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So right now, I'm gonna show you guys my door, which is the part of this tour that I'm so excited about because I love my room. Honestly. So I'm sure you scan your cards again to the rooms here for freshmen housing. And I can assure you that my colon you walk in. You see everybody have a floor, man. Yeah. No. Basically what you get in a dorm. This is University Village Solutions. First freshman housing and you get a microwave and get these cabinets right here and get a mini fridge. Everything else. That's only cars. This is that I remind my brought so little set up here for fall. Have a toke, sovereigns. We never trash here. And you get to bar stools for little bar area. So before she gets my room and she the bathroom area. So you share this back area, get one thing and this is my sink right here. There's me. We have these little pictures up here and they have carpi trash can. And then here you are shower area, you get your toilet. Shower. Last but not least, my bedroom. So alright, the name tags on our doors which is cute. I am room B, which is the first time what you see when you walk in, which is kind of cool. Have the spit game on the door for my last name. So we turn the light on, walk into my room and this is my, basically my setup. It's a pretty simple also, if you didn't say no. This is my tax shooting off Amazon. My pillow is my bed, my little blanket. And then here is my There's my monogram right there. There's a little pictures. Are you going to perfume my land little by little verse, Go have an essential oil diffuser right here to make my room Small, Nice TV, my DVD player, my speaker. And here I have this little calendar, which really helps me keep up with my homework assignments and things that are going on on campus, club meetings and things like that. So just write it on there. I have a little cup, told my pins. And then there's my makeup mirror. Have some books right here and then my laptop, which is literally a central for everything I need to do all of my homework. My man, my bro picture some make up brushes. And so the best part about these rooms that you get a closet with a big old mirror embedded into it right in front of it. Come on, show us inside of the closet. It's a pretty good amount of closet space. You don't have room for all of the clothes that you have from home, but yeah, so that's my dorm. That's the building one thousand. And if you guys could see here, this is the actual courtyard. It's like a cool little walkway. Yes, there's three major buildings in court. It's not that big a decent size, But, uh, I really like this courtyard walkway. It's just a really nice dinner. Just leased the campus. So, yeah, this is not the only apartment option that's on campus. There's another Harmon option called the Commons, and it's all right. College is really interesting because it doesn't. It doesn't just develop you an ongoing process of constant time management, constant priorities. And it's just so much. And what is it? There's nothing wrong with that because it's nothing more than self development. And because, like one of my friends said, best, um, colleges in just about academic learning. It's also about learning yourself because, like, there's gonna be times where you wanted to your home or because you have to. But then you're just not going to do it because you just really don't feel like it. The guys, the number one thing that defines you. Not money, not Julie. None of that nonsense, not materialistic stuff that no more aunt thing that defines you is how you overcome your hard times. Because, like, nothing in life comes easy. You know, especially a college degree. I'm gonna see you guys tow my fair respond campus. Top of the cell is the view of Atlanta. Well, kind of. But you see what? Yeah. This place is very specially because I just I love Kool views of stuff. Plus, I get it. Yeah, you seem like a nice, broad view of campus. All right, so this is top of the hill, guys. Aziz, you see, down there, you see some of the buildings. I kind of see it. There's nothing too special. I mean, the view, the view is still there, though I think this is special to me because, you know, it's a view that land from campus. You don't really get too much of that. So there's Corey are building two thousand three thousand. Look at this guy's. It's just amazing. It's a really cool place to be. Nobody really, ever comes up here with me. I never really seemed to. Many people come up here, but it's all good. So if you guys decide to come over here and he wanted to come to a place to stay, you know, gather your thoughts on top of this hill, right next the courtyard. So be a also saying like it's there is no preparation for college. Truly, because I thought, Excuse me, I thought I was truly prepared because my brother, he know he would call it, too. And I hung out with him and his friends a lot, and I thought I was, like, really prepared. But, you know, I had roadblocks. Nobody's perfect guys. All those four point also as you students you hear of, they're going to hard stuff, too, Like nobody can ever say. College is easy, ever like that's the most ridiculous thing ever, because how could college be like it called Easy to someone. They're just not pushing themselves enough. And they didn't like these did the minimum. So this is gonna be a really, really interesting for years once you guys graduate because the thing is your It's just a bunch of self development and mental development to because the power of your brain guys is phenomenal. Like the people you surround yourself with the environment, the negative energy that you encounter like