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Hey, guys. Okay, guys, Right now I'm standing in front of a cop killer, which is my favorite personal building here at the U of a campus for many reasons. One of them is that chemistry runs my life right now because I am a pre nursing student. So one of the many joys of being a nursing student here at the U. Of A is you're going to be spending plenty of time in this building, whether it be going tio lecture discussion or a lab. Theis. I just showed you the panoramic field. It is this huge building. It's my favorite building at U of M campus. You come in here for your lectures and your labs for basically your major sciences, street and biology. And of course, I know there's tons of other sciences, but those are my major sciences for my major. So I showed you the panoramic view. It's five stories high, five stories high. And what really makes it distinct is the roundness on the bottom, which is where all the lecture halls are. And then the big like structure. I don't even know what it isjust. The architecture, er is a lot different, but also what makes it unique and really makes it so that everybody knows that it's Coughlin is the little tiny statues and arch away that is in front of the building. And that's my favorite part of the building. Just because there's all times of tiny scientists and it just was like, Oh, this is the sights building. This is the conflict building. This is the chemistry building. So, yeah, let's go inside. Let's check it out. Hey, guys. Good morning. So today's the day I'm finally moving away to college today, and that's really crazy to say right now. Super wait. I think it's starting to finally hit me, like, now that, like, I wanna be with you. It's really weird nerves account cannon, but I'm still super recited. So, yeah, so today's Friday and tomorrow's technically my moving day. But we're driving out to Arizona today and that same hotel tonight and then ready to move in that tomorrow morning. I'm super excited. So ready to get on the road and start this new venture. So let's get started. Good morning, guys. It's officially moving day, so we're leaving our hotel right now. And then where can I go to campus and move in? Because when I move in time, is that 45? And it's about fine. 29 3 ish right now? Yeah. And this is what are they made us put our names on the door. Okay, so everything's kind of long is my We're gonna move our furniture, though. So that way my bed is like an L shape. Okay, so we're almost on. We decided to move our bed so This is how they list. I don't show you everything because that would be in my dorm tour video. But this is basically overview of how we did my bed on her bed. We're almost done. We just have to hang up our pictures and all of our division and stuff, and I will be good too. So we came to tell you right now to pick up any of our life. Last minute thing on, I swear, everyone here is a college we just needed to get command ships, and then extra cash buys and then paper towels. So basically, we just hung up these pictures along my head here, and then we strong some life, and I forgot about it. So I do have to get some. Yeah, that's the end of this video. I just said bye to my parents and those super weird, like now, officially on my own Crazy. Yeah. Anyway, if you guys like this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below. If you haven't already, Here's don't forget my upcoming video You guys were checking out the U A bookstore and basically inside here it's a giant, enormous two story book store, but they don't just sell books. They sell you a year and pretty much anything way have here for Mom. And we have here for Dad and check. We even have here for your dog because everybody needs to be showing their support because now you're a official wild out, which I think is super cool because we have no school spirit here at university, so everybody passed. House pulls through it anyway. So basically inside here, like I said, you could fight all kinds of gear in all kinds of things. For your major, even. And here it is college harassing. That's me. Here I am joined by support in a force. We have books here in the book story because it's a bookstore way. Have all kinds of regular books, whether it be chased new releases of anything even think of. But of course, we have textbooks downstairs and tons of them. Something else that is super super awesome is that we are authorized stores to sell Apple products as well as Microsoft Dell. So if something happens to your laptop? Never fear. The bookstore at the U. S. Is going to taking her appeal. And we have school supplies and water bottles and pretty much anything you could think of. So if you're in a Graham and you need to, you know, look, don't worry. Us got you covered. Hey, guys. So this week, I'm going to be filming my college week in my life here at the U of A. And I'm so excited to share my week with you guys every week. I have so much to do, and this week's no exception That's gonna be so much fun right now. I'm just leaving my it. And so it's about like, 9 a.m. right now. I'm just gonna go back to my dorm, take a nice up on, then continue. I did so I think in here like a lawn mower and really quickly. You know, I haven't filled my like dorm tour yet. And I'm, like, holding off on that just because I'm waiting for the big little week, just in case I need to add more decorations to my room and just like finishing up everything. So, yes, I'm holding off on that, but you will see it soon. It's probably in a few minutes. Okay, so it's about 11 o'clock right now. Just look up from my nap and I'm gonna go head over to my sorority house to go eat lunch. I all my mills there every day during the week. I'm gonna go eat over there in the class at once. Okay? So I'm heading over to my Spanish class right now, some done for the day. So I'm just gonna head back to my dorm and do a little bit of homework and then head up to the gym, right? So I just still a little bit my home mark. And now I'm just gonna head over to our rec center to work out because our gym is so nice. It's ridiculous. And then after that, we have dinner and chapter, and we also find out our theme of our date dash tonight. So I'm super excited and really fun. Hey, guys. So today I have three classes, my sight class, Spanish and English. So I just got done with my psych class until here, and right now I'm just gonna go my story house for lunch. All right, so I just got out of my Spanish class and I'm going back to upper feet to do my homework before my next class. I usually just do that before that. And then yesterday at chapter, we found out our theme of our date dashes Thursday, and it's Coachella versus Country wonderful for me. It's like stage coach, some super excited, probably going country like I have in stocks. Right? So I just got back from class and didn't hear from the house. So now I'm just gonna head over to the gym. Yes. I just have my a t m class chicken app, and I'm on my way toe off a few for lunch. So I just got out of my two classes, so I'm done for the day. So I'm just gonna go head back over to off a feed to do some