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Thinking about University of South Carolina-Columbia and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of South Carolina-Columbia in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of South Carolina-Columbia’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of South Carolina-Columbia, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of South Carolina-Columbia experience. These University of South Carolina-Columbia video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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But my favorite landmarks as well is the top of the Hamden, is it? Yes. The top of their Hampton garage. You can see every single piece of sunset. It's like it's just a perfect location. In a perfect height for you, you could see higher than the trees, and you could just let the skies. And this is beautiful. So you because they're watching. Sense that so when you go that they literally like spikes on like the edge because people sit there and get her. Just don't do that. But you can stand there and you consider just on the ground of the parking lot, you know? But it is so pretty. You could take a water tower and a bunch of videos so fine here, there So this is thie her rise in parking garage, not Hampton. Sorry about that, and it's in a really good location. It's right across from, uh, Green Quad, which is a freshman dorm in California dreaming with the restaurant and the honors dorm. This is footage of this guy, obviously, unfortunately, was cloudy. But let me tell you, it's almost never cloudy in South Carolina, and it makes for the most beautiful sunsets like so vibrant. The colors are amazing. It's one of my favorite parts about the South, because in Maryland they're just not as pretty fortunate. Wass cloudy. But this is vintage Assembly Street. You can sort of see the stadium back there, sped it up. Person. Cool effects. Look at all. It's a blue, and it's just that was the water tower. Oh, yeah, you could see the stadium on the left there, and that's pretty much Columbia, South Carolina. This is our soccer practice field. And look at the tree colors. It's just gorgeous. And it also goes to show that like, the fall didn't start until the end of November. Because this is what I that was when I shot this video and just now that leaves are turning. There's greens, which is just the market. That yellow building is green cloud that I was talking about earlier. Beard. Yeah, it's just gorgeous. Building and show you what is Gambrell. It's really common for classes or so many classrooms in this building. There's Electoral, having English class there at my film media studies class, there now. It's nice. It's just it's a pretty building on the outside's pretty on the inside. There's a bunch of places that you can eat they sit outside of. It was really like, So you're next, Okay, first off, I want to show you all this clip really quickly. These people literally to standing and saying Good luck for finals, just got a bridge. Housefly was at anyway, this's gambro. I had to walk on that bridge to get there. So that's why I took that footage. But she's got a really pretty, you know, design right there. It's just like this big rectangular building of the bunch of offices and classrooms. Um, this is the inside area. Got some benches to jail if you're like, early to class. And then next to it is humanity is with this Starbucks underneath. And let me tell you, I'll go to that Starbucks all the time. It takes your meal plan. And so there's really no reason not to go, especially from early to my humanities class. You know, that I have in this building, which is Spanish. And so I think if you take any language, you're probably gonna have it in this humanities class I am going to show you a few videos of various classrooms. That's what they asked for on this one. Yeah, I I have a smaller major, and so my question during all of this, but here they are. So this is like the area where a bunch of people hang out before and after class. There's, like, four classrooms in this whole area, and that's how I got to know a bunch of people on a major, especially when it's so comfy. Look at the couches and stuff, miss in my theater class, so it needs a lot of, like, room to move. So there's not like desks. But, yeah, this's another part of the building the whole way that gets the lecture hall now. Unfortunately, I shall see later in the video, it was locked so I could get in. And so I apologize about that. But, um, it's really your typical stadium seating. Huge room, just like you see in the movies. Honestly, it's one thing that movies like portray well, so yeah, there's a locked room. Sorry, this is Gambrel, where I have my film media studies class and I have been English classes. My classes in this building usually like about thirty kids to one. Professor. Um, I really like when the professor's office hours when there's a class like that size because it's actually pretty medium size. When you think about it, you know something's lecture halls are huge, but I still like it. You know, all professors have office hours. The school is just enormous. And so the more faculty I think that you could get close with, the better. That's the teacher's desk. And here's the classroom. As you could see about some kid asks, just pretty My next video is going to be. I worked downtown area off campus called Five Points. There are a lot of things there. There's like shops