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So there is so much by campus right now, so don't know how much of the mall you're going to be able to see on this tour because we have a huge book festival going on. So the entire mall, which is my long strip of grass that runs down the heart of campus, is covered in a bunch of white times. So let's see if we can manage without it. So, like I said, the campus is filled with a bunch of white tents. But this is also a perk of being a college student. You'll never be bored because there's always something going on on campus. Right now, we have a huge twos on Book Festival, So if you're a book fan, tick. This is the spot to hit this weekend at the U of a campus. But there's always concerts and Ted talks and just anything and everything, possibly going on on campus. So you'll never be bored If you're living here on the dorm, and if you're not, you can still check it out. When you come to campus class or whatever it is that you're coming here for. Hey, guys, we're going to talk a little bit about living on in off campus at the University of Arizona. I was fortunate enough. Tio have family that lives in Tucson, so I didn't have to pay for a dorm, and I didn't have to pay for off campus living. But those are two choices for living on campus. There are tons of times of dorm rooms. Um, basically, how it works at the University of Arizona is that from freshman to senior year, they don't differ if they don't change as you go up into the upper classmen, it just depends on how much you pay for the dorm s O for the cheaper dorms. They're a little bit smaller, and there are a little bit of the older dorm room buildings, whereas theme or expensive you get, the bigger they are and probably the last people you're going to have in your room. The only other thing is that if if you are in the honors college, you do have the ability to go to honors row our honors. I can't exactly remember what it's called, but basically they get their own special housing, and they are nicer the doors. They were just built. They just added somewhere to them. I think last year so And they're really nice. So? So if you're part of the honors college, so that's basically an option for you. Uh, we're going to go head out to Ali Storm because she does live on campus. I don't and we're going to check out with the door look like at the U of A, so let's Today is going to tell us a little bit about the meal plans and just how they work here at the U of a campus. So for my mill plant, I have this silver meal plan, and with that I got in the beginning of the year, I got about fifteen hundred dollars. And with that, if I want to get something to eat at the Union or maybe bear down kitchen, I just go there and I swiped my card and then I get like, a six percent discount, like what's really helps. So that's really cool. Okay, guys, I'm here with Karina and Korean is a student here at the U of A. She does have a meal plan, and so she's going to just tell us a little bit about how things work here. You obey with milk. So I heard a silver plan. So I have money put into my account, and I used that money to buy food here on campus, and it gives me off like a small little discount. Everything I buy and I can eat here at the cactus fruit chick, flames and the den on other kind of other places here in camp is awesome. So where's your favorite place, Tio? Here on campus, probably hear the cactus will just This is, like so many options on all different kinds of breakfast and lunch. Wait. Hey, guys, my knee was Aaron. I'm a pre nursing student here at the University of Arizona, located right here in Tucson, Arizona. And I am so excited to be your campus real tour guide. I'm gonna take you guys to a few different places, including the student union in the library and the campus wreck. And there's all kinds stuff to see here. Right now, we have kind of a big event going on on the main strip of the mall, so unfortunately, I can't show you all of it. I mean, I can, but you won't be able to see it. Um, it's covered in white tents right now, so that's unfortunate. But there's all kinds of fun stuff always going on here at the U. Of A. That's definitely a perk of being a college student. There's always something to Dio. And anyway, I'm going to show you some of the places that I love to study some of the places I love hanging out with friends. And I'm going to show you some of those friends and you're gonna meet up with them, and it's gonna be a great time. I'm going to show you what It's like being and living in the daily life of university student and being a wild cat. It's gonna be great. I'm so excited to show you guys so bear down Camp Israel, Let's get started. There is a ton of people right here on campus right now, because first of all, it's the end of the semester. Just kidding. No, Todd, it is mid term weeks. Everybody here is on campus, even the people who never show up to class. And right now, where I am taking new is basically what a common building looks like here. Uh, University of Arizona. And I'm gonna give you a quick tour of that. It is the College of Humanities and modern languages. Let's go inside and check it out. Okay, guys. Like I said, we're checking out the College of Humanity's as well as the modern languages building. This building is combined, and this is kind of what a typical academic building looks like here at the U A. Downstairs, we have a ton of tunnel lecture halls, which is what you're looking at right now is the hallway to the lecture halls. And upstairs we have a bunch of flax rooms where you'll command for maybe