more homework and then have dinner. So it's currently 9 p.m. And I'm making myself go to the gym. I'll be lost do tonight, and then go back to my dorm, go to sleep, and then tomorrow Thursday and I was gonna be super fun to be the start of a really fun weekend. Okay, so today I have three classes and I look horrible, but I literally aware, like, T shirts and roll. I'm bad every morning for costs. A good thing about college is just gonna head over to my psych class. So I just got out of class, and I'm just gonna head over to out for lunch. I just got a class, and I'm just gonna have a back door and get ready. Yes, I just got back from the game and today's Friday. So it would be actually Friday game today. It's like I saw I had the date dash last night. Basically, all I did today was just do homework and a good any tailgates one because I had a lot of work to do. So priorities. And two because there wasn't a big things happening and they will probably be more things tomorrow's like. Today was like a break today, and I'm just gonna go to bed now. Okay? So I just got back from the pool party and I'm starving someone to go to Portland. It's like walking distance from my dorm. Someone just go there and eat some food and then just have a chill night. Hey, guys. So I just got back from our remember retreat for my sorority. I'm sorry. My really sick like I have, like, a fever. Anyway, I hope you guys like to sink an average week in my life here. You ve if you enjoy, be sure to commit a thumbs up and subscribe down below. If you have it ready and I'll see you guys everyone. So today it's my college moving day and I'm so excited. Well, technically, tomorrow's my movement day, but today we are driving to Tucson from Southern California, and it's about a seven hour drive. So I wanted to take you guys along the process with me and yeah, let's just go ahead and get into the video. Okay, so we're finally here. My parents are right now checking into our hotel because tomorrow my checking day is in the morning. So we got a hotel to come since it takes a whole day to drive and then move in tomorrow and then they'll stay here and leave on Sunday. After they check in, we're just gonna hang out and go to dinner, and then we'll get ready to move into. Okay, guys. So it's now officially my moving day. It's Saturday and we just got to my sorority house. I'll show you guys what I'm bringing. So this is like the main book of everything I brought. I tried to pack light, but we'll see if I actually did. Once we get in there and put everything in and then I have some other things in here, I'm pretty sure these air all like just my clothes and a blanket and then a hamper with other stuff in there and then in my car, we have things to So we're gonna go ahead and unload and then get back. Okay. So, yeah, this is everything. And honestly, it is way lighter than what I packed the past couple years. So I'm really proud of myself, actually, cause I feel like once this all goes and it won't actually be like a lot. So let's go ahead and do it way. Our this is our house thing. Okay? This is before it all changed and decorated. And then this'd is what our looks. I have all your clothes on a hanger and then put it in a large trash guys. So that way, when you come to move and it's super easy just to, like, take all your stuff out of the trucks back and hang it up rather than bring all your clothes separately and hanging them out individually, it'll be a lot quicker if you just okay. And then I just finished my closet and this is everything. I was able to fit all my shoes in there and still have a lot of room in my closet. So actually, this ended up being perfect, which is pretty good, and everything will bond to feeling the rest of the doors with all my T shirt and bottoms and all those things. Right now, I think these are the top two drawers that I have bottoms and really impressed with how much I brought. Actually, this is like the only bottoms I brought, And I still have a lot of room in here for other things. That's good. And then in my bottom drawer, I'm just spending the rest of my T shirt, okay. And these are all the teachers I brought. It's pretty full, but a majority of my shirts I'm giving away to my little anyway for her little. So this will be probably cut in hash anyway, So I'm pretty glad that that ofits. And now I think I'm gonna move on to all of my pajamas and then the bathroom way just realized I forgot my like pillows. Not my decorative ones were throwing split my actual pillow. So you have to go and get those and yeah, I was like, the one thing that totally slipped my mind. So yeah, just trying to continue decorating it with. Okay, so we're making more progress. And now we are almost done finishing up the bathroom, getting everything out. We put that little green plant right there, and then I think this is cute. I have two toothbrushes. I don't know why, but it goes away. And then you were almost done putting this stuff away right now. We just hung up this pink letter board and we did the Alfie sign above our desks. And then we set up this vanity mirror, and now we're working on all the decorations and the pictures. And then my dad's helping me with that. And then, yeah, we're gonna do right now. Okay, so we finished hanging up these pictures here, and then we decided to instead put the two other yellow decorations beside my desk. Huge is because there's not enough room beside my bed. So I think you also look good right there. I think these are all the pictures I'm gonna put up for now. Just because I haven't updated them yet. So that's what I'm gonna leave now. And then here is what we decided to do for the right side of my wall has another last thing. It's just a carpet. And then I'm done with a degree in my room until he gets here. Mmm. Okay, So that's what it looks like. And my roommates bringing some other world record a hang up right there, and then she'll be decorating her side. But for now, this is it a picture of this, Phil, I put a couple of pictures on here, and then when I remain calm, she's gonna put some up there, too. And then I just picked the ones where we're in. We don't have many of just us two. I think we have a couple of what We haven't printed those out unless she has. And then, yeah, this is my bed. I need to get pillow Strip. Because, like I said, I forgot them. And then I just hung up my string lights right here, which I need to get batteries for. Also, I need to decide where to that later. Lenny, I just has to my pictures here and then that I'm giving this stuff to my little cause. I got a couple gifts for her, and then we just got I just put home sweet home. We stopped to decide what we're gonna put on there. So maybe something related to Alfie and then this is our bathroom. So I'm gonna do more oven end up tour later on once my roommate moves in everything. But this is just a quick overview. And then this is what our bathroom looks like. Yes, Just is everything right now, and I It's okay. We're gonna go to target right now, and it is pouring rain right now. That's two song for you. It was literally, like hot and sunny yesterday and outs pouring rain. So