it's just so much. But if you go to a good school like hey issue, they will provide you with really good opportunities academically or even socially or not working before I get truly started. It's where I want to make it quick mention so this campus. So this is Mary it, right? And it's kind of sauce, that university. So it's like what? So basically Kennesaw State, but a technical school called Southern Polytechnic University, and it was, like, by far like other than Duratec, the best technical university in Atlanta. So once Kennesaw State, Boston and Polly, they started doing some, you know, like changes like that. But I was saying that because this building used to be like a restaurant, but it's been closed, and they said they were gonna open it like this past spring, but still nothing. So we don't know it's going on. So yeah, so oh, yeah, I forgot to mention Corey. Art is on the very east side of camp. It's like this entire area is like one hundred percent east of campus like they're basing on the edge. A major benefit of living on the east side of campus is the convenience for the location. Guys Marietta's campus of Kennesaw State is a phenomenal location is literally like twenty minutes from downtown Atlanta. It's pretty good, and it's like right on Cobb Parkway and, you know, call parkways very convenient. We're going straight to the highway and all like it's stuff. So as you walk a little more inward towards campus, there's this big field. You know, these two things. You're just like safety demonstration stuff. But this is like a big field, this building to the left, to those of you who are really, really considering one can saw St Marietta, the's air, the freshmen dorms. How hellhole. There are different dorm options, of course, but this is just one of the primary wants is the cheapest. You can't leave the building because of trees. But how Hall is your basic traditional dorms, like, you know, to two beds and then shared a bathroom with the West hallway, which is not really my preference. But, hey, I mean, she gotta do. You gotta do do it then. I've heard a lot of crazy stories about people that live in there and the experiences they have. So yeah, how Hall is quite the place and right here is Norton home. This is weird because apparently like it's the same exact size hellhole with, like, you know, the two beds in the new share bath in with the rest, the hall and stuff like that. This is the same layout. But what's weird is that this is for, like, juniors and seniors and like I've really never met Junior senior software that is in this building, but primarily nor a hole is no for the verses office, which is very useful. And then there's the police station. Of course, guys, security on the campus is insane, like, Oh my God, you're always a cop car driving around doing this circle like they try to keep us very Hey, campus rules. So right now I'm going to show you one of the places that I wish I would've seen on my campus store. And that is Kennesaw Hall is basically where you go to turning your forms and everything for financial aid, which is kind of, I would think, one of the most important part of colleges of the college experience. And, yes, I'm going to show you that it's basically consists of the registrar's office and the financial aid office. So here is Kennesaw Hall, Financial Aid and Registrar Office. We're just going to go ahead and walk inside. It is building five eighty five on campus. You'd be looking at a campus map. We're going to go inside so they have left us right here for you to do any paperwork you need right here is the registrar's office on the left side and on the right side is financial aid. And then right there you have a chicken. So, guys, that was a very quick you of Kennesaw Hall. There's really not much in there is just one room and in the back of it, of like offices for people that work there. But what I said it's one of the most important offices on campus because you need to think about, you know, college where she gonna major in all that stuff. But the most important thing to me is how you're gonna pay for college because, you know, not everyone has the money to just pig college out of their pockets, picked the money out of the pocket for college. So yeah, that's something really important to think about. And finally, you're fast and all that stuff. Any questions you have about financial aid? You could just call financial aid office or come up here. They're opening five Monday through Friday. Yep, very important office on campus. So I hope that this video help you guys so you can know where to go with your financial aid stuff your freshman year if you decide to come to What's up, everyone? My name is calm your Caribbean. I am a junior at Kennesaw State University, studying software engineering with the minor aerospace yet egg stem major for life. Y'all. Let's do this. I'm really excited for this tour. I'm really excited. Give you guys my advice. In my point of view, as a college student since twenty sixteen, it's been a while two years. It feels like it's been longer than two years, but it's all good. So we get you guys started, and we're going to housing. So I could live on campus, his apartment complexes called Kori our departments. And, uh, let's, uh, see a tour, Shall we? All right. So if you walk into my bedroom is what you see Keep in mind a college students better. It was not the cleanest war decorations Love my music. Bad size Corey. Art is four full size bed. They recently changed the mattresses up, so it's pretty comfortable. But I still like my two inch power because your boy likes to get that good sleep. You know, I'm saying that nightstand