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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, % of freshman live on campus at University of Colorado Denver?

What type of housing does University of Colorado Denver provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at University of Colorado Denver, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true -
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true -
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus feel like home!

What are the dimensions of University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus dorm rooms?

The University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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already. I'm honestly the biggest like night, however, but I just got home to the Regency, and it is about one thirty in the morning, so it's super quiet and empty in the lobby. I'm currently above the lobby on the second floor, which is the study area. There's not a whole lot to it, but there's a TV. If here were, sometimes people come well, like plug in their video game, console them stuff. There's different study rooms. And if we had passed the stairs, that's where the computer lab isn't. There's printers in there that are free to use. You just have to bring your own paper. Here's what along your room and north home looks like one dollar. These even mission. I just get my laundry basket down here. Do it. Triers suck. So I didn't try everything twice. So now we're in the basement of the tower, and it's really just a big laundry room. And this one takes only quarters. No debit cards, which is why I don't really come here. These are the basketball courts, and if we walk over here, we can see the gym. It's pretty basic. You've got your free weights cardio the machines and there is kind of a dance studio free weight room right in there. So for me to get to my room in the north Hall, I entered through the tower lobby and then walk through the basketball court, Um, which is what kind of connect north hallway and lobby. And I apologized because I film. They kind of get ready with me, explain with Regency a few days ago and asked to end. I'm filming the actual work. So I'm in the elevator getting ready to head to my room. I show you my keys like cards. It gets me into the gate that enters the parking lot and then also gets me into the building and so I look a little bit gross right now, but I'm about to get ready for my day. I met you. Now would be a great time to tell you about what it's like to live in the Regency. And tonight I have to let Piper out because she's getting angry. I already put her on her playground, so hopefully she doesn't get into too much trouble. But I'm just gonna do not make up for the day and tell you guys what it's like to live here. And then you can also see how I don't know anything about putting on makeup. So I moved into the region. See, when I first came to Denver, so I was done with Community college. I was seventeen and moved into a triple at the region's He. So I had two roommates and we all shared one big room and one bathroom, and there were some frozen constant. My two roommates were very different. One of them was like my best friend, and we're still really good friends Tuesday, and the other one, I swear, was like the worst person I've ever met, and that one person who I hated is now the reason that I don't have to meet specific. We got a room without roommates so that I wouldn't have to have anyone else like her again. But I am glad I met my other roommate because she seriously is like one of the greens people, ever and again, still one of my best friends. So the Regency has a lot of different types of rooms. I live in a single, so I don't have any roommates. There's also a triple, just a huge room, which is the huge room with three beds. And there's double issue, so doubles of this same size is a single, but they just have to people living in them. And then there's also a two bedroom, one bath, so you get your own rooms of a roommate and then a two bedroom two bath. And there's also a studio. So the difference between a single and a studio is that a studio comes with happy from the walls and a single doesn't. It's an extra fifty dollars a month, as of right now to live in a studio, and that wasn't worth it to me, because I like sight of my own kind of little kitchen area because it's not like it comes with the fridge arresting. Great thing. It's just cabinets. Encounter space. And I didn't think that was worth an extra fifty dollars a month like it's been fifty dollars one time, kind of making my own little set up, and the regency is split up into three parts. There is the tower of the North Hall, and the villas and all hands I just described are in the tower and the north hall and the villa's air across the parking lot. So the Regency is a gated community, and all three of these parts are all within the same gay, and they all just surround the parking lot, and the villas are more apartment style, so there is a separate building, then the Regency Tower and North Hall, but they're still part of the regency, but they are three bedroom, three bathroom, and they do have a kitchen and they have a man in unit laundry room. But I will say they are super expensive, and you might as well just get your own apartment. That's not student housing. If you're gonna live in villas, I think the regency is super awesome for people who are moving out for the first time to go to college. Minutes are super awesome for that one in between year. There's a lot of people who live here who are super friendly. It's really easy to make friends here. Most people eat in the dining hall downstairs that's called the Atrium. I choose not to eat there because you do have to get a meal plan, but there's also meals to go. And there's a convenience store right by the atrium called the rail, and you can get like, a sandwich or a pilot or something for a meal swipe. And I'd do that instead. So I don't eat at the dining hall because I am on the go a lot more like just eat in my room. So I'll bring it back up here or I'LL go eat my food that I get from the rail on campus. One thing that I can show you but I'LL tell you about, is the bowling alley. It's only open a couple days a week. They've got like the billiards room in there and in arcade, and it's downstairs and I can't go in there because again It's only open a couple days a week, and today's not one of those days that only for a few select hours it's really not open all that often. But that's where, like the Halloween party is that the region's he does every year, and they do other parties up down there, too. The Regency is not a dry residency, but you do have to be twenty one to drink and you can't drink. A common area has to be in your room so you can still get on the public intoxication ticket or something if you're drunk in a pool or something like that, or even just drinking by the pool. So keep that in mind and keep in mind he still also get prosecuted for drinking, underage or get ticketed or find or whatever. So it's not like a free for all. But like you, you're over twenty one. You can't drink in your room. Party's here tend to happen in the villas, and that is one reason it's kind of nice to live here, because if you would like to go to a party, it's like literally right across the parking lot, so you don't have to worry about anyone driving or anything like that. It's all here. You just walk across the parking lot and it's still all within that gated community to the villas and then come home. So I never have to deal with any loud noises because of partying here because the walls are super thin. I will say that like I can hear when people open their doors when my doors are bolted shut. But there's really not parties here because everyone parties of the villains. Instead, there's a really nice of study area. Everyone was called the second floor. Second floor of the tower is right above the lobby, and it's actually pretty nice. People do a lot of like group study sessions. Together, there's a conference room you can use. So laundry here is actually super easy to use in the tower. They have all of their laundry in the basement, and they don't accept cards that they only accept quarters. And in the North Hall, there's two laundry rooms, one on the second floor, one on the fourth floor, and they accept debit cards. So that's also another reason I like to live in the North Hall is because my laundry room accepts that debit cards, and that's what I prefer to use anyway. But North Pole and the Tower are connected by the gym. So theoretically, if you'd like to use the other one threw you can. Depending on where you live, you for this, go across either in the basement or the North Holland. Getting Teo campus from the Regency is super easy. We're about two miles from campus, so sometimes I just bite to campus because it's a really nice bike path to get there. Parking here, as of right now, is free. That's why a lot of people live here on the drive to campus. But I heard they're gonna start charging for that next year. But there is also a shuttle that is right now free. They're gonna start charging for that. I'm not really sure, though, Um, but the shadows goes to and from campus all day long, Monday through Thursday, and sometimes on Fridays. If you like to take the city bus, which is what I usually do, because a lot of times I'll stop somewhere else before I go to campus. Like Go somewhere downtown and buses eight and thirty eight are super close through the regency, and then they just drop off right in downtown and that it's less than ten minutes to walk to campus from where the bus drops off. Finding your meats is easy. It's basically like a taping website, Honestly, that they kind of put you on, and you get to see everyone's profile on you get to pick your roommate. There can be some King saying that. So the girl that I got along really well with turning Heaven Way met on there and we decided to live together, and it turned out to be super awesome. And there was a third girl we were supposed to live with, Um, and she just never showed up. And so we got another girl that we weren't aware of, and she was the worst, so it doesn't always go as planned, but when it does, it works out really well. And I know a lot of people who are like best friends with their first roommate here, like people going to be really happy with the roommate out of all of student living. This is the cheapest place to live, and just like any other privately owned place. You do have to be a student to live here, but not specifically asked you Denver. So there's lots of students from, like Red Rocks and CCD and Metro. I'm really all over. There's a lot of online students here, too, and I will say some people are a student because neither, like, graduated or stopped going to school and just didn't move out. As far as like C V A R area loss and the Regency goes like the Regency probably has the highest amount of people who are students. A student climate here is pretty diverse, and that's actually one reason I wanted to. Your ladies and I love living here. Everyone is different, every different background. There's a lot of international students who live here. Everyone goes to different schools, people who are freshmen, junior senior software, like all over the place. So everyone here super different, like super welcoming of everyone Hey, guys, come on. We'Ll stay spoons because I'm too lazy to do anything else with my hair before work. But I just figured I've got, like, my little list right here and telling me things that I think are essentials to bring to your dorm or to your first year of college. And maybe Piper will be quiet. First one is a rounder, so why five Most cases other than your parent's house and the library, sometimes such. I'm a big do my homework. Wait a night person and there is a coffee place is open twenty four seven downtown, and I spent a lot of time there late at night doing homework. But sometimes I just want to get home. Or like, I don't want to be out downtown that I gotta go. Letter. She's being too busy, and I don't want to be downtown that later he's like, wanna be at home doing homework like I need a good, stable life. I still bring a router review so that you have, like, reliable life. I get your homework done. Second is a fridge. You need your mini fridge. I think it's important I was able to share my many friends with my first roommate, and that