Boise State University Dorms

So in this video, I'm gonna tell you a little bit about how I found my roommate. And before we begin, I just want to say my roommate is awesome. She is a godsend. I absolutely love her. Before coming to college, I heard so many horror stories about roommates, so I was definitely very scared. But honestly, Boise State has like an awesome process for finding roommates. So once you've been accepted, you pick what kind of housing you want, What kind of hall you want, whether you want a two person room, a one person room, eh? A two person suite, four person. Sweet. It really just depends. And then after that, once you get accepted into whatever call you want, you go onto this app like website called room sink. And it pretty much is where you fill out a profile. So, for example, how late you want to stay up? What's your major? What are your hobbies? How about going? Are you? How involved were you? B? Do you prefer studying at home versus out? Come on. Different things like that. Just different things that you would need to know. How clean are you? That was another one. Like, how tidy do you want to keep your room on? And then once you set up your profile, you you also put different ways to reach you. So for me, I put a couple of my social media handles. So, like my instagram handle and my Twitter handle etcetera. And then for me personally, I just I had to, like, close it and go. So, like, I filled it out. And then I left. And then when I got back and I checked, this girl had deemed to be on Instagram, and she was like, Hi, I'm actually I checked out your profile, and you seem pretty cool. We kind of match up. Would you like to talk? A little bit. And so we talked a little bit. And turns out we had a lot of very similar interests. And then at the end of the day after day of just talking on his scram, we decided to become roommates. And so I picked her for my preference. I picked her for my roommate, and we both were looking for a two person Sweet. So after that were good. Uh, if you were looking for a four person suite, for example, you would have to find more people, obviously. And so then, in June, for orientation, we happen to be doing the same orientation. We met for the first time and just hugged him like, hi. Welcome. We hung out that weekend in a super cool. So we have been roommates for almost two months now, and it has been fantastic. We get along, we're both super busy, so we don't hang out a whole lot. But I'm honestly so blessed for Actually, I think if you don't, you Khun, choose to just forgo the whole room sink process, which I don't recommend, because then they'll just carry you with some and then you have no idea who they are. So I have some friends were like, you know, I met my roommate the first day. But Boise State has a really cool process through room sink of finding your roommate. So you don't get stuck with someone who is very different from you. Also, at the beginning of the year, we had our rays, which are our presidential advisors. We have to for our floor. Come on. And for that we have them come in and you roommate contracts. So how late can you stay up? How late can you come home? How many guests can you have over one time? Can there be guests in the room when someone's not here? Example. And we just We laid that all out and honestly, I'm so blessed. Honestly, actually, it's fantastic. So that's how I found my roommate.