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Thinking about University of Arizona and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Arizona in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Arizona’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Arizona, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Arizona experience. These University of Arizona video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Today is going to tell us a little bit about the meal plans and just how they work here at the U of a campus. So for my mill plant, I have this silver meal plan, and with that I got in the beginning of the year, I got about fifteen hundred dollars. And with that, if I want to get something to eat at the Union or maybe bear down kitchen, I just go there and I swiped my card and then I get like, a six percent discount, like what's really helps. So that's really cool. Okay, guys, I'm here with Karina and Korean is a student here at the U of A. She does have a meal plan, and so she's going to just tell us a little bit about how things work here. You obey with milk. So I heard a silver plan. So I have money put into my account, and I used that money to buy food here on campus, and it gives me off like a small little discount. Everything I buy and I can eat here at the cactus fruit chick, flames and the den on other kind of other places here in camp is awesome. So where's your favorite place, Tio? Here on campus, probably hear the cactus will just This is, like so many options on all different kinds of breakfast and lunch. guys in today's video, I'm going to be sharing with you guys college clothing essentials, I think are so necessary for you to bring to college and in this video, partnering up again with dormer sentence dot com. Too happy with more college tips and advice. So have that link down below so he could go ahead and check it out. And let's go ahead and get into this video. So no matter what school you guys are going thio, you guys need lots of socks, no matter how many socks I brought. Like I still somehow lost that. I don't know what it is, but no matter what, like like stocks get lost super, super easily. The next thing I should bring again, no matter what's going, go to our sweatshirt. This was the one I brought. It's just a simple crewneck Arizona for my school on it, since it's really hot outside inside all buildings, it's like for a reason. Cold memory may have a C set 2 52 60 degrees 24 7 In our dorm, no matter what, even everyone of the desert you need a sweatshirt or crewneck or a jacket or anything like that the next thing you need are running shoes. These are the nineties I had. I just had a simple black ones. I love so much and you're gonna need a good pair of shoes because you're gonna be walking a lot. No joke. I walked on average five miles every day from class and going back from Greek row because it was a little of a distance where there's almost everyday to class. So you're definitely gonna need that. You also don't want a lot of like workout shorts on leggings. So my favorite, our little lemon. I think there's such an investment workout shorts and then just a pair of leggings. I highly recommend you guys invest in blue the lemon leggings. I know they're pretty pricey, but trust me, they're so worth it because you're gonna be wearing them all the time. So definite, actually, have some good workout clothes to bring. Bring a good pair of black jeans, just school. My favorite are the genes from top shops here. Simple plain black jeans. These ones have rips in the knees, so I would bring good pair black jeans because that's definitely staple, that you're going to definitely need the next thing I recommend you guys bring to colleges a pair of old shoes. So if you have a pair of any old tennis shoes that you had from this year, don't like, not bring them. Don't only by like, new shoes, because they're gonna get trashed. And I make sure I brought like my old like converts that were, like, literally destroyed for any time. I went to any day parties or anything like that because you don't want to take, like, brand new clean shoes because they will get super super jury. So if you have any old tennis shoes, I would definitely bring so you can wear them for that. And the next thing that I really wish that I brought more of was like going out tops. I brought, like, a couple of things. But drop that you're have to buy more because I didn't bring a lot like black is a good go to any black tops. Bodysuits like things like that. The next thing is like a good pair of party shoes. We're going out. Choose that, like you don't care about getting dirty or anything like that, so I would definitely not invest in a pair of expensive shoes like for going out and stuff because your shoes are going to get trashed. Like I said earlier, I had these booties that I got from Target for only $30. These are little so trashed I should probably be holding. But yeah, I love these so much. Like a good pair of like booties are perfect, literally wore these every single week once I got them, and even now I wear them all the time. Definitely a pair of designated going out shoes. Other thing that I think are essential to bring our like denim skirts and denim shorts. I wore those, like on the weekend. Next thing that I really wish I brought, like the beginning of the year was some sort of business casual clothes. I had watched videos and people said to bring business casual clothes, but I'm like, I'm not really gonna need that, But trust me, you want to make sure you have a couple pieces of business casual clothes. If anything comes up, you have something already that you can just wear for me, like what I needed for was like a lot of sorority stuff. Still having like a nice white shirt or blaze there knife but pans and close to a judicial draw thing that you guys definitely bring, just in case like you are gonna need business casual clothes that were not stressing out, trying to find things for if you have an interview or need toe for a presentation for a class or anything like that. So another thing in college is a good pair of classic basic heels. So I had these. These ones are very dirty now, but they're just a plain new hell. I were these two, like formal and other fancy events that I have dropped a year. So good pay appeals just always good to have. So another clothing essential to bring is a hot. This is my favorite hat that I have for a day where you don't flip through your hair, anything like that. It's really nice to have a hat, so the next thing is a pair of sunglasses if you do not need a violent, any expensive period sunglasses. But sunglasses is so essential to have another universal thing we're walking to, cause you don't want to see anyone I love we never wore makeup to class. I would just wake up Johnson's losses. I would like to go, especially in Arizona, because it's really bright and sunny, so those were gonna be super essential. And the last thing I think you guys should bring is some, like themed outfit. So I knew that you have a was like a party school out Little themed items I brought I actually ended up wearing throughout the years. I'm really glad I did that for, like, Halloween. If you have, like any, like headband ares. I wear these when I do my makeup. But it brought these in use them, and I also brought my tourist group from high school, and I actually wore that toe like a high school reunion theme party. So that came in handy. Any like, little themed outfits. I would definitely recommend you bring them so we already have them. And if you don't apply in them, I'm sure some house last you for those items. And if you have like a little masquerade mask, like anything like that, I would just bring it just in case. Those are all of the clothing essentials. I think you should bring to college after Washington. See, if you're really stressed out, we have to go on by all these things do not at all. Because you could accumulate on this thing throughout the year. I definitely did. I didn't have all of these things in the beginning the year. So don't feel like you have to have everything at the moment. Don't feel stressed out if you don't have any of these pieces. Yeah, that's end of this video. If you enjoy, we shouldn't give video thumbs up and subscribe down below if you haven't already, and I'll see all my next video by guys. everyone's today. I'm finally filming my college apartment