a mini lecture if it's not held in a lecture hall as well as discussions are held up here in these classrooms, we also have a lot of professor officers down these hallways. You've been coming up here and talk to your professor. This is a lecture hall as well as a computer lab. The lecture halls usually hold about two hundred to three hundred students, so it's pretty large. And like I said, not all of your classes are going to be two to three hundred students, but especially for your general education. It's definitely going to be pretty big, but that's why we have something called a discussion portion where your students that are in your class are going to speak, split up into smaller sections and you'll pick a day to come in for a discussion in class and go over. Case what you've been learning in lecture and reading upstairs. We also have the departments for modern languages. I have taking quite a few classes with the French and Italian department. Some collection you've got, um, but yeah, basically, this is what a common building looks like here at the U. N. I'm Ali, my living heirs, with minorities in team, and here's my room. So some dorm essentials that I really recommend that everyone has is this desk caddy. So I know what only looks like it's holding pictures, but I actually hold other things. I'm here too. Like if I had, like, a reminder, all I tape it on here, here. So this is really helpful for me. And another thing I really recommend is if your bed's a really tall, I would recommend getting a little stool. I store blankets in here as well, so it's like a little storage spot, but I'm not that tall. I'm only like five five. So it's really hard for me to, like, jump on the bed. But this stool thing really helps, too. Uh, what else? I also recommend getting like a shoe hati. As you can see, I have a lot of shoes and a very in the shoes that I have. So it's just nice to have them all in one spot that it could just easily grab and go. I'm ready later. I'm not ready when I'm trying to plan something. It's nice to have it all out so I can see them. No, I don't know. And I'm in a sorority if you can't tell. So a lot of these decorations were made, but my sisters and my sorority so a lot of these I didn't really plan to bring. She made for me. But honestly, just your decorations seemed to be a reflection of yourself. And when you feel like represents you best. My favorite colors are blue and purple can't tell. So I have a lot of boom purple on my wall. I also have some of my friends from high school and photos appear so some of them don't go to school here. A lot of them live across the world, some of them so I like to have them appear. So what if we always look up and see them? Classic near, uh, this is an all girls floor, and I never made seventeen. Best room. There's a bathroom all the way down to right. Our president's assistant, R A. She lives down there. Stickers. She's kind of like that older person on the Florida like Make sure we're all behaving. We have a set of rules. You have to follow it on that. Strict. But someone was walking us. Hey guys. So something else that I really want to talk about is how I deal with going to school and doing with my workload as well as actually having a job. In addition to going and being a fulltime students. So first and foremost I would love if my only responsibility and my full focus was on ly on school and I could put my whole heart my whole head and my whole thought into my academics. But for some of us, that's not always possible. And I totally feel for you if you have to have a job while you're going to school. But it's not impossible and that's what I want to talk about. Today. I am in the National Society of Religious Scholars, which basically means that I am in the top twenty percent of my class. I won't lie about. That is just a lot of focus. It's a lot of determination. It's having a lot of great. It's saying like I do want to succeed in school. So I'm going Teo and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to succeed in school. So here's some of the tips that is really helped me in my success here at the University of Arizona while I have a job on the side. First and foremost, I really recommend utilizing the tools that you obey has to offer for you in a sense of utilizing these study rooms, which is what I'm in right now and coming in here. And if you really cannot concentrate wherever you are, OK, get up and leave and go find a place where you can sit down in concentrate. You have a has a ton of places a Tana, Tana Tana places I cannot stress enough for you to come and for you to study and, like get down to business and knock your school work out of the way. They have a lot of other tools, such as think tank. Basically, what think tank is is tutors for free for students on the campus. They have tutors for pretty much anything that you can think of. Math, chemistry riding if I mean seriously tutors for pretty much anything possible. And it is free. That is the key word here. Free tutoring at the thing they have so so much so many tools for you to use for them. Tio help you. They want you to sixty get here of you Obey. And so in order for you to do that, you have to really take the responsibility and take it upon yourself and take the initiative. They're handing you the tools, but they're not going to do the work for you. You have to do the work. Second thing is definitely learned. How to time manage is I take out these sticky notes and I pull out my agenda and I look at everything that I'm gonna have do that week, or maybe do in the next two weeks like a big