West Chester University of Pennsylvania Dorms

No. So this is my friend's door who is a freshman? And right here you have a bathroom which has the shower in the toilet. And then out here you have your sink. You can have all your essentials. That and then I hear, is a good closet tohave. And that is for both roommates over here. This is Jade, and she's going to tell you all about the freshman dorm. Okay, so this is my side. And the room comes with bed, the desk and the dresser. You, Khun, take apart. So like this is a full size. If you stack them on top of each other. I put mine on needs my bed. You can raise the bed to the height you want. And then I got an extra thing right over here. So you might need to buy another. And we also got shelves for food storage. You don't get a microwave. A fridge. You have to get those. And you don't get a TV depending where you live. And commonwealth they give you TV. We had to get one So that is it for the freshman dorm, and this is in Brandywine for