillows your blank used it covers to see and you'll be comfortable just being sleep good. And, you know, just relax, let your bed because those times where I couldn't even sleep and because my first year I had basically ah, hole, I am really have a comforter or no memory. So I just was sleeping on the street mattress. It was terrible. So our tradition guys, please bring that next thing. Use it. Bring ease your computer Whether it is the desktop or laptop, please bring your computer because your computer, it will be the key. Thio basically your college career Are you hungry? Is gonna be our Most of your homework is gonna be on line. You're gonna have to go on line two assignments that type your assignments, my high school. When you have to hand, write your assignments and turn it in. You know, the next day is literally do that little bit. Nine. Sold. Your lifetime comes in handy. The good thing about the schools that when you go to the library, you could check out a lot of time Word like a day or however long you need a lifetime or in every soldier laptop breaks, you could goto the library toe basically, you know, run out on that last time, and then it just goes to the student texting, and then they help them fix your laptop. They know howto, you know, uh, fixed the viruses and everything else, so I just, you know, check that out when you get a chance. Another thing you should bring is entertainment systems. So basically, you're no. You have a game system work, a PlayStation bars are 10. Does. You probably want to bring that TV, Of course. You know, if you plan on like watching No, that's length Lulu or whatever. You know, the score provides capable of you staying in the student student housing, So that's a good thing. So you could really just bring just bringing cable cord and they connect still TV and then connect to the law and then right there, so no, also speak will be good to, you know, be a part of the same system. Speakers will be good. You know. Listen, music, it's also nice, like you take a speaker with you. Like, listen to music while taking a shower. You know, just to take the speaker, go to the shower and, you know, let's see, I'm using while you take in the shower. So, uh, next used Breen. Yeah. Claiming supplies, slashed toiletries. So I suggest that you should bring all this because you need to have your own cleaning supplies and total cheese because you do not want to go asking. You know, you're you want to go asking your friends and stuff like, Oh, can I use your toilet trees or whatever? This is that you know. You know what? I still can I use kinds of supplies, you know, is get to have your own supplies. Because I know some people don't like sharing the stuff, so just have those supplies. Uh, I say makes training for sure. Have you know they're freshener? Basically, because, uh, I don't know if your roommate's gonna sneak in. I a You know, just spray around the role and help stop a lot, because basically, you just need your own stuff. You just need to have your cleaning supplies you know, have a cleaning, firing me, go inside your room pretty clean. Nothing, I say. Why go tow this boat store at home and buy all the supplies while you're out there before heading out there? Because they ran out a week with this movie. When it's moving, we can't everybody because everybody needs so just go. Just go to your stores at home. Just don't your stores at home. You'll be strength. Next thing you need to bring a M. A u is warm clothes, warm clothes. Reason why I say brain could warm clothes because basically, we get Four seasons opinion. Quick it. We get four seizes at this school, We get snow, we get rain, we get the sun, we get all four seasons, we get fall winter, spring, summer hold literally all of the the fall semester beginning on semester. It's high, You know, you see the colorful leaves, but when it's the wintertime, so I want to stay around right end of October. Beginning November, they started to get cold. So you want to make sure you have on warm clothes because if you don't have warm clothes, you're gonna freeze to death your hand's gonna freeze. I happen to meet before, son. My hands hurt. I was angry. Like Neto have a scar for me to have on leased a jacket to Normally, I have two jackets. But having a jacket to some clubs a beanie you you need to come war and also bring boots because when it snows, you don't want to walk around with because you will assure slip on that dark eyes. You sure slip on that black eyes and people will laugh at you if you slip. So I'm just gonna warn you now, bring warm clothes. But we're going in a U because you will not regret the best thing you need to bring is, uh, not only some people get it before our something beginning when I get there, but you need to have your student. I d When you at the school, you have to have your student. I d. That is your access to everything that is your access. Tow the games like all the sports he gets or the game. Uh, you have a milk plan. That