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Thinking about University of Houston and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Houston in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Houston’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Houston, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Houston experience. These University of Houston video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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No, Keep after coming back from cover. What? We're going to go Teo Cougar place. This is one of the newer buildings. I think it was, uh, builds in a twenty forty. Super close to the rail to, um, Houston has a rail system. Just because it is so spread out, I have to get a bullet to transport us everywhere. And the good thing about liquor place is you got excellent views of the stadium, and I have excellent use right now is my boyfriend. And because outside Cario, if you guys can see that another place to sit and enjoy the scenery locked of green spaces those air actually classroom's over there. Some other Dorn's have, um, plasters a touch to them. For some reason, I'm also a lot of these campus security help boxes. Also really nineties by cracks everywhere, and then a door, of course, that you can only get through with a This is a library. So have eight floors. There's a staircase. Basically, there's some levels where their study area. So you could just It's completely silent, and you're not a lot of speed talk or text or anything like that in their areas over here, that lad you group projects. We have rooms that you can go and shut the door behind you like that. You can reserve. So if there's good projects or things that you need to think that's that's a really good researcher. So right now me and Sydney are doing are finite math homework. You have to be kind of quiet in here covering. We're locking on. Into the computers for all students to use, and we also can use a car. The print news, for one, offer free but closed So the printer's basically you take money off your Cougar card, and it only costs like three or so since every time you print and you have plenty of passes to print. So right now we're going up the steps of the library and through the honors college. Which is where both me and Sydney have are humans sit discussion class, which I showed you all. The lab here is where we have our classrooms and there's also a terrace which we're about to go up here. It's really nice. You can see the view. Me and see money out here reporting live at the Cougar stadium. TD. See you. Um, so slight problem. We can't really go inside because it's not football season and there's no events going on. But I was supposed to take you all here, So here we are. Here's the gate that you're going to go to if you have student tickets and want to go to a game, what she all should because they're fun, especially the tailgate. And they're free. Yes, but you do need to claim your tickets online. That's one thing about the football games. If you don't claim your ticket online early, then you might not be able to go. But tailgating is probably the best part of the game. Sorry, football, boys. But yeah, that's hell getting so much fun. The church even goes out of their way to provide food for us at the tailgates. So I was told to take you guys through a quad. And currently me and Chelsea are here. We're by the fountains and what nots? This area is actually really pretty. A lot of couples will come here on little dates and whatnot. You'll see a lot of people. We also have shot the cat over here. And a lot of people like to touch her. Left Paul for good luck before, like, exams and whatnot. So this area is just a really nice go coop type area. We're officially in a go cougars. Oh, so cool. Go. Also, if you do decide to come here to U of H when you come on your orientation, they're going to give you, like, little candles and you have a little lighting ceremony and it's all gonna be right here and the Fontana close red. And it's very nice. It's so nice. I got emotional cheered up a bit, so come on So in this video, I'm going to be doing dorm essentials, which are all the things that I think you need. If you're gonna live in a dorm on campus here at U V Shinsho number one, a laundry bag definitely need one of these because our laundry facility, you have to walk downstairs and it's just easy to carry it all in a bag. Go drop in and take it up. It's really easy that way. Another dorm essential that I would see is my handy dandy microwave. You're definitely going to need one of these. We have microwaves on every floor, but it's just so nice heating up food in the middle of the night in the comfort of my a door to another dorm. Essential a bath caddy. I would definitely get one of these because four of us sharing one bathroom so we can't just have, like, all of our stuff in there because they don't get crowded and messy. So just drop your little stuff in there, Go to the shower and they just go back to room. Another dorm essential is going to be these little handy dandy. They're like hanging organizer's and they're really handy because we don't really have much room as you can tell in our closets and minds. Very messy, because I have so many clothes. So these definitely come in handy. I got one that's like for shoes, and then one other dorm essentials are definitely going to be pictures because makes your room feel like you're at home. See, my roommate even has some pictures, too. Makes you feel like you're at home. It makes the dorm cozy, and you're gonna want your dorm to look cute, because why would a germ essential the one that I'm right next to which you can't really see, but it's little layout. I would definitely get a lamp, because this way also, look, my roommate. She has such a cool Just touch it, It turns out, but I would get lamps because if your roommates say, wants to go to sleep, whatever, I could just turn my lamp on and then have my side of the room. And I mean, there's so light. But you know, it's much more respectful than having like, the big light on, So get you also, this isn't really for the dorm. I'm gonna keep it in her dorm, obviously, but I would get an umbrella. It rains a lot here in Houston, so when you're walking outside your classes, there's no shelter. You're going to need an umbrella and you're gonna thank Video. This is one of my best friends saved me. We're both in the entrepreneurship, major. While we're trying to get in the program Way go Teo Bauer, which is ahead of us. This is Leroy and Feel Melcher. It's over there and then I here's the disparity Center for Wolf entrepreneurship, So right now we're going to class. It's Russian and everybody showing join clubs. CEO. That's my brain. Okay, well, that's like club. Join me. Yeah, They have a booth set up. Go back. Yeah, it's all right now. We're about to enter Bauer honors area and there's a Starbucks in here and just a little like chill area.