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After all the classes are done. I usually love to study at hated library in the daytime, and there's actually two levels. The first level has a cafe, and it's indoors and outdoors. I usually find a seat right there, and it's really nice and peaceful. They have a quiet area. I could grab a snack to eat, and I usually just grind out all my work and sit there for a couple hours until I'm done. There's a lot of tables, so it's really great for doing group projects, and it's not as noisy as the EMU. I usually sit here almost every day, so this is like my favorite spot to study. So this is my side of the room and the bed's air not lofted. I got a little a lot of the things from Target, and just as I went through the year, if I found anything that was, like, perfect for the norm would just buy it. I have a lot of pictures from home that I've taken, and it really just spices up the room, a real of the lights, because I can turn her on whenever we have guest over. So my room currently is a handicap. Graham and the person that originally got it was my roommate. I originally had a randomized roommate, but I ended up moving in with one of my friends, Alexia, and we have this kitchen area that we made. She has her own Mike Wave. She has her own fridge, and this is just looking my fridge. I had like to have a lot of like the basic kitchen where and having plaits and force I can wash. I also have a tea kettle right there, and it's electric kettle for like, instant noodles. I keep a lot of my food and like to buy groceries daily, so that way I can eat meat fresh. And if I need a quick snack before I went Teo, any of my classes instead of going to the dining hall, just making myself and I know from my meal plan. I do have eight meals a week and it also comes with two hundred dollars in Mong and I usually use that whenever I go get lunch. So this is the side of the sink and we have a bigger than average sink and the left side is for Is the right side is mine and we like to keep everything organized. Our toothbrushes are so So This is just my area, my little organizer that I bought at T. J. Maxx and it's really useful. Her side is actually on the mirror and and she left the store a lot of things on there. Another good thing to get is in over the wall mirror. And you could buy this at Target, really achieve its really nice. So our bathroom does not connect to sweep me and we have, Ah, single bathroom and it comes with the toilet, the shower. And then we have our own three tiered cards. So we like to keep our older bathroom things right there. Just roll it whenever we need. Take a shower. So the view you have is the parking garage and then we have the court. Your another thing to go visit is a mountain, and that's the vehicle we also have, and we have university housing. On that end, it's really nice. So be sure to visit that in the afternoon or in the early morning. So there is hostility east and Haci west. So be sure to look into it because some rooms have often beds and some beds are risen more than another. That was pretty much the end of this dorm, for I just have a really nice sweet my remains, curly. Not in here right now, but this is how my dorm room looks like. It's really nice and big, and I'm not happy to So for this video, we're going to the pod and this is the courtyard area, and the pot is kind of like the marketplace and the many grocery store. So currently it is by the dorms, and it is connected to the building, and I usually like to grab a quick snack or do any meal. Exchanges went on there, and it's really nice if you just want to get like so boy, too, because subway is inside the pod, they have like basic necessities, like two of the paper any like through, like instant food you get. But a lot of people usually stop by. They're on their way to class. So the pot is really nearby, and it is really close to Barrett doors to seances in front of the Bharat dorms. Ah, lot of people in Haci and Barrett like to grab like quick food from there, and it's just right underneath the dorms. So I'm going to get some food with my friends right there, and we're thinking about getting self away on DH. Let's see how this goes so the pot has different varieties. They it kind of looks like a convenience store or like the stores that you see at the gas station on. They have a lot of different variety, and you can use your I meant either. So it's really nice, and it's best to get everything in the morning before everything runs out. So one of the most notable area is going to be palm walk. It connects to the engineering buildings and then the business buildings. And if you take a straight line all the way down, you could hit the took our dorms. I usually have to walk this for a lot of my classes, and this is the path I take to get to my English class. And right there is where the EMU is, and it's just a really well known area for people that are doing offense. So that right here is off. Upon walk, it's computed Commons, and a lot of the computer classes are in here. A lot of the English classes are in here, and I do have my English class on the second floor and its attendant ten thirty a. M class. But it's a simple walk. It's five minutes with my door, so when you head down, there's going to be a restaurant on top of the EMU, and it does accept mng. So this is Memorial Union, and this is where the food places where everyone's got something to eat. So they have a part of Hayden that is under construction and It's been under construction for a while, but a lot of people use. They hang out with the friends out here or they study out here and there's a lot of seats, so it's really nice. And where I have most my lectures, it's going to be in Murdoch Hall and it's where I have my social class. It's an easy walk from a more union, so whenever I've done, I usually like to grow food. It's also next to the bookstore, so that building that you see right there a lot of like people. They're doing events they have in that room, and it's kind of like conference area. So this is the walk and how it looks like and this is right jab. So another place is going to be the SDF see field. A lot of people there playing intramural sports usually have events here and just any big events for like So there are a couple of hit Mrs when I bought My dorm things and you definitely need a light for room and it's really house, especially when you're walking in so that you don't have to rely on your desk lamb. Make sure to buy a lot of cleaning supplies because people years they forget to do that. A lot of organizing things, so you could put like storage bins underneath your bed if you needed to. And it's really useful, especially when you're trying to put like food or any certain items, and that's the view or a closet A and we both organizer, causing a little bit different. She has storage bins underneath her bed, and then I have like, the three doors. But these are both useful. She likes. It won't keep all our attention things on the very top, and then for me. I have my