is our milk plan. It's are just 90. You need that. Uh, that's your access to the gym. If you want to work out, that's your access to the jail. And if you're staying in the dorms, is your access to basically to get inside your hall A building because you don't have that can't get in. It is also the access to the library after hours. So when that passed in the car, they locked the door. So you need how your student I d or to get inside the library. So it is mandatory that you have to have your student. I mean, when you come to you, normally some people get it in the, you know, in the office where they take the pictures to get your I d. But someplace sometimes you're so fresh here you take the picture at home and an infinity, you get it at orientation. You're just doing my idea. Orientation. Profession's stood it for a chance to do this as well and, you know, becomes the head. So the last thing you need to bring at in a U is yourself. You have to bring all this stuff, right? But I do need to be there. You have to be there. You are the college student and you gotta be at the school soul. You need to bring your butt Oh, to school. Basically, what I'm saying No, you could bring all this, but we have to beat it because you you pay to go to this school you pay to go to in a your pants for education to say free, educational born. So you have to be there. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you guys like it, please give the thumbs up. If you have any other suggestions for a car like you videos or college videos in general that you want for me to do, Frito, Frito, let me know in the comments section. I appreciate it. Thank you guys for watching. Give it a thumb's up. Feel free to hit the subscribe button and oh, yeah, Wait was good. Was good. Young So boy out here back at my school. This is behind me is my place. Smart place where I'm staying at this school year. I want to show you guys a quick tour of my spot. Yesterday I gave you guys a quick, quick tour. Right when I'm dead and I'm getting a full tour of the official moved down and like, getting a full detail, some of this stuff is so way Do that right now. My keys. This spot right here, Bill. First thing you see come home kitchen. We got rid. Of course. Course came my way. Then this deliverer, uh, I'm not sure what we're gonna do this part yet. No, like TV, right? Liberal party here. And while I'm over here, you got the extra bathroom. So this was being like, Oh, consider this guest that for, like, people who use the restaurants that just use it is perfect because I have company over. They don't have to walk up on the latest figures with the waffle went upstairs. Thio going back? No, that's right. Is little right here. They are right here and then got arrested, right? So That's pretty also good for me. Over here. The lovely Washington scene. Watch here. Trying like that. This'd room Still not doing it, but sleeping. This is where I'm gonna be. Apples. Oh, God, This is a full workout about. This is a full workout. But we are here now. I finished sword because we appear so I'm finished tours. That's what this is weird. Most of silent spending, like edited video doing homework. It's so for. Unless if I want to do it downstairs. My TV just wrote recently. So I have to get Noah throne. Hopefully I get it. So it's possible. And then the bathroom? Yeah, soured. Mostly shower. No, a rock for that. And I got this. So a lot. I really do. All right. But kids in the booth, you're in the way. Wait. Get a motivational Monday, bro. They come, They come in, they come in. What's that? What's that motivation on Monday, bro? Huh? Motivation on Monday e I got some stuff. I just miss it. Put about getting people to going. Said he had to. The more you say that you say it again. Way had a blast that more were small I ever been to know what broke you? Probably right. Hey, look, it's enough is buying a lot. I got, like, going to get a cool Don't fit to be closed. Really, gang, I know I ain't got no more going out shit. Like, I got a little bit. But Loki, I project just a couple of genes that would plastic is like falling off. Yeah, I loathe the ones I was gonna say. I get one. I got I got to get some free. Loathe. How much With? How today, huh? Way had a limo. That's only it's like the world. Smooth taste, only spot. Like I had to practice on dummies. No way. It's a super What you came to go south. Make him go shop. You may hear grown ass, man. We're making do nothing. Just got the problem. Chip. Chip. Look, I mentioned them deals to he went crazy. Look, my one get one free buy one, get 1/2 off. Could you really can't? I got it over here every day. You should just go right there. Okay? Came and getting that right now wears a t t smooth. I don't know where Still shopping boy. So you still shopping? I like you. I don't know why I'm so tired. They are You officially got, spend their dishes. He can't help you, kid. He's been left 51 at Target. You almost that three k that left and it's