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get my drift. Looking at your drink already the low in the first video. So if you want to see me do that, just go. Just go watch that one first and then come back. Yeah, All right. So I had to go to class, and while I was gone, my hair got a little, little crusty, little bit flyways happening, but we're gonna make a note of that. And I'm gonna jump into a conversation about apartments if you miss part one part about dorms. This video in that video is in response to the PM's I've been getting And living arrangements have been one of the number one question I've gotten, which is why I'm making this video. So let's just jump right back into it, okay? First thing I want to do is break down the difference between campus apartments and student apartments, campus apartment, our apartment directly associating with uta. So that means when you're paying your rent and sorting out all of your financial information, they're doing that with somebody who works for you. Ta. So you're paying your rent kind of to UTA sense, But a student apartment is owned by a separate company who markets toward students because they build up their apartments purposefully around college campuses so that students will come live with them. You have to be very careful because UTA apartments are a lot different than apartments near UTA. If that makes sense with any apartment, shopping experience is very important that you do your own research. So yes, even though I am a resource that you can use to get information on only one person, so definitely do your own research research on me and look up the reviews. Go visit, ask questions. It's very important that you do these things on your own when it comes to shopping for an apartment. Because it is a living arrangement is a contractual agreement and there's a lot of money involved. So do your research. Okay, Next, I want to jump into areas that I think you guys should be weary. So I have a map that would pull up, and I'm going to show you where I think you should be weary. O. So right here we have Google maps, and right here this is your table of guard. Over here, you have the maverick activity center. This right here is the west side of campus. This is the new student union. Over here is where they have the new West Hall. So you take a boulevard. You'll have to Millbrook apartment area, which to be careful of campus edge on your team boulevard. You need to be careful with Midtown urban student housing. Be careful with metal Run. Also, be careful. We get UTA mad alerts about attempted robberies in these areas. Sometimes he will pull up on you on demand. Your money on this usually happens late at night. But I will point out when it comes to places like that are really I haven't really heard much about anything happening in this area, but still be very careful. Since it is the outskirts of beauty, a people will still be walking to it from their classes using these side streets. So this area in general Uta Boulevard be careful at night. And now I need to the actual apartments in cells based on reputation. I'm going to say right now that I do not recommend at the moment campus edge just because of one area to the management currently could be better. The way they handle things I have friends who have lived there who said it was trash, and so I just doesn't have the best reputation. But there's always new hires, new managers. So maybe over the next couple of months or over the next couple of years, thanks for starting a prude. But as of right now, I haven't really heard that many positive things about campus age other than the fact that it's affordable, the next one that I would say to be careful of ISS metal run, of course, just doesn't the crime in the area. Timber broke with the crime in the area, not make some reputation based on location, another one that has to be careful with because of locations in Midtown. Better where you showing you but campus age is the number one we're just right now. Reputation of his age isn't the best, so, But like I said, do your own research. Do your own looks at the reviews go to campus, Say it should be careful when they tour, going to give you a tour of the goal for any apartment. When you do it's war is to get you to want to sign the lease now I'm gonna do will recommend, so I definitely I lived in the early and took off early last year. I loved it. It's pretty secure the parking garage, but gated, so nobody could just walk up in there and try to get in. You have to scan your key to get in anywhere, so it's pretty safe and it's all indoor. Other ones that have decent reputations are one on one apartments. They are also I knew I think they were built. Think they finish building 2018 or the end of 2017? They're fairly new at first thing that bad reviews because they're brand new. There's a bunch of problems, but I think they've been doing okay. 44 border. They haven't heard anything negative about them. But like I said, for every single thing I say, check your own and do your own research. Check the reviews because I'm just one person. I cannot emphasize that enough. Okay, okay, so I'm editing the video right now. One thing I want to add as a tip is when you're looking at reviews, look for reviews that are kind of repetitive. So, for example, if you see reviews, I saying like, Oh, Thomas is so nice And he was still very helpful and very sweet. If you see a lot of comments that say that and they're in the same time period. Still, it's lily. All say, like so it was very nice, and it keeps popping up