shoe rack on the left, and I keep any, like plastic bags on my shoes, all my belt. So I like to put all my purse is on the side, and I like to hang it on a hook, and all my undergarments or pajamas are going to be in three doors. So these really nice. So I have to them and I put anything bigger, healthy stuff that I don't use at the very top. Make sure to buy hangers and, like, get the good ones. So that way, you know, like your head, your clothes are falling off. But, yeah, just having a lot of organization Things are like really good, especially if you want to find out things easily and I use for my lawn ji a gray box. And I know it's kind of like out of the order, but, like it makes me do my laundry a lot faster because the loads are not smaller. And I just put my type all its in there whenever I need to do laundry. As for the desk, make sure to get a calendar. I got one at the moment, I believe, and then get a desk lamp. So these are really essential, especially if you want to study in the room and be sure to get a comforter That is a bit thick because I know my comforters like thin and sometimes with the thermostat, you can't really adjust it. It's really shared amongst both the rooms, especially if you have suitemates. So one side was goingto have control of the thermostat, and sometimes some people like it cold. Some people like it warm, so I like to stay safe and have it like a taker blanket. But using me in my room A. We don't even turn on the A C because R A. C has like it. It makes it really loud knowing. So we just like, just don't care if we need every field code we've just put on a jacket. Use a blanket if you feel hot, would just wear shorts or something like that. But I also got these decoration clothes I put on the side, and they're just usually for like, whenever a guest comes over and they can sit on top or they legally on it. But, yeah, this is a whole reveal, and you can put on a storage underneath her bed, too, if you wanted. It's just my bed isn't risen, so we just like to amuse organizer's for a closet or just using the George on the side. And that's her side right there. And like we just like to layer things based on personalities. So, like mine's is like very lots of pictures, and hers is more minimalistic, and it's okay to have that difference. Just make sure you create ground. Rules were made on like cleaning and like just times, you go to sleep when you shower or like when you wake up so that you don't like bother each other. But, yeah, this is part of my decorations, and I got it really cheap, and it's best to buy it throughout. The year, So that way you don't buy it when it's really expensive. Joint dorm season. I thought this lamp at warmer and usually it's best to buy it from someone that's like already that just lived at the dorm, so usually they'll sell it for really cheap. I have this kind of wall mount that I put all my neck necks, any my books, my beats in there and just my phone whenever I need to charge it. And it's really simple and it's next to the outlet. So it's perfect. I have a picture frame, my bookshelf for here and my mirror for whenever. And Justin, you do my make up really quick, grab it. Bring that to the bathroom. But, yeah, this comes with a small lamp, so I usually turn. The small went on whenever I need to study, and the bigger went on when I'm walking and there's more people, so that illuminates room. But it's really fun living in the dorms. I truly recommend it just be really smart about what you buy. And I got these hooks so I could hang my power outlet right there and it's not on the table, so I just keep ahead and behind there. So this is kind of like my bed and underneath I have my snowboard stashed underneath it and a lot of my snow gear. I have a storage bin my food and just like my miscellaneous items. So if you don't lost her bed, you can get storage bins and they should fit underneath it. But I've seen people that had three drawers underneath their bed, and they liked it. But for me personally, I don't have much items. So just everything in this George bins perfectly fine for me. And like, you can store your food, You could store your pencils, your papers. I just like to storm miscellaneous things, and I usually don't grab it unless I need it. So this is just an over real of my side of the room and then the leftist her side. But, yeah, it's really nice. Just make sure when you buy are your things you look into seeing if people are selling them. So I put a lot of my makeup in my first door and then it's right next to my bed, which is perfect because I I wanted to have natural sunlight whenever I study. And I just really like the position of this area. So at the very top, I have pictures of my friends and family, and it's really encouraging. When a race study, I really like it and I plug in my map with an outlet on the side. This area is kind of like my little pantry, and I put all my kitchenware and all my snacks and you can see here through here. But it's really nice is easy to grab, and I'm not too tempted to grab my sex all the time. But it's really organized and I put any leftover water on the side so I don't miss you. Drink it, be so we have a little kitchen area and memory roommate have our own fridge in our own like way. So that way her things start things, my things, my things on the far right. That is her little pantry, and she wanted to get like, a little card. And it's perfect, especially if you have like a lot of more kitchen items. But for me. I didn't really have much pots and pans, so I just put my leftovers in a small box. So these are the items I definitely needed to get. But if you don't need it now, it's okay So one of my favorite place to eat is going to be the hac dining hall, and I like this lot better because I usually get gold cheese and suit from here. A lot of it is because it's also nearby, too, and I just tend to eat here for lunch and a cost roughly fourteen fifty a semester from my meal plan, and that comes with eight meals a week. It's really nice, and the food is like good. I just like the girl cheese. It's really a fresh, especially with like fries and everything else compared to other ones. I prefer to be like sandwiches and rocks for lunch, so they make a really This time. So this is the lecture halls, and I believe it's two hundred people. Rough estimate. Yes, is the huge lecture hall and there's a baby on it. So in this class, I show up all the time because I think he remembers my face P s show up to class. And thing is, I can't record his lectures because I feel like I know I'm reporting it. So in lectures like the's, you, Khun, do written notes or even type it on your math book, I always recommend that showing up to class because sometimes they're clicker questions, and it's like just basic quizzing questions, and he tracks that for attendance and a lot of the people there in the class. Usually you don't really talk you. I could see a lot of people that go on their phones, but it's best to pay attention because usually he incorporates things that might be on the exam.