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Thinking about Mississippi State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Mississippi State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Mississippi State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Mississippi State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Mississippi State University experience. These Mississippi State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay, So we are so husband were in the Rex on show you young, right? So this is our Oh, that's our rec center. Not here. We have, like what, four basketball to court with what we have about That's the weight room. At least ten Basketball gold. They want space. So the building's about five hundred sixty five thousand square feet. Is that for real? Imagine one. A small mole. Yeah. This is basically just there's a studio. They have like yoga. Pallotti's Zumba. They spin class like a spin class. A lot grill about the spin class is down here. They have their there too. Okay. And there's another studio, Studio B. This is like your interpretive dance studio, and you know it's up when we have racquetball. Racquetball courts down there. I'm too scared to go in that room. Oh, they moved to Teo. So now it's some new kickboxing and this is our rock climbing wall because two story freedom. Is that I'm just that's new too. So now we're upstairs. They have, like, a box room in it. Like, enjoy. And then we have, like, another smaller Jim appear for the ones who aren't as confident to go on the way. Learn downstairs with me. Wait the trap. Then this is our track up here. So right. Right? Irony. So that's our gym. It's so nice here. Somebody and we also have a Juve. So when you get done working out, get you a protein smoothie. If you're tough enough. Yeah, I don't have gay. And then there's the Juve. So when I get done working out, get your smoothie. Thanks. There we go. And so that's our Yeah, that they were building more volleyball courts. Now we're about to get multiple volleyball courts gone. Court. What? We haven't. Catfish Friday. There's Miss Annie over there. You know, it's like nobody even wants to go to that on this and you go, You first so what? You know? Very wear. We are right here, Material. Tell us a little bit about Perry. True story. So wait here, Phil. Look up with a way, Bill is war to design in the way so that they did not fall your way. One Holmes, he's signed agreements so protected. I was here when this was more than that. Don't no. Now we use it as a cafeteria Where? Sweet. So do you have a meal plan and what kind of meal plan you got? Thank you, Frans. Tell us a little bit about that. Like our mill plants. That kind of like the Olympics, Teo. So you just Thanks. So, Braun, it's like you get a hundred switches. You get swipe with a hundred times that here and then flex dollars. Eleven starts its chick subway sweet and and then, like if you live on campus or if your freshman year, you're required to get a meal plan. If you're a freshman, you kind of have to have milk fresh from the plant. Can you? They are making sure we stay fed here. Wants to say And then I've got what is, like, a Greek meal plan. I'm not in Greek life, but you got a great player. They're very flexible. Not like strict on what you got to get. Um, uh, there's also campus connector. There's also ways one two more like they say, one out of fifty more. Fifty more. We compete over critical center. Sounds good. I guess we'll check out. What is it? The drill field today, Phil. Yeah. And this's maroon Friday way. Got everybody over there were the maroon. I'm creeping on him, but yeah, he's got a little bit. There we go. Boom way Already we'll go check So I am here with my friend talker. Just chilling and its place. That's music going. Time to get in that laundry going. And Tucker's three times. You. Tucker's free time. He does laundry. So college students, You ready to do your laundry? No. Yeah, Wrestle. Do you see? I like that. Like that mass is going on. Oh, it's not even yours. Okay, That's right. That's right. And also, college students apparently don't do their dishes that pile up like that. That's it. Playing. What play it. This is the life of Tiger Chef ability, guys Video I am. Will Daniel. No, I want to be. No, Mr. Don't you love Jesus? So a little bit of the behind the scenes, like of college soon, right? All right, college students when you get to college, she do not let your laundry vial of what? Tucker Sheffield. I can't help it. Look, Mama here no more. That's a fact. I'm sorry, Andi, this is, like, good luck. Shell Ri la Charlie. Yeah. You don't get a guy like you. So, yeah. Yes, behind us. How come you're going out every toe or not? And as you can see, you don't want me like that either. But I make do with what we can. You know, Dan, he's just chilling out the good bad's going And yeah, Listeninto, Alabama shakes Say this is another four saw off living here, Mr Say party. Come here. It's literally right across campus. So is walking distance in this goober. Okay, So what's that? I'm here with my friend Isaiah. We're gonna take you on a tour of the library. Mitchell Memorial Library. Let's go already. All right. Should I just go in? Jo, What's up? Yeah. This is a lottery official world. Certainly cool things here to which we are one of us was in the country. Is it in the library? Great. So I want to cool things talking about whether we have after President Grant died. We have a long list funeral position in America. Times like two guys went through the line, every single person there. And then, like a parliament, This big book and only like to you world. And we have to show you it's like kind of me, but yeah. So was I. All right, take him there. You won't You? By the way, I say a roadrunner give campus tours. So that's why it was so legit. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You're here. Students don't have access to a computer. Access to a printer, Abel. We do charge in charge of the studio account, just a label to do. You guys take upstairs, too. Presidential race. We'll show you around a campus on the job. You got. So this is my friend Mckayla. She's in or a here at Mississippi State. She's gonna show us around in her dorm room. Just tell us a little bit about the building and her roll campus, Okay? So right now we're in the hallway part of the room, and we're going to start with So this is my size. Bathroom. Have fishing for one person resident. In this case myself. Easy here. All right There. You have a shower. You got your own shop. There's a coffe. And encounter sees everything so now to the main room. Those spaces messages for me. Dead. Well, we're carrying now. I kind of have a little kitchen area here that I did myself. Curious. Here. This is an extra closet, but I'm using it as a country. Yes, kind of it for the room. So we could take a look. The rest of the haul. Like the kitchen. You know that already. So yes. Well, go ahead out there now. Oh, okay, So we are at the baseball saying that we're building. It's