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So as an incoming freshman, you probably have a lot of questions asked. What's going on? What are you going to do? Especially if you don't have anyone to talk to that has been in here before. It might be really difficult, and also, especially if you're a first generation college student, you're gonna have a lot of questions that need to be answered. So I hope to answer a few of those for you today. I myself am not a first generation college student, but I did have a lot of doubts and concerns coming into my freshman year. Also, just remember that every single freshman experience is going to be different, Although we all share some of the same similar themes. Everyone has a unique experience, which is something to take in mind because you can't always trust the advice that you read from everyone. So if I could give one piece of advice to my high school cell, I would say to just step out of my comfort zone and try something that I never thought I could do before I moved away about eight hours from home in while I'm still in the same state, Texas is also huge. By the way. I was so really scared because what if I need to go home for a family emergency? What was I gonna do? So really stepping out of that conference own and letting myself try new things and move far away really helped me. So if you have the opportunity, I would say, Reach big and try things that are scary because you're going to end up having a great time and really reinventing yourself before attending college. I wish that I knew that I wasn't really going to need a car. While I do use my card too, like visit home, back and forth. I never really go out. I really stay on campus. So if you're really needing the car to travel back and forth from home, I would say Do it. But having a car is not really necessary in college, especially if you live close to home and your parents khun, bring you home or, if you have friends, that can bring you because parking passes here are really expensive. So I would say really only bring a car if it's necessary to you. But I am glad I have a car, so I don't know. It's kind of a Navy situation, but I am kind of sad. I don't get to drive it as much. The one I went on my tour to you, Auntie. I was a senior in high school about to graduate, and something that they didn't tell me is the climate here is a little bit wacky By that. I mean, you experience all four seasons drastically, a different times and especially Texas has kind of weird weather. So just keep that in mind. Make sure that you know the climate of wherever you're going to be moving and living in college. Because in the fall it rained a lot and I didn't have rain boots or a raincoat, and that was really difficult because I got everything wet all the time. And I wasn't prepared for that climactic change from when I was down south. So definitely I would say, Do some research on where you gonna be moving in the climate. So just be prepared for that and also be prepared if we need, like, a lot of winter, where if you need the cat's gloves, scarves, if you need more tank tops and shorts, foot flops Make sure you have everything you need in terms of clothes, so you So one thing to know is that all freshmen are required to live on campus there. First year, even t. So that's what I'm doing right now. I live in Traditions Hall, which is actually going to be an upperclassman dorm only starting fall two thousand nineteen. So I got kind of lucky being able to live here as a freshman. But if you are looking for a personal room, which I do have my own bedroom, this's what tradition tell is. And there are some other halls that allow freshmen to have their own single rooms. So this is what you see When you first walked into my room, I try to clean it at least once a week just to maintain, like, hygiene, and I want to feel comfortable in my own room. So when you first walk in, here is the front door. There's some things that are required to be appear like safety routes and stuff, and I put up my own little picture. I find it really convenient to hankies right by the door so you can just grab him and go. And here is the Sink Area and Traditions Hall. You do your own sink, which is really nice, so I usually just keep all my toiletries, tooth paste, jewelry, everything that's easily accessible. One thing I did notice is that the sink was kind of stained really got here. But that's always fixable using cleaning products. And you have to also remember that when you have been to a dorm, you're not the only one who's all there before. So just keep that in mind that's going to be with any dorm. There's also some really nice storage under here, so I have five workable drawers. These two are just for show. You know how those are days hold a lot of things and it goes pretty deep in there, which is really nice. And I just have this, like banana, Rather I got from target. Um, and yes, so again more, though. Decorations. I'd like to hang up. And here is the door to the bathroom, which we will look at the end. So there's me. Here is the closet. So it's a two door sliding door closet, and above that, there is more storage. So I put like, the boxes that that I'm gonna move out with, so make it easier for me, and then across that is a wall with a lot of space up there. I put Calendar every single semester you PC, which is a university program. Cancel. They have a lot of free, really fun events that air on campus every single month, almost every single day. So which is really, really cool. Each room does come with a trash can in the recycling bin. A swell, which is really nice. And you come over here and it's my bed. So the size here is a twin Excel, which is typical for all freshmen