it's been difficult Going in and out is moving in right now, So yeah, right now, we're just gonna go to Target and get those four last minute things I have and try and get through this. We're not target. And we are looking for bends to put in our bathroom just to hide a lot of the products that we have. I think we've decided to go with this one. I really like it. And I think it'll fit a lot of our things in here and next. We just need to get batteries and a few other things. And then we should be good to go from here, okay? And then we needed some triple A batteries. The way the pillow section all right here because I forgot to bring pillows. So let's see, I honestly realized I liked firm ones more than the softer ones. So I'm gonna get a couple of these. Were back at the house to finish up everything we got from Target. And here is what the house looks like. It sucks. It's a gloomy day, but still really cute. Okay, so we are officially done with my room. The only thing is, the new inched arguably accidentally got the wrong batteries. You got Tripoli. We need a double ice. We need exchange those. Other than that, we finished everything. And I'm so obsessively so quickly show you everything. We added an overview. So I hung up my little paddle right here that she made me last year. We all have hooks to hang, the ones that they make us. And then this is what it looks like when you walk in. And then, like I said, she's gonna put some stuff on that wall and then my little corner here. That's what that looks like. I might change that later. Just so it looks a little bit more put together for that telex for now. And then I'm gonna put an actual This is just a sweater. But I'm not an actual broke on there for hers. And then this is the bathroom. This is what we added. And this is just all of the rest of my toiletries and products in there. So it actually fits perfectly. And then she's gonna have that whole road for herself. And yeah, super cute. Let me show you my little cause. She just got here. And this is my little room. Cute. So there's always a lot different than ours, obviously. But super big, actually. Like, really roomy. What do you do with that? Oh, que? I love it. Yeah, let's get our nails and stuff so cute. I love it. This is everything. And yet we're neighbors. I'm right there. And she was right here, and yeah, that's pretty much the end of today's video. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my moving process. I hope you guys enjoyed it. And the future? I'm gonna do a full in depth dorm tour once my roommate moves in. Like I said, she's moving in a couple days later. So signs were all completely settled in our film that for you guys. But I hope you guys enjoy this video. If you did, be sure to give this video thumbs up and subscribe down the love. You have it ready and I'll see how my next you want some so excited to be making this video Right now? I've been wanting to tell people for the longest time because I'm so excited and happy with the decision I made. And honestly, for myself, it was so easy because I wanted to go to this school. But it was tougher on my parents because the out of state, he's just Hi guys. We're going to school next year and I will be attending the University of Arizona and I'm so excited and I'm going in after elementary education. Major, I visited two song last year, and I just fell in love with the campus even before I was did. I was loved sex with school the first time I actually considered even like I don't know why, but, like last year, me and my best friend were obsessing over college. And so last year I was like trying to ready, like, have a plan where I was gonna fly. Where did I really want to go where I see myself and all that? So I was watching you selling him and they're playing. They receive Arizona and maybe consider because one thing that I really wanted in my campus that had always been a big German is to go to a huge football school with great school spirit, Greek life, all of that. And so I wanted to consider Arizona, and so I looked into it more, and I just gained this interest for it. So I went to one of the events that they held here, talk born yet last year and even like leaving there. I text my friends and I want to come to the school like this is going to be It's just insanely expensive, but I know like that's the school like that. I really want to go to and I mean now it's like crazy and saying that I'm actually gonna be going. But yeah, so a month or two months after that, I actually visited the campus. So for weekend me, my parents went to Arizona and visited you ve to sign, and I just fell out with more, and I knew that was the place that I was meant to be. I'm just so, so, so excited and so thankful for this opportunity that I'm gonna be able to go to my top schools. I'm really looking forward to new experiences and new adventures until you guys on this journey with me because it's crazy about me out of anyone is like gonna go out of state like I'm literally the like size person ever. So being on my own, it's gonna be different. But I'm just so eager to have had that experience and also before you go on I visited assume because I'm a part of a program at my school where we have the opportunity to visit lots colleges and learn about college a lot. And I visited so many schools and most sit on words tiny, really small schools. And I just knew that I do not love small campuses. Schools that I visited that were huge were the ones that I liked best was definitely gonna be making a lot of college related videos. I'll do dorm tour. I'll do anything you guys want to see. That is pretty much the end of this video. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch a short video. Please give it a thumbs up So in today's video, I thought I would share it. You guys some tips and advice for you. Incoming freshman. I'm so sad because this is my last it on video in my dorm. So since I only have a couple weeks left in my freshman year, I thought I would pass on over some tips and advice that I think would be very useful for you guys. So, yeah, scan to the video. Okay, so my first tip that I have for you guys is it's just start making friendships and getting to know people. Now, before you guys go into your freshman year in college. I know with my school at U of a life we have, like the school's up. So, like you were able to communicate with other incoming freshmen. They have this for, like, a lot of other schools, and they have Facebook pages and things like that. It's like super helpful to get to know people before you go into your rush. Muneer, can you come to school like you're gonna recognise so many people you talk to and like you already gonna know people? I would definitely recommend you guys getting Jim people and meeting people. Now, this summer before entering your freshman year, my second tip for you guys is to not have a dams really try to avoid this. I think it's pretty obvious that you want to avoid it, but in my case, it cost that I had to take. The only time it was offered was 8 a.m. On Friday, and it was math cost and there was no other way around it. So if you have to take in a day, am