and boutiques and fast food and like, sit down places and a bunch of bars. Well, go on and go out to bars. You know what? Downtown? For five points other way. Uh, it's it's about it's I think it's a little less than a mile from campus. Depending on where you are, I can't piss. Some people do walk when you're coming from campus, but there's also a lot of houses around there that people can like that. But it's very popular place where students go e and to go out at night and stuff like that, and so here is from that that little clip was a very popular liquor store. The live students go to call Jimmy and Sons. This is Latitude rooftop, which are bars the cotton generate there another bar. But see been in America. We've got shops. You got the baked bear over there, which is that ice cream place that puts ice creamy tweet between two cookies. And that's like Brand new. We've got a T Mobile barbershop who got shot? What Flag Place is a restaurant college? Mark Marie. Any other needs over here? Is Sushi Yoshi, My favorite sushi place. A glove. It's so, so good. There's the barn and cover three, which are other bars? Harper's, which is a restaurant. This isn't even everything. Mystique. The boutique Babuji is that, you know, and this is just like so close to campus. Like even on a nice day, You could just kind of walk around the party place funny billboard decorations for Christmas breakers, which is another bar publica. Any deli. There's so many sandwich shops, you all there's This video is about dorm room essentials. When I think about this topic, I just think about all those things that I was using that was like, my remains my freshman year, one of them being a stapler a bunch of times, and everything went. But I get nothing being a printer. Which, luckily parents, balmy. But for that, it was like trying to figure out hers. Or your, you know, was ordered to pay to use a printer. Anywhere you go, you have to pay South Carolina, too. So I would recommend just investing in one. Because you only when you know for, uh, what else storage. Any sort of stores you can get is really helpful. It depends on how your dorm room is. What most likely. Even if you have a single bedroom, there's just not gonna be a lot of room. You'll get, like, a dresser. But you're gonna need more than that. Depending on your closet is and stuff. But like, you're gonna want bends. And especially those, like, once you put under your bed. Those were very helpful. I was. I was like, the little things, like tape paperclips. And I just didn't even think about how I got there. I don't have any more. I like having a like a husband pillow like a big why, Hello? It's got arms like this because usually in a freshman dorm, you don't you like your desk chair, and that's like your only furniture. And so people going to see your everything in your bed, A lot of people are gonna be staying in bed a lot. So it was nice to have a pillow that you could just sit against its not to second directing it. Also, that being said, like a lot of people are going to sit on your bed. So you're thinking that you want to get, like, a beautiful white comforter in that it'll stay beautiful for your refreshment here call now, you know, I covered her fine, but have make sure you, you know, like a blanket to put over it during the day or whatever because it's illegal to sit in a doorman. A lot of times, it depends like some places here have common rooms with Countess stuff, and that's great. But that's not everywhere. And so I also definitely recommend I know. Hey, Wassup, It's Abby. And welcome back to my channel or welcome. If you are new video As you guys conceive in the title, I'm going to be doing the truth about sorority recruitment. Sorority rush, Sorority 101 Everything. They don't tell you about sorority recruitment. I'm going to expose today in this video, but don't get me wrong Shorty. Recruitment is like the most amazing experience you'll ever have in your life. It's literally so intense. It's so fun. You meet so many amazing friends and people, and in the end you get to like, you know, run home to your house and your sisters. But there's also a lot of really not so great not so fun things that they just don't tell you when you're about to go through recruitment. But I'm going to tell you because I got your back to try to keep it as real as possible with you guys and just giving you the inside scoop on everything story recruitment related your new toy channel. Please make sure to hit the subscribe, but and also make sure to leave a like if you enjoy the city when you want to Seymour sorority or college videos. If you guys don't know already, I do a ton of college related videos, and I will have a playlist like Down Below. If you want to go check out more college advice videos. So that is everything. And let's just get right into the video. You probably have a good idea of what a sorority is because you clicked on this video and you're obviously doing some type of research to try to, like, figure out something about recruitment. Assorted, basically, is a group of college women really opens the doors to a lot of amazing things. You're able to create networks with people. You meet amazing friends and share bonds with people Really just get you involved in college and involved on your campus on, and I think that's a really great thing. That, no matter where you go to school, is to try to get involved as much as possible, because not only just to build your resume for