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Hey, y'all, it's me tan. Dra right behind me is a classroom. It's in the Russell Union, but it's used a lot for psychology classes. I took American government in this classroom, so I'll show you guys the interior. Says. You walk in, you can see all of the chairs in, like many desks, like assigned to them. Right here is like a big scree. Like I said, I took American government in here and I said, Right there every so often the university programming board, also known as U P B. We'll put on like, free shows here. I have to pay for his like popcorn. You want to bring it, But they're like like recent releases, too. Yes, right here. So they recently or they're going to show the Lego movie and march there was a movie here. I can't remember what it wass the showed venom in January, so it really all the movies depends sometimes animation, sometimes their horror there of all, like movie rating. So that's also like a really, really cool thing that their movie showings here. So you don't even have to go off campus. You just said the weight like a little while, but yeah, and the next day I show you a much Also, I'm here with my friend Benito. She currently lives on campus right now, basically a basket, just like couple question that she's going to kind of describe what living on campus that upperclassman like. So did it come with a little more about like where you stay this year? I currently live in freedom, slaving its we call it freedoms for short. Take off one word. It's ah, university like apartment complex like Type Thing, and it's very nice. It's very spacious, the like, apartments themselves. They're pretty large rooms. They're pretty good size. It's not that far from campus on. We have a pool, a gym clubhouse with really nice computer lab like pool table, all that kind of good stuff. Me, I'm pretty lazy person. And so I can just get up. Walk five minutes to the shuttle, the university shuttle that will take you to the main part of campus. And it's one payment, like personal Esther, instead of one payment every month. These these apartments, we don't even call it the dorms and call them apartments. Because there, for upperclassmen really like that's mainly who lives here. And until they tried to suited for upperclassmen, and freshman. It's like what you see on TV time of like everyone's kind of outside and like in the hallway like care, people running past your door like things like that, taking in laundry down the hall, like in here. We have laundry in the apartment, and it's just all different not saying that those features are in other dorms, but it's just everywhere here. Yeah, I stayed at a freshman only dorm my freshman year, and it was definitely like it was honestly, really, really highly did like who will be running up and down the hall like all times of the night, like the laundry is full of. Hey, all its Sandra. I'm back on the far end of campus. Um, I walked by the building in the previous video, but I realized I didn't show you guys the building it off. I'm going to show you guys what makes the building. So there are two places to eat in the I T building market Street deli and a small Gus smart, which is like our convenience store in campus. But they added the gusts mar few semesters ago for people on the side of campus who didn't want to walk all the way back up to the union to like by, like, things they might want to eat. So we'll take you guys inside the building and let you know what it's all about. Here's what the building looks like at night. It is three floors with a whole bunch of computer labs. And, honestly, I think it looks prettier a night than it does during the day. So this is the atrium of the I T building, obviously super quiet now. But in the middle of the day, it's bustling with activity. People sitting down trying to grab a bite at Market Street over there or coming in and out of Gus Smart, which is like a convenience store, has everything from sushi, too. Deli meats and cheeses. Marcus trees where you can get a proper sandwich left happen. Go and get your food fast. Or most of the time we're on the second floor of the building right now. But here is a typical it like classroom. Unlike the buildings that are like the like the rooms that would be in like a place. I like Koba. They're actually outlets for like students, laptops and their phones here, obviously very tech focused. So the building is filled with classrooms that all they have inside of there are computers now. Obviously, a lot of them were for like the programming classes for the student, but they're also available for students to use any time between when the building opens at about six or seven AM until midnight. So I'm back outside of the building. The building's home. Tio. Yeah, major. So information technology, computer systems, computer science, all that good stuff. The all take classes right in there have a lot of respect Fried T majors because it's basically like Maur math like his way more math in numbers and data that I'm accustomed to, which is why I've been Sanford Hall. So it's just really great ability ng really great people, the labs. Like I said earlier, my favorite part of the whole building open till midnight. Sometimes I come here over the library. We just depends on how far I wanna walk. But it's building definitely one of the three important academic two guys. So today I'm going to be showing at the rack, which is a recreation activity center here. George Southern. So these literal like rooms you si r specifically to play racquetball or volleyball. One of them has a volleyball net, which is on the other side. But these two are specifically for racquetball. You could rent these out by Sean Damu Eagle Idea the office over there and you're good to go on this side. We have two basketball courts