I would just recommend having a gap in between your next class. So I had an 8 a.m. and my next Causton startled one. So as soon as I came back from my class, I napped for a couple hours, got up, I went to have lunch and then go to my next class. That saved me. If I didn't have that had cost is right after the Adm, it would have been brutal. So I would just recommend that because you know, when you hear that golf, you just think you know what in an hour, get to go back to bed. So if you have to have an ADM, just make sure you have a gap in between. Your next class is my third tip. It's going to be not to bring many clothes and shoes to college while watching it is. Before I entered my freshman year, a lot of people said this, So I'm really trying to take the advice and not bring as much and even thinking that I didn't bring a lot, I still brought me way more than I needed to. I brought half of my closet, I think, and what I have in my wardrobe right now. I literally never wear because in college there was like either two types of things you're gonna wear either closing. We were in a class which is like T shirts and stuff or close it and be waiting for going out and there's never really in in between. And the in between was like stuff I wore in high school, like I never wear that now like ever. So I just really think of like pieces that you're actually going Thio where and meet all the time, saying what shoes? I only brought shoes that I knew I would wear all the time. I use all of them there are a couple of parents on the only ward. You recruitment that I wish I had my parents just take back trying to make sure you limit yourself to how many things you bring it. So since you're not have so much room, especially T shirts, because you were going to get so many tasted some school, whether like from rushing or this throughout the year getting so many T shirts. So really try and limit how many T shirts you bring as well. My fourth tip is actually go to class. I really don't understand people who don't go to cost like her overheard someone you will feel like. I'm just gonna skip class today. Like what? Like you're paying so much money to come here. You go to school. Like, why would you not go to class? Especially because it's not like your typical Monday through Friday. 8 to 3 clock classes, like your schedules is so spread out throughout the week. You really do not need to miss because you never know when a situation is gonna come up throughout the semester where you have to miss class for if you're gonna be like going out of town. You wantto make sure you have that free absence to you. So just go to class because you pay so much money to go to school and it's really worth it. The end. Okay, My fifth tip is to go to games and get involved getting involved. It's probably like my most important tip women gearing college. Or even if you're in high school or anything, you do getting involved. It's so important to make sure that you are having the best experience that you can have through not involved, taking advantage of def opportunities on campus like you're gonna be bored out of your mind. You wanna have something that's going to keep you busy and something that's gonna make you want to get up in the morning and be excited for whether that's joining a club, joining a sorority or fraternity, getting a job, anything on campus. Just make sure that you're getting involved with getting involved. I would save if you guys go to a school where you have sports worst forces like a big deal. I highly recommend you guys going to the games. I go to have a we have a huge football games basketball games and so many more sports and people on games would be like, I'm not gonna go to the games. I'm like you guys were still like you do in a school. We're able to go to these really fun football games and it's so nice, like, Why not take advantage of that? And there's so much fun. Even if you don't stay an entire game, go at least for like the first hop like there's so much fun and they're so worth it. You're gonna be like, so glad that you're there with difference, like cheering on your team without being said if you guys didn't see my experience video. I did mention these watches from the college watch company was so excited to wear These were tailgates. So they actually gave me a 50% discount code for you guys using Amanda, 15 where guys could use that code to get 50% off your purchase of any of the college watches that they have through the college watch company. I'll have that link below the nose not sponsored, but I just thought I'd mention it because they're seriously so awesome. So go to games and get involved. Okay, My next tip for you guys is to be a good Hey. So I talked to a lot of girls like before. I came here about, like, being roommates. I just wanted to make sure I found one who really seemed like the same person, you know? So things went smoothly, like, you know, we got along really well, and I actually found that was me and my roommate are literally like the best meets Reach Ellerbee of a similar personalities. And we never had an issue this entire year, which we are so lucky for, because without being said, I think a out of 10 people I talked to this year have bad room, a nursery maid situations. It's a very, very rare when you actually have a good roommate and soon situation. A lot of the complaints were like people who would just for slobs of the new guys, like I just It's not hard to be a clean on good roommate like pick up after yourselves. Don't touch your roommates. Things about asking. Make your bed. My parents would hate this because I'm, like, really messy at home knowing that I'm coming to college. I'm gonna have a roommate that I'm living with. I want to be a good one. So my seventh tip for you guys is to make friends in your classes. This is something that I thought super helpful. It's pretty bad. They're gonna end up having some of that, you know, in your classes. So making sure that you make a friend and all your classes is super helpful. Four times you're gonna need to ask questions and be like, Hey, is it's due tomorrow. Hail it and help with this. You know, anything like you just want to make sure you how someone and each year classes that you could refer back to. Okay, My next tip is something that I definitely could have done way more to stay active. This is something that I said I definitely could have done. I want more. I would have gotten health kicks where I would go to the gym a lot. And then it's, you know, I think I got sick, which was pretty often I would wouldn't go because I was sick. And then I, like, stop going after that. So and then I would get in a health kick again go the gym all the time, and then it was the same cycle all the time. But this is super important because essentially taking advantage of your rec center. Most colleges, the rec center is a part of your tuition. So you want to make sure that you actually utilizing your rec center and going to the gym and just like being active. So you guys avoid that pressure 15. So my knife tip for you guys is to balance your social life and school and academics and actually, particulars