project, especially you want to focus on because you don't want to be waiting for those last seconds to work on that huge project that you probably should have been working on for about a month. You won't get a day if you want today. Don't do it. I take it out, uh, right down in my sticky note Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. If I'm doing work out Sunday, Sunday, and on every single day I planned out today, I'm going to accomplish this lecture assignment. I'm going to read these chapters for this book for this class, I think you get the point. But basically, for every class you are scheduling the day that you are going to accomplish those assignments, this brings me to my third. Something that's really helped me to succeed is I am a very anxiety prone person, and I stress about stressing, if you are this kind of person or maybe you get really overwhelmed when you have a lot to do and a lot to think about, I totally get it. I totally understand this is something that helps me with these agendas and having good time management and writing down your assignments and what day you're going to accomplish them every single day. You're not going to think, Oh, crap, I have that huge paper due next week. I've got in the exam next week. I've got all of these things because, let me tell you, you're gonna have so many, so many assignments. And honestly, it's going to seem never ending. If you wrote down a list of the assignments of everything you have do all semester long, your mind would be blown. You would be dying. There is so much that you have to dio, but instead of thinking it as this huge, huge picture, you need to think of it as today is Wednesday. Today I'm accomplishing whatever is on my Wednesday list. I am not going to think about what is due tomorrow. I'm not going to think about what's due next week. I'm only going to think about what I'm going to accomplish today. Today I'm accomplishing writing half of my five page paper tomorrow. I will think about tomorrow. Do not think about tomorrow today, because today you need to accomplish what today. That's really, really helped me keep my stress it down to a minimal. And by doing all of these things, it's really helped me be able to manage going to school and going to work because it is really difficult. I mean, you don't always have time to do your homework and it's not the most ideal situation. But by doing this in accomplishing the things that I say that I'm going to publish at the time that I'm going to accomplish them, it keeps meat on track and it keeps my grades high. You are here to succeed. You are here to get an education. There's a reason that you came to the U. Of A. There's a reason you're going to get an education. Do this for you. I know that it's not always fun, but I promise that there will be another party next week. And if you need to study for an exam that's in two days and study for that exam police study for that exam, there will be another party. There will be another event. There'll be another time, another place. But there's only one time that you can take these exams. There's only one time that you could do these assignments. These professors here, they don't care if your assignments are late. If it's like you can't turn it in and some professors will let you. But it's gonna be for half of the credit or twenty percent of the credit, less than if you were to turn it in blind time instead of going to that party or instead of going out downtown or going to University Boulevard. Um, that really has helped me in my success. And like I said, I have succeeded and done really well for my first year at the University of Arizona. Honestly, I was kind of stress coming in here. But by doing all of these things, I have dined tremendously, tremendously better than I thought I was going to DIO and I've had minimal breakdowns, which is that's the important thing here. Mental breakdowns. You're gonna have some, and it's okay to cry. But yeah, So I really hope that you guys take these tips and just really dive into these things and really take advantage of all the tools that you have a has to offer because they do want you to succeed. But like I said before, they're going to hand you the tools, but they're not going to build a building for you. That's your job. Oh, right now we are inside of Cough lor. I am in the lecture room and I just showed you the panoramic view of what it looks like in here for a lecture. If you think of it, it's kind of like a small version of a movie theater. It's leveled up, and there's all kinds of rose and seats that go around the big screen so that the lecture can go up there and dio whatever they're doing and teaching that day s O. This is actually a lot smaller than what the other lecture halls look like. I think that's probably why I like it more there. The lecture halls, they're a lot larger. They remind me of an actual movie theater or any kind of theater that you've been Teo, whether it be a live performance or the you know cinemas. So I definitely like that. It's more. It's a little more. One on, one more personable. There's probably about, oh, maybe fifty to seventy five seats in here. Um, I think that's like I said. That's probably why I like it more. It's more, it's more smaller. And like I said, you come in here and you d'oh either your chemistry lecture or you come in here and do one of your biology lectures and then up stairs, we have all kinds of labs, and you'll be going up there for discussions. You'll be going up there to do the lab portion of your classes, so usually for science classes, you'll have a lecture which you'll