University of Georgia Virtual Tour – By Real Students on CampusReel

A University of Georgia virtual tour can be amazing if you know how to use it. CampusReel allows you to virtually tour University of Georgia through hundreds of videos, images and exploratory technologies. Have you ever seen a virtual tour like this? Probably not. See below for commons questions around University of Georgia virtual tours.

How effective are University of Georgia virtual tours?

It depends how you use them. University of Georgia is a hustling, bustling campus and community. The beauty of University of Georgia virtual tours on CampusReel is that authentic video tours, made by real students, can be spectacular at capturing the University of Georgia vibe. We also go well beyond the confines of the University of Georgia campus by taking you around Athens. In traditional virtual tours, you will mostly see still, unengaging images and will not see the surrounding area at all – which is why CampusReel virtual tours are so important.

Can a University of Georgia virtual tour replace a traditional in-person visit?

If you cannot visit University of Georgia in person, then we can honestly say that we believe a CampusReel virtual tour of University of Georgia is absolutely the most effective and holistic way to understand the University of Georgia people, campus and community. However, if you do plan on visiting University of Georgia and other colleges in person, we strongly recommend that you at least prescreen your college options on CampusReel before spending the time and money to visit. Most prospective families find that as soon as the step on campus, they instantly know whether or not they like the school – but they’ve already spent all that time and money getting there! Our goal is to eliminate all the time and money visiting University of Georgia in person until you can make a strong educated guess that it’s worth the investment.

What places can I virtually tour at University of Georgia?

For your convenience, below is a list of University of Georgia places you can virtually tour on CampusReel.

What are the downsides of a University of Georgia virtual tour?

The downside of virtually touring University of Georgia on CampusReel is that, admittedly, our technology does not yet mimic the exact feeling and experience of visiting University of Georgia in person. We are working on this though! A common request we also receive from users is to add more perspectives (e.g. student guides) to the platform. Rest assured we are working on adding more CampusReel guides to the University of Georgia virtual tour. However, our selection of guides still far outweighs the available perspectives of traditional virtual tour platforms.

What are the benefits of a University of Georgia virtual tour?

The most obvious benefit of a University of Georgia virtual tour on CampusReel is that is can be accessed from anywhere. This can save families a lot of time and money compared to visiting University of Georgia in person. Another often overlooked benefit of a CampusReel virtual tour is that it goes far beyond a traditional in person tour University of Georgia. Campus visits are limited both in time and scope – how are you expected to truly understand a college in a 1 hour tour? That’s why we stress the added benefit of CampusReel virtual tours – experience University of Georgia and Athens during different seasons, days of the week, and even hours of the day. What’s game day like? What is finals week life? Again, traditional virtual touring platforms don’t include this benefit.