balancing it all is so important with anything that you do. You want to make sure like you have a balance. It's about your social life, your school, your homework, your extracurriculars. You want to make sure you're able to do it all in jungle and not focus too much on one thing. So if you're like taking all these hostages, yes, we're here for school, but same time. We're also here for the experience. You don't want to look back and be like dang like I wish I wasn't too focused on school and, like enjoying myself a little more. Or you also don't want to be focusing too much on going out partying because that's not good for you either. You're here for school with that. You want to make sure that you're giving still good and good good grades in putting school as number one and not being a priority because you're here for school. Totally fine to go out, but make sure that you're balancing everything, and I wanna make sure that you're enjoying yourself and having experience while getting good grades. Okay, So when I step for you, if you guys go, actually, but I have my keys. So everyone does this. Everyone puts like they're key to their dorm early on a hair tie. So I did that, and I just put it onto my key chain here, so I could easily just take it off when I go out. So when I go out, I just take this up with this on my wrist, and then I will take my cat. Carter, take your student. I d put it in my pocket. That way. I'm not carrying my keys everywhere, not only for going out at night, even if you're going to class or something. Yeah, And then after, when you like, come back. You can easily just put your key back onto your key chain. So just like a little tip for you. Okay, so my nights tip and it were Russian and you're going to college. And if you do choose to drink, can't stress this enough. Like to really, really try to avoid a binge drinking. Especially like the first few weeks of school. I remember the first few weeks of school there were ambulances, like in and out, like our campus and our dorm all the time. Because it's everyone's first time with freedom and like being away from home without their parents. So everyone binge drinks all the time. But this is so so like, really. Make sure you guys utilizes, have an advice because it's so unsafe. Walked in and not you're not gonna know the people you're going out with this one of the first few weeks of school because, you know, you just met them, so you don't know, really, he contrast yet you want to make sure that you're not binge drinking and you're still able to be aware of your surroundings and get to know the people you have with and that you can trust them and make sure you can get back safely. All that. So if you do choose to drink, make sure that you're being safe about it. And do not drink and drive. Use uber safe right or anything. Those are all my tips for you guys. I really gotta hope you guys enjoyed this video. And really using steps like these are just since I found were super helpful for me. And I thought I would share with you guys. So if you guys enjoy this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below. If you haven't already, and I see all my next everyone's in today's video going to be telling you guys things I wish I knew before I went into college and partnering up with dorm essentials dot com. Tab you with any more college tips and advice that you may need. So how that linked down below. So you guys go ahead and check it out. Let's go ahead and get into this video. So the first thing that I wish I knew before going into college specifically at U of a was that I was going to uber as much as I did. I know this is something very specific toe like your school because my sister goes University of Oregon. They don't even have over there. But you you're going to uber so much, and I did not expect that at all. And it's mostly to like Greek Row, or even if you want to go to in an aisle or like Target, and you're not bringing your car uber everywhere. So keep that in mind. Maybe for like your graduation or going away parties asking for like, uber gift cards, it's going to be super helpful. The next thing is waiting to buy textbooks, so a lot of people always tell you not to buy your books in the library in. Yeah, you shouldn't. But the thing I didn't it was to wait to buy your textbooks. I feel like as a freshman, the first day of school, you'll get your syllabus and will say, like all the books you need. But do not buy your books right away. I definitely recommend you guys talking to other people have taken that class because most of time not gonna use those textbooks at all. So in the beginning, first semester, I looked at all this little by for all of my classes and the ones that said I needed textbooks like I bought all of them. And you guys, I didn't open one textbook First master always had hundreds of dollars on books I did not need. So waited on this semester to see if you're gonna actually need to use that textbook and even second semester for one class I took, I bought it like, mid away because my professors were gonna use it. We literally only used it once. And the one time we used it, she even projected it on the screen. And that book was, like over $200. Super frustrating. You do not need to buy textbooks right away. Just wait and see. You're actually going to need it and talk to other people Have taken that class to see if you're gonna actually the textbook. I managed to get a zit on classic. That's what do you need? The textbook. But you honestly really do not. The next thing that I wish I knew Woz that it's okay to get homesick. So I talked about this in another video. But I was homesick at a point second semester, and it was something hard to deal with. Honestly, because first semester was such on a high having amazing, like college experience that I was like, I should not be feeling this way. My entire college experience would be like, perfect, and I should be loving every single second of it. But that seriously, not the case. That's a very unrealistic like representation. To think that your college experience is going to be absolutely perfect. I definitely haven't loving and enjoying my college experience so far. Even though there was a lot of great parts, there was also some knots. Every parts and That's just a realistic thing that you have to be aware of, and it's okay to be homesick and be sad. So many work went to it, and I wish I had known that Wells went through. I was talking more people in my school on one's like one of my friends told me she was feeling the exact same way that seriously made me feel so much better. I'm like, Okay, I'm not alone like other people are feeling this week, Thio. So just allow yourself to be homesick and go through that so it's okay and you will get out of it. Just know that it gets better and everything gets better through any like bad point ever had in my life. I always remind myself that, and it's always been 100% true. So just keep that in mind and you'll be fine. So something else that I didn't know was that college is actually not all tests. So before going to college is still many teachers and people had told me that colleges