dorms. So what's really awesome about traditions is they have a carpet wall right here, which is really awesome because you can use tax. You can't use tax on any other wall, but you can on this carpet type wall if you can see I used tax for, like my tapestry, which I got from Red Bubble. And then I can put all my little things posters, pictures, my friends, family appear on this wall, so it's really nice to see this every day. Now there's really no limit on how you can decorate your room is on it or following the guidelines. But each door was going to have different guidelines. So when you move here, make sure you check that out. But they're pretty. Self explanatory is also really big, Nice open window, which is so awesome because it brings in a lot of light during the day and write by the bed. There is a little side table with three really big drawers, which is super nice up there and just keep like my printer and like tissues, a plant markers and then under the bed. There's a lot of story just a little bit messy, but That's kind of how it goes in college. You just work with the space that you have. So I keep on my laundry bag in some drawers with my socks, underwear, stuff like that. And then across from my bed I have my desk, which I really, really love. There's some shelving at the top where I can keep some more things. Artwork, little things I like to look at on. And then I have a lamp over here, my computer. This is basically where I am most the time. If I'm in my room, I'm either here on my bed. So I really like having this desk. It's fits nicely in this little wall space. It's a pretty spacious desk, and these things also do pull out on both sides. So if you need more writing space, you have that on this desk. And then right here is the area where I keep how many fridge and microwave and all my food laundry cleaning supplies at the top. I have like extra cups. I have paper towels, t all my laundry supplies and microwave trash bags, basically all the necessities that you're going to need when you come here just for basic, like cleaning and living Esso gas that my grave really keep at Wal Mart. And then the cure A lot of coffee cups because coffee is a necessity. Caffeine. You need it when you're a college for all those late nights and long day studying. And then sometimes I do like to treat myself and get some fruit. So when I have the time and I go to the stores nice toe, like not just beating my great Mac and cheese all the time. That's why I do that. And you can also get really cheap mini fridges like Target or Wal Mart and then underneath there, I keep it right here. But there are these two really spacious drawers just like these. Um, but this is where I keep like here. I'll show you a lot of food snacks. There's plenty of room for you to keep all your little snacks. Oh, it traditions Hall. You do your own bathroom that you share with your suite mate. And that right there is where my sweet mate lives. To have your own bathroom with a toilet, even a shower. I did have to bring this little rack, but other than that, it come to the trash can, and I'm recommending like a toilet cleaner and like a floor cleaner just so you can keep up that high. So this is a brief overview of the laundry room in Traditions Hall. Every single dorm has free laundry for the residents, and it's really nice. There's lot of space. There's a little desk in the back where you can do your homework and wait for your laundry, and it's really nice to have a free laundry space in your living area. In the student union. There's so many places where you can go grab a snack, have a meal that's, um coffee. This is just an overview of the Starbucks, which you see when you first walk in the union. But there's so many places to eat and you're definitely gonna have your popular ones like chick fillet. There's some taco places. Burger King There's lots of different special food, like the Vatican sandwich. More specialty type items. If you don't want that typical fast food, there's a healthy cool options for you. And to pay for your food, you can either use your own money or you can use student flex, which you do pay in your student fees. So it's like a little card on your I D and you just wipe it. And that's how you could pay for food. It's really awesome. Convenient flux dollars are basically here like gold here. If you have flex, you're good to go aside from these little fast food places there to places that I wanted to put in particular. This is Kush roadie. They have amazing real cheese sandwiches for only like two dollars. They're so good. Also in the Union is Mia's Pizza, where you can watch your pizza get baked in a coal oven. And I think it's so awesome. I love watching it, and it's also like a fireplace. So today I'm gonna take you through my life and just walk you through classes on a typical Tuesday, two things. My busiest day for classes. So I figured this would be the perfect way to do it. The best part about having an eight a m class is getting to see the beautiful sunrise every morning. So this is definitely a great start to my morning. It makes me feel peaceful, makes people relaxed and gets me ready for my day. Yeah, no military workforce is front accounts. So after my a t m lecture, I head to the library, and if you're like me and you're a morning person, I would really suggest getting your classes early in the day so you can have the afternoon to do your homework lax, and it really just gives you more productive day. Also, having early classes has allowed me to have enough time to eat breakfast in between classes, which has really made my day a lot better. Give me that energy that I need in. I really love morning classes, but it's not for everyone. So make sure