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Okay, So two, uh, the other popular places you don't campus on campus market is the avenue and eight o five kitchen, So really weird. There's actually a weird rule that you're not a lot of videotape and both the avenue and have a kitchen, So unfortunately, I can't videotaped them back if you take them from the outside. So this is the avenue, and that's, you know, five kitchen right there. So eighty five kitchen is like our I would say it like that. The more normal cafeteria type campus food that people are kind of used to. It's like all you can eat, kind of not very good food. I would just I don't know if you're an athlete or you like to be copious amounts of food for kind of chief, I would go there. I really wouldn't recommend it. It's just I always kind of few really gross after just being honest, pretty progress. Second is the avenue just right there. And I would say I was like, Okay, it's not the best. It's also not the warders. They have Chick fil A in there, which kind of makes it way better. They've checked play. They have a place called two tacos. She's Mexican food. Then they have the student choice area, which is like, picked monthly, and then they have a burger place. Um, I would say it's all relatively okay. I wouldn't say it's bad. My favorite Zeppelin chick fil A, that's I mean, it's kind of everyone's favorite favorite campus, other than, like subways of pretty much everything that's not related. But, yeah, those were the two other popular places other than campus market there on Capitol campus. I'm here at campus market with my room maker, Steen. We're just getting some groceries, and that's actually one of the benefits of living in the apartment is getting groceries and like having that for the weak instead of always going to the dying holes. Um, one thing that's really cool and maybe an AG major I wanted to share is that a lot of the food we sell here at the market is made on campus, so that's really good. And there's also sushi on make like burgers and fries here, like in the kitchen of the market. And, yeah, it's super cool for groceries, and it's pretty close to everything. So it's not. What's really cool about farmer's market is that people are really kind farmers market and all of the local growers are just so nice they want, you know, like obviously by their fruit. But they also want to be for the night. So they give you, like samples of all their fruit that they have, you know, like what you're buying, Why everything tastes like everyone's just like so kind here downtown. And I've never met a mean, slow resident, so I highly recommend farmers market. How would you describe the food options on campus? Well come always not known for having the best food, but then as college. Don't expect gourmet meals. Must you go to like you feel like you're right? No, wait, do have check away, which is pretty nice. I'm strictly, like five times a week except on Sundays, which sucks. I mean, it's not like Jamba Juice and Starbucks where it's kind of hard to screw that up. Then they're always the same. It will be everywhere else. Wei have a lot of options, which is nice, and you can always try, but with your plus dollars, which is really nice, too. And we also fine dining restaurant. You could go for lunch. I haven't. It's calm. Iron's miles, my My wrens and it's like a fancy restaurant. It's pretty much for the professors to take like guests and things like that, but waken go, too. But you can't use your plus dollars. You have to use real money, suffer one day of the year that they have a raffle, that you can use your plus dollars if you win a spot. Yeah, I'm kind of hype. There's this new place called Shake Smart. Run from the gym. It's all protein shakes and protein bulls. And so, like after you work out. If I worked out. Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of new options on campus, so they're building a new place and be done this summer. And it's going to stories. The first stories like regular like Open talk for AM burritos and pancakes and waffles. Some stuff in the second stories going fine. Dining one. We're hopefully we can use plus the horse. Let's hope so suck it wasn't, but, yeah, I'm looking forward to the new building. So this right here is the historical downtown Fremont Theater. They don't really play movies here anymore, unless it's like a indie movie of that. Usually they have, like a church group that does their church. Uh, sessions here they have all sorts of throughout the year, but the coolest thing is is that this entire building lights up in neon during the nighttime, so it's much more beautiful than it is in the day. But it's a super awesome, cool old theater, and then right next to it is a restaurant. But I SARU is pretty non traditional Asian sushi restaurant. But the really cool thing about it is that last year and this year they have a special on Tuesdays for two dollar California rolls, and my friends and I used to come here all the time, our freshman year and get a really to dinner. You can pretty much eat as much as you want for under ten dollars. So yeah, definitely recommend ice to So we're currently at Farmer's Market. This is my friend Julia. She's all my staff, and she's also my friend, my staff for my job him. Farmer's market is held every Thursday in San Luis Obispo. It's pretty much like a huge, huge family event for everyone and college event. So they sell all sorts of fruits and vegetables, and pretty much every restaurant comes out, sells their food, too. Didn't get any food You're pretty much craving. Um, yeah, it's super cool. It's actually beautiful. And during Christmas time it's the best time. It's cold and hot chocolate and things like that, but, yeah, I'll show you a front view of what That was a successful trip. Two farmers market got a bunch of stuff. I probably shouldn't have bought that name. And definitely I ate my fill of both Clam chowder. Amateur. Oh, so yeah, but we're now taking the bus back. Really? Also another cool thing about Farmer's market night. If there's a specific bus there goes directly from downtown to the drops you right off the couch. Holly just does that loop every half hour, so it's totally awesome. You don't have to get new Bird. Yeah, but that's a farmer's market. I can't it's lusting station were walking in walking in. Now, over there, I thought it was, like three solid This is a sensation, beautiful people. What a place to sit king out. It's a good place. Good place. Better. Okay. Like what? No. No, it's not my favorite. I don't think we have that site here. I do live in the apartment, so I don't really can't say that much because you go to the grocery store a lot. It's like best option. Yeah, let's go. Next. Come here. So. Like about face. Front and then you go through with plate, pick what you want, like your friends and you consider as one coming. Sometimes you get options. Other times it's like I said, you don't have the best signing exaggerating things, but that's all we have. So I'm currently alone while I'm downtown. Pushing away all of my friends could have come with me downtown to do errands, because all of them are busy because it's dead week right now, and I don't have my first final until the Monday of next week. Time to study staying. I'm coming up right now on TV Main Street of Doubt. This is where a farmer's market is held every Thursday. It is a market that sell fresh produce and fruit, and all the restaurants come out and solve all their food. It is a really awesome night for the community. Come together and they do it every single Thursday. Unless it's crazy pouring Earth under under something like that,