drawers this is the setup for doing homework and stuff like I like to pull up my homework on TV. It's pretty awesome. And, of course, a lovely closet to put. Are you closing? And the best part about living in Courtyard is having your own bathroom because, like this is literally about them within your room. It's pretty great. So, yep, basic, essential sink, toilet shower, all that good stuff right in your bedroom. It's like, so convenient because it's like You don't have to worry about like, Oh, shower. Oh my God, I don't want anyone to see me. It's all good because, like, you got your full privacy. It's pretty great. So, yeah, let's let's take a look at the actual living space and live in your own kitchen. So a career. Apartments is not like the dorms toe where you don't have like a story. You actually still then, like a wave kitchen thing? Of course, the there's also Washington dry included. It's pretty great. I have three roommates and typically how roommates are assigned there randomly assigned there like they just go on like the catalogue and select a room. And whoever else selects that room becomes your roommate. So it's like Simple is that you can also choose to live with friends that you want pushing as the funeral quick. What a beautiful morning. And Marietta, Georgia. Look at the sky. It's amazing. All right, so, yeah, you get a cool balcony. And also I specifically chose this room because I I'm very selective with which, like place I live at, I literally walked around. It's like apartment area like last last year, before I moved in, I was Which room do I want to select? Because, like, the thing is on the catalogue, I'm like the housing. Caroline, when you sign up, it's like, move in here. It just feels like the list of room numbers, but you don't know what this room numbers are. So what I did was OK. What've you don't want and, like, wear like location like it's all It's all about being selective. Guys, see how it's pretty great. Now, Now that I've given you guys a bit of the tour of the inside, what is it with the So I'm here at the Kennesaw State University vs Alabama State University game, and I wanted to trade a couple clips from the game, especially half time right now. But I want to show you a couple clicks, someone getting from earlier and now enjoy. Was because I have all my morning jog and do your morning jog. I shall give you all the essential outdoor tour of courtyard. Now you're probably asking, Why am I on a jog and in the morning? Because if you don't constantly challenge yourself physically and mentally, the challenges that life will bring upon you, we'll beam or harder, So it's important to always telling yourself guys motivation. Motivational Monday's baby. That's it. Building one thousand. And if you guys could see here, this is the actual courtyard. It's like a cool little walkway out and right here is the building that I live, which is like Martin is way over there. But it was built in two thousand. Uh, that's a building three thousand. So Yes, there's three major buildings in court. It's not that big a decent size, But, uh, I really like this courtyard walkway. It's just really nice, and I just leased the campus, so no, yeah, this is not the only apartment option that's on campus. There's another apartment option called The Commons, and it's all right. It's just, ah, definitely cheaper. And it's I can't tell how better or worse it is because I only went there like once or twice so. But that's for you, Fagot. Yeah, guys, College is really interesting because it doesn't. It doesn't just develop you. It's, you know, an ongoing process of constant time management, constant priorities. It's just so much. And what is it? There's nothing wrong with that. Because, um, it's nothing more than self development. And because, like, one of my friends said, best, um, colleges in just about academic learning. It's also about learning yourself. It is like there's gonna be times where you wanted to your home or because you have to, but then you're just not going to do it because you just really don't feel like it. But, guys, the number one thing that defines you not money, not Julie. None of that nonsense, not materialistic stuff. That no more aunt thing that defines you is how you overcome your hard times. Because, like, nothing in life comes easy, you know, especially a college degree. But I'm gonna see you guys tow my fair respond. Campus is the top of this hill. It's ah, top of the cell is the view of Atlanta. Well, kind of. But you see what I mean? Yeah, this place is very special, because I just I love Kool views of stuff. Plus I get Yeah, you two seem like a nice, broad view of campus. We anyways, so nothing in life comes easy. And if you become aware of that mentally and you look a each road block like this emotions feeling you have to not want to do it. Just overcome that. All right, if you guys here, let So this is the north part of campus. You get the iconic globe and stuff. Cool little three Flags. And right here is the merry at a campus student center. Now, I don't wanna see the student center is, like, primarily truly good for Chick Fil A and the book story and also picking up packages so like that. So, uh, yeah, you walk in just writing stuff. Spring screech. All right. Once you walk in, a lot of times, you have things happening in the lobby. Right now, downstairs there's taking us through upstairs quick. You know, here's the division of student affairs. This place is huge issue into organizations or club. You'll be coming here a lot, like, you know, get some help with them to help. We're with the organization, events and stuff like that, and this is what this place