worked out pretty well. I'm very happy. I have my own now. I mean, you can share many rich and their creepy if I got my flight. Ninety bucks. That woman. If you go to school in Colorado lotion, if you're an out of stater, I have lotion on my hands right now. If you are not a Colorado native, technically and money were actually, If you are not from Colorado, you will not be ready for the dryness. That is this state cleaning supplies. Dorm rooms are disgusting. They're so gross. Keep your space clean. Pillows and blankets. I'm a huge, like, wanna cuddle up all the time at the regency. I'm lucky enough they will adjust the temperature for my own room. But a lot of replaces like that After you're very soon and loss here there is one little do, Dickie. I'm going in with public temperature thing for the for all four bedrooms. So to call, you can't change it like a blanket. Coffee. Even if you're not a coffee person, you will be Get yourself a coffee maker like a nice little instant coffees. Starving. Get a planner. Oh, my God. When you first move out, a lot of adjustments you have to make in your own life's kind of learning how to live by yourself. The transition came pretty naturally to me, but still, like a big adjustment. You're gonna need a plan or just to organize your life because you don't have time to remember everything you have to go to while you're also making this big life adjustment. Also, don't forget your homework. You're not skip any homework assignments in college. Don't do it. Extension courts. You want extension courts? Storms are not known to have a bunch of outlets all over, and you're gonna want that extension cord trashcan. And I'm in a big trash like a rial. I would walk into your mama's house and see a trashcan in the kitchen. That is what I want to see in your dorm room. Not the little thank you want Get one of those for your bathroom. But no, we had my first roommate and I we had this little binky trash can and it was great, but it filled up like maybe once a day and then cut to the point where we wouldn't want to take out our trash everyday. So we started forming a pile of trash by our door and it was gross. Get a really trash can extra bed sheets. My whole first year, I only have one make bedsheet like I had my finish. She and my she'd be like just the one set Don't have to because I won't have clean sheets And I don't wanna have to do laundry. All the times won't change doubt. Be able to throw my other ones in the dirty laundry looking Get new sheets. These are not things I thought about before he moved out. But I am so happy. I have two sets of bedsheets now, extra lighting and this You can kind of figure out after you move into your room because every door was gonna be different. My terms. The first timei lived in letting sub the second one. The lighting is OK, but not super great lamps. The target are like ten bucks. Go get yourself a plant if you need it. But that's something if you like that can come later. Like after you move in alarm clock. If you are like me and you cannot rely on that lake bonal and wake you up. Because no matter what your schedule is like in high school college, it will be difficult to wake up for your early morning classes early morning being like nine a. M. Okay, that's the whole culture of college. And I don't care if you had zero hour in high school that nine a m is going to kill you. I have one class on campus this semester and the rest are online and it starts at five p. M. Because I do not trust myself to get to a class before five PM already. That's it for my little like, not a hall, but what you need in the dorms. And honestly, what you need is kind of up to you. I would watch some videos on YouTube. Definitely. Look at the list that your dorm website should provide. Like what you should spring just move in, have a good time. Moving into a dorm is a fun experience, and you get to meet cool people. You'LL learn a lot about life and yourself. Easy as that sounds, it's true we're movin. Don't sweat it. Bring your essentials and have a good So when you first come into my room to the right is like closet. And that's where I keep all my cream. Stuff is on this shelf up here, and I keep my bike down here because bikes are kind of known to get stolen outside so I don't keep it there to the left is the bathroom hum and yeah, so there's a bathtub in the shower, which is really nice. Their storage under the scene. Um, I bought this rack to put on my hoodies on, and there's a coat rack or not, A coat rack, a towel rack. Over here is my desk, and this comes with the Regency. So the furniture that comes with the agency is a desk abed and a dresser and a chair. I have two dressers. Coast, a little pro tip. Piper is so angry. Well, let her out. But, um, a little pro tip. If you put in a maintenance request and just ask for another dresser, I will bring you one. I have my trash can, my keyboard, and over here is just a little kitchen area that I kind of made myself. So I have my Colorado flag and then my toaster oven and my microwave. I got some shelves and things for storage, and my refrigerator is right over there. I got my bed, and this couch did not come with the room, but I brought it with It was kind of a pain to get up here, since I live on the fifth floor. Yeah, Here's the view. This is a really awesome thing about the regency is the windows. You'LL see this in the north hall and the tower, but only in specific room. So in the North Hall, all of the even numbered rooms have these windows, and the odd numbered ones don't have these huge windows. But you can see our twenty five on DH downtown. Denver is kind of that way, and you can also see the pool right there. It's closed right now. Yeah, and this is all Piper stuff we got. Honestly, the mattresses here are pretty comfortable, in my opinion, but I do have a lot of friends who have Matthew coppers for theirs. I like how it that created appear. I guess this is a super relevant to the regency. I took all these pictures and just printed them on canvases. This is a shot from downtown Denver. This is a shot from Colorado Springs. And that's it for Colorado. Photos of everything. But yeah, that I have all my pictures up here. And my cheer bows. Yeah, that's my room.