college, but also just like, you know, build on your college experience. That sorority and Greek life is one of those ways that you can enhance your college experience and just make it overall even more positive. Hisley stories and Greek life isn't for everyone. And I know a lot of people that want to recruitment, and they join sororities and they ended up dropping them because it just wasn't for them. Or I know some people that just never did rush throughout their four years of college, and that's really find too agree. Life is not for everyone. Um, so just keep that in mind. I don't feel like you have to join Greg life to have friends because that's not true at all. Have so many friends that are not in Greek life. And they have plenty of friends. They have social lives like they're normal people. So don't think that you have to do this. It should be something that you want to do. You should be excited to go through recruitment and yeah, you're gonna be nervous, but it should be something that you're doing for you. And not because your mom was a legacy or because, like, you know, your sister was in one. So you feel like you needed you. But with that being said, you also shouldn't you know completely write it off and not give it a chance because I feel like everyone should at least give it a little bit of a chance and dabble in Greek life because you never know. Formal process of recruiting new members or PM's PM is basically a potential new member. That is what you will be called. When you're going through recruitment process, they will refer to you as a PNM. Other stories and other schools have different names for it, but at my school, we call them PM's. It's basically a mutual voting process, and the PM is voting what houses they like. And the sororities are voting on girls that they think are going to fit best in a sorority based off of conversations that you'll have. Full recruitment usually takes place in the fall, and authorities do recruit during the spring as well. It just depends on your school and the chapters and everything. But usually spring recruitment is much more informal, and it's just more laid back. I usually only is like one or two days or so, but fall recruitment is usually very formal. It's very intense, and if you go to a big Southern school, then it's even more intense. I go to a huge Southern university, I go to the University of South Carolina and our recruitment literally is over the course of two weeks. So it's really long and each round is two days, except for like Pref, which is the last round. I'll get into that in a second, really determining how your recruitment process is going to be, whether it's gonna be a little bit more casual. If it's a smaller school, it will probably only be like maybe a weekend process. If you go to a bigger school like I d'oh, you're a recruitment process could be anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks, which is just mind blowing that literally. We rushed for two weeks like it's just so much. It is basically divided in two rounds and what round these rounds are, it's going to vary and how many rounds there are. It will vary depending on the school you are attempting for me personally. When I was going to recruitment, the orientation session was held at like six o'clock at night, the day before the whole week of recruitment started on. Basically, what you go over at this orientation is you're put into your groups for rush. So these air gonna be your groups that you will be traveling with the first day or two of recruitment. And you also get to meet your pike eyes. A pi Chi is basically a girl that is in a sorority. But she hasn't disaffiliated herself from her sorority during this whole recruitment process. Basically there to just guide you through your whole week of recruitment. She's there to be a non biased opinion and help you make decisions. As you get closer and closer to the end, it starts to get really, really hard to like, make a decision, and sometimes it can get really confusing and really emotional. So pack guys are really great for just kind of like keeping you grounded and like helping you think through the process and, like, come to conclusions and like away the pros and cons and, as far as like, beauty products go. I brought a small little travel sized deodorant with me because you do not want to smell bad like you were gonna be sweating like bring some deodorant, please. Maybe even some perfume. I had, like, a small little travel size perfume with me I. I also carry blotting sheets and powder to touch up my makeup because I was sweating so much that I didn't want, like to go into a house with, like, makeup down my face out of like hundreds of girls. There was only like, two people that I saw with this item, but it was so smart. I highly recommend getting a small, like battery operated portable fan toe hold and just carry with you because it got like, guys is get so hot and you're so sweaty. And I saw, like, maybe two girls that had these like fans. And I was like wishing that I had one. And I remember like the night after, like the first day I went to a CVS. Try and find one, and there was no fans. Like literally. All the girls have the same idea, and they went and bought like bought out CVS for these portable, battery operated fans. So over the summer, make sure to go and try to find yourself a little small, battery operated fan before recruitment because you will love yourself. Breath mints are so important. Oh