from, like, one month ago. That was probably because they were prompted by people who worked there toe lever of you saying that for something in return. So be very careful for reviews that are all saying similar things in a very like in the same time frame, because that's probably just like a fake review or just somebody who gave a review because they were told to, um so that definitely check the reviews. Double check behind me. A lot of these were just apartment that I was listing off the top of my head regarding, like the good location in the fact that I haven't heard anything bad just because some of these apartment that I'm listing I haven't heard anything bad doesn't mean that there isn't anything bad, which is why I can't emphasize enough to do your own research. Another thing I ever got to mention the loss. The lofts at U T A R Campus apartments. They are a little bit more expensive, but they are great location, So definitely do some research on the law office. Back to the video. There's a brand new apartment complex that just I think about in the summer, but we finished being built eight for eight. Mitchell. Those apartments are brand new. Uh, the thing I will say about brain Department to be very careful because I'm like the dorm video, where it's like other brand new theme downside to bring apartments is that if there's anything that gone wrong construction or something that needs to be fixed, they're probably not gonna know about it until you live there and you experience it. So you have a guinea pig, and if there's anything wrong with the place, you're probably gonna be, you know, the person who has to deal with it until they fix it. And if it's not flexible, then you just signed a lease and you have to deal with it. Or like sometimes they can't fix it right away because it's such a big problem. I'm not saying it's guaranteed to happen to you, but there's always that possibility because it is brand new. So be careful that another thing I want to talk about regarding these apartments is that since they are companies that are braided towards students, they do not report your history to create means. Which means that even though you're paying your rent on time, you're not building credit. They do have service is that you have to pay for that will that will report your credit to these credit union. The only time they will report your credit to the credit union is if you miss your payments. So be wary of that. Um, as far as like policing next, you have to kind of be careful. It's not gonna be like a normal apartment where you can, where there might be different contract options a lot of time. It's a full 12 months, and so if you want to go back home during the summer, you're gonna have to find someone to take over your lease or you're just gonna be paying for an apartment that you're not living in. So definitely look out for, like, how long is least and stuff like that, so that you're not stuck in a situation that you don't want to be in, but that is it regarding my recommendations on apartments. I don't want to give you guys too many of my opinions just because this is a situation where you really need to go get you. Set yourself, maybe even bring a parent or guardian, or somebody who is going to be co signing your lease with you the last time you don't have credit, they need nobody's calling. I want to stay cool factor because probably not the word at all. But you think they need someone with credit to sign it. That way they have someone to turn to like a painting. We need your money. My throat hurts from all that talking. But that was my personal recommend. Commendations. Living in apartments Yeah, thank you for watching you have any other, like, specific questions that I didn't really talk about. Comments below or D and me on Instagram and I will into those questions for you. If you're not subscribed, I'd love for you to join this up squad and subscribe to my channel. I do a lot of random video. Sometimes I might be doing a dance challenge Sometimes it'll be a block of me in school. Sometimes it'll be ready. I'm talking video. There were so many different things for you to look at on my channel. I'm sure you'll find one thing to keep you here. But if not, leave a life before you go and I'll see you guys in my one of the most common questions that you guys dont about is doors. So we're gonna get into that. My drip looking at your drink, choosing a dorm at u T. A. Well, I always recommend these four. Okay, I recommend West Hole be integrated Casey home. And why? Because those are the newest and, you know, we're boozy evening days. We all like new alternative hall and limbs go home. They are the oldest ones on campus, but that doesn't mean they're Krusty. You take it as a pretty good job of making sure that it doesn't look run down. You go online looking at pictures yourself or even schedule tour. You can decide for yourself if you want to save money. I don't ever hear anything negative about these horribles. I've never just heard a place where it's like, Don't go to that door hall. So I think duty is doing something right. But now let's get until why I recommend those four holes that I mentioned before. So you're a freshman and you want to make friends that I recommend. They think that I've noticed Manor Hall is every time somebody is walking out of vanity or fall on that you have a partner with them or they're walking in a big for okay, like people just always seem to have friends when they're walking in about a band of Paul. I think most of that is because Manager Paul is only doubles like