on Lee tests and that's on Lee. You're great. It's gonna be to test this semester, and that's it. And in some cases. That is true. But in my experience, that was not the case. There is homework. There is participation. There are quizzes, project, things that will help your grade. So, yeah, in some classes, it is like that. But don't think that all your classes are gonna be silly grated on tests like don't make yourself out because I was definitely freaked out about that before going to college to be a little bit more stress free about that. Because that's not gonna be the case in all your classes. You are gonna have some other aspects in your brain to help you. If I have any regrets about my freshman year, the one thing is not Leave my door open in my dorm in the beginning of the year, I had heard this, but I wish I knew how important it actually Waas to leave your doors open in the beginning of the year because that's what everyone in your dorm gets to know each other. Everyone knew. Everyone's trying to make new friends. Everyone's very social. But if you have your door closing your dorm and not being social and going out of your way to meet new people, then it's not gonna happen because as a semester goes on people and finding their groups. So for me, I said I was going to have my door with began this monster. But when school started, I was really, really visiting the beginnings. I would not be my dorm all day, but when I come back to my dorm and I would not want to be so sure at that point and just want to just have my door closed and just still on, watch Netflix do homework and things like that. But I really wish I did take that little extra effort. Thio meet new people and have my door open in my dorm because as the year went on, I was like, How does one know each other like I don't know, like anyone on my floor, and that's something that I really wish I did have. So the next thing that I didn't know was that roommate issues, we're going to be so common. Personally, I didn't have any rooming issues, but so many of my friends had roommate issues and I did not know that so many people dealt with that. If you are having problems with your remain the beginning. I would really try and dress those in the beginning with your roommate and be mature and talk about it. And if things are still progressing to not get better, definitely talk to your R A and make changes to get out of that living situation. Because at the end of the day, your dorm is literally your home away from home. So your roommate situation super important. So the next thing that I wish I knew where that people were gonna go out as often as they did, I mention this other videos that I knew you was a party school. But, you know, Tuesdays were such a big deal, and they were treated like Thursdays. But don't feel like you have to go out every time. I definitely stayed in a law if I just wasn't feeling like getting ready or if I had homework for a test to study for wouldn't go out. There will always be another one a couple days later or the next week, so don't like you have to go all the time. Something else that I wish I knew was that your friends that you met in the beginning of the year, we're going to be the friend you keep throughout the whole year. In the event of the year, people are super super open to making new friends. It's it's everyone's news. Everyone, you mean the beginning are right away. Aren't going to be the people that you're going to stick with the rest of the year There. Definitely a lot of people who I hung out with the beginning of the year, but we're not really close to now, and that's totally okay. I wish I had known that because you will find your people. Trust me, you'll find the group that you mesh with the most and the people who you want to surround yourself with. So the next thing that I didn't know was that during laundry was going to be as annoying as it is not actually doing what you've been doing laundry in college. A lot of times it's very, very busy or the dryers don't work or people will take your clothes out of the dryer. So to eliminate a lot of these issues, I would make sure you find a day where a lot of people aren't gonna be doing their laundry when they begin the year. I didn't like Think about this. I would do my laundry on Sunday, probably the worst day to do your laundry, because people want to wash their clothes before the new week. So it's literally stove full days where I found I would do laundry. If there was like a Thursday night where I wasn't going out, I would do my laundry then during the day during the week since most support classes. So just find a time. War isn't going to be very busy, and I also make sure you keep track of the time. But you put your laundry, and because people are trying to use the dryer, they will take out your clothes. They can put theirs in. If it's going to be our you check it and then come back and get it out. So we know what else. Kentucky. Your lawn. Jeez, because that's super super annoying those things that I genuinely did not know before coming into college. And to be honest with you guys, I didn't know quite a few things because I love researching, so I probably went through like hundreds of these times of videos last summer, so I knew a good amount. But I wanted to help you guys more with things that you guys should know. So I talked to my friends in college. I would talk to about things that they wish they knew before coming to college. So I'm gonna share those things with you guys. You guys are better prepared. So the next thing is putting efforts into your past friendships. So, like with your high school friends, this is actually really important. And I totally agree that putting effort into your friendship is like, the only way they're gonna continue to be strong. So I try to definitely make the effort into talking to my friends from high school, setting those days where we would like face time and stuff. You don't want to just only see them during breaks. And if you do grow apart, that's okay. But if you want to keep our friendship, it's so, so, so important to continue putting the effort into it because, like relationship, even though I've never had one in order to like make it work, you need to put that effort. The next thing is that you're gonna spend a lot of money on food that is so true. Make sure that you're prepared for that and spend your money wisely. And another thing is that it's okay to change your major. It's actually super super common for people to change their majors. So don't feel like you have to stay in the one that you originally went to college with because that's the whole point of the 1st 2 years is to really find what you like. I definitely struggled a lot without this year, questioning if my major something that I want to do for the rest of my life. So I ended up deciding instead of switching a major toe, add a minor. So I'm now entering in communication because currently and very passionate about doing this and working with different brands. If I don't know if that's something long term like education is, so I don't know. So yeah, it's okay, toe. Want to change your major and