my God, guys, load up on breath mints. Bring breath mints. I would not bring gum. You do not want to bring a gun. You don't want to chew gum when you're talking and having conversations with girls. When I was going to recruitment, they wouldn't even let you, like, have gum in your mouth or like have it at all. It just it seems kind of rude. You're also not allowed to wear watches when you go through equipment because you don't want to, like, be tempted to look down your wrist at the time because that also can come off is like rude, if you like, weird to like Look down at the time when you're having a conversation with somebody, it can be taken the wrong way. So no gum and no watches. Those were like the two big ones I can think off the top of my head, but breath mints? Yes, Do Please get breath mints. You do not wanna have bad breath and be having a conversation with somebody like nobody will like that. So make sure you have breath mints and make sure you were just keeping all of your like personal hygiene very clean and put together and, you know, deodorants. perfume Breath Mints Round one, which is called Go Greek. And basically, for that round. I wore a T shirt that they provided for us. It was like a Panhellenic T shirt that they gave us for recruitment. And then I also wore a pair of shorts and some sandals and then my name tag, so it was very casual. It's like the most casual day out of all of recruitment, and throughout the whole week, you basically get dressier and more fancy throughout the whole week. Obviously, you don't wanna wear like ripped up Denham high waisted shorts that are like showing off your butt cheeks. Don't do thou try to, like, wear shorts that are like appropriate. They obviously going to be like grandma shorts, but just keep it appropriate, keep it cute and just try to show off your style as much as possible on D B. You know, and wear what you're comfortable in. But also, like, you know, keep it classy. Recruitment is basically like a bunch of interviews, so you want to be dressed like you would for an interview. If that makes sense that the beginning of each house you get lined up and you're put in alphabetical order. That's how we do it at my school. They'll say, like will count down 321 and they'll open the doors and then you'll see all of the girls that are in that sorority standing. They're right to welcome you. They'll usually be saying like some type of song or like whatever and well, usually clapping and like some of them even jump. So don't freak out. It's normal. They're not going to kill you, I promise. You're not like, you know, walking into like death. It's normal, just, you know, it's a little it will take you back like you will not. You'll be really confused at first, like I almost started laughing because I was like, What the heck am I getting myself into hand? You'll start walking in one by one and as you walk in a girl from the sorority that is also lined up and they have, like, a whole system for this. But you walk into the door, they will grab you or, like, you know, touch your shoulder and kind of guide you into the house, and then they will walk you into the house and you'll usually go in annual stand or sit and have a conversation with that girl once they're done singing whatever song they were just saying, like five seconds ago. So yeah, this part can be kind of awkward. Of the sorority girl is like singing as you're just kind of standing there, like looking all around and you're like, What? Let my doing? It's way more nerve wracking, honestly, to be on the other side of recruitment. I feel like just because you've been literally it's like you've been practicing for so long, trying to make recruitment so perfect. The president of the sorority will go to the front of the room or wherever in the house, and everyone will listen to them speech about, like welcoming you and saying how grateful they are for you to be there. And you gotta let you go off and talk to the girl that just guided you into the room. And then you'll just have, like, a regular conversation she'll ask you about like your majors will ask you why you chose to come to the school. She'll ask you like your hobbies, like what you did in high school. It's not a myth that these girls like Instagram and Social media stock before recruitment because they dio like I feel like everybody knows that if you don't know that, when whatever, It's kind of a known thing for recruitment process even begins. These girls will literally know your name and who you are before you even set foot into the house, which is kind of creepy. But it's just it is what it is they want to like, be able to know you as best as they can so that they can make us comfortable as possible in Perry with someone that's almost similar to you. And that's something that you'll start to notice as you're going through recruitment. Basically, Day one was the longest day of my life. It literally was so long and so hard. First thing I was not expecting on day one of recruitment. Was that the conversations? Yes, they are the shortest, but they are also the most tedious because you are repeating yourself literally all day. You go to a large school like me and your meeting with 13 different houses, so that means 13 different conversations with girls that day. You are going to be repeating yourself quite a bit. Literally. The top questions are going to be What's your major? Where you from? What do you like to do? Most basic generic questions ever. And it was so like I remember, like I was really into it like the first couple houses. But then we got towards, like, the end, and I was so hot and tired and just over it and like repeating the same thing like high winnings. Abby, like, I'm an actual science major. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina, and I gotta push through it and, like, stay positive, stay smiling. Wanna be as polite as possible and just show that you like care to be there, and you're grateful to be there no matter what. And for me, we also have a day two of round one, where it's basically the same thing. We just split the houses in half, and then you do the second half the next day, particularly rank your houses from the ones that you like the most. You could see yourself in the most to the ones that you could see yourself in the least, and then you cast your vote and then you go home and you just like, take a nap. Relax, Chill. Stay for a round to the very beginning of the day. You get your schedule back, so your schedule basically is your list of cuts around. She was over the course of two days, so basically was the same thing the next day. Also, we just did the same exact thing. I went to the houses lined up, talk to the girls. The conversation drew a little bit longer. So again, something casual but still a little bit nicer. Dressy crustaceans getting a little bit deeper. It's going to be about their philanthropy. So at the beginning of this round, they'll usually show you a video of what they do in their community service. They'll have a conversation about the video. She'll ask you like how you felt about the video. If you have any questions about like what they dio and I think for this round, it's really important for you the night before to brainstorm some questions toe. Ask the sorority girls about their philanthropy. Philanthropy is is basically the Sororities Community Service project and what they spend and dedicate most of their community service and fundraising to I'm in Kappa Kappa Gamma and our sorties philanthropy is reading is fundamental. So basically what that means is we provided books to underprivileged schools, and we also will go into classrooms and sit down with kids and read to children and give back to the school systems. In our community, three is basically sisterhood day, so for this round they kind of use the same thing that they did in philanthropy around me. I just wore, like a nice sundress. It was a little bit more fancy. I wear nicer shoes with it, like a small hell sandal with it. And then it was like this floral flowy dress. It was a little bit fancier will show you another video them with their functions and whatever. It's a really cute video. It kind of gives you an idea of, like what the girls are like and what the story is about. On sister a day, I definitely was getting better ideas of what each story was like. The end of the video. The girl that walked you in, we'll talk to you and ask you, if you like the video, you can ask the girl questions this is a really great time to ask questions about sorority and events. They do things that you should not talk about during sorority agreement. Is anything related to frat boys or boys and general, Just like don't talk about boys. No, you don't even talking about Chad. You don't need me talking about Brad. Don't bring up frappe. Also, you're not supposed to talk about alcohol or booze. Don't bring it up. Don't talk about it. Don't talk about parties. Don't just don't. The girls aren't allowed to talk about it, and you put them in a really awkward position. If you bring up something related to like boys or alcohol is the night where you finally make your decision between two sororities. Which one is going to be the one that you like the most and which one you could see yourself at the most. This is the most like emotional and intense round of them all. It's also the longest round as the most formal round of all the rounds. During recruitment, I wore a black like formal lace dress, and I wore some like nude heels and a nice pair of earrings. This is like the most dressing around. You wanna look really like put together and professional? They say that you're not supposed to wear black because, like the sorority, girls are going to be wearing black. But I still wear black. You can still wear black. It's not that big of a deal. A lot of PM's were wearing black, too. So, like don't feel like you can't wear black like you can literally wear whatever you want, who have made it down to two houses. So you have the two houses that hopefully you liked the most. And also these houses are the houses that I really like you the most. Your schedule for your two houses back the day or the night of Pref, whatever your story does and you'll go to those houses. Maur shell. There's usually like a slower song that they're singing. It's not so fast and upbeat. Ah, girl will still come and get you that is in the sorority and shall guide you in. And it's usually this girl is a girl that you've met with, like at some other point throughout the week. Basically, just hide other conversation, and we talked more about Kappa and, like, um you know, recruitment and whatever. And she asked me more questions about me, and we talked about her and we talked about the sorority and I asked her a lot of questions. Like, what was her favorite things about Kapo? Like what? You know, like, how did she choose Kapo? Like, how did she know that capital was, You know, the right place