which can be used at any time on Lester's classes. Like in the mornings. There's classes here. Um, but yeah, on this that we're two basketball courts. And on this side, we have two other basketball courts that are right now are being used for intramural basketball. Uh, your Southern offers a lot of intramural sports, and these two are just for fun. So, yeah, as we had done this hallway, I'm going to show you the machines we have. We have, like, this there case machine and a lot of treadmills on the other side. So yeah, I don't really use that machine, but I I used the treadmill a lot and the track that's further down the hall. And, yeah, as we go downstairs our show. You are the swimming pool, which is an Olympic size swimming pool. And there's way. We also have an outdoor poor that's not as big. It's really small, but this one you can use whenever you want our whenever there's no classes in here. Yeah, guys, that's the tour of the wreck. I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for my So right now, kind of take a limit of a detour. Behind me is a library which you guys we'll see an entire video on later. Um, it's four floors of twenty four hours, but I'll save the rest of the cool. Things for the actual video were actually right in front. I'm right in front of lake. Either Wells or Ruby. I believe this is like, wells. Um, it's, um if you look at the Lakes aerial view on Google maps, this one is actually in the state. Uh, or is it? It's in the shape of the state of Georgia. And and this is the smaller but still very popular Lake Ruby Orwell's high You can never I can never remember from the side of, like You have a really, really nice view of not on ly the library right here. But you also have a view of our second on campus dining hall that was called Lakeside. Obviously, because it's near the lake must have another one in Maine, part of campus. And that was called Landrum. I'll show you guys that in the future video, like, I just want to show one kind of final shot of the lake over there. E C students and couples just sitting there talking, looking out over the lake, kind of the middle of the lake where I hear you can see the turtles we have when it's a warmer. The terms were actually come out here on the bank and you can kind of like, see them like interacting. Just being around each other, I think, is a really, really cute. All right, so now we're back on the pedestrian. This building right here is the Carol building. It has sociology, anthropology, political science, all those kind of majors in there. I took a sociology class. They're my freshman year, and it's kind of the traditional, like classrooms you would expect like, there's, like forty something Dez fortysomething students in there. The right here is the newest building on campus. It's our interdisciplinary building. Before this building was built, we had military science and the fashion and marketing department like they had to really, really, really small buildings on campus. But now they finally finish this, and it houses like fashion. Um, it doesn't house. Military acts have their own new building kind on the far end of campus. Not near the pedestrian, but I went in here and I'm honestly jealous. I don't get to take classes in here because this building is freaking awesome. So we're approaching the far end of campus. Right here. Um, this building is the building, which is, I'm sure, pretty self explanatory. It has all of the computer classes in there. So right now we're kind at the end of the walking part of campus. That building right over there is a biological scientist building. A lot of freshmen tend to get the natural sciences building and the biological sciences building confused. That building over there is where a lot more like high tech, like apology stuff happened. Um, I'm in liberal arts. I can't tell you anything about biology. I just can't. This building right here is what used to be known as Koba. Um, some guy gave, like, a five million dollar donation, so I don't know if it's like Koba now if it's like pope. But this is where all of the business majors have their classes. We hav e con classes in here, marketing classes and all of that. So finally, right behind me is a Newton building That's where a lot of your freshman English classes writing class and dollar that are. Honestly, like I said earlier, we don't have a quad for, say, like the whole campus is our quiet kind of scene. Most of the main buildings on the pedestrian most of the main buildings you'll probably being but another video show kind of see, like what's inside those buildings? What makes those building special? Why those students love those buildings so Hey, y'All. It's lunchtime. Somebody take you guys on a tour of our student union? It's basically were most of the lunch options are and have my friend tagging along with me on this journey show you where you got to get the best stuff beat. Why the lines are so long and all that so stay tuned. Hey, So right here is Gus Smart? It's basically like a little convenient store gonna take you guys inside. Um, you have to go through this, But, I mean, they have, like, of the typical kind of college essentials, they also have sandwiches available. I've only maybe gotten three ever in my life. Now, as you can see, like I said, it's lunchtime. So they're literally so name people in here. I'm personally here to get a drink today, so that's what I'm getting. Hey, also, it's a little bit later in the day, but I kind of wanted to show a comparison of the union when it's super super full and when it's not Super Super Fool. So we're heading into the union right now. You can see Basically, everybody is gone for the day. The line that was here for chick plays pretty much gone. I'm actually about to head to Starbucks and get a drink before my next class. So I