discover new things that you're passionate about, So just do whatever makes you happy and you'll be okay. And those are all the things that I wish I knew before going into college. If you enjoy this video. We should give it a thumbs up. And since garden below, if you haven't ready, also be sure to check out Dormer Central's dot com. You can get any more trips in a device from them, and I'll see all my next video. everyone. So it's officially now my last week of the semester. And I'm so excited because this semester school eyes was not the best. So, so excited. That's finally pretty much done. Jay was my last day. Causes is like Day Eve, and then tomorrow stud day and then finals start Friday. But I only have what? Actual test next Wednesday. So I thought I would feel my last week. You're just like I did last year. You guys haven't 70 link it up here. I loved by last week of my first master as well. I wanted to do the same thing again this year and started off today. Officially complete last week. Okay, I said officially later, obviously. So show you what I'm wearing. So all tonight it's like Christmas seems kind like a second hole lean. So yeah, actually, what I'm wearing, obviously is that, like, one of my roommates got all of us. And then I'm wearing this like, oversized with the Christmas sweater. It's my dad's that he wore last year. So are wearing as a dress and, of course, booties. All of my pictures are coming up, so I don't mind that, but I wanted to show you guys what my one of my remains got us goddess. She's stalking, sort of. So cute will put all of our initials on them. And she knows me way too well, I love talking. She also got us these reindeer facemask, which is so adorable. Super cute. I love that. And then he's really cute. A little like flippers. And she got me peeing because she knows that's my favorite color. So I love that I've been needing something to walk around in our apartment, and so you're gonna be really nice and cozy, And then she got me this bath bomb, and it has glitter in it, so I can't wait to use that, So yeah, super cute. Thank you, Cassidy. Love you. Have a little bit of time before we actually get ready. The leading the charge. Sure, you guys stuff. We have these really cute Christmas cheese. And these stockings are so cute. One of my roommates got these for us. And for April Manda. And then we have this other cousins chief on this one. You put lights on that cute decoration. These Candies are my favorite. So once every not ready I'll probably go ahead until you get up it and then we'll get ready to go out. Wait the next night and today we are going to the UK basketball game when I remains actually had four front seat tickets press to go, So I'm super excited socially. What I'm wearing this way might you have a hot my Arizona switcher and through on a down jacket, Lulu's and then my vans and it's raining today, so we'll see how that goes. I'm really hope I can take my camera and with me. So hopefully and then I'll get some footage of the way way just came back from the game and it was so much fun because the first half we were down by 10 in the second half. We totally came back and beat them by, I think, 10 points. So such a fun game and our backs. So I'm just gonna put on some PJ's, get ready for bed. And so today is now Friday, I just got back from having brunch on my sorority house, and then right now I'm gonna head over to the elementary school to volunteer, and my hair looks horrible right now. Okay, So I'm not back from volunteering, and I wanted to quickly show you something that would have every maid did. Presages Billy. She need these really cute Christmas cards for all of us. We took this picture a couple days ago on dead D E with this soft timer on the camera on our phones, and it came up so cute of all of us. And we were like, Oh, my gosh, we should make this into a Christmas card. And she did. It says we hate some about to head out and go to dinner. But before I want to quickly mention that I did partner up with essentials dot com for this video. And I know you've heard me mention them a lot of times, but I really, really do. I love the website and has so many tips for you guys, and they have a number of logs for dorm decorations and so much more. So be sure to check it out a bit link down below. So yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and head out and go pick up my friends, and then we're gonna head off to dinner. So a little bit. Okay? So It's now Saturday morning, and right now I have an appointment to go get my fingerprint clearance form or part of the college Abed, which is next month. I have to have that done. So go ahead and do that right now. And I think later today I'm hanging out with my roommates. I think we're gonna go get dinner or something and then probably study which I need you right now, Right. A street fair. Our apartment is walking around checking out. Okay, so now Sunday. So my plans today are to hang out with one of my Littles. Janna, if you haven't seen our video, it's up here. She sadly transferring next semester, which is, like in a couple days. So I really wanted to hang out with her and take some pics and just do some stuff before she leaves. So right now, we're gonna go to Gates, passes like this really pretty area in Tucson to take pictures, and then later tonight, we have study hours and a sisterhood event at our sort house. We're going to that tonight. I'm having dinner there. This is the outfit for the day. So this jackets from a left slash calmer Denham. I don't know where this phone is. Just like a plane. White loose T shirt, Micucci bell and then, like jeans Favorite shoes over these and that's it. I'm gonna go ahead. And Jenna just got gave a beautiful view behind currently trying to take pictures in the middle of the road right here. But there's cars coming like every minute. Okay, guys, I just got back from our little adventure in Jane. I got me my paddle. So this is just like a gift to us from Big Little Week of like find them gives and giving them all of our things. It's just like a way of saying thank you for them. So that's why they just make us like a paddle. Like I know the history for them. It's like, really weird type in the days like nowadays. Like we just haven't had a decoration, of course, and they write like big blank and little blinking, then just degraded so we can have. And this is what Kylie made me do not have both my paddles and they both know me so well. Obviously pink. Of course, that's so me. This is one Kylie made me. It has, like the bees in this little cute Bo. He's far is it's big Amanda, Kylie. And then these flowers, super cute. And then Janet Harris says, Like has a Greek letters on top. And it's all this glitter, which I'm obsessed with this big Amanda, little Janna and a little like barefoot. Looks like a wine bottle, which is so adorable. So I love it. Thank you guys so much. I love you too. Seriously. Best Littles ever. Okay, so right now I'm about to head over to the sorority house job, dinner. And then, like I said, we have that study hours saying, but right now, I'm gonna go pick up one of my friends will be off shake