for her things like that. I started asking and I also asked the other house for me personally, it was between K K G or Kappa Kappa Gamma and Tri Delta. So those were my last two houses, and I really liked both of them so much on it was really hard for me. So, like the night of Pref, I didn't really know, Like what I was going to pick like, I really didn't know, Like what I was gonna D'oh. But, um, I went to Kappa and I had a really meaningful conversation with her, and it was just like so going around and looking at all the girls in the sorority and just being like this is like where I belong. Like, I just I feel so comfortable here on to make sure that you're not listening to other people's opinions. If you know someone has something negative to say about certain authority, like just don't listen to it, block it out because you really want to just do you and focus on Wait guys, guys, the video. I hope that it was helpful you hang in there questions about recruitment or sororities in general, anything that I just didn't cover in this video. Feel free to leave your questions in the comment section down below. Enjoyed this video. Please make sure to give it a thumbs up and also make sure to hit the subscribe and down below for more videos. For me is everything. I love you guys so much and I will see you in my next video by name with your hair. You Are you Thio? I think make it clear. Doesn't seem to take. Didn't mean this didn't me? What were you thinking when you thought you could touch me that night? I know you think it's wrong if you don't bring the same. But if I want to touch as take it back. I didn't mean this didn't mean that. What were you thinking when you thought you could touch me that night? I know you think it's wrong if you don't bring the same. But if I want to So we have dying off. There is one leg communal building for a plunge itself called Russell. How's the insurgent converse Alehouse Union? Because there's like, so much going on there. There's so many food options. That's also where my office is for work. That's where student government offices are. It's just it's like the very central place on campus. Um, I eat there every single day. There's so many options. It's great. There's much other dining, all options that I barely even go. Teo honestly, but it's nice to have options. There are other smaller letting holes that I go to towards like my other classes that are closer by. There's Starbucks all over the place, and so here's video that So this is Russell House Union. It has one of our four bookstores. Get a lot of stuff in there. It's also where you need to pick up books. When you ordered them like textbooks and stuff, it really got everything. As you can see on this sign here. Just so many offices. But also places said that bike rack this side is more dining home area. The child. Shall you just coming up here more seating? Chick fil A Clearly So this is the upstairs eating area. There's a deli, a pizza place taco place Downstairs, there's Chick Fil A's you could see in the back. There's also little market places where you can get snacks. There's two filet and another Asian restaurant in that cute little sign to take pigs in Panera. And what a Panera Law. So, yeah, and that's a lot of seeing. And there's would like to meet people there instead of the library, because the library can get a little too crowded. So and like Russell. Hello, everybody. My name is Alec Odell. I am a junior media arts major. University of South Carolina are also trying to get a theatre minor. For those of you who don't know, media arts is like it's very broad. Major could lead you into a much different jobs, like good design video, any picture ending intimation, filming screenwriting class stuff. I'm doing more like the film route with that, and I love it. I love my classes. I love theater classes, but more on that later. Also, I work for the student run TV station soon get on television As she keeping for short, we dio a bunch of different programs looking news show Sports, a Busby type wine, a short films type program in the US of a comedy show, which is what I worked for, Produce and direct. The live sketch comedy shows that we do. The show is called Carolina Tonight. Find us on Facebook like us if you want or hilarious. Very fun. It is the most fun job life, and I can't wait to show you as the best campus on Earth. Now every video that I make is going to start with mediation in your time of camera like this because I just bought myself a brand new camera and then you get one lands because I'm kind of a war until this land has manual focus with your toe back focus. Until if I turned the camera, you know, while I was filming it on camera would be out of focus. You know what? I want to see that. So you saw everything you like this, and then it will go to the footage of whatever I'm talking about. And because enjoy my tour of the universe So the way the meal plan work is as a freshman, you thinking we have one choice and it's just like a certain amount of meal swipes you get per week. However, they letyou slight them at any time, which is really nice. I as a junior, have declining balance, so it's just like money on my card. But I pay for food without taxes, so it's a little bit cheaper than just paying with a credit card, which I really like. I recommend it for when you're not freshen. You can choose your own to really helpful on. DIT tells you exactly how much money you have left, and it's just my favorite.