there is no single dorms. It's always double room like your good how partner there with you. And they also do this being called by G's G means freshman interest group, and I'm not sure if it's mandatory anymore. I think at one point it was mandatory and wonderful. But freshman interest groups are a way for you to meet other fresh Thank you. I have the same interest that you whether that your major, your hobbies, et cetera, I think Casey Hall, West Hall and Arlington also have freshman interest groups. But like I said, I don't think they're mandatory. Definitely recommended, though West Hall was tall is the newest dorm hall we have, and it also only has double rooms like there's no single doors. You know, I don't really know much about the reputation new, but it's brand new, so you want. The newest of the new West Hall is for you, but they're on the side of camp Base that is across the street from like the sea and all that. But I made a new life student center, kind of like a new dining hall right by West Hall, so you don't have to walk all the way across to get food. But there's a new dining hall right there, ready for you, and you're also right by the back. So you want to get your workout on. Avoid the freshman 15. What's called a good spot for that? The only thing about being at West Hall, you probably have walk across the bridge at th if you have you ever been on campus? You know that there's a street and there's like, these bridges that crossed the street. You're probably going to cost that to get to most of your classes on the main portion of campus. So deeper here, toe. Look, sweetheart, you will have to walk. Okay, here's somebody. I I'm not really down with the whole sharing being definitely check out our meeting hall and Casey. All those are the only dorms on campus where they offer the private rooms. I'll have, as always, all of this information list stayed in the description box so that you could fact check for yourself. I might make a mistake. So that's why leave the links in the descriptions. You can double check our case. Well, I've had friends that live in Arlington home, and I have personally lived in Casey whole have a moving block from 2016 when I have been to Casey. Call. I loved ate My experience was amazing. Yeah, the way they're designed, it's kind of sweet. So you open up the door and he's like a little living area, and then you have three individual rooms. Those three individual rooms have bet. So there's a room with the bad desk closet, all that another room in another room. And what you guys do is share a bathroom in a sink area. So you have your own room. You just have to share the bathroom. There's no kitchen or anything like that. This is not a department, but that's pretty darn good if you ask me the same setup. Mostly single dorms. They do have doubles and Casey, And now these dorm halls have things for you. Like a kitchen. I believe it's all that you're gonna have to double check for, like Trinity Hall. Let's go home. But for my knowledge, all of these door homes have a kitchen area with free just over a scene, and hopefully, I don't know they are microwaves, but they might. So if you're one of those people who is like, I'm hungry and I don't wanna be enough all the time, definitely get a container. You put some of your food in the fridge, write your name on it, and what they do is you can rent out with your R A to your residence system. You can rent out some pasta pains to cook with in the little common area kitchen. Now let's move on to apartment. get my drift Looking at your drink. Hey, guys, is jazz today? I have five packs that you need to know as a student at u T. A. I thought what better data upload this been on the first day of classes. So let's jump right into So beat number one using my map on your phone. I'm going to scream recorded and show you guys how to navigate the mobile system. For some reason, it looks really weird. Bruise long on on your phone, but there is a way to get it to look like a desktop on your phone. So the website is ta dot eating you force flash my map. Everybody should know this already. This is how you enroll for your classes. Check your student account all of that. All right, so this is what you should see when you log onto the mobile web site. Scoot over this Oi! This is what you're gonna see when you walk on. It looks really weird and crazy, and there's nothing really going on. You're gonna click these three dots in the top, Great corner. You're gonna click now bar, and then you're gonna hit classic home and boom. Now you see what you see on a desktop. That's it for the hack number one already. All right, Number two stands off. Number one. Since we're already here, I want you guys to scroll into where it said it's set up mobile. My map alerts. What you do is you would put in your phone number. What what happened is that anything happened on campus, such as an emergency, you would get a text message. Typically, you table also send you emails, but for some reason you don't get the e mail. You can get a text. I recommend this That way. You just know what's going on. Sometimes there's a delay in the email system. You never know. Sealer three is one of my personal favorites. You see, a has kind of like a snack slash food store set up on the second floor of the library, and they usually sells cup of noodles. If you don't know, cover news is ramen noodles, but in a cup and a lot of people make their noodles wrong, they put water in, and they put it in the microwave. You're not supposed to do that, but nobody. Most residents anyways. But