just got my drink. Yes, there's a star in there because I'm a star, but I actually didn't have to wait in a line. And we have this thing on our campus called Tapping Go. It's an African download and connect your Eagle I D card to, and basically, whenever there is a line you can order ahead and typically get your drink faster. Then you typically would waiting in the line. Um, sometimes during lunch. It does get backto because everybody thinks that they can order on the APP and kind of get their food faster. And there's light on the APP into the line during lunch. You can use it for any of our like on campus dining locations. So for Chick fil A Star Books, another coffee shop that we have in our library and basically just everything on campus, you're able to download it and use it for. But I'm walking to my car in my parking lot. So so you guys in another So right now I'm right outside of my apartment. My stay in an apartment complex called the Grove. It's your kind of traditional apartment style living. Um, this is my first time staying off campus. I've been on campus since freshman year, and finally, last year I decided I was like, You know, it's my last year. I kind of wanna move off. Camp is twenty one now. I think I should try and get used to kind of living in an apartment signing. At least in all of that, I'm starting your sophomore year. You're able to move off campus and live basically wherever you want. There's a lot of options in Statesboro in this video. I'm going to take you on a tour kind of my apartment in my room and talk a little bit more about the differences between on and off campus housing. So let's go. Welcome to five fourteen, you guy. So right now, kind of standing at a crossroads, its half living room, half kitchen. Right now, there's not a lot of counter space here, especially compared to where I stayed last year. Which kind of sucks. I do like cooking when I can right now we're walking into the living room. Sorry about my beeping smoke detector. I should really, you know, get maintenance on that. But right now you're looking at kind of a fun will. Backdrop. I buy a while back sometimes to take photos in front of it. Or when my friends come over, re all, like, take photos in front of it. I'm just kind of a little nice. One piece, right? Mai room door. Obviously behind me. I have pictures of a lot of awesome memories and experiences with really cool people and my family and all of that. Um, usually this would be lit, but the batteries just die. Literally just died. So now it's just on my wall. Unlit. For now, this desk is where I tend to do most of life and make up and not my homework. I'd like to do my homework in the bed or honestly, not even at my place, because I tend to get sidetracked. Alights right here. Really cute. Um, if I had my picture lights going, it would be cuter. Boy. Ben, kind of see the glow from my little candle right there, boy. This is why yes, I am laying in my bed playing my bed to talk to you guys more about off campus housing. My personal complex has a shuttle the distance from here. Schools like, great. But I just I don't know, I just really wasn't really impressed. No, but this particular apartment. But like I said earlier, we have, um, I have loads and loads of apartment complexes. Um, some wit shuttles to campus and back, some not somewhere houses, some or not somewhere traditional apartment somewhere. Not like the benefits of off campus housing. There's nobody really breathing down your neck like it's up to you to really call maintenance for problems, too. Go to class. I mean, to do whatever what cons, though. Like I said, like, not every apartment complex will be the best fit for you. Um, I know people that I've literally lived in a different complex every year since freshman ear. I know people that have stayed at one and had no problems. And it's all that research. Yeah, I'm glad I'm off campus. Maybe what? It shows a different complex. But Tillie, don't regret moving off campus at all. During inspection. Okay. Um, hi, I'm Meghan Quinn. I'm a member of Delta Pi Upsilon at Georgia Southern University, and I'm making the United part of I joined the data in the spring. This fight didn't go recruitment, but I went through spring. I just saw every girl was, like, really down to earth. We had good conversations, and I thought, I fit in there more than the other houses on road. I was also a spring baby. Spring eighteen. There were only a few chapters on our campus that we're doing spring recruitment. That's Mr Follow. It's a lot more stressful, I think, obviously not having ever either recruited into it like I've never done recruitment for it, and I've never been through it, so I don't really know, like what you've done. I didn't go through for equipment. But I help recruitment each year. I don't know. It's just more high, high key, more. It's a lot more formal. Look, you have a specific day, specific outfits like stuff like that. Yeah, you feel like you talk to a lot more girls, but during spring, it's very laid back, like you just get casually invited. Yeah, that's very intimate. Like you have a chance to get to know a lot more people than you want her. And I think I think had coffee and doughnuts with the girls. That Zeta. We just I found people that I don't think I would have found any other way. Then by doing this, um, like as cheesy as it sounds like you're out buying your friends. But like, you're just like you're finding your home my freshman year. I wasn't making any friend e. I thought I didn't have didn't need to join a sorority or any clubs or anything. And so I think that's why did it tonight. I suggest if you have a hard time making friends in college and definitely do it, it's the easiest way. Yeah, it's a good motivator to like it's gotten me involved in so many other things. Like student