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Thinking about Texas State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Texas State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Texas State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Texas State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Texas State University experience. These Texas State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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My name's gave him. Although Matthew Roberts. Cool. So can you guys tell me some, like, really cool secret spots on campus and favorite places in San Marcus. My fare place in San Marco slash secret spot on campus was close. These little Mexican restaurant called Helios. And in the best salsa. Yeah, It's my favorite breakfast spot. Yeah, me. What about you? Uh, Social. Jonah, go. If you're a theater major, you for sure know about up like anybody else. You probably don't know about it right across the street. Next. What's right next to Cologne? Really? It's this, like, little coffee shop and the environment in there. There's so many nice little bumper stickers. The people that work there, like always know what I want. It's excellent. Cool. Thank you. Though you might be thinking a why're we here? This is a secret spot, not Texas State. Because you can hear me like I'm standing right next to you when in reality, I'm where you cross a circle. It's the whisper spot. People will frequently find a way to. You know, I've definitely seen people you know, over here. Texas State is kind of known for that in the springtime. I definitely may or may not have, you know, there's this little spot down there's the quad. But right here, this used to be back in the eighteen hundreds, actually a burial ground. So yeah, hopefully the people aren't still underneath there, but that's what rumor hasn't Legend has. Texas State has its very own wishing fountain inside of the history building. Check it out. Taking me all to the one of the all time favorite sneaky spots on campus. Yeah. This area is right by the agricultural building and it has a set of secret hammocks. I'm about to show y'all. Isn't it gorgeous? Here it is, folks, the secret hammock of Texas state who needs to go home and do our in our for the weekend when you could just hang out one of these So one of my best friends, J D. And I went to my favorite hamburger place in San Marcus and then saw a show on our night out. But it's not strike. Yes, yes, Yes. Hi. Oh, that's operation. The hamburgers here are really cheap and really delicious. And way am JD is just exposing me on his social media is a photo of myself and sent it to a friend. See how the attacks may a world look, So there's a lot of vented shopping places around St Marcus. JD might have gotten his trench coat at a vintage shop in place that is TV, but probably good will wear. We going right now. Going to stellar that are yes for coffee because we need to get amped for their show. It's going to be a good one. You just gotta go. While Texas State is known for its parties, some of us just prefer to go out and have fun with friends. What is your favorite coffee shop in St Breakers? So crazy. So how about you? Yeah. But the end the end. You speak German guys, We really do. I mean, I know. What was that? I think it said like I'm a good apple. With this year Wait. Yeah, This was a really special thing that is about to happen in this video. So Patty Harrison, this woman who just donated our theater building to us, was invited to the show of cabaret. And there she is. Whether Dean on DH, they just talk about how awesome Texas State is. And literally, JD and I were wrecked. She is seriously a celebrity for theater theatrical bobcat students. So we were very, very happy to see her. Intermission of the show. What's your thing? No, The show. Waas. So good How you like it so good. So right now, I'm at the Baptist Student Ministry for lunch. Oh, my. Tell us a little about yourself. I am a technically senior at Texas A, and I'm studying sound recording technology. Some stunning hold music. You see, my dear, you have the loving me everywhere. Yeah, So what do you like about free lunch on campus? Well, there's a really good here. There's all sorts of people that you can just sit down with, you making friend instantaneously. But I also like first. All right, One of my favorite spots seat on campus is actually a secret spot. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, different ministries on campus host different lunches and it's all free and you get to hang out with your friends. The dining plans here at Texas State are pretty intense. You can get these things called meal swipes. You just like, swipe on. Then you get Teo, get a meal. And so that'll work at traditional dining cause and nontraditional dining halls, and I'll show you those later. But you, Khun, picks different meal plans. You can get dining dollars, but you get my extra food, or you could just do a swipe for a So I'm taking you to one of the spookiest places on campus, Steri Hall. And I'll be talking to you about my dorm experience, so I did not live at Stary. Stary is rumored to be haunted, but I did live in a dorm. That was kind of scary. I just like my roommate situation wasn't the best. So I just want to give you guys some advice for freshman yourselves. Push through. Even if you don't have the best roommates at first you will find the people you will end up being friends with for your entire life. And living with them is one of the coolest experiences ever. I was actually, just in my junior years, roommates wedding as her maid of honor. So just go through. And even if you end up in a really like scary hall in a Scooby Hall likes Teri, don't don't. Don't be overwhelmed because it is just for season and Yu will thrive. So my hall was actually Colijn. I recommend it. It was really fun. The ceilings were kind of low, but other than that, like it has balconies. Uh, it has a good sense of culture, and it's in a really great place on Hey, you wait. It's up. What's your name? Uh, I'm Billy Bob job. Okay, green. What are you doing on? What are you doing on the Clyde? I am handing out free hot chocolate. How cool. Are you part of it? Like an organization or something? I'm sort of so so Church thiss has enough free, hotshot, come get some hot chocolate. So the best part about the Claude for me is that it is the heart of campus. Any time there's a tour given by university ambassador. They always take perspective students to the quad because you get a real taste for how campus life is like people meeting other people and everyone just having a genuinely good time. Here at Texas State, a lot of people come to the clod, different organizations, Teo to give away free things to promote their organization to sell good sororities and fraternities