what you can do is get a couple of noodles, buy it, of course, or just taking noodles and then go downstairs. We have an Einstein Bro's coffee shop on the first floor of the library. Get in line, ask them for hot water. And if they see that cup of noodles, they will take the cup from you. Put some hot water in it, and voila. Now you can eat your noodles the right way. I didn't actually realize this until hang out with Mira and Ethan. They told me. Yeah, just take it downstairs in the hot water in there for you. And I was like and it makes perfect sense because you need hot water to make coffee. So all they do is stick it under a hot water machine and they fill it up for you. All right. Number four is about this being called the student planner. So I'm going to log into my map. And what you would do, you're gonna click student center, and then you are going Thio, quick. Over here, under academics to this thing called schedule planner. Click here. Open schedule planner. What you would do is you would click on what the term that you're currently in mentoring a quick statement. Continue again. Scroll now click generate schedules and then click view, and then your schedule pops up and then what you could do. You can go back and you can click. Add brake Now Brake doesn't have to actually be a break you could put OK, I have work. And then you could put from Let's see 1 p.m. Thio 7 p.m. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at break Generate schedules and a view and then boom. Now you have a place that said work on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This is just a more interactive way to look at your planner. Of course, there are other planning APS, but UTA does offer its own schedule planning program through my mask. So I highly recommend you use this. Take a screenshot of it, slide it in like the front pocket on your binder, or take a screenshot and save it to your phone. Last but not least, UTA has switched to using canvas this year. I don't know how I feel about campus. I'm used to block bored, but something that I did with black aboard that I think that you could do with canvas as well is I exported my calendar to my iPhone so that all the events in, like, the due dates and assignments that are due on your calendar and canvas will also show up, Uh, your phone. So what you do is you go to your dashboard on campus, you would hit the three lines in the left corner and you'll go to study ings about and then you would hit subscribe to calendar feed. I'm already subscribed, so it can't do it again, But that would basically show of in your regular calendar. So if I click on the 30th it shows two assignments that I have you. I have an internship application. Do you and I have a special project proposal assignment due on August 30th? So, Yeah, that was the last hat. Guys, let me know if you have any questions down below. Have a great first week. Let me know in the comments. What's your major raise? And I hope to see you around. If you do see me on campus, do not hesitate to stay. Hello. I usually wear glasses. So this is what I would typically look like Or I might have my hair under a scarf. Do not be afraid to say hello. I don't bite. Thank you for watching this video, guys. And I was you guys next time. Hey, guys, it's jazz. If your new welcome every night you're welcome back Change of scenery Because everybody and they mama want to do some in my house today. So, um, yeah, I mean my car, because it's quiet here they see. I'm sorry If it's annoying, I'll try to keep it low so that it doesn't get too crazy. But it's 100 and one degrees today in Texas, so I'm gonna try not to melt first formers. Congratulations to the class of 2017. Young, maybe all survive high school. Congrats. I have a treat for anyone who is going to be staying in a dorm or in a college apartment or something. It is a extension cord that hooks onto your bed. What I like most is that it has U S B port save. You want to charge your phone, but you already have two things plugged up here. You don't have to worry about not having space for it. I have a 30% off coupon code. It is BP Jazz at the bed power dot com. So without further ado, let's get into the tips. Number one for my tips for you guys is to choose your classes early, and it might sound like self explanatory like, of course, she's your classes early. But, um, I say this because classes go really fast when there's a good teacher, and if you're there early, you have a better can'ts of getting the teacher you want. We're getting a really good teacher, plus you'll you'll have more options. Sometimes a lot of the mid day classes go by fast, and you'll be stuck with either a really early class or really late class, or choose your classes as early as you can. Number two is rate my professor rate. My professor will literally be your best friend. Okay, what it is. Basically, you look up a professor's name or school's name, and it will let you see the reviews on a certain teacher. And the best part about it is it works for in junior colleges, community colleges of regular universities, pretty much any school you look up. It might not have all the teachers, but it has a lot of work as a variety of schools that you can look up not just regular universities. My tips for using Grandma professor is to avoid the teachers that get reviews that say that the teacher is unorganized. That means that they're probably gonna be all over the place, and they're likely to You lose your assignments, which is not good. Usually when they're unorganized, there don't respond to