dinner. And I'm starving because I haven't one thing in my stomach on days. I'm so excited. I think I've been like chicken Parmesan risotto. Good. So let's go. Okay, now, Monday and I am so tired. I snooze for, like, a whole hour and 1/2 so yeah, I'm exhausted. But today I have a math review session for about an hour right now. And then after that, I have on jack fee and then It's my favorite day deli Days after studying for finals. Coming up very soon. Now, Wednesday. So I'm gonna go and take my my final, and I'm so excited to finally get it over with. Really? All I have to worry about a week and studied all day yesterday, so I don't balk at all because I was pretty boring, but yeah, I can't wait to finally be done and hopefully do good. And then I'll be officially done with my first master herself just out of my math final. And I think I did okay enough to pass, so we'll see. But right now I'm just gonna head over to a fee and have lunch. So I just got back from Christmas shopping, but I wasn't able to show you that because pretty much my whole family watches my videos, so I didn't want to split up for them. Yeah, I'm so excited because this is the first year, um, actually have enough money to floor to get all my family gifts. Oh, I'm so excited. I'm pretty much done. So I leave on Friday because going driving back with one of my friends and his last final is tomorrow. So, yeah, I'm gonna be stuck here for another day and 1/2. I'm going to go ahead and end the log here, but I hope you guys enjoy this video. And if you did, we should give this video thumbs up and subscribed on below. If you haven't already, and this'll week. I'm filming a college week in my life. So many of you guys have been requesting to see more of these. And I already filmed a couple of these earlier this year. So all Lincoln up about here and down in the description box, you guys can go ahead and check those out. You haven't seen him already? Yeah, I thought I would just film my week of my life and this week would be perfect for it because it's our Mr Office a few weeks. So it's like our philanthropy week, and it's like, super fun and so much going on. So I thought it would be a really good Lee to show you guys, and right now it's about like, 12 o'clock. So I'm gonna go head up to get lunch in my story, the house, and then after, come back and I think, go to the gym for a little bit. I was gonna lay out by the pool, But last week I laid out for a couple days and already got super dark as a dancer. Usually something. I'll give that a break and go another time. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do, right? now. I just got back from lunch and it was really good. It was like tacos and I made a link talk a ble, So just trying to mimic chipotle it. And it was really good. But right now, before the gym, I wanted to say that today's Monday and I actually have no classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which is super nice. Like I'm very lucky. So on Wednesdays, I like try and catch up on a lot of things in study action to test coming up this week one tomorrow than one on Wednesday. So I'm gonna try and study a lot for my one tomorrow. Today, once I get back, and then I have chapter leader denying. And then we're doing our room selections because I'm living in my storage house next year. So tonight we're like, actually choosing which room we want and stuff. So I'm gonna be there probably for like, a couple hours tonight, So soon as I get back, I'm really gonna try and grind and study for my test tomorrow. Just take a break from studying and I'm now gonna head over Thio r tractor, which is like a weekly meeting with their story. We have dinner before and everything. And then all of the like, Mr. Off Fee contestants are going to be like introducing themselves to us and stuff. And yeah, I think it would take way too long for me to explain that to tell of it. But pretty much each, like fraternity has like a guy representing them. And throughout the week, they're gonna, like, do different competitions and stuff until, like the final day, which is gonna be a talent show and the one with the most points and help raising us money for our philanthropy will be the winner. And we are Mr Coffee. So yeah, that's like a little summary of it. But I'm gonna go leave right now and then after we're doing your room selections, which will be a really, really exciting and hoping we get a good room now Tuesday. And lastly, after top turban did our reflections, and me and my roommate were one of the first to choose. So we got really lucky with that and ended up choosing a room that has its own private bathroom. And I used to be the old president suite. So that's why it has its own bathroom. So we were super super lucky. The one thing we're sacrificing is like closets face in storage and floor space. So we kind of are like trying to see, like, have your own bathroom is probably wait better than spaces. We don't wear most of the clothes we bring anyways, So, yes, we're really excited. And I'm living right across from my little so it's gonna be really fun. And I'm really happy, but yeah, So today I actually have three causes, have my oceanography costs is religion class and then my education class. So I have to go to that right now and then I have a test in my religion class really nervous about it. And hopefully I can manage to do Okay, so yeah, and then here is what I'm waiting for today. So you got these shirts for our Mr often feel like they're just like tanks and they see Mr Rafi and the same design is, like, bigger and on the back. And I'm just wearing some Lulu's and some really, really trashed Nikes. So, yeah, that's my outfit for today, right? So I just got back home and the test I took earlier today, my friend actually thought we did pretty good. I think I did a lot better on it than I did last time. So hopefully I get a good grade on a I feel pretty good about it. And then I just got back from a review session. And normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I don't get back home until, like around 6 p.m. And I'm there, like all day classes back to back. Since I had the review session, I don't get out till, like, eight. So it's about like 8 10 right now. And yes, I'm gonna get ready for bed, watch some YouTube video, and then tomorrow I don't have class again, So I'll probably tan again because it hasn't been like this Nice like since September. Like when we came back from spring break. It was a nice again and hasn't been sunny and warm since literally September. I'm really excited and gonna just lay out study for my test that I have to take tomorrow night. And then we have another like Mr Apathy about another thing I wanted to say was, I've been getting like, a lot of DMC from you guys asking for college advice and fresher advice for a lot of guys coming this fall. So you haven't seen my video get up here. But last year I did a college freshman tips and advice, but for additional advice that has so much more than what I talked about. You guys should definitely check up dorm essentials dot com because it has over 100 articles related to tips and tricks and top 10 for dