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Seeley G. Mudd Building is a staple of the University of Southern California campus. CampusReel videos allow anyone in the world to get an inside look at Seeley G. Mudd Building, without having to visit Seeley G. Mudd Building in person. Each video will include pictures of Seeley G. Mudd Building if they exist on Google Maps. Therefore, each Seeley G. Mudd Building videos is designed to provide as in-depth of a review as possible, pictures included. Whether you are looking to relax, study or hang out with friends, Seeley G. Mudd Building has the potential to facilitate a variety of activities.

What does Seeley G. Mudd Building look like?

There’s only one way to know! See Seeley G. Mudd Building for yourself by beginning the University of Southern California tour now

What other buildings are at University of Southern California besides Seeley G. Mudd Building?

University of Southern California has hundreds of buildings and locations. CampusReel is constantly adding to its growing library of videos. Currently, CampusReel offers video tours for the below buildings:

What are the typical hours, and visiting hours, of Seeley G. Mudd Building?

The visiting hours for Seeley G. Mudd Building are most likely the same as other locations on the University of Southern California campus. We current have insufficient data to identify Seeley G. Mudd Building hours and encourage to check the University of Southern California Admissions page for more information.

Is Seeley G. Mudd Building Nice? How beautiful is it?

'Nice' is relative so we don’t like passing judgement on different campuses. The University of Southern California campus and Seeley G. Mudd Building are nice to some people, but not others. We encourage to begin watching the CampusReel video tour of Seeley G. Mudd Building to decide for yourself. If you like what you see, you may want to consider visiting University of Southern California

How do I see Seeley G. Mudd Building pictures?

Under each video description you will find a map that shows where the video for Seeley G. Mudd Building was taken. Next to the map, you will see a button that says 'Load More Pictures'. Click the button to view more pictures of Seeley G. Mudd Building. If no additional pictures appear, then there are no pictures available on Google Maps.

Welcome to my humble abode!!
Dorms 4.0
Right across from the Galen Center (home to USC basketball and volleyball) and behind the beach volleyball team's court lies South Residential college. South is home to many first-year students whether they are freshman or transfer students. It is made up of three connected buildings (Marks Tower, Marks Hall, and Pardee Tower), as well as the building in the backyard, Trojan Hall. While new students have it rough at South Residential, New North Residential, and many of the older residential colleges without air conditioning, the bond RAs establish between floormates and buildings is really cool. Sometimes they schedule inside activities like crafting or pizza movie nights. Other times, they plan trips. We could grab Ramen, head to the movie theatre, or even explore some of L.A.'s nicest cafes and art galleries. These events are always free to us, even the subway transportation. Another cool thing about first year housing is that in some residential colleges, professors live downstairs with their families. That's right, kids are growing up knowing USC as their home and us students as their role models. Having Faculty in Residence reminds students that there is life outside of these gates. It can be so easy to get sucked into living as though we're only surrounded by people our age. Furthermore, this emphasizes that professors have lives of their own, and they are always accessible to us. The university really wants students to get to know faculty, so hikes, dinners, and all kinds of activities that integrate the two groups are commonplace at 'SC.