your e mails. And that unacceptable, unacceptable second tip for it might profess their. Some teachers are really good, but they're also really tough graters. They have different categories within the review. Some of them will say tough, greater, super easy, laidback stuff like that know your limits. If the teacher gives a lot of work, can you handle that? Will you be doing extracurricular activities? Can you handle a lot of reading? Can you, um, handle tough grades? For example, if you're an athlete, um, you might not have time to do a lot of reading. So know your limits. Know what you can and can't handle if you use. If you know reading is not your forte, avoid. You should probably avoid teachers that give a lot of reading assignments unless it just can't be avoided by each teacher. There's usually a number, and I suggest trying to stay in the three and above range because I mean, you can't. You're not gonna get a perfect teacher every time, but it further at least a three. Then you should be okay. Choose the best thing for you. Choose the best that you can get out of all the option if you have. This is a quick side note. I know if you're a freshman, usually your advisers picked your classes for you. Don't be afraid to go in there and rearrange some things to fit your schedule the best. Next give a planner because it will help you keep track. I promise you, even if you're just planning stuff in your phone, keep track of all your assignments. Um, the best thing about college is that they give you a syllabus and basically list every single assignment, every single test you're gonna have ahead of time so that you know, there's this thing called Syllabus week. What they do is they go over the syllabus with you and, um, syllables Week is probably the best time to fill out your planner because you're not doing anything. So at least Philip, your planner, and to all the way up to mid terms and then when midterms get close. Fill it all the way up to finals number four. Wait toe by your books. Do not buy too many school supplies. I promise you, you're not gonna use as many school supplies that you need you in high school unless you're major. Just requires you to have a bunch of stuff. But if you're a freshman, you're probably not gonna need a lot of stuff. You're usually just taking basics, so no, don't go. Don't go all out because I know a lot of YouTubers. They post, you know. Oh, back to school supplies hall and make all this shit. I promise you, they're not using half of it or they just have a whole bunch of stuff stocked up that they haven't touched yet, but yeah, wait to buy your books. I know a lot of teachers were put in the syllabus what book you're required to have for the course. But sometimes they do that because they have to wait until, like, the first day of class. Feel it out, See if you're gonna need your book also rate. My professor will usually tell you whether or not you need the book. Some people will tell you that they got a without even touching the book. People will tell you that everything you need to know is on the power points that the tests are based on the power points Ready Professor is like the number one tool for college students. Number five is kind of like, Really? Do I have to? Yes, you have to visit your advisor at least once during the semester just to see what classes you'll need to take for the next semester or what your options are. If you're not doing too well on class, advisers are definitely underrated. Do use them when you can. Sorry, there. Got a mosquito bite and it, like, really itches. Number six. Find all of your classes at least a day or two before class starts. That way, you're not walking around like it's stupid. Nobody wants to be late to their first day of class. That's a bad impression. Number seven is really important, and I'm not encouraging you to drop your classes, but pay. It's under to your drop policy for your school. If a lot of us are on financial aid, so what they're do is if you drop your class before, Sir. In a date, you can get 100% of your money back from that clause. And then essentially, you can use that money. Thio pay for a different clock. But before you drop your class, also make sure that the class you want to switch into is available for you. Make sure you have it's the right class because you don't want to switch it to a class that you're not supposed to be in. Um, make sure you really, really want to drop that class. Of course, you can re enroll, but try not to be too, like wishy washy about what you're doing because it is the government's money that you're messing with. And then on top of that, if you drop before certain day, it won't show up on your transcript. After a certain day, it'll show up on your transcript that you withdrew from the class. If you withdraw too late, you'll just get whatever grades you get along with all the missed assignments, um, on your transcript. And that can really hurt your GP A. Okay, so that's pretty much it. Those are the seven tips I have for you guys. I narrowed it down to seven. There's so many that I could have told you guys in this video, but I wanted to keep it as short as possible. 75. Every number seven is known as the lucky number. So I'm hoping you guys have good luck on your first day of college. Is a super early that way. You know what the deal is? Because I know some people go shopping for their supplies, like in July and August, and that's when all the back to school video start popping up. But I wanted to be early so that you guys know what's up. No, what's up before his time ago. So don't forget, you can get the disk on the extension cord at the bed power dot com I could his BP Jazz. It's also linked in the description box. You get 30% off at the checkout. Yeah. Thank you for watching. We'll see you have a minute video like Jake, man, I'm gonna do it like a creep Me on you and you know me? I don't know. Maybe you're free way. X We're dying. She's gonna show me howto make fonts on the iPad for good notes. That's because I'm a graphic design. Yeah, she's just gonna design web sites for every medical student out there. Does she live like your dreams? So you're done with this ring? Oh, I remember. Seems member Sochi. Yeah. And then you just copying. But you also tell me why. Last night, Jerry, I was asking me what the weather is like in Las Vegas because she's going there at the end of this month. And so I'm a weather out this morning. I check the weather, and I said like it was gonna be in the fifties. And so I get on campus and I'm walking around on the lives of so cold. And I look at my weather, I began to see, like what weather? What temperature it is. And I realized I was still looking at Las Vegas, this temperature and is like, 30 degrees here, but it's like 40 something in Vegas. So now I'm gonna head back, thio my apartment and get a bigger jacket. Uh, cut. This takeover is I still have a classic 12. It's only like 9 50 We just got a physics. So right now with the bus stop taking Major Els on the first day. Great. Okay, so I'm officially done for the day. I just left my anatomy lab and I found out that I don't have to buy an access code for my for that class. So I'm gonna wait a bookstore to return it because I'm ugly. 150 or 100? Yeah, $150. So I'm gonna give my money back, and then I can send money back to my mom. Spent 500 so far, um, a little over $500 on books alone this semester. So glad to be getting her money back for these things. Costs canceled. So that's right. At 9 30 in the evil at 9 34 he had a flat tire. Yeah, but now we have more time to do any already. Got started on. My doctor wants me to go. I was making quisling for, like, little charts. Yeah, I get it way we're in sync. I think I was doing so productive. And my plan was to study those today. Yeah, yeah. Brushing my teeth last night, reviewing the ones that are already made. Why would you get a lander and then drive on? Cooper? You can't do anything. Especially now that Cooper's 30. Well, see, that's what you say. I've literally seen the cop even go 40 because they're cops. They go. Whatever. But see, is they go 40. Go for it works. They can't pull us over. That's kind of illegal. That's okay. You're the fiscal year. Yeah. Yeah, sure. 12 seconds, lady. Oh, it's really good. Work up. Um, sure. Please. No. Are you singing? I'm not saying anything. I'm singing our physics notes. Uh, what about you eating with me? Mine's pretty blank right now. Yeah. Static, actually. Yes. Let's go. Your thoughts. Oh, you look like you were forced to be recorded. I'm telling you. Done right now. Good morning. It's Friday and about to hit the class. It's like a 20 something in a class at nine. So, you know, even a scurry skirts a class. Here goes the fifth. What a day. You know, some slight. Could you? I'm lazy. You know, I never feel like getting dressed for overruled and pose on the way. No one should be driving Came upon a scythe. Well, dog, we're gonna see how hard, right? I get arrested by side. And I spent it with you on the other side. That didn't like being touched. I've been gone since, like, a lot like a guy, so I usually have my happens. And I'm not really walking with new friends to my first class or any of my classes. Really? So I can't really talk and walk with you because they're living it, Father. But I have lots of walking to my building for my class Money don't be expected when Captain Goto side? Because I told him to put it fine, but I like a Hey, look, if I don't beat time and float down, man, that's a fucking called man. Pushed me todo eso it Really a Hey, Hi. This jazz for you. Welcome. If you're not welcome back. Today's video was requested in my back to school, So the buy back to school supplies hall. So the first time I have for you is Thio take care of your mental health and can get really stressful having multiple classes being in a new environment, trying to make friends Make sure you put your mental health first. That means knowing your limits, knowing what you can and can't handle. If four classes end up being a little bit too much for you, maybe try not taking four classes the next semester. Try taking three or try taking two. Don't force yourself to do too much just to graduate. My mental health was really bad for the past year, and I did. I didn't my grades showed it, so I definitely recommend that you put your mental health first because you like, there's nothing more important than you. My next tip for freshman is to get involved. I mean, as a freshman, it's gonna be kind of hard making friends if you're not there with people from high school. So I say join a club even if you don't join a club and you just go to a meeting like a general information meeting. Where they introduced with the meeting is about. Go there, see if you find people that you want to talk to you like, say hi to someone asked A. Is a seat taking? Can I sit next to you? Hey, what's your major stuff like that? Just like icebreakers, I guess. Um so, like, even if you didn't join the club, you still met somebody at the meeting and definitely try toe like exchange Social Media's because you can meet a lot of people from your school on social media and that, like that's really helpful. Like a lot of people will use their school hashtag with the year that they're graduating. And that's a lot. That's a good way to meet people in your claws. So definitely get involved somehow, whether it be all social media on campus in class, just try toe, try to talk to someone, try to reach out to other people so that you don't feel so alone because, believe it or not, social health is really important. Social health and mental health are probably the two of the most underestimated parts of your college experience, and I learned that the hard way this past year because I was not very social, and I'm until help was really bad. So I'm telling you, Please take some time to have fun and to chill and to have friends because it is important that my third tip for you is to remember that college is not a race. Um, it's not like high school where you got four years to get your stuff done. A lot of people would take five years. A lot of people take two years off. You take. It depends on who you are like Don't feel bad if your friends graduate early, or if your friend to graduate in four years and you're still a little bit behind. Some people don't graduate in me and me. If some people don't graduate in May, some people graduate in December. Some people graduate over the summer. It doesn't matter when you graduate, because as long as you get your degree, you got your degree. It doesn't say this person took five years to get this degree on. You're on your on your degree. It says. This person this is a commencement in whatever forever is that it don't happen, agrees on noises. But you get the point. As long as you get to the finish line, it doesn't matter how long it takes you. I personally struggle with that. I'm supposed to graduate and 2019. That probably won't happen because I changed my major. So I'm pretty much starting all over. I guess four years is the average. It's not really like sentence don't like you have to graduate in four years. If it takes you longer, that's perfectly fine. I'm saw post to graduate in 2019 but that's probably not gonna happen. Life happens. Okay, take your time. Do take your time. Okay. Colleges my going anywhere. Take your time. Okay. Life happens. Don't stress yourself out unnecessarily. It is not a race. This is another good one. Don't rush relationships. Okay? If your girl sit down, we're gonna have a heart to heart right now. Guys at a young age typically only have a few things on their mind. And one of those is probably six. Not all guys I'm not throwing all died under the same bus. I'm just saying most guys are ready to go there. They're looking having a time for a while from birth until about 25. They're They're just there to have a good time. They're probably not looking for anything serious. I know girls. We'd liketo we We think we're ready. Based off emotions. Guys typically know when they're ready. Based on the right time. Are the ready to settle down? Do they have a lot of stuff going on in life? Do they want to be locked down with a girl? One girl for X amount of time? Probably not, especially in college when there's so much to do. So much fun, So much mingling to do. Don't rush relationships if you find the one. Um and you really fill in that guy, Um, don't rush. Just ride the wave, okay? Especially if you're really, like physically attractive uppers in Let me tell you something. Lust on Lee last so long So think about it this way when the lust is gone and I'm no longer physically attracted to you What's left? What's left for me to like about you one day you're not gonna be, you know, like a snack no more. One day you're gonna look like broccoli in the back shelf at the grocery store, and then it's gonna be alive. What? What is it about you that's gonna make me pick you up instead of the fresh broccoli in the front row? OK, what is it about you that makes me want to stay here and continue to give you my time? Don't let lust get the best of you. Okay? Stay. Stay sharp up here, okay? Because a lot of guys just tell you right now, they're not ready for he know a serious relationship at 2021. 22. Okay, maybe towards graduation when everybody's about to settle down and get their life started. Maybe that's when you'll probably find a good, solid relationship. But have fun and don't rush anything. I promise you. I promise you, it'll benefit you in the end. It'll save you the heartbreak. It'll save you a lot of trouble. Okay? Just take your time. Definitely. Take that time to mingle and, um, talked to multiple people. I'm not saying a flirt with, like, hello people, but, you know, get to know what multiple guys get to know what you do and don't like in a guy. Get to know yourself before you know, you really jump into a serious relationship. It helps a lot. My last tip for you guys is to take risks. Um, yeah. Take risks. Not not life threatening risks, but just step out of your comfort zone Sometimes. That's something I haven't done yet. Well, actually, yes, I have. I'm until quite a few parties with my sister and I realize that they're not really my scene. But at least now I know it's not my thing. I'm small. So like going to parties. I'm getting stepped on, bumped into its hot. I just can't I don't like parties, but I went out and I was able to, you know, get that experience. So now I know will step out of your comfort zone, try new things. Um, don't let people push you around and try to get you to do something that you're not comfortable with. If you don't want to drink, then don't drink. I