Botany/Plant Biology

The study of plants is not a new science, but it’s more important and popular than ever. A Botany/Plant Biology degree is a good first step into a science-based career, but you need to know what your career options are going to be. Qualified botanists can work in a wide range of different industries, and that means there is a diverse list of potential career options and Botany/Plant Biology salary types to consider. Plant biologists will study all forms of plant life and will do so in either a laboratory environment or out in the field. Someone with a Botany/Plant Biology degree might end up working in agriculture, forestry, the pharmaceutical sector, food science, or environmental conservation. Depending on which career path you choose, you could end up somewhere entirely unexpected.

What can I do with a Botany/Plant Biology degree?

Plant biologists will tend to choose a specific specialist area. They could focus on plant ecology, studying how plants interact in natural environments, or choose instead to look closer at the physiology of plants. Many will stick to plant taxonomy, spending their workdays identifying and classifying plants. When you graduate with your Botany/Plant Biology major, you could end up working for colleges or plant research centers, museums, botanical gardens, or even USDA branches or Federal Agencies. Botanist consulting companies are becoming increasingly common, but there is also a high demand for those to enter the petrochemical, chemical, and paper industries. A Botany/Plant Biology major could open more doors than you think.

What to expect from a Botany/Plant Biology salary?

This will always depend on the specialisms that you focus on while working to get your Botany/Plant Biology degree. Generally, the longer that you spend in education and the higher your level of qualifications, the more salary you will earn. The type of work that you do, as well as the sector and the employer, will all play a role in determining your Botany/Plant Biology salary. In 2019, it was estimated that the average salary for a botanist was around $50,000 per year, but that salary can go as high as $100,222 a year. Because there are so many potential career paths and employers to consider, the average salary will tend to depend largely on your own career goals and ambitions.

Choosing the right Botany/Plant Biology school

A Botany/Plant Biology degree is the 262nd most popular degree in the US, making it very uncommon indeed. There may be some limited choices of schools and campus to look at if you're applying for a Botany/Plant Biology major, but that means research is even more important. You need to know that your campus is going to be right for you, and that means using the CampusReel video guides created by students at the schools you’re considering. With over 15,000 student-made videos that explore what life is like on the campus you're considering, it’s never been easier to make sure that you pick the school that matches your needs.

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