super gorgeous. It's huge. We're one only baseball teams in the country. I'm in baseball stadiums in the country. With loss. You can rent, you know, like the booth. There's a little boost that you could rent out. Watch the game so you don't just set up outside and even outside, it's still nice and safe. Let me let's check it out. Look at this. And look, that's our news. Uh, scoreboard. Those were the loss that they're building over there. So you don't have to pay. What is it, Dick? All clubs. That's what they're going to call we're at right now. Let's go left. Start interrogating area for baseball. Oh, this left lounge over here. I thought it was over there like right here all the way around to the opposite side. Fuck. And then that's the new stadium over there. Wow, dude, I don't even know any other college that has stadium like that for baseball. It's two stories, two stories. And then we have the Humphrey call Assume for our basketball team literally right across from it. So that's all together. So you really don't have to drive far because I know some schools, their stadiums and they're Yeah, they're stadiums with football. Stay in there. Everything's just going, um, I know. Like the University of Memphis, everything's off campus for them. So University of Pittsburgh St. Dr. Yeah, yeah. So we're pretty lucky. We have everything that right here on campus, you don't have to go far. It is dry campus, though that's don't fall for a lot of people can't have alcohol. Yeah. So if you do decide to walk everywhere, you will get a nice workout in that's some working is not a problem for construction over there. But luckily what? It's not a hilly school, so it's pretty flat. And also, guys, you see, they're gonna have to connect in bridges. Well, what They were gonna have a connecting bridge to with that stuff Basketball, right? What's gonna be so nice? We just got it all over here. Like a lot of sports. Definitely. We had a division one, and we also had our women's team go to the national championship. Two years in two years in a row. Our baseball team went to the with the World Series College World Series this year and the vaults thirty first taxslayer bowl against Louisville. And we also, Yes, and we go to the postseason bowl game every year. And we've won every year for the past seven years except one. Okay, Except for one year. Yeah, way still made it. Tio. That was a New Year's Eve ball. Yeah, so we're pretty successful when it comes out. Slaves over here, Mrs saying Armin steaming basket mix, and then I t follow four Boom right there. Can't get any better. All right, we'LL see you all So wait. Here, everybody. Yeah. All of the starter. Together. Sorry. What? Dances with. Seven six zero Yeah. What Jerry? Yes. Yeah, right. Well, we're in line to get there. Really? Some of the players, right? Well, get me Bill. I tell you about it later. Thank you, Trump. Yeah, I mean that you want to say to the Kara? That you? Heavy. You went to L. A over the cellar. That wasn't like all year, so I was watching you all. Thank you. Fine. What? Yeah, I'm good. Don't say anything for the camera. So, Dr Sheffield, sir, What would you say that the atmosphere is like? Yeah, I would definitely thank. Like, don't professors and my colleagues, my students, like we strive for excellence. I think a lot of people do want to hang out to whatever any college found and you call it. No, dude, I definitely think that a lot of students here respect academia. Respect that. I know they're here to learn a certain set of skills to get jobs come. And that's exactly what the professor's Thank you. Will they want to get a job, You know that. So they're Secret shoe. So what the professors do to prepare? Um, well, they hands on a lot of a lot, So no application. You know, a lot of college professors, a lot of talent in general. Just like pizza, much of theory. And which is good looking, Another theory behind a lot of stuff. But your theory just got the application part of You know what? Okay. Yeah, that's what that looks like. Awards. A little light in the work force in the real world. And so in the classroom, with a lot of hands on a lot of stuff. Here towards Coop's internship Learning I can't like hands on life Devoting your summer to Cooper. Yeah, internship is to get to know, like the deal you want. And at Mississippi State, don't we put our soon's in the field? A lot of fun last. Okay, there's a lot of field experience classes. My girlfriend's active social work, major and seniors. Well, so, like this last fall semester, if you will be taking classes. But next spring for this upcoming spring semester so out like a foster home, something organization like we should be helping out with kids and adoption stuff like that like one for class credit just to go out So what? So you already said that you like a student body because it was divers on anything else That really kind of fuel view toward Mississippi state student. Well, I can't hear transfer here. I can't straighten stay at high school. And I thought that everybody here was, like, super friendly. Like I was a lot of people. Yeah, this metal, whole bunch of people just in my dorm life. Just chilling, You know, like everyone wanted. Teo, I want to know your name. No, your major. All our stuff. So this is another super cliche, You say family, but, yeah, a family here with the student body and the professors will It must pary like back, too. That's what I've been telling a lot as well. One of the reasons why I came here because of family. You just feel like family, you know? Go on, then we're going to get to the dark side of what's your official least favorite? They said, own parking. Sexist. That's hard. But I'll just say you have parking services, they just obeying their swag counter thing. And I just limited to parking spaces. And so that's definitely not going to like to tear you away from coming from Mississippi State. But it can be kind of annoying. You got early eight O'clock class trying drive on campus and there's no but you get around it. You found your way right by wall and get on. Then are there any of, uh, anymore least favorite things? Did he say, I really don't know. Stay with us. College is where I want to go in, and it's like had let me down. I can't really think of anything else for you. No, my experience here has been absolutely amazing and like, Cheers. Absolutely serious time here. Things that people, guys. And less, but not least, What is your favorite thing about Mrs St? No, I would have. Hey, Saturday morning, Saturdays in General and the junction. Yeah, well, fall Saturday morning. Football. Absolutely amazing. Like bringing the cowbells, they're people just crowded all over the place just for love football. Public chubby football. Like it's absolutely amazing to bait the whole campus on a Saturday morning for CR. All right, well, if you hear from Dr Sheffield right here, touch the young buck right there. There. Are you hurt? Definitely. Definitely. Come check it out. All right. Thank you. Cool. You on campus over here, are you?