that, you know, like what you can handle and pick your classes accordingly. So on Tuesdays after my class, I had to Willis Library and I do homework for about two hours. I eat lunch and then I go to my next class is twelve. So that's what I'm doing now. When I do some homework, get my stuff together before my next class. That's basically every date on Tuesday. My absolute favorite place to study has to be the third floor Evelyn's library. It's my favorite because not only is it quiet There's tons of computers to use tons of chairs, tables to study at and its overall really relaxing place for me to go. So that's where you go almost every single day. So I just got done studying. I'm now on my way to go eat lunch at my favorite place. It's called mean greens in Maple Hall. It's an all begin cafeteria, one of the only ones in the country believe, So I'm going to eat there now. I love it there. As you can see on the left, that's a bust there. Tons of us is always going around campus to get you where you need to go soon not lead to your class. And here is an example of a meal at mean greens. It's all begin, and it makes me feel really good. It's it's it's healthy, and I really love eating here. One of my favorite things about you, Auntie, is how beautiful it gets in the spring time. So everything is starting to bloom and get green again, and the sky is just so clear and it feels so great outside. So when I have free time, I love just walking around and seeing all the beautiful buildings and landscapes. And before my class today I go to eagle comments, and I just kind of prepare myself for my next class. I really like this library because it's like one of the oldest libraries here. It's right now I'm sitting in Eagle comments, which is my favorite library on campus is one of the older libraries, but I do come here lock. It's a lot smaller, and I really like the book Little Basement that they have. I took some footage, so we'll put it right here. But this is basically a place where I like to go for some quiet studying. So now I'm headed to my next class, which is geography. And then right after that, I have to zoom over to my next class. It's pretty busy, but some Tuesdays go when I've adapted to the busy schedule, having to like power walk two classes, so it's been OK. My next course is a geography course called Global Societies, and me meet in the life science complex, eh, they're two different complexes, but this is where a lot of science causes are in a lot of labs as well, so I tried to get a little bit of footage of the lab, but this is basically what this whole thing looks like. It's time for my class. After geography. I have ten minutes to walk all the way to the East classroom ruling, which is kind of a walk, But I get there right on time, and this is where one of my emergency management courses are. So I just got in my last class of the day, and now I'm going to go to the library again and do some more work just to catch up with the day. And then I get to relax later tonight. That was basically be a run down of my Tuesday. It's pretty typical for me, tohave. He's busy school days. So here's what I see when I walk out of the East class or building. It's a whole lot of cars in the parking lot. That's a whole lot of U. N T. But not all of it, because we have the union and other really pretty buildings to look at. So that's basically my typical Tuesday at U. Hi, Gus. After a finch recording, I forgot that I It didn't mention anything about your plans. The meal plans okay, quickly. I don't know. You have, like, even like super. There's, like different levels of your plans, and I have the most expensive one. It gives you six hundred dollars of flex, which is it's like money, basically like a debit card that you can just use your ID card. Just wait anywhere you use it at any of the retail stores or any of the cafes or anything at on one campus and give you seventies access to serious. Yeah, and the other ones. I think there's like a five day one like there. There's so many different levels of millions that you can get so I can't I can't go. I can't tell you all with my head. But you can't go to the dining, say, and it'LL show you a list of every meal plan and all the benefits, how much it costs and everything. And after use all your flex, you can you can refill it if you want. I think you just call them, and then you know you can pay in cash. I think maybe you go to an office or something. Yeah. Uh, just let me know if you are like me and you want to stay at the union every day, all day, every day and the beginning of the semester. And basically all of your meals are coming from your flex at retail stores in the union. You know, you have Chick Feli for lunch and then you have chicken for dinner with the line floozies for dinner. You do that every day. You're going to run out for flicks fairly fast. Six hundred dollars. Sounds like a lot four semesters, but it's really not if you do that, because that's what I did. And my flanks have been gone for more than who's gone best. Use your flights wisely yet the cafeteria's It's free. You just wait. Yeah, see you, Savior Savior flights for one year Really hungry, going to special event or you're like out because then you're going to feel awkward and bed at the end of the semester when everyone's like, Hey, you want to go hang out and have, like, you know, have some, like, have some food Now have fun. You're like, Oh, I don't have any money up. Sorry, You have to go to the cafeteria. You'LL get tired of the cafeteria quick if you keep alternating between two, I think and you're you're flexing. So when your first moving into a college dorm as a freshman, you probably gonna have a lot of questions as you like, What you