come in here for. You'll have a lab portion, and then you'll have a discussion portion. And basically, the differences between all of those is for lecture. You come in, you're Professor goes over what you're reading was that week, maybe clarify some information, some more. That's probably why I like lecture. The best is because whatever you didn't understand for the reading, they're probably going to cover in lecture. And you'll have hopefully a better understanding about what you're learning about. Lab. You're going to go upstairs, you go up there and do the lab portion of whatever it is. I actually don't have lab this semester, but it's really cool, and you feel like an actual scientist. And discussion is usually held once a week or once every other week. You go in and that's where you have them or of thie one on one time. There's usually about fifteen twenty students, too, won t A, which is the teacher assistant, and they come in. They will either have a separate teaching that goes along with whatever you learn that week, or you'll be able to come in and ask questions or you'll be able. Teo, just get clarification on some of the things that you've learned about this week or read about or whatever it is, or they'll do a teaching based off of whatever you learn. It's kind of just additional information. So yeah, welcome to call Flor. Wow three Pull. All right, Campus rial. I want to show you a little bit more weight campus because it truly is beautiful. And I want you to know what it's gonna look like when you're a student here and moving and an official wild cut and what it looks like through the eyes of somebody who walks the campus every single thing. Basically, you're surrounded by so much beauty. You're gonna be walking to class with you here. You're gonna come in reflection falls, and you're gonna sit down and you're gonna Where are you going? Discussion. Please. There's so, so much here to do it. So I'm here to see Honestly, it's average. The campus is surrounded by all kinds of beautiful architecture, er and beautiful buildings, new and old, and so much greenery and so much like desert landscaping. And honestly, it's more beautiful than any cameras there never seen. It's not just because I'm a wild cat. I have pride because, of course, that ideals but truly it really is an amazing experience. And honestly, if I was you, I wouldn't want to miss out on it. Like our said our campuses. Tons of new buildings. But it's also hold buildings, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. It just means that marking of kind of kind of history, and they really are beautiful. Uh, look around campus. It's so much greenery, like said, so when he doesn't landscape honestly, it's so beautiful in your round eyes for a huge just really smoking because I've never seen something like this. It really does look like a scene from, and people are out here riding their bikes. And when it's a really nice spring, day out or fall day out, there's all kinds of stuff to see so much history's just the Arizona State. There's no way history. There's all kinds of destruction everywhere. Just so many beautiful things to see so much experience really, honestly, like I walk around and I'm just really grateful to be here. Here we have something called the Women's Plaza of Honor. And basically that just owners. All the first women really made a difference on campus, whether they were the first administrators on campus or one of the first founders of some of our buildings, such as the College of Public Health. With Zuckerman, there's just so much to see here Of course, I know you're also wondering what there is. Besides study your life away of the university way. Have a huge, huge just live peters. You could watch life, Peter performances. We also have some called University Full of art, which is located directly outside of our gates of the U of A. Down here on University Boulevard. We have all kinds of shops and stores and restaurants, and there's always stuff going on down here is that it's super super also, and just places to be places to meet up with your friends or even take a stroll. It's really lock six of my personal favorites. Espresso Our Cafe, which is this super quirky, cool coffee shop. They've really awesome coffee, so I come down for some study or even to meet up with you. Right now. It's really great, and it's also and honestly, with my those favorite place to go when I'm not on campus. Um, downtown nightlife is also really cool. This is also University Boulevard, but it's fun to come down. Here are friends and go out to wait. Tio no anchovies last weekend, and that's basically the best pizza that you'll ever find their huge like pizza. And it's just so much fun being like right off campus, just enjoying the night life. We also have, uh, concert. We have often performances have football games, basketball games. And honestly, these are probably the most fun because everyone has so much school spirit. It's unreal, like this experience that will probably like you. You'll never get anywhere else because you're just surrounded by your fellow because it's honestly so great guys like we're going to check it out and you'll never have a moment here. You might catch them, don't know this's a couple of weeks ago and honestly, I think it's so awesome right on campus. But I promise that your experience here at U A will not be regrettable. There's always something to do. Always me and there's so many memories that you make here. I'm really excited for you came really Lyn, please check it out if you ever have the chance and join us and become a wild cat.