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everyone. So I'm going to give us a tour of the dorm and what's called the Village. So the village is a bunch of buildings that are all pretty much the same layout in one area of campus that house a majority of freshman students. They're not air conditioned, which is not the greatest thing on their sweet style. I'Ll show you what that means. Here, Jame you in a second? Um, I have heard people in the village have a really tight community, though, because there's so many people there, and they're pretty close together that you get really close with people in your building in the booth. Little wait on the section with a cool place to study, and they have pretty pushes when it's through. It's a little smaller than mine, but it's definitely big enough. They still have. They're two dressers on DH, two beds on the two closets with their dressers because it's pretty much the same as mine. They have two metre storage of there, but they have a broad shelf inside, and for shoes, they're extra stories on the bottom. Come on, they've put their beds are high enough. They put many fresh and Ben's underneath a common thing. Yeah, Village is definitely a good choice. He's very sweet, so they have some chairs and a couch. The hi this's Grace on Lady Lady. So sweet style means you have your own room. You share our common space with other people as well as about with some other people. So what do you guys like about living is double? Oh, yeah, it's right. What are some comes? There's no way. But if you leave the windows open and like you have the fans, it's not cool. What do you have? For what advice do you have for incoming freshmen? Make friends making friends? And very nice, Everybody. I'm going to give you a tour of my dorm room quick so you can see what some my generic doubles like. Mine's a little bigger and different than a lot of the other buildings, but when you walk in, our closets are on the left. There pretty big. They have a bar to hang your clothes there, shelf at the top for some extra storage spirits of the bottom for shoes and stuff like towels, sheets to our right. We have some seating, a nice tapestry on the wall. My desk is over here. I got this really nice cart. That target that's really nice for racial storage and toiletries is just like that. My desk a little bit of a mess, but I got this hutch from someone who would come here previously for free the university cells and rents them. But see if you can try and get one without spending any money. It's always a good way this's my roommate. Side was over here on our food. Thanh. His name was Blake. Say hi. How are you? Good. So we have a big enough room that we decided to both lost our beds on DH put a TV and accounts under it or a photonic. We've got a long work. Moving day has been really great. Here is the dresser. We each get one dresser. I want to ask both of three drawers, but a pretty deep on DH, um wide, which is really hopeful. I found that having little places to store things has been really great. So, like this Ottoman has stores in the center. So does this one fight TV stand has a bunch of storage bins in it in the house. Similar storage units. Teo the dorm. That's our mini fridge You can see on the university website. The size requirements for mini fridge is on the number you can happen when people are in your room. On here is just one more panoramic view. S O bluestone drive is a road that goes pretty much through campus, at least the main part of campus. So I'm gonna give you a quick walking tour of what's on this. Don't drive because there's a lot behind me is Mr Chips. Mr. Chips is really cool. They have. It's like a CVS, basically without the pharmacy part. It's a convenience store. They have food, They have some medicine. They have drinks on DH school supplies. You get blue books there. You could get coffee. You can get cigarettes. I'm not sure a bunch of other stuff there. It's open really late, too. So if you need something, a classic sting forgot. Remembered it like men that you can go and get it. Or if you're hungry and it's the only place open on campus, I'm going food from there. Not like a dining hall, but like a bar or cereal or something like that. A little hard to see. But there's a Jane you sign that's really great for taking pictures that when there's not construction around it, andan in front of us. It was called Madison Union. Madison Unit is where if you'LL be on campus will pick up your main hall on the bottom of Madison Union. There's this place called Taylor Down under where you can play pool. There's an anti ends down there on DH. What else activities is down there. They have a lot of events down until Taylor down, under which people call TV you. And then also in Madison Union. There's a lot of room for studying. I think they have a meditation room. It's like two buildings, but they're connected in some points. It's kind of confusing to get around. There's little room in there, so if you're part of our sorority opportunity, sometimes they have events of their in the ballroom. It's a medicine has a lot of stuff. There's different offices in there as well. And then behind Madison unions Switch next to it are the hillside dorms, but you can see right now, um, they are air conditioned. I believe on there a little far from some things, but they're really close to SSC, which is nice on their clothes to de hub, which is that template structure over there. Way turned right off of Bluestone Drive onto a walking path around right now, and we're headed toward the quad, but here is the library, one of the library's position carrier I'LL take you guys into their later and give you probably a more silence tour so we don't disturb the people in there. But like most libraries on college campuses, the first floor of the library it could be just like regular, um, volume with your voice and do whatever you want with Starbucks down there. Second floor. It's quieter, but you can still talk. You know you're snake sniffle or a sneeze. That's fine. Third floor There's like no talking, no talking at all. And I feel I was feel weird, like just unzipping my backpack like too much sound. Or especially if I'm sick. I feel like I'm such a nuisance, snuffling and stuff. But some people need that silence, which is definitely a good opportunity for them. So here we are, approaching the quad, and it's a beautiful day out, so there's a bunch of people out here studying. I'm sure we'LL see a couple of dogs, and that looks like there's even some sort of inflatable thing. I'LL show you guys is like Wilson being laconic. Jane, you're building. It's currently under construction, which is less than ideal. But it's really pretty. Having been inside with the outside is really pretty. This is the clog. So along with Claude are all these buildings, which mostly hold classrooms. Some of them are dorms, though, or alumni Hall has, like the office of the president. Everything but what I really love about shave you when it's warm enough outside Sonny, everybody. And there's normally a lot of dogs. Don't you see that one over there playing Frisbee? Um, looks like there's a inflatable something over here. Not sure never known here, but it's really, really pretty out here. I love the quad. Gone, there is Forbes, which is the performing arts center. If you're a prominent major or, um, take a performing arts class for generations or whatever could easily be in their it's a really pretty building. Uh, yeah, since the quad. So if you kind of Jane, you I definitely recommend getting a picnic blanket or something so that you can study out here when it e everyone. It's a beautiful day here in Harrisonburg. So I'm gonna take you around some parts of campus showed you the football stadium right now. So, uh, on the way to my to the football stadium from my dorm, I pass this thing here, which is a power plant that we have on campus. I don't know what powers are, how powers like what type of power, right? There is a way to see the bleachers. There's going to be the student section, obviously, on the other side, where you actually said that. Come on, love. You see God, which that's where most of the sports, our house offices, there's a swimming pool in there is to be the world champion. There's a lot going on in my major. The heart, like hospitality and sporting recommended, is also in there. It's just a hodgepodge of things. Kinesiology. Isn't there intothe stadium. We're about to get a better deal with. Here it is the stadium. I can't go in right now. This is a fielder's sitting here, here on over there Right now, we're in festival. We're gonna grab some food. So festival is really cool because you can get whatever you want to eat on. Then you just pay for whatever you buy. So it's not one punch, and it's all you can eat. Whatever you eat. Any punch for however much food you got. That's Blake again. This is Erin. She was into playing for us. All right, here we go, Which is over there. Overhears lettuce salad bar on the other side. I think they have sea, which is the thing. This's grilled cheese so you could put different cheeses and toppings on your cereal. Shit is Chinese. It's the best. And then my tea bowl, some protein. So I don't know, never even here. They have pizza and Mexican stuff. And then, uh, station called Burger Studio that has, like, burgers, chicken sandwiches, stuff like that. I'm going to get Chinese. Haven't had.