often run a lot of contest on the quad. Today my church is handing out free hot chocolate and just encouraging people and spreading Christmas cheer. And it's just a really fun place where friends can hang out in between classes. Look at him go. Hi. So we're here with collection just seventh floor about. So basically there's a place where they're different art collections by artists like photographers or painters and even actors who come and perform pieces and show things. Back is really amazing. And you could just come and get free art as a student, which is always amazing. So your Texas state beauty's three D printing. False color printing downstairs in the library? Yeah, people. You're seeing things. Oh, no. Somebody's. You have to, like, find a study, but you can't. Just, like, lock yourself. Study. It's awesome. Yeah, right now we're in the black area. What is the slack area? Fourth floor. Yeah, so it's basically the tutoring center, So they've got to sit down and people be spending on where you say different subjects fast. Get writing, get science could get chemistry, Whatever. You're struggling with people here who helped. Hey, my name is Jada. I'm a senior at Texas State University I v F A, which is the batches of finer. It's acting program. Andi, I'm IRA. So this is what I do can basis is job the primary job of living on campus. Um, this is a newly renovated hall on DH, So basically, there are a lot of options on campus so you could live in a double. You can live in a suite where there's four people in a room on DH. They don't really cool things where sometimes the bathroom has said in between two rooms or or for worms or what have you. So the typical traditional holes on ly have two beds. I'm depending on the style of the hall. They may have a smoker space or a larger, wider space, just depending on where they're located. Uh, you think about some other halls on campus where there are sweets, they have their own rooms. And then they let two rooms on each side, and then they share a bathroom, and they have two sinks in in their little vicinity with a living room in the center. Um uh, which I would say nose. Traditional halls are much cheaper than a sweet style. Hollis Sweet thousand were apartment complex prep. But the more traditional hauls most freshmen do you stay in, let's say maybe two grand ish. Not really sure about the pricing, but it's really on a state website like, if you stay in, uh, Latino or something, they're more cheaper presses as opposed Teo Whole Extended Santo, which is four grand on DH. It really just depends on eye when we always do tours as an R. A. My whole thing is I say it really. It's a preference of first preference of like your class. Is that where you're located? Whether you're MIT campus, West Campus and how close your classes are, depending on where you want to live on and then pricing is all school an important thing just because parents for more concerned with that. So those air always too decisions, um, or just ideas that that families have to Hey, friend, I just magically ran into right now. Where we standing? We're sending out the Claude Great, Cool. So what's this thing so behind me, there's an emergency pole. Texas State taste corrective measures against any potential safety threat. Has evidence by this whole behind me. Q. So this is the part of style And stop you. As you can see, students gathered around. Um, yes, this is a big thing on campus. People come and debate their right to free speech. So right now we have a pronounced. Just evangelical man, uh, is apparently brought hiss camera crew with him. Teo, fate things about God and Jesus. Yeah, I've seen everything. My abortion, right, Tio? Right, Teo. Just campus intolerances to free speech. And it just really, really cool Ranch mark here. Yeah, One really cool aspect of sand. Marcus is the focus on family life, and so here you'll see a city park. My freshman year, it was made all out of wood. But now this playground is fully integrated to fit different peoples play styles, and it's just a really fun place to escape to you if you're a little kid. San Marcus is obsessed both with mermaids and with trains literally their trains every single day. And San Marcus, there's this huge, like, mermaid festival thing. It's also great thing about San Marcus is its natural beauty with the river. As you can see, there's just this gorgeous set of trees reflected in the water and this little fishing slash lover's Island. Sort of my favorite hiding spots in the city. So these were the famous Texas State rap. As you can see, even in November, there's people still enjoying our beautiful river were so many wipeouts. Check this guy What people have lost phones in this river. People flip their tubes in this river. But, yeah, this season of winter, there's definitely not as many people as you wish. Find in the summer we have our own a little barber shop to write off campus like a loco. If you are looking for a date night spot into Marcus, you should totally check out Italian Garden. They have the best garlic knots, and it's super romantic and super cheap and super close to campus. In addition to Texas State having up Who letter of delicious coffee shops and an amazing outlet mall off of I thirty five, it also has its very own cave. This is the wonderful cave. Yes, there's even this giant observation tower thing. It's awesome. This is my friend Chris Brown, and he's eating. He just bought himself an entire pizza because that's what we do in sand market. Okay, so I'm here with my friend and McCoy. We're about to go on Attend Electra Base class. Can you tell us your name? My Havana. And I'm a sophomore here. Texas State's Awesome. So this is one of my lecture hall classes. As you can see, there's some students there, But there's some students that skip. You don't want to skip you. Do you want to go to class? Because when you'll learn a lot, two professors take attendants and three, you get to watch fun movies in class. Sometimes our professors air genuinely, really nice. The's air, just all the people coming out. And then you'll see how fan there she is. How How do you feel about your relationships to like lecture hall professors? Pretty good. Pretty good. Thiss professor in our last class. He's really interactive with class like that. A lot. Yes, OK, And then you think exams are really hard? No, this is his exams are average study. You study. If you study, you don't know. A lot of times. It's it's hard if you don't Yeah, so it's a lot different than high school. Oh my God. So much different. You need to study definite. Oh, and office hours too, are just, like, really made by appointment. Some professors have, like, check in, like, request office hours. But you could just shoot him an e mail. And they also give you office hours at the topic for syllabus. So thank you. No problem.