need specifically and what I would say is, do some research into the dorm that you're gonna be living in because, for example, me. I don't have communal bathroom. I had my own bathroom. I'm not going to need a shower caddy. I can just put everything in my shower. So that's just a big example of, like catering towards your needs in the certain dorms, because every dorm is gonna be different. But there are going to be those items that every dorm basically needs. So the first thing I want to recommend more than anything that says, Save me a lot of effort is having a Brit a water filter. And I don't like keeping around plastic water bottles. It's wasteful, and it's not good for your health. So I really would recommend one of these water filter, um, containers. I just felt up in my sink, and it filters the water and keep it in my fridge. Don't even have to put it in your friend if you don't have one. But I really would recommend doing that as well as keeping a water bottle, uh, a reusable water bottle to bring around everywhere in campus because you're gonna be walking a lot. Odds are so you need to have water to stay hydrated all the time and around campus, it's pretty awesome. They have those, like refillable stations, basically in every buildings. That's pretty sweet, but it's really important to stay hydrated. I'm sure you heard that all the time. Another important thing is making sure that your dorm is clean so you can actually rent brooms in the U. N T dorms. You just go to the front desk and you ask for a broom, or you can ask for a vacuum. Any type of cleaning supply. They're probably. Do you have it? And you can clean your room and rent that out. It's at no cost to you. So that's super awesome about you, Auntie. But I would recommend also getting disinfecting wipes just so you can wipe off all the germs again. You probably gonna hear that. There's a lot of germs in college. A lot of people, lot of sickness is so you want to stand public that and make sure that you're keeping your space clean because this is where you spend a lot of your time. Yeah, thes wipes are super convenient. Even throw him away. Um, super easy. And as a student, I think it's really important to stay on top of your work. Stay organized with a planner. So you and he gives freshman planners. And I really liked mine because I've got to decorate it with stickers. Um, but even if they don't give you a plan or you can go get one at the store for a really low price, I think it's very important to keep track of your studies. What assignments we do, and what you're probably going to hear is on syllables day. You write down every single due date for every assignment, so you can keep track of what you need to do, because when you're jumbling a lot of assignments at once, you need to make sure that you don't lose track of them. They can be very stressful. Um, if you don't know what's doing, you have five or six different classes to handle, So having a planner keeping track of your assignment is very very important in college. And also what I've discovered is post it notes are like my best friend. I'll put these in. My planner. Um, what I usually do is every day I write down different bullet point of tasks that I have to do that day. And I put it in my planner I'll put little reminders on the mirror. Um, my desk, just like little things like don't forget to take out the trash, do your laundry, turned this assignment and just little things like that And you could even put it on your leg notes on your phone. Like a little reminder. Just so you know what you're doing, because when you're in college, it's a little bit different from when you're in high school and at home. No one's really telling you that you have these things to do. You've got to do it yourself. You got to make sure that you're responsible and keeping track with these little items, such as a planner imposed to know its really do help you in the long run for your success here. So now I'm going to quickly touch base on roommates and how you can find your roommate how it works. So me, I was in a different situation. I actually already knew my roommate, my sweet mate. Um, we're actually friends. So if you would do have a preferred roommate you could put that on the housing portal. And they'LL get that situated for you. But if you don't know who you're gonna be rooming with, housing portal has this little survey that you put in all your information all your likes, dislikes. What kind of personality you have, What kind of cleaning style you like? What kind of structure you like in a room and a person, and they'LL match you with someone who they think that you're gonna like, flow well with. And I've heard good things about it. Um, my my friend actually met her best friend as a roommate, so it could definitely be scary and her rocking that you're not going to know here rooming with. But just do it in advance, the application for the housing so you can figure out who you're gonna be rooming with an advance. You can plan accordingly. Like who's gonna buy the mic away? We're going to do things so I wouldn't just too much about the roommate situation because if you do have problems, the people working at your home, we'LL help you, like, solve it. So, um, don't worry. Finding a roommate is really simple. It's fine. Just know that most likely, every person who's going to be in your hall is a new, and they have the same fears worries that you do. Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. I'm t ana, and if you're new here, I would love it if you subscribed down below. But anyways, in today's video, I'm gonna be showing you guys my college night routine. My friend, actually, and I are gonna go to the union and show you around campus a little bit. And then I'm gonna go ahead and do all my night routine stuff. So if you want to see that, then just go ahead and keep watching. Now we're on the top of the union and we're drinking our Starbucks. I got a pink drink and I got a lot of flavor, but that's just what we're doing right now. And there's a lot of people up here, so that's why there's, like, background noise, But yeah, I just wanted to update you, and I think we might go to the gym after this, but it's just a pretty chill day. It's What is it? 7 43 It's gonna be getting dark, but that's just what we're doing right now. I think we're gonna walk home and then so relieved by Okay, so I just go out of the shower and Now I'm gonna do my nighttime skin, Claritin and my face feels pretty dry today that I have, like, a little break out. So I'm just gonna do the skin charity that I showed you in my last video my last night time seen Claritin. So I'm not gonna, like, talk through every single thing that I'm doing. But if you want, you can go ahead and check out that one. But that's what's happening right now and actually still here. We're just hanging out and she's watching me filled. Oh, crap. I forgot to put on toner. Let me just, like, scrape this off. Sorry Ashley was distracted. Means I forgot to do toner. But I have it here while you want skincare routine. You should, like, ask me questions that I can answer that one camera. It could be like a Q and A, except Ashley's asking me the questions. So while I do my nighttime scene Claritin, Ashley is gonna sit here and ask me questions. So it's gonna be basically a Q and A, except instead of getting the questions from anonymous people or for random people, they're gonna be from Ashley. So go ahead and get started. How do you feel about your major and u. N. T? Um, so I like my major. My major is marketing, by the way. And I mean, like, I've only taken one marketing class, so I haven't done that much stuff like within my major. But I wouldn't say that. Yes, I do like it so far. And what do I have to say about you? NT? It wasn't my first choice school, but now that I'm here, I do really enjoy it. And I feel like I'm getting a great college experience. And I like most of my classes. I've liked most of my professors, and I think overall, it's a fun time. Next question. Oh, where your favorite YouTubers watch. So my favorite you to use the watch our I love you, Jane. I'm just getting oh, I like Who do we like? I like Gretchen. Gertie. I think it's Garrity Garrity. I met her once, actually a rowing competition. I do like truncheon. I like I like Matt, he said, Look, she's kind of like newer, but she was getting pretty popular. Um, I like Jeffery Starr. Obviously, I like Shane tossing and I like I like a lot of people, but I can't like Think of James. Charles. I like Jackie eyes a lot. Do you watch tracking on? She doesn't make up stuff, but those were just some YouTubers I like, obviously. I like I'm in Chamberlain. We diesel Like, er yeah, my big watches. Her too. She's not here right now, but she really likes Emma Chamber with shortly. She Well, I noticed he had, like, seven million subscribers. Yeah, that's crazy, because my first area walking and shit firstly, you know, big books in the next question, What's your favorite part about being in a story? Um, I like formal a lot. Really? Yeah, I thank. Oh, it's just water spray bottle. What's my next question? Oh, what's your favorite? Go to pleasure for food. My favorite would probably have to be like candy. Like sour candy or pizza. Or like chicken nuggets. We're like mozzarella sticks. Yeah. Huh? Mmm. Other interesting choices. So, what are your thoughts on other bachelor and Cassie and Colton? Um, I think they are cute together. I think there's you together. Look wise, but the whole finale would like to much she was just can We just also say that Curveball was right and she got sent home and, like he ended up, Yeah, he was someone who wasn't ready for marriage anyways. But, I mean, that's just my opinion, and he jumped. Okay, well, my stink. Your team is almost done, so we probably have time for, like, one. Northwestern. Um, that do you enjoy having YouTube rendering videos like this? Oh, yeah. I like having you to. It's fine. I have always wanted to start one, but I was just always, like, too busy or I, like, didn't have a camera like something like that. But I'd say it's pretty fun. And I kind of like Thio have videos like different parts of my life. I guess so that I can, like, look back on them one day. So yeah, it's fun. I like it a lot. That's basically my entire skin Claritin. So I didn't launch. I'm sick and I like this when he's with Usually after this, I haven't brushed my teeth. Oh, I forgot. I have to take my vitamins. That's part. It's a crucial part of my nighttime routine. How my vitamins with me take care, skin and nails vitamin C and vitamin D three every night. So first I'm going to start with my hair. Skinny nails one. Those gurneys go. I didn't realize that you Yes. Look, I'm a blizzard. It's actually a glowing orb of ghosts. Okay, I'm thinking about vitamin C. Don't get sick. This is gonna be a long I've already been reporting from 11 minutes. I'm gonna have to edit that. Okay, so I finished by nine times security ing and my vitamins, and it ISS 8 39 So obviously, I'm not going to go to bed yet. But I thought I would feel my nighttime skin care routine earlier in the night because I don't want to, like, bother my roommate when she gets back. So I just want to have filmed it now. But after I take my vitamins, usually I brushed my teeth and then go to bed. But I can't go to bed yet. Whose only 39. So shall I have the video here? Yeah. Okay. So I guess, actually and I have