Chemical Engineering

The engineering field is very wide, and one of the more lucrative careers to opt for these days. However, there are a lot of engineering options to choose from. One of your choices is a Chemical Engineering degree, which will give you the foundation you need for a career transforming raw materials into commercially viable products. A combination of chemistry, math, engineering, biology, and physics, a Chemical Engineering degree can be very challenging, but also very rewarding. Not only will you have the satisfaction of creating innovations that have a positive impact on the world, but the salary for those with a Chemical Engineering degree is very appealing as well.

What can I do with a Chemical Engineering degree?

When you choose your Chemical Engineering major, you will be able to tailor your areas of study, depending on your career plans. You will have different modules to choose from depending on whether you're going into environmental protection, health care, food processing, or pharmaceutical development. The good news is that there is also a high demand for Chemical Engineering graduates in other sectors, including:

Some graduates with a Chemical Engineering degree go into working with either government agencies or consulting companies, and roles can range from the development of environmental regulations to microelectronics and biotechnology. A Chemical Engineering degree can often be the first step in a profitable career.

What to expect from a Chemical Engineering salary?

Once you have graduated and started looking for jobs, you'll find that your Chemical Engineering degree provides you with a wide range of career options. The most common job taken by Chemical Engineering graduates is a chemical plant and system operator. This entails making sure that a plant is working to the right standard, always looking for ways to improve quality and efficiency. A salary of around $52,700 is what to expect as an average. Alternatively, you could choose to become a manufacturing production technician, earning around $61,800 per year. The food industry is always looking for applicants with a Chemical Engineering degree and becoming a food scientist can pay around $50,500 at entry-level. With such a wide range of career options, it's no wonder that more people than ever are signing up for a Chemical Engineering major.

Where to study your Chemical Engineering degree?

Once you decide to take a Chemical Engineering major, you need to make sure that you are going to attend the best school for the subject. This can be very challenging, and it can be hard to separate the promotional adverts the school has from the reality of campus life. That's why CampusReel offers free access to student-made videos from schools and colleges across the US. Check out the videos about your potential campus, and find out more about what it's like to live in the dorms, what kind of nightlife to expect, and (most importantly) whether the Chemical Engineering department has the equipment you need.

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