media. Uh, what am I thinking? Of sports and in any room, thinks of the word. two guys. So we're headed to the dining hall, Carlos myself and Ricky Centauri on right here. We're going to go to the dining hall, and I'm gonna show you the dining hall. What foods are served? Ricky, Do you like the dining hall? Do you like the food there? Sorry, Carlos. Do you like the food there? *** you. I don't like the food. The food's all right. I think it's alright to be honest on the elevator going down. All right. So Carlos Liston cp to Centennial Place building too, which is, like right next to the dining hall. Do you like that? Yes, actually. Is pretty close to the classes and stuff. That's good. I'm at Eagle Villas, so I'm, like, five minutes down the street. That way. Walking? Yes. Ricky, tell me, what is that? Read your eyes. Okay, guys. So what you see here is my friend Ricardo is entering, so you can enter two ways. Do you have your eagle eye? Di? Would you pass to the A lady? That's all by the computers at the entrance. And she slides your ID and you walk in or we have these cool new like ice scanners, which, like do they read your your eyes? And once you scan your eyes, there's like a green light that sometimes works. Sometimes it doesn't, but the majority of the time it works. All right, guys, read the dining hall. Would you get a card? Gonna cappuccino? It's You know what? You get nineteen cheese has. It's horrible. What you get coming. What, do you like the food here? No, no, nobody likes you. Since we're here at the dining hall, I want to tell you guys a couple of things about, uh, meal plans and stuff. So as a freshman you are required to have a meal plan. There are two different meal plans. There's a blue plan, and there's a gold plan. The blue one is less expensive, but they're both like over thousand five hundred dollars. I think the gold plan is two thousand dollars, and the Blue Plan is like a thousand seven hundred bucks. So yeah, with that, with each meal plan comes unlimited swipes, and you also have five guest passes with the Blue Plan and eight guest passes with the gold plan, as well as one hundred dining dollars, which him use that the Chick Fil A and other, uh, convenience stores on campus, and you have about two hundred fifty dollars on the gold plan. Right now I have the boo plan, and I think it's wonderful. It's It's more than enough because it's unlimited, so I can go whenever I want. Although the dining hall is not twenty four hours Monday through Thursday, it's from six AM TTO. Eleven p. M. Friday Saturday is six AM to nine PM and Sunday. I think Sunday it goes back to a normal schedule. So six AM eleven p. M. But yeah, that's all you need to know about the dining car. And I hope this video helped you out. Stay tuned. Next video as I showed you, the library from afar and inside and some cool things we have at our library. So stay tuned to see you dawn here with Bolivia. You're I am a freshman at what's your major? Nursing. So can you tell me a little bit about the great life here? You understand? I'm a Kappa Delta here, and it is with great experience for most girls like coming in, especially if you like. I don't know anybody. And you're coming from like a school that, like you're here by yourself with and is a lot of fire when we get to do like formals and semi formals and rush Week and Greek Week and Spirit Week and all those types of things I like. You just get to have fun with your friends and your pledge class and other, much cautious is so being a freshman coming in and doing Rush Or you could be a sophomore. It is a week long process in which you go through all the houses in your campus and you basically I talked to people and girls inside the house you're paired with, and you just get to know each of the girls and friends you away help pick which house you want to be in a end. So you're definitely have somewhere not you want to be and it's my house that's like fit for you because everybody will end up being in a house that's right for them. And that helps it like all the sisters, like, be together and have the same things in common and just have whether, what are other So far, no that way. We have Kappa Kappa Gamma Chi Omega Kappa Delta five mu defy, which is Delta Phi Upsilon. Hi Oh, and you earlier said there is sending formal Yes, you tell me a little bit. So Simi is just a dance that's in the fall, usually for capital ties in the fall, and it's just like a homecoming. You wear a short, cute little dresses and you invited day. So, like the guy's inviting the girls we have to actually like Go our friend. Guys start rocking, and then you just go usually have, like a site that you guys party or whatever, and you eat dinner in the bus usually takes you there like bringing back. So it's just like all everybody gets to go. All grades, like freshman year, soft our seniors and call it forever and then formalize in the spring. For us, it's like really April two situation, and it's basically prom. You were long, nice dresses like heels. Get stuff. You still ask the guys because I'm coming to your formal and it's just like a nicer dance and see me. But so much fun. What is one advice you would sell incoming freshmen about great play Do not have any expectations coming in. I know. I watched a lot of YouTubers and experience. I'm telling you, just go in, like with your own knowledge, Whether it's like a little bit knowledge are like you have a lot with your family, but just haven't opened mind with everything and definitely go with what your heart decides. Because, like your parents, like, if you're alive, you see like they're not gonna be there with you through the sorority. So whatever one fits best for you, I definitely, like, decide that. Well, it has been a pleasure interviewing you. All right, guys. See you in the next video.