What Can You Do with a Civil Engineering Degree?

Civil engineers play an important role in the infrastructure of the world. Along with crafting plans for the likes of new bridges and roads, they are also tasked with maintaining and upgrading older systems. Due to the importance of the profession, it’s essential that you earn a civil engineering degree.

This guide will further explore the subject, look at the civil engineering salary and career options, offer advice about selecting a college, and more.

Should I gain a civil engineering major?

First of all, it is important you are proficient in both mathematics and science. These subjects are the basis behind civil engineering, where you study the mathematics and science which underpin engineering principles. You also learn about topics such as construction materials, hydraulics, engineering surveying, and geotechnics.

Once you have earned your degree, there are many different career paths available – the type that offers both stability and a competitive salary.

What can I do with a civil engineering degree?

Graduates have many different possibilities when it comes to their future careers. They can work in various sectors within construction, planning, consultancy, and infrastructure development. Roles can include everything from a transport planner to a nuclear engineer.

Below are just some examples of jobs with a civil engineering degree.

Civil engineer

When it comes to civil engineering careers, it makes sense to start with the most obvious option. A civil engineer designs, builds, and maintains various infrastructure projects. These projects include dams and bridges. Along with a degree, these professionals require a license with varying requirements by state.

Statistics from the Salary Expert reveal that civil engineers receive a median pay of $90,274 per year or $43 an hour.

Construction manager

A construction manager is tasked with overseeing construction projects. They need to plan, budget, coordinate, and supervise these projects. The responsibility of meeting deadlines and staying within budget is on them, as is making decisions when any circumstances change.

In 2019, a construction manager received a yearly wage of $95,260 based on research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cost estimator

A cost estimator is responsible for determining the cost of construction projects. This is done by evaluating technical requirements and what materials are needed. A civil engineer can land in this role due to their educated knowledge of these techniques and materials.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that, in 2019, cost estimators received an annual salary of $65,250.

How do I pick the right college?

Picking a college isn’t easy. You have to think about many aspects, including a budget, location, and reputation. Another major point is the campus quality.

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