tour, and I'm so excited to show you guys my apartment isn't like the nicest department that you can get here. You ve But I personally love. It's like, super homey, and I've been really enjoying living here so far. And this video is sponsored by don't essential. So if you guys want to get any more information about college and your dorm and all these tips that you guys need, I'll have them link down below so you guys can check them out and let's just go ahead and get into the video, okay? So when you walk into my apartment, this is what it looks like on the side. We have this little light here. I'll turn it on this like L E d light that we got so we wouldn't be like host like parties at night and stuff. It's like super cute, but this is just an overview of my apartment. When you walk in to the right is our kitchen. Obviously we did decorate for Halloween, so that's what we have a lot of like Halloween decor. So this is just our island, and I just got Starbucks. Don't mind that This is a nice pumpkin spice latte with caramel, and I highly recommend it super good. And on this side is where our laundry and washer are. And then we just have some other cleaning supplies and stuff on top, and this is like the rest of our kitchen. So these speakers, I actually got them sent to me by one by one, and you guys can actually get these speakers for free. Also, if you guys click, the link down below us could just apply. And they have a ton of different electron ics that you guys can choose from that you guys can receive her free by just signing up for it. So just click pulling down below and you guys can sign up to also get free speakers, and we literally uses every week before we go out to the frat parties. We love to last music. So these have been a really nice for that. And then, just like Maur Halloween little towels, the microwave we didn't know how to make those sticks. That's we just have duct tape on them, and then we have another Halloween pon appear on our letter while that we change pretty often, then this is just our living room. Over here we have our TV, more Halloween decorations and pretty sure these air lights too. So, yeah, we have the hose than our TV, which is super nice, that it came with a TV and cable, so that's really nice to have. And then over here we have our other homing decorations. We have this pumpkin that we have filled with, like chocolates, and then these little pumpkins on my friend hat and then that boo thing. And then I got a fall candle camera apple. It's super good. And then on the bottom, like we have a week, we have all the games down there and then over here, this is our balcony, so I won't take you guys out there. But we have lights around it that we also let me show you just, like, really makes the room super cute when we like how people over at night in those other trick or treat lines. So it's really pretty. And then on the wall here, my roommate made these and then I got this rug from Ross. I believe then we just have blankets on our couch is another homing decoration. We had this one hung up on this wall, but it kept falling down. But this also lights up, and then over here is where my two other roommates live. Physical budget shadows. So sorry. So, yeah, that's just the main living space that we have. And then over here, we have, like, two double doors that lead us to me and my other roommates rooms. So over here, we share a bathroom. So we have our two sinks that we got this runner rug from target. So if you guys have, like, double sinks, it's like, super nice to have just one rug. Is buying them individually is pretty expensive. So we just got the one rug and pink have never had my own sink before, So I've really been enjoying having mine minds. Obviously, the one that's pink. So, yeah, we share our sinks, and then over here's our shower and toilet. This is what our bathroom looks like. So, yeah, I showed this in my apartment hallway. Got that from Urban Outfitters, and then I got that from target starts or shower in there. There is the toilet and we have a trash, but yeah, it's pretty nice and spacious and then having like, our own sinks and stuff, it's like, really nice to separate. Like if one of us is showering, the other one could be getting ready out here, so that's really nice. And then up here is my room and on my doors. I have these pictures of me and my friends, So yeah, this is what my room looks like when you first enter it. Then I have a whole long me right here so I can see what I'm wearing and stuff. And then on this, while I have all of my pictures with all of my friends on here, this collage that I made, Yeah, I want to continue adding to it. They're off the year Just so it's, like more filled up with all of my friends, but this is just what it looks like. And I love looking at it cause I sleep right there, so I love being able to see it. And then these lights I got from Amazon and it literally makes the room so much better because the walls and in this apartment I really wish it was white or at least beige. But it's like this weird yellow off white color, so that just really makes the walls look nicer. And I have so much wall space and my room's that's like the overview of it that, like I was like, I didn't know what to put on the wall. So I got this tapestry from Society six and got these life. And then I strung pictures like I did last year, my dorm, anything. It's like super huge. And then those are the pictures that I have hung up there. And then what's really cool about these lights? Chu is it changes the speeds that I could like taken twinkle or they could do that. There's just like a lot of, like, different speeds that this can go in different settings. Bia, over here I have this pumpkin cupcake candle smells really good, and then I keep my hydra right here cause I always drink water by my bed, and then I have this picture of and frame and then this little artificial plant and don't know what to put on this wall. So I still thinking about that, but so barren. It's super annoying but right here I have my sorority composite right next to my letters. So I'm somewhere on the bottom there. And then I have my calendar that I keep right there, just like you know, what I have for the month. And then this is like my desk area. So I have my Alex drawers for Mikey. Other have all my makeup in. And then I have my makeup brushes, my glasses, my brush and then some other things there than my beats pill. And then my mere that used for getting ready than the light because the lighting and here's really bad. So I always have another light on. And then this I got from Amazon to put on the chair and then on the bottom. I just have my grand and stuff and then a trash can. Then right there is my closet, which is kind of sex. I'm not gonna show you, and I usually just keep my backpack on the floor. That's pretty much the big overview of what my room looks like. It's pretty spacious, which is really nice. That's pretty much the end of my apartment tour, and you guys enjoy it. If you did. We should give this video thumbs up and subscribe. Gamble if you haven't ready and I'll see all my So in today's video, I thought I would share it. You guys some tips and advice for you. Incoming freshman. I'm so sad because this is my last it on video in my dorm. So since I only have a couple weeks left in my freshman year, I thought I would pass on over some tips and advice that I think would be very useful for you guys. So, yeah, scan to the video. Okay, so my first tip that I have for you guys is it's just start making friendships and getting to know people. Now, before you guys go into your freshman year in college. I know with my school at U of a life we have, like the school's up. So, like you were able to communicate with other incoming freshmen. They have this for, like, a lot of other schools, and they have Facebook pages and things like that. It's like super helpful to get to know people before you go into your rush. Muneer, can you come to school like you're gonna recognise so many people you talk to and like you already gonna know people? I would definitely recommend you guys getting Jim people and meeting people. Now, this summer before entering your freshman year, my second tip for you guys is to not have a dams really try to avoid this. I think it's pretty obvious that you want to avoid it, but in my case, it cost that I had to take. The only time it was offered was 8 a.m. On Friday, and it was math cost and there was no other way around it. So if you have to take in a day, am I would just recommend having a gap in between your next class. So I had an 8 a.m. and my next Causton startled one. So as soon as I came back from my class, I napped for a couple hours, got up, I went to have lunch and then go to my next class. That saved me. If I didn't have that had cost is right after the Adm, it would have been brutal. So I would just recommend that because you know, when you hear that golf, you just think you know what in an hour, get to go back to bed. So if you have to have an ADM, just make sure you have a gap in between. Your next class is my third tip. It's going to be not to bring many clothes and shoes to college while watching it is. Before I entered my freshman year, a lot of people said this, So I'm really trying to take the advice and not bring as much and even thinking that I didn't bring a lot, I still brought me way more than I needed to. I brought half of my closet, I think, and what I have in my wardrobe right now. I literally never wear because in college there was like either two types of things you're gonna wear either closing. We were in a class which is like T shirts and stuff or close it and be waiting for going out and there's never really in in between. And the in between was like stuff I wore in high school, like I never wear that now like ever. So I just really think of like pieces that you're actually going Thio where and meet all the time, saying what shoes? I only brought shoes that I knew I would wear all the time. I use all of them there are a couple of parents on the only ward. You recruitment that I wish I had my parents just take back trying to make sure you limit yourself to how many things you bring it. So since you're not have so much room, especially T shirts, because you were going to get so many tasted some school, whether like from rushing or this throughout the year getting so many T shirts. So really try and limit how many T shirts you bring as well. My fourth tip is actually go to class. I really don't understand people who don't go to cost like her overheard someone you will feel like. I'm just gonna skip class today. Like what? Like you're paying so much money to come here. You go to school. Like, why would you not go to class? Especially because it's not like your typical Monday through Friday. 8 to 3 clock classes, like your schedules is so spread out throughout the week. You really do not need to miss because you never know when a situation is gonna come up throughout the semester where you have to miss class for if you're gonna be like going out of town. You wantto make sure you have that free absence to you. So just go to class because you pay so much money to go to school and it's really worth it. The end. Okay, My fifth tip is to go to games and get involved getting involved. It's probably like my most important tip women gearing college. Or even if you're in high school or anything, you do getting involved. It's so important to make sure that you are having the best experience that you can have through not involved, taking advantage of def opportunities on campus like you're gonna be bored out of your mind. You wanna have something that's going to keep you busy and something that's gonna make you want to get up in the morning and be excited for whether that's joining a club, joining a sorority or fraternity, getting a job, anything on campus. Just make sure that you're getting involved with getting involved. I would save if you guys go to a school where you have sports worst forces like a big deal. I highly recommend you guys going to the games. I go to have a we have a huge football games basketball games and so many more sports and people on games would be like, I'm not gonna go to the games. I'm like you guys were still like you do in a school. We're able to go to these really fun football games and it's so nice, like, Why not take advantage of that? And there's so much fun. Even if you don't stay an entire game, go at least for like the first hop like there's so much fun and they're so worth it. You're gonna be like, so glad that you're there with difference, like cheering on your team without being said if you guys didn't see my experience video. I did mention these watches from the college watch company was so excited to wear These were tailgates. So they actually gave me a 50% discount code for you guys using Amanda, 15 where guys could use that code to get 50% off your purchase of any of the college watches that they have through the college watch company. I'll have that link below the nose not sponsored, but I just thought I'd mention it because they're seriously so awesome. So go to games and get involved. Okay, My next tip for you guys is to be a good Hey. So I talked to a lot of girls like before. I came here about, like, being roommates. I just wanted to make sure I found one who really seemed like the same person, you know? So things went smoothly, like, you know, we got along really well, and I actually found that was me and my roommate are literally like the best meets Reach Ellerbee of a similar personalities. And we never had an issue this entire year, which we are so lucky for, because without being said, I think a out of 10 people I talked to this year have bad room, a nursery maid situations. It's a very, very rare when you actually have a good roommate and soon situation. A lot of the complaints were like people who would just for slobs of the new guys, like I just It's not hard to be a clean on good roommate like pick up after yourselves. Don't touch your roommates. Things about asking. Make your bed. My parents would hate this because I'm, like, really messy at home knowing that I'm coming to college. I'm gonna have a roommate that I'm living with. I want to be a good one. So my seventh tip for you guys is to make friends in your classes. This is something that I thought super helpful. It's pretty bad. They're gonna end up having some of that, you know, in your classes. So making sure that you make a friend and all your classes is super helpful. Four times you're gonna need to ask questions and be like, Hey, is it's due tomorrow. Hail it and help with this. You know, anything like you just want to make sure you how someone and each year classes that you could refer back to. Okay, My next tip is something that I definitely could have done way more to stay active. This is something that I said I definitely could have done. I want more. I would have gotten health kicks where I would go to the gym a lot. And then it's, you know, I think I got sick, which was pretty often I would wouldn't go because I was sick. And then I, like, stop going after that. So and then I would get in a health kick again go the gym all the time, and then it was the same cycle all the time. But this is super important because essentially taking advantage of your rec center. Most colleges, the rec center is a part of your tuition. So you want to make sure that you actually utilizing your rec center and going to the gym and just like being active. So you guys avoid that pressure 15. So my knife tip for you guys is to balance your social life and school and academics and actually, particulars balancing it all is so important with anything that you do. You want to make sure like you have a balance. It's about your social life, your school, your homework, your extracurriculars. You want to make sure you're able to do it all in jungle and not focus too much on one thing. So if you're like taking all these hostages, yes, we're here for school, but same time. We're also here for the experience. You don't want to look back and be like dang like I wish I wasn't too focused on school and, like enjoying myself a little more. Or you also don't want to be focusing too much on going out partying because that's not good for you either. You're here for school with that. You want to make sure that you're giving still good and good good grades in putting school as number one and not being a priority because you're here for school. Totally fine to go out, but make sure that you're balancing everything, and I wanna make sure that you're enjoying yourself and having experience while getting good grades. Okay, So when I step for you, if you guys go, actually, but I have my keys. So everyone does this. Everyone puts like they're key to their dorm early on a hair tie. So I did that, and I just put it onto my key chain here, so I could easily just take it off when I go out. So when I go out, I just take this up with this on my wrist, and then I will take my cat. Carter, take your student. I d put it in my pocket. That way. I'm not carrying my keys everywhere, not only for going out at night, even if you're going to class or something. Yeah, And then after, when you like, come back. You can easily just put your key back onto your key chain. So just like a little tip for you. Okay, so my nights tip and it were Russian and you're going to college. And if you do choose to drink, can't stress this enough. Like to really, really try to avoid a binge drinking. Especially like the first few weeks of school. I remember the first few weeks of school there were ambulances, like in and out, like our campus and our dorm all the time. Because it's everyone's first time with freedom and like being away from home without their parents. So everyone binge drinks all the time. But this is so so like, really. Make sure you guys utilizes, have an advice because it's so unsafe. Walked in and not you're not gonna know the people you're going out with this one of the first few weeks of school because, you know, you just met them, so you don't know, really, he contrast yet you want to make sure that you're not binge drinking and you're still able to be aware of your surroundings and get to know the people you have with and that you can trust them and make sure you can get back safely. All that. So if you do choose to drink, make sure that you're being safe about it. And do not drink and drive. Use uber safe right or anything. Those are all my tips for you guys. I really gotta hope you guys enjoyed this video. And really using steps like these are just since I found were super helpful for me. And I thought I would share with you guys. So if you guys enjoy this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below. If you haven't already, and I see all my next everyone. So in Chase Video, I'm going to be talking to raise about what not to bring to college. In my last video, it was all about dorm essentials and what you should bring to college. But she's is going to be all about what not to bring and partnering up with Dorma Central's dot com to help you guys with any more college tips and advice that you may need. So I have that link down below. So let's go heading into video. Okay, so the first thing that you should not bring is a lot of decorative or throw pillows. I know what the main pace in your dorm is. Your bed's. A lot of people tend to a crazy buying a lot of decorative pillows. I definitely try my best, not bring a lot of pillows because I literally wanted, like, any cute one that I saw the most of the time. You're not going to have all those polls on your bed because a lot of people get lazy. So when you wake up in the morning for class, you're gonna be wanting to make your bed as quickly as possible. Having a couple pillows, we can throw in your bed. It's and be easy, especially since you're not gonna be sleeping on your bed with all your pillows. It just takes up a lot of space and room in your dorm anyway, so just having a couple pillows is perfect. Okay, so the next thing is a lot of clothes and shoes again, I imagine in a couple other videos, you do not want to bring a lot of shoes and clothes because what you don't have a lot of room into, it's very unlikely that you're going to wear all of them anyway, because you tend to end up wearing the same thing all the time. And you might think that you were going to need all your shoes will only bring the essentials that you know you're gonna wear all the time. And just try and think about what you were previous. If you have a Warner sharing like months, don't bring it because you're very unlikely to wear that once your school. I definitely made that mistake. I brought close. I thought I was going toe where I have that mindset that one day I'm gonna need this. I'm probably gonna end up meeting up. But no, that is so untrue. You're probably not gonna end up wearing anyway. Okay, so the next thing is a TV. I do have some people who definitely like having their TV in the dorm. But if you're thinking about buying a TV for your dorm, I wouldn't really recommend it because most of the time you're gonna be end up watching stuff on your laptop anyway. Like for me, I want you to all the time. So it was just on my laptop watching you Two more Netflix. But I do watch a lot of TV, but I would just go on the Web sites like shows like I go on abc dot com, Touch like the Bachelor or like bravo dot com, watching Real housewives and stuff like that. So I still don't need a TV because everything I watched was on my laptop. Or even I know my roommate had who loses that much? You watch our shows so you don't need a TV, and it takes up a lot of space. So if you're thinking about wanting to buy a TV, I don't think you need it. If you really have a TV and you want to take you, then go ahead. Because I do know a couple people who did like having their TV. But in my opinion, I don't think that it's very necessary. Okay, so the next thing is school supplies. So I know every summer before I went back to school, I always went to Target and bought like, a bunch of school supplies. But in college, you really don't need to do that because a lot of the things that you're gonna be doing are on your computer, so you don't need all of those supplies. The only things that I bought that I used my binder with dividers. If I was taking handwritten notes to cough, I will keep them in my binder and paper pens and pencils. So that was the only school pipe I used. I would suggest sensors because he will probably end up using scissors at some point. The next thing that I don't think you should bring to college is a printer, So me and my roommate brought a printer because it sounds so nice. Just have your own print on your door that was very convenient to have it in your room anytime you need to print anything out, but you're probably not end up having to put things that often name I remain. First semester didn't have, like, anything to print out. So we're like, OK, we need we need this printer. But second semester we did have to print out things since our original work in our dorm. We were just print it with the printing stations that they have a school, and that was really quick and easy. But we definitely didn't need a printer, and it also saves a lot of space to not have won. The next thing that you guys should bring to college are items at your school already provides, so like a trash can. So check your schools housing website. I'm actually check items school provides in your dorm so you don't buy a duplicate of it. The next thing is like a bulky or a lot of luggage. It is nice to have luggage when you move into your dorm. That's it's an easy way to pack. But don't keep all the luggage that you brought to school because it does take up a lot of room, so I would just suggest, like heaping like carry on or like, a duffel bag. Take the less room, but you do want to make sure you do. You have any sort of like luggage for when you go back home for like when they're breaking stuff. But you don't need to keep our luggage and going off without also, like a lot of like bags and purses. I brought, like all my persons, that I have a home to my dorm, and that was definitely me I didn't need to do because I never use them. I always use the same bag anyway, and I probably only use a purse like maybe once a week to So it wasn't using person often. So don't bring like your whole purse collection. Bring one or two persons that you use all the time. So we didn't take up space in your dorm. So the last thing that I think you should not bring to college is liquid laundry detergent, so I would definitely recommend bringing tide pods instead. Sorry, when you're taking laundry to the laundry room, you're not having to carry your bag and huge laundry detergent. It's really easy. Just have the tide pods you could put him in your pocket or easily Just put a couple like on top of your laundry. So you're not having to carry so much stuff. And those are all the things I think you should not bring to college. If you enjoy this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe them below. You haven't ready and I'll see you guys. this'll week. I'm filming a college week in my life. So many of you guys have been requesting to see more of these. And I already filmed a couple of these earlier this year. So all Lincoln up about here and down in the description box, you guys can go ahead and check those out. You haven't seen him already? Yeah, I thought I would just film my week of my life and this week would be perfect for it because it's our Mr Office a few weeks. So it's like our philanthropy week, and it's like, super fun and so much going on. So I thought it would be a really good Lee to show you guys, and right now it's about like, 12 o'clock. So I'm gonna go head up to get lunch in my story, the house, and then after, come back and I think, go to the gym for a little bit. I was gonna lay out by the pool, But last week I laid out for a couple days and already got super dark as a dancer. Usually something. I'll give that a break and go another time. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do, right? now. I just got back from lunch and it was really good. It was like tacos and I made a link talk a ble, So just trying to mimic chipotle it. And it was really good. But right now, before the gym, I wanted to say that today's Monday and I actually have no classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which is super nice. Like I'm very lucky. So on Wednesdays, I like try and catch up on a lot of things in study action to test coming up this week one tomorrow than one on Wednesday. So I'm gonna try and study a lot for my one tomorrow. Today, once I get back, and then I have chapter leader denying. And then we're doing our room selections because I'm living in my storage house next year. So tonight we're like, actually choosing which room we want and stuff. So I'm gonna be there probably for like, a couple hours tonight, So soon as I get back, I'm really gonna try and grind and study for my test tomorrow. Just take a break from studying and I'm now gonna head over Thio r tractor, which is like a weekly meeting with their story. We have dinner before and everything. And then all of the like, Mr. Off Fee contestants are going to be like introducing themselves to us and stuff. And yeah, I think it would take way too long for me to explain that to tell of it. But pretty much each, like fraternity has like a guy representing them. And throughout the week, they're gonna, like, do different competitions and stuff until, like the final day, which is gonna be a talent show and the one with the most points and help raising us money for our philanthropy will be the winner. And we are Mr Coffee. So yeah, that's like a little summary of it. But I'm gonna go leave right now and then after we're doing your room selections, which will be a really, really exciting and hoping we get a good room now Tuesday. And lastly, after top turban did our reflections, and me and my roommate were one of the first to choose. So we got really lucky with that and ended up choosing a room that has its own private bathroom. And I used to be the old president suite. So that's why it has its own bathroom. So we were super super lucky. The one thing we're sacrificing is like closets face in storage and floor space. So we kind of are like trying to see, like, have your own bathroom is probably wait better than spaces. We don't wear most of the clothes we bring anyways, So, yes, we're really excited. And I'm living right across from my little so it's gonna be really fun. And I'm really happy, but yeah, So today I actually have three causes, have my oceanography costs is religion class and then my education class. So I have to go to that right now and then I have a test in my religion class really nervous about it. And hopefully I can manage to do Okay, so yeah, and then here is what I'm waiting for today. So you got these shirts for our Mr often feel like they're just like tanks and they see Mr Rafi and the same design is, like, bigger and on the back. And I'm just wearing some Lulu's and some really, really trashed Nikes. So, yeah, that's my outfit for today, right? So I just got back home and the test I took earlier today, my friend actually thought we did pretty good. I think I did a lot better on it than I did last time. So hopefully I get a good grade on a I feel pretty good about it. And then I just got back from a review session. And normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I don't get back home until, like around 6 p.m. And I'm there, like all day classes back to back. Since I had the review session, I don't get out till, like, eight. So it's about like 8 10 right now. And yes, I'm gonna get ready for bed, watch some YouTube video, and then tomorrow I don't have class again, So I'll probably tan again because it hasn't been like this Nice like since September. Like when we came back from spring break. It was a nice again and hasn't been sunny and warm since literally September. I'm really excited and gonna just lay out study for my test that I have to take tomorrow night. And then we have another like Mr Apathy about another thing I wanted to say was, I've been getting like, a lot of DMC from you guys asking for college advice and fresher advice for a lot of guys coming this fall. So you haven't seen my video get up here. But last year I did a college freshman tips and advice, but for additional advice that has so much more than what I talked about. You guys should definitely check up dorm essentials dot com because it has over 100 articles related to tips and tricks and top 10 for dorm life and college living. So a lot of resources for you guys all income down below so you guys can check him out. All right, so it's now the next day, and I was able to sleep, and since I'd have cost today So I just got up and got ready, And I'm about to head over to my story house to have lunch. And it's actually my favorite day today, you know, like like the box being burgers over my favorites. So I'm gonna get dressed and then head out and come back and I think by the pool, and I'm just gonna wear this today. Very casual. E just came back from laying out, and right now I'm gonna go get my eyebrows done because I'm way overdue. So after that, I'm gonna come back and study for my test tonight and then after go to dinner and then have the one of the Mr 80 events. It's like a wing eating contest and that after review session and then take So yeah, pretty busy day today. Okay, so today is now Thursday and yesterday after the wing eating contest, I took my test and I think I did better than last time. So I'm hoping that I did so since I took my test last night. I don't have to go to class today because they're taking the test. So I was able to sleep in, and it's now like noon, and I'm got ready and I'm gonna go have lunch again. It might already have, and then I only have one other costs today. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that. E just got back from lunch, and I have about 30 minutes and talk to go back to my next class, which is education, class and challenge. I was so excited because he had pokey bulls today and it's like one of my favorite things and I was so excited, answered myself. And then I saw one of the contestants actually brought us in and out like I showed you guys. Danny, Of course, I wanted to have more than that. So I felt guilty about my feet. So I ate my burger and they just had, like, a little bit of people thinking, I wish I saw that they brought in and out like That's like a huge burgomaster ap like the guys. They're just super C and like, bring us stuff because they want, which is really cool. So, yeah, like earlier this week, the Bosch, But injuries, actually, one of the other good doesn't spot like cane. So, like they're really, really nice, just really excited for this week. Event tonight is the talent show, which is, like, big major thing for the week. So that will be really fun. So soon as I'm done with class, we'll have dinner, then come back and get ready because it starts at seven. But we want to get their way. Okay, so I just got ready right now. We're about to leave to go to the missed a fee talent show. The lighting is terrible. That's where the shadows alone. I'm just making our king top. These jeans are pack sun and then my check advance and then this belt, that is from wait. We're gonna go out tight and I'll show you what I'm wearing. I'm wearing this shirt I got from a nasty girl and then just a Boxster and booties. Really? We haven't gone out like a long time on a Thursday, so I'm really excited and I'll get a few clips for you guys. You guys a little bit. So it's now Friday morning, and normally on these days, I just take the time to catch up on watching YouTube videos and other shows. I haven't watched out the week and also doing a lot of my online homework because I'm taking to online classes it semester. So I try and get ahead on a lot of that these days because I don't and then, right, I'm gonna go have some breakfast and then do that for today because normally these days, a pretty slow for me, which I I really enjoy. I like just staying in and out doing anything right now, like six. Go ahead and go get dinner I'm going to get that every week. That's like my favorite, and I go to and a couple of my roommates are gonna go out tonight. But we want to go tomorrow, too. And I literally couldn't physically not go out three times in a row now, Saturday morning and we were gonna go out today, but we actually decided not to, because a lot of the front all wrong weekenders. So they're, like, out of town, and we just didn't think it was worth it to go out. So today, I'm just gonna use my free time to really get ahead on homework and deep cleaning my bathroom and doing laundry and just getting a head for the week. So that's what I do today. And since it is how much I'm gonna do and tomorrow there isn't gonna be much that I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna end the log here, So I hope you guys enjoyed it. And if you did, we should give this video with thumbs up and subscribed envelope you haven't ready and I'll see all my next video by everyone in today's video is going to be all about sorority recruitment tips and advice. And I'm so excited for this video because this is something that I absolutely love and love talking about, so I cannot wait to pass on over some tips for all of you guys rushing this ball. Let's go. Heading into the video would be so much about the process and how it works. If you want to know a little bit more about that, I have a link up here and down below. That way I can check out my sorority experience video, and it was a video that I feel last year when I was actually going through the process and they blocked my whole experience and shared a little bit more about how the process went. Another thing also wanted to get a little bit of back story of where I stood before going into equipment. So before rushing always knew that I wanted to be in a sorority, so I didn't know quite a few things about recruitment, how it worked, and the sororities at my school and going into the first tip is going to be to be open minded So even though I didn't know love authorities, a huge, huge thing for me was to still be open minded. I genuinely wanted to find a house where I felt the most at home at the most comfortable and felt that true sisterhood up. And that leaves into another thing of when going through recruitment, I have an idea of what you're looking for in a sorority. So for me, a big thing like I said was if I felt comfortable there, if I truly felt at home at and I felt that sisterhood, those were all big deals for me. So I really wanted to make sure I was open minded and found that and not just have a priest idea this house, I'm gonna be in nothing like I did not want to have that mindset, and you definitely should not have a mind set that I'm willing to be this house or not at all, because nine times out of 10 that doesn't work out, and you're having a really recruitment if you have that mindset, so just be very open and truly get to know the girls in each sorority and things that you want to make sure you bring Thio. Recruitment is like water and men and theater and perfume and stuff on coffee filters for blotting your slip off and stuff before you go into the houses. But if you are going to you, they you don't need to bring men's and spray and theater. And unless you want your own, of course, because you're our cities will recharge your acumen, counselors and the ones guiding you through the process. They have that all down. I didn't know that they provided that had, like, my own meant and spray and deodorant. But you don't need to bring that so we have less things to carry. We were in line before we went to the house, and all of our seas were like Who needs a man who needs a couple there? You need some perfume like they got you covered. So if you want your honor, of course, bring it. But you don't have to bring it, but definitely bring water because it's gonna be super hot and you don't want to pass out, and you wanna make sure you're staying hydrated. Another thing you're going to need is like a note. Have you come right down. Things about the houses again, you obey. They do provide us a swell like a booklet with each of the sororities. Actually have a book that you gave us. So they will give you this little booklet and you could write down things that you talked about and things that stood out to you the most. And I wasn't. I was doing what I did was ranked. The house is on a scale of 1 to 10. How I felt in the houses That just makes it really easily. So when you're doing your selections, you know usually what you want to rank them because it's gonna be very overwhelming when you see all of 13 houses and you're like, I don't remember we talked about I don't remember anything about this house that will happy a lot with how you wanna write them. So before going through acumen, I was really, really, really nervous. And like you guys, probably all will be, too. But once you're like out there about to go into your first house, those nerves just like go away and you're like, Okay, like I'm actually super excited for this. That's what I was, and something that you need to be prepared for is the door songs. So that's like when all the sororities are like doing the chance. All the houses will open up their doors at the exact same time on grow, and they will all be doing their chance and their doors songs. And if you aren't prepared for this, anything that it's super weird and your public with the heck, I do not want to do this. But if you are prepared for that, it's gonna be like super cool. I knew that that was gonna be thinking it was happening. I was just like, Oh my gosh, can we ever actually about to go into this and start a human like I was really excited for that? I think that's like the main thing is like being positive throughout the whole process, because that will make the whole week so, so, so much better being positive, drop the whole thing. So something you'll probably hear a lot is that the other girls on the other side are way more nervous than you. And when I was going through it, I was like, There's no way like they're how could. These girls were more nervous and already in their houses like, No, we're so much more nervous, but because I knew that actually helped me. So before going into my first house to go, who I was talking to was a sophomore and I could tell she was very nervous. And I was like, Okay, like the right, like they are way no bursts. And then I started, like, asking her questions, and that's a huge thing. It's not like an interview. Like where they're asking you questions. You just respond with an answer you want actually elaborate on your answer and have a normal conversation and ask them questions because as much as they're trying to get to know you, you're trying to get to know them. And fine, what house is gonna be best for you? So don't just treat as them just asking you questions. It's not their job to carry on the whole conversation. You should be actively asking questions and engaging the conversation as well. And the next thing that will really prepare you a lot for crewman is having some conversations and talking points in mind. This saved me a lot when I felt the conversation was dying down or we needed to change subjects. Block the questions I asked them was, what was your favorite memory in the house? What made them choose her sorority? And did they always know that they wanted to rush? So their answers will really help you be like, Oh, that's why they wanted to install Ready? That's what I'm looking for. So things like back. So I actually got this tip that actually hot meal law from Jesse Kelly. If you haven't seen her video, she goes to your bandages and a sorority at my school as well, and her video actually taught me long, going through recruitment and what's very true that, she said, was that a lot of the houses are constantly hearing and they ask you how you're doing. A lot of the girls are gonna complain about how hot it is outside and how long and tired they're hearing that all day. So if you change it up and I are like, you know, like I'm really excited because actually super fun, like I love getting to meet all of you that alone it's like already standing out the rest of the people that they talked to have been complaining. But of course, if you're not feeling this way, don't lie just like go into it positive. So that's already like your mindset for the whole week is that you're excited genuinely be there. So the next thing is a huge one because I had heard that this was a thing, but I didn't realize it until I was actually going through it. So the biggest thing is to not listen to rumors. So before going into a crew, I had talked to people about like what houses like I was interested in. And I heard so many bad rumors about all these houses. And I'm like, What house does this this house exists? So I heard that before going into recruitment and then when I was actually in line before meeting the houses. So many girls talk and they're all saying stuff about how sick stuff about this house and you don't involve itself in that all. I do not be talking badly about other houses and do not be spreading rumors houses because just seriously never know what a house is like until you're actually in it. I'm so glad that I didn't listen to any members because they did affect me at a point. And I had, like, a really good day in the house. Now we're all talking about the house, like people would, like, bash it. And I'm like, I'm like like, I really like that house. Like it was super weird, but honestly sucked when people would talk about about a house, especially if you liked it. Because then that makes you think that. Okay, there, thinking this is about a house. Why would I want to be a part of a house like that? You see, almost all the things that I had heard about these houses were all false, like none of them were true. That's why I'm so glad that I didn't let the rumors affect my recruitment process because you're gonna hear stuff, probably about all the houses. This process is about you and everyone's different and you're finding the house that's best for you. So just remember that another thing is that if you already know that you're going into a house that you really decided that you don't like. First of all, you shouldn't have that mindset And second of all. No matter what, you need to give your full respect every person you talk to in the house because it will work so hard to put on recruitment. Everyone so excited to meet you guys. So you're just there and they can see that you don't want to be there like that sucks. And you need to make sure that you're actively engaging conversation with them and seem like you're excited to be there. So make sure you're respecting everyone in the house and you also want to stay away from talking about boys and booze. You'll hear this a lot. You are sealed. Probably tell you this also, you don't have conversations talking about parting or bringing up boys because I did it for the sorority. So they don't care. You know these boys in this fraternity or how much you like to party like they don't care about that they're there to get to know you. So definitely avoid talking about boys and partying and all that and a piece of advice for you guys is to become friends with the people in your R C group. So everyone in your RC group is like new, mostly a lesser rushing us sophomores and juniors before the most for everyone's new and trying to make new friends. And this is all a journey that you guys are all going on together. And so really try and get to know the girls in your R C group. Anytime I see the girls that were in my R C group, like walking around at class or out of party, we always stop and say Hi, we follow each other on everything to So it's super nice because it's actually the first people that you've ever got close with. And a lot of people I know are still friends with people that they met in their rst group. Really, make sure that you're trying to get to know the people, and along with yours, you really, really utilize your RC. If you literally mean anything doing recruitment like you're Arsene is there for you throughout work you might like. I had so many questions about making my decisions and stuff, and my IRC helped me so much, so make sure you use your I C because they're there to help you. They've already gone through the process. They've been in your shoes and they've been on the other side and other day to help you. So make sure you use your I see as the week goes on and you're struggling to make your decisions, just know that you'll feel something when you're in the house that you're meant to be in and like, trust your gut because that never fails and you'll definitely know where you're meant to be. This is something else a lot of people talked about. It's like you'll know you'll get that feeling. So when I got in the house and I'm in, that was like a superstar, Oh, moment. Like I was like, Oh, my gosh, look, I'm getting that feeling that this is where I'm meant to be Like I was getting all those emotions and I was so emotional to look and I'm going to cry It was all happening, so I was, like, so emotional. Just trust your gut because you'll know house you're meant to be in like I ride in a lot of so that you're gonna cry and a lot of people cry. So be prepared for it. Tears like good or bad, like you're definitely gonna cry into recruitment and something else on my arse he helped me with when I was trying because I was struggling between two houses twisting week like I was like they were neck and neck, and I did not know which one to choose. But the one thing that my RC told me was when you're in line at the house before going to prep or whatever, look around and see these girls and see if you could see yourself being friends with these girls. And that was a huge, huge thing. So when I was actually in drink Pop, I was trying to think, Okay, could I see myself with these girls? And when I was impressed with the house and I'm an we were all talking and it was so fun, like, okay, actually see myself being friends of these bills. But when I was in line at the other house, I wasn't really like bonding with the other girls, So that was like an indicated right waiting to choose my house. And so that's like a huge thing. So you're also like struggling with which house to choose. And if you guys were like on the fence about rushing I definitely recommend you guys do it just because you never know how it's going to be. And don't feel like you have to know a lot off before going in like I did because most of my friends knew nothing and going to sorority recruitment, it could still worked out for them. So you don't need to know a lot about recruitment, a lot of ways that it's better because you're more open minded and you don't have any ideas about the houses. Yeah, I definitely recommend you guys going to recruitment. And I'm so excited for all of you guys to be rushing this fall. It's tiring along with so on and so worth it. So good luck to all of you. I can't wait. If you guys want to see a video about what to wear for recruitment, just let me know. I'll definitely try and get around to doing that. Yeah, I hope you guys through this video. If you did, we should get video thumbs up and Hey guys. So something else that I really want to talk about is how I deal with going to school and doing with my workload as well as actually having a job. In addition to going and being a fulltime students. So first and foremost I would love if my only responsibility and my full focus was on ly on school and I could put my whole heart my whole head and my whole thought into my academics. But for some of us, that's not always possible. And I totally feel for you if you have to have a job while you're going to school. But it's not impossible and that's what I want to talk about. Today. I am in the National Society of Religious Scholars, which basically means that I am in the top twenty percent of my class. I won't lie about. That is just a lot of focus. It's a lot of determination. It's having a lot of great. It's saying like I do want to succeed in school. So I'm going Teo and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to succeed in school. So here's some of the tips that is really helped me in my success here at the University of Arizona while I have a job on the side. First and foremost, I really recommend utilizing the tools that you obey has to offer for you in a sense of utilizing these study rooms, which is what I'm in right now and coming in here. And if you really cannot concentrate wherever you are, OK, get up and leave and go find a place where you can sit down in concentrate. You have a has a ton of places a Tana, Tana Tana places I cannot stress enough for you to come and for you to study and, like get down to business and knock your school work out of the way. They have a lot of other tools, such as think tank. Basically, what think tank is is tutors for free for students on the campus. They have tutors for pretty much anything that you can think of. Math, chemistry riding if I mean seriously tutors for pretty much anything possible. And it is free. That is the key word here. Free tutoring at the thing they have so so much so many tools for you to use for them. Tio help you. They want you to sixty get here of you Obey. And so in order for you to do that, you have to really take the responsibility and take it upon yourself and take the initiative. They're handing you the tools, but they're not going to do the work for you. You have to do the work. Second thing is definitely learned. How to time manage is I take out these sticky notes and I pull out my agenda and I look at everything that I'm gonna have do that week, or maybe do in the next two weeks like a big project, especially you want to focus on because you don't want to be waiting for those last seconds to work on that huge project that you probably should have been working on for about a month. You won't get a day if you want today. Don't do it. I take it out, uh, right down in my sticky note Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. If I'm doing work out Sunday, Sunday, and on every single day I planned out today, I'm going to accomplish this lecture assignment. I'm going to read these chapters for this book for this class, I think you get the point. But basically, for every class you are scheduling the day that you are going to accomplish those assignments, this brings me to my third. Something that's really helped me to succeed is I am a very anxiety prone person, and I stress about stressing, if you are this kind of person or maybe you get really overwhelmed when you have a lot to do and a lot to think about, I totally get it. I totally understand this is something that helps me with these agendas and having good time management and writing down your assignments and what day you're going to accomplish them every single day. You're not going to think, Oh, crap, I have that huge paper due next week. I've got in the exam next week. I've got all of these things because, let me tell you, you're gonna have so many, so many assignments. And honestly, it's going to seem never ending. If you wrote down a list of the assignments of everything you have do all semester long, your mind would be blown. You would be dying. There is so much that you have to dio, but instead of thinking it as this huge, huge picture, you need to think of it as today is Wednesday. Today I'm accomplishing whatever is on my Wednesday list. I am not going to think about what is due tomorrow. I'm not going to think about what's due next week. I'm only going to think about what I'm going to accomplish today. Today I'm accomplishing writing half of my five page paper tomorrow. I will think about tomorrow. Do not think about tomorrow today, because today you need to accomplish what today. That's really, really helped me keep my stress it down to a minimal. And by doing all of these things, it's really helped me be able to manage going to school and going to work because it is really difficult. I mean, you don't always have time to do your homework and it's not the most ideal situation. But by doing this in accomplishing the things that I say that I'm going to publish at the time that I'm going to accomplish them, it keeps meat on track and it keeps my grades high. You are here to succeed. You are here to get an education. There's a reason that you came to the U. Of A. There's a reason you're going to get an education. Do this for you. I know that it's not always fun, but I promise that there will be another party next week. And if you need to study for an exam that's in two days and study for that exam police study for that exam, there will be another party. There will be another event. There'll be another time, another place. But there's only one time that you can take these exams. There's only one time that you could do these assignments. These professors here, they don't care if your assignments are late. If it's like you can't turn it in and some professors will let you. But it's gonna be for half of the credit or twenty percent of the credit, less than if you were to turn it in blind time instead of going to that party or instead of going out downtown or going to University Boulevard. Um, that really has helped me in my success. And like I said, I have succeeded and done really well for my first year at the University of Arizona. Honestly, I was kind of stress coming in here. But by doing all of these things, I have dined tremendously, tremendously better than I thought I was going to DIO and I've had minimal breakdowns, which is that's the important thing here. Mental breakdowns. You're gonna have some, and it's okay to cry. But yeah, So I really hope that you guys take these tips and just really dive into these things and really take advantage of all the tools that you have a has to offer because they do want you to succeed. But like I said before, they're going to hand you the tools, but they're not going to build a building for you. That's your job. Oh, right now we are inside of Cough lor. I am in the lecture room and I just showed you the panoramic view of what it looks like in here for a lecture. If you think of it, it's kind of like a small version of a movie theater. It's leveled up, and there's all kinds of rose and seats that go around the big screen so that the lecture can go up there and dio whatever they're doing and teaching that day s O. This is actually a lot smaller than what the other lecture halls look like. I think that's probably why I like it more there. The lecture halls, they're a lot larger. They remind me of an actual movie theater or any kind of theater that you've been Teo, whether it be a live performance or the you know cinemas. So I definitely like that. It's more. It's a little more. One on, one more personable. There's probably about, oh, maybe fifty to seventy five seats in here. Um, I think that's like I said. That's probably why I like it more. It's more, it's more smaller. And like I said, you come in here and you d'oh either your chemistry lecture or you come in here and do one of your biology lectures and then up stairs, we have all kinds of labs, and you'll be going up there for discussions. You'll be going up there to do the lab portion of your classes, so usually for science classes, you'll have a lecture which you'll come in here for. You'll have a lab portion, and then you'll have a discussion portion. And basically, the differences between all of those is for lecture. You come in, you're Professor goes over what you're reading was that week, maybe clarify some information, some more. That's probably why I like lecture. The best is because whatever you didn't understand for the reading, they're probably going to cover in lecture. And you'll have hopefully a better understanding about what you're learning about. Lab. You're going to go upstairs, you go up there and do the lab portion of whatever it is. I actually don't have lab this semester, but it's really cool, and you feel like an actual scientist. And discussion is usually held once a week or once every other week. You go in and that's where you have them or of thie one on one time. There's usually about fifteen twenty students, too, won t A, which is the teacher assistant, and they come in. They will either have a separate teaching that goes along with whatever you learn that week, or you'll be able to come in and ask questions or you'll be able. Teo, just get clarification on some of the things that you've learned about this week or read about or whatever it is, or they'll do a teaching based off of whatever you learn. It's kind of just additional information. So yeah, welcome to call Flor.