will entreat you guys a lot. Because this is a game. If I said it, it's a game room. It's pre show. It's not that busy right now because it's not really morning, but this is, like a cool hang out place. Even though I came here, like, one time in my life. But yeah, yeah. Pull seals on tables. Pretty cool. Bobby, what's coming out? So oh, if you live on campus and you need to ship something, books or supplies or anything you need typically whenever you like, shipping you ship is like the campus address. And what happens is like your package wherever it gets put in here. And then you get a email saying, Oh, hey, packages here and they sing. It's called Taxi. It's pretty cool because, like on your email, say here is like your four number. I'd be used to having four numbers and then you sign it and boom, it's pretty great, that's that. Let us go check out downstairs. So once you guys get downstairs, you see the lovely chick fillet on campus. It gets very long line during lunch hour. Of course, everyone play and you have a nice little sushi place which is closing. And this is the bookstore on this campus. Let's go check it out So the book was pretty essential because you have, like a tech area for, like, help with geology stuff. And of course, you have a lot of clothes. Mercy. Nice. You have no fucks. Anything you need for school related stuff. And back here is where all the textbooks are. All of them. The on campus. The post office is also located in here. Well, she's right over there. If you live on campus, your package won't always get sent back. City, sit down. I'll get since the the Pope post off, and that's where you go pick it up. And, uh, yeah, it's pretty much it. I'd rather not go over each single product that's here because you guys know what a school stories Seldom once you get a little more familiar with downstairs. And she has this place real quick. So there's not too much down here, different types of offices for different things. But this place is very important. This is called Department of Career planning and development. You guys people that graduating college and say, I can't find a job are looking hard enough. School provides a lovely resource for you to help get started. You know, get started in the industry, like you notice they're literally partnered with companies for students, too. Internships and, you know, I work full time, so it's very important. Guys. College is what you make it. I'm going to say over and over again over and over again for everything. Guys just gotta believe in yourself or card and do it. So now we've got to work the student center. Let's go check out some of So here we are. The library. Once you walk in, you will see this. So basically guys, the library's good a lot, horn. Howard, there's a slight problem. So you can see all these study speech, right? And the Kennesaw campus. These are everywhere sounds, but this might seem like a good place. However, be aware of this. So I don't know why they're still in power and all these study spaces. But if you have a laptop battery that is not good, you need to sit somewhere grind. I don't recommend city here. This is ridiculous. Like that sign has been. There's just like literally it's it's fall twenty eighteen right now. It's literally been there since, like the beginning of spring of this year, and it's just like they don't really. There's just some problems with the school I don't really keep up with, but I don't blame them. They're doing their job the best I can. So once you come up here, you see, there is a computer lab computer we have is pretty great for getting work done, especially if your laptop or personal device is not working. And college guys, there is no excuse at all, like, period. The thing is, if she emulator Professor saying, My laptop stopped working all that you know, they'll say, Why don't you get to keep your lab? Because this place appreciate it. You get your work done and you get out. It's pretty great and you could print stuff here. Of course, let's go upstairs now. Pretty great, cause this is the place that I always buy person. I get homework done. So as you can see, it's a pretty big area for doing group work. It's pretty awesome. There's a giant whiteboard, all that fun stuff. It's a great place. I love doing homework here on the chairs. Is that our little old fashioned? Well, most of it isthe. However, there putting your table still dislike the newer, like model. I feel like when you buy time, you get to come here, so I'll be like he's probably his cool areas. Sit down, get your work done. There's outlets here, too. Overall, a pretty great place. Now let me tell you as my favorite thing about this Mary, a campus library. So, of course, there's study rooms, and in the Kennesaw campus study rooms you need to make a reservation. However, on the Mariana campus, it's first come first serve, which is amazing. Not every room, though. Their study rooms that are like technology, where it comes like a TV, which I'll show you guys in a second, a TV in Asia and my cable and you have to make reservations for those terms. However, these basic rooms are like amazing because, like literally, it's first come first serve and of course allies. How it's hard to find one who's busy, of course, however, you know, do the best you can. You see this big room. This is the biggest first come first serve room. Nice long table. Basically, during finals week this past spring, the library opens like eight a. M. Every single day during finals week. I left my place at, like, seven fifty five toe walking here exactly when it opens. And I finesse that like big study room because, you know it's it's finals. So