been in the video here, but I hope you all enjoyed it. And of course, don't forget to like, comment and subscribe down below you can ask us any questions that you have about you into your college in general. And I will reply to you and also follow us on Instagram. I'm gonna put both our instagrams on the screen here, but that is pretty much it. So I hope you all enjoyed and I'll see you Hi campus reviewers. My name is Macy. I'm a second semester freshman here at the University of North Texas, which is located in Didn't Texas, right by four worth in dollars. So if you're familiar with that area, it's kind of in the D F W area. But basically I'm here today to give you an inside look of the campus. Why? I think it's one of the best campuses in Texas and why I think that you would love it here. First thing I want to say about you, Auntie, is they're all types of people here, all different ideals, backgrounds, lifestyles. Basically any type of person confide in here atyou, anti. There's tons of clubs, tons of groups, organizations that you can fit into to represent you in any way. So before I go into why I think you and he's also, I'm going to introduce you to myself why I chose the campus and a little bit more about me so you could get like, a sense of who I am and where I fit in here. You auntie. So, like I said, my name is Macy. I'm nineteen years old. I'm from Corpus Christi, Texas. Well, initially drew me to you, Auntie was the distance actually from Corpus Christi? It's far, but it's not too far where I could get there in a day if I needed to. So I really wanted my own independence being away from home. And that's what's great about this area is because if you have an Austin or any of the like lower Southern central areas of Texas, you could come to you in tea and be at home far away from home. That makes sense. So ask for my studies. I'm a rehabilitation, major monitoring and emergency management. And both of those study pathways are through the College of Health and Public Service, which is actually ranked number one in Texas. So if you're interested in, like serving people in different ways different communities, I would really recommend coming here in choosing this College of Health in public service because they have so many different major. I was also a big reason why I chose this school because they had really good service opportunities for me to grow in any type of field. I really interested in mental health. So this is why I chose that Major, though, that was just a little introduction of who I am and what I'm doing here. Even t There's some more things that you'll get to learn about me as you watch the tour. So I really hope that you're excited and you can picture yourself here. You Auntie. I think it's a great place and I am so happy to be here. So, yeah, let's go ahead and go on to my dorm, showing you where you live and where I sleep every night. So in Texas, the college admission process is a little bit unique because we have a system called Apply Texas. So that's basically where you felt your application due, the essays and you can apply to, like, almost any school in the state. So I did that for my application, and I would say, getting into you and he is not difficult, whose have to have a pretty decent grades and be an active person in your community. So the acceptance rate is about seventy two percent. I believe Application opens up July first and closes on August first for fall. I'm not sure what is for the spring, but definitely do your research to make sure that you get your application done on time. Depending on when you're gonna be here. There is an application fee of seventy five dollars, and I don't believe you need essays. But you do need an A C C. R s a t score, which is really important. You should definitely get that taken care of if you haven't already. The typical C, T and S A T scores range from about twenty one twenty seven for the team and ten sixty two twelve sixty for that. So pretty median scores now myself. I'm not the best test taker, so this held to my advantage because I did have a lower score. But I still had other things that help me in other ways but my other strings and like my service and experiences. And my essay did help me get into you, Auntie, in order to increase your chances of getting into you, Auntie, I would say, Just get involved the best you can in high school or a new community get a part time job if you're able to just showing that you have that experience in your community and in your school shows that you care about your community. So definitely that would help. And also doing at least one of the essays on apply Texas would help you a lot, especially if you do have lower scores. But if you have higher than the scores that I just mentioned, I think you should be good to go and getting into you, Auntie. And if you don't have any of those things, don't be worried because you always have time to lengthen your application. There's so many ways talk to your career counselors at school. They're there to help you get into college. So definitely utilize those resource is that you have in One of my favorite things about you, Auntie, is they always have really awesome fun events going on for the students. So you PC, which is University Program Council, host so many events every single month, such as activities like this playing in the bouncy house. They have all kinds of crafts. They have concerts, lots of free food. So every time I have time on the weekends, I'll go out to these events and have fun. Relax and just take a break from all the stressful things. And I absolutely love having some fun at these events. So I'm gonna show you an example of the calendar for the end of the month's hosted by U.