don't recommend drinking around people you just met, because if you don't know how they act when they're drinking, you might end up in a situation that you don't want to be in, so make sure you know the person. Really? Well, if you do end up drinking around them sex, don't let anyone pressure you into sex. If you're not ready, if that's not something you want to do. If you do have sex, make sure they wrap it up. Make sure you stay protected. Even if you're taking birth control. Wrap it up, make him wear a condom. Unless he shows you a Carfax and he shows you he's been tested and he's clean. They can't put a condom on because we don't got time out here. Okay, those diseases will ruin your life. Okay. If you ever wash me mean girls, you already know what I'm about to say. Don't have sex because you will get chlamydia and you will die. I think he says, Don't do anything you're not ready to. Let's get that clear. Take a risk when you're ready. Stuff out the box when you're ready. But don't let anyone push you into something that you're not ready to do or that you're not comfortable to do. That's a completely different thing. Don't let nobody push you over the age. All your friends are not dead. Okay, so that's it for this video. I have another tips video that's more academic E. So, um, definitely click the car. And I think it's up here. I don't know. I don't remember either. Up here, up here, guys, click the card. If you want academic advice, that video goes for anyone. It doesn't matter what grade you're in. Um, if you have any questions for me, I have a curious cat. I'll put it right here. I will put it in the description box. Um, it's on my Twitter asked me questions, guys, that's anonymous. You get protect your anonymity and still get an answer for me. So ask me questions. If you have any comment down anything below that you want to say about college about if you're nervous or not, If you're about to be a freshman in college, good luck. And I wish you the best. I really D'oh! Okay, so have a blessed day. I will see you in my next video, Desi. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get decent off his hair that watch the breakdown last week. It was literally like the second day of school and almost like a running down the hallway that I didn't miss the bus because what these people trafficked, how fast they're gonna come. And I thought I had time, and then I was watching it and it was moving really fast because the APP shows you in, like, real time where the bus is so you can see the bus moving. And I never thought I'd be that person running for the bus. And then when I got on the bus, you know, trying to, like, act like I wasn't breathing hard, But I was tired. So wait for the bus. Sorry. If it's really windy and starry, start getting awkward. But it's really weird tryingto log in public, and I'm very shy. Okay, good morning. I'm currently work walking to class. There's a My first class is sports fishing. It doesn't start till 30. I'm hearing a 30 get a head start. Plus, I like to get a seat in the front. I'm literally always walking in early, so you today is so much more crowded this year, which is I want to say frustrating because, like, I don't really find any problems because I take the shuttle to school now. But if I were driving, I'll probably be so frustrated. Two of my friends have talked about how they've been late to class already this year because they couldn't find parking because there's one a lot of construction to way more people, and they just keep making the campus bigger. So fine. I bet you like $5. My friend Meera is already in class. I texted her on Tuesday because we have a class together all day, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I got to our building at 8 30 and I have, like, little tables outside of the class. You'll see soon. And I was like, I think you see outside of class and she takes me and she's like, Oh, I saved you a seat in class. So she was already inside the class at like 8 30 sitting down already, starting her day or whatever. That's how you know we're laying We. We both like to give places early, but I just thought it was so funny that we had the same idea. So this is the new building. It's the Science, Engineering, Innovation Research Building. And there's still a lot of construction going on the side of a maid. Just really pretty like it's actually starting to look more. I don't know, more college, like with stereotypical college from blogging today. It's me, right? I told them you would be here already, and they were like, I did. I barely with the class only read the power points and I got a night. I was like, What? How did you do that? Like, there's no it. No, it was a person who reviewed for Timothy. And of course, I had, like, the most thumbs now because I have had it was like, Shut up. Like That's not helpful. See, this one also says this one gives me hope. Oh, yeah. Here's a 95 plus one later. Yeah. Textbook not needed, my ass. Yeah, I was like, How did he do that? You? Yeah. Oh, Jeff is gone. Jeff. I think I was going to put today and tomorrow, but I don't have class. Tomorrow morning's coming in. Just Li ke We're walking three next. I have all day with me around. Yeah, look, e, I think they're walking out of class. I think your dad will cross you better. Somebody walked in. What's that? Stop. I just call it. Hi. I'm dying. Everyone. Everyone in college ever classes and start till 12. 30. But we like to get our feet are on the side of science in the fifth row, so yeah, six. And you feel like you're channeling down weird.