obviously, library's going way too crowded. So I did was I took that big study room and I'm basically texted everyone from all my classes and said, Hey, come through this All so, like basically hosted like a study sesh kick back, want you back forth back and forth like what was? It was amazing. I loved it. If you I really want to certain things because you have to be smart with being selective about just like what? Selecting my room. I told you about earlier, like finessing the good Professor's man. Yeah, get in the room early. It's you can't complain if you didn't try hard to get what you want. Like, if you get a bad professor because he just wanted to find your schedule, then that's your problem, you know, saying like any complaints, you have any like, you know, I think you want to just talk crazy about like, It's not your problem. We'll tell you the kind of ISS. The thing is, guys like college is all about what you want, what you get from working hard towards what you want. Here's another big study room. It's first come, first served pretty great. Let me show you guys. The tech rooms were quick, the ones that you have to reserve. So that's right, a room like this. So, yeah, he's using. He's a reserve, so but it's pretty cool. Comes a TV allegation. My portable TV. However, the only problem is both the Canis off campus and Marietta campus. If you want to reserve us a room, it's only about two hours. That's why the first come first served. Rooms are very handy. So yeah, it's pretty much a library. I'm the actual books because you know that's it's called library, so it makes pretty much good sense. So all right, now that we've given to a library. Let's go take a look at, uh, engineering tech building. All right, let's, uh, let's go towards the student center, and I'll tell you guys a little about me and my story. So basically, I am originally from Swanny, when at county. I've always been into planes my entire life, like airplanes and stuff. And I was never really an extracurricular student because, like nothing else, interested me out of them Planes like I really like planes a lot. I've had that interest in planes since I was like, five. I've always wondered what I could do with it. Originally, I kind of want to become like a pilot, but I wasn't not too much about that. But I've always been liking math and science because math and science has always been a good challenge. And science has just been phenomenal. So they finally came where I was talking to someone, and I told them that, like, math, science and airplanes, and he was like, Oh, good looking too aerospace engineering. And then that was like, from freshman year of high school guys. So I've known my plans since my very beginning high school. But if you don't know your planets all good, you'll figure it out once I figured that out, I decided to want to go to this school and brutal it's in the beach. But it's a private university and with private universities comes expensive, expensive costs. So I decided not to go there. And then I was looking at Georgia Tech because Georgia Tech, as you guys know, is a very worldwide known school. And they are the only school in the state of Georgia that offers an aerospace program for Undergo for underground, that is like back. So I try to apply to George back my senior year of high school. And, of course, you know, not a lot of people get in. I got denied. So I told myself, all come to this school making state university and just take my core classes here. I was still planning on trying to go to Tech. Nobody's perfect. I don't have the best u P A. Because, you know it's college is literally not easy. Supposed toe apply to tech after two years of taking my core classes here, but it just came to the point to where, like I was over, stressing myself out, and I just felt like it wasn't really the right thing. To do. So what was I going to do? So when I came to Kate, Kennesaw State, I, uh, I declared a mechanical engineering degree with a minor and aerospace. They at least have a minor here. But mechanical engineer, it was just so boring to me like I do. I care about planes, you know, I care about working with planes and math and science behind that not really like it's just they're not entirely different because technically, aerospace engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering. But still, you know, just I just really want to do something else other than mechanical. So one day I was talking to a friend who's talking about software engineering, and I've never really been like a true programmer. But I realize like what software engineering actually is, and it just interested me to pursue it. Basically, software engineering is like, How can I make a software issue? No saying. Just like very the big picture of the software. All I could stuff. I also had some realistic conversations myself to truly figure out line primary skill sets because, like guys, I'm not like a theoretical person like I like math and science I do. I'm pretty decent at it. But the thing is, guys like I'm just not theoretical like I'm a strategic. I, like, take theory and apply it so basically yet in in mechanical engineering classes, guys like, if you gotta consider mechanical engineering or any engineering degree, you're going to get a bunch of math and science classes like on ly classes where you study equations, problem songs. Nothing wrong with that at all. I mean, there's just classes are made for certain people, but I mean, I could have tried to do those classes, but I knew my G P A would just sunk a lot. I mean, it's not really speaking negativity. Speaking from experience. Well, yes. So I'd looked into software engineering. I was like, Okay, this seems like a really good plan because I called the people I know in the aerospace industry to make sure they're wanted in the industry. And of course, it's one software. Engineering is, like, literally, like exponentially growing within these next ten, twenty years. And the best part is, there's fists and industries looking for software in here. So I formally decided to stay Kennesaw State and do software engineering with the mining airspace because if I stay here, I'll graduate sooner. I'll even get a high paying job and versus just trying to get to tag with not the best. G P A. The thing about GPS guys is don't ever get caught up in G P a all right, G B doesn't mean everything, okay, you are a person of value. You are a person that is guard is going to look for the best thing you can do for yourself. The importance of networking is phenomenal. I mean, honestly, like I'll tell you straight up networking is way more important than GBH one hundred percent. Because guys, who do you think a job is going to hire a four point as soon it that doesn't talk to anyone all four years and graduates or three point of students that graduates and knows a lot of people in his have two internships. Obviously the three point of student because he's got opportunities. He's had experience versus the four point of seeing that stayed in his room all day. Like just put that into perspective. Guys, you have to network. You have to talk to people. I don't care how shy you are. I don't care if you don't like people in general. If you want to succeed in this world, you better talk to people because people are the essence of your success. Every person who talked is a different avenue of opportunities. No matter what it is, it could be, you know, festival concert stuff. It could be business stuff. It could be anything like so many different people have sown even stories to tell. And it's your you're a responsible to find it. So all right, now, now that I'm done having this little mini motivation conversation, let's say So hey, oh, I'm about to show you the student center and basically in the students, and it is a lot. So there's food. There is mail services. The bursar is offices in there. They have a market place, the student university store. Whatever is in there, you could get books. There's the bookstore. And basically, like anything neither cancel. Related is in the student center. So I'm the train does that right now. So here is the student center. Gonna walk in something You first walk in. There's the Birthers office. And here's a little talent. One pop up sharp right here, his university male. Oh, they have vending machines are here. Eighteen somewhere you can put money on your student I d and a princess come in here. It's the Student Government Association Office is the Lgbtq Resource is in their international program student affairs. Just the whole office is down here. Well, think about the student centers. There's always flyers for things. So if you want to know about something, comes with students and to see a flyer. But basically second floor is just offices right here. You have the Volunteer and student service and Linda Tripp's office. And then there is a help desk right here that she can come, too, if you miss a party. So on the third floor, there is the International Student Association office, which is a club that you conjoined. There's a graduate student association office right here's a lawful and you can go ahead and study. You can rent it out if you need to do something like I had an audition in there. And down here is he Kennesaw Activities Board office, which is a club that, I mean. It's kind of like they do all kind of activities on campus. And the meetings are religious for feedback. So they did capture our The ship did homecoming game night. That was Costa. And that's pretty much it for the third floor. So on the first floor, we have our radio. You can come and work here. I'm probably going to end up coming to work here for my major. And we have game room. I hear you could play pool, and then there's like a bulletin board. The lounge area. And right here is the ignition office, which is this with the orientation offices where you come if you want to be in orientation leader, which probably do towards the end of the school year, What I'm coming upon is right in the cafeteria. Right here. We have Chick fil A. Others Panda Express here. Sushi right here. Here there is a burrito bowl on. Another thing that vulnerable has freshened smoothie place, even its movies here and my burrito bowls and burritos. Just like Chipotle. And lastly, for the student center, we have the student stores. There's Altec Town One and the market. Surely that so here's tone one. It's where you get your student I d if you lose it. Hear his university stores come in here to get Kennesaw. Carol, you want so like Scantron for ten and everything like that because I need that. And there is a bookstore upstairs. Lastly market, which is a pretty good one of my favorite places on campus. And you can use your darling that was here to get snacks and stuff. Otis. Everything. No drinks. Lastly, here's I'll take. You can come here for help with your back. I can buy my iPad anything by her phones, whatever you need for you are Elektronik devices. All right, guys. So that was basically the student center, probably one of my favorite buildings on campus. I have to say, there's a lot of food options there is. You saw and you can buy a lot of stuff that you need for Kennesaw for classes and they have makeup in. The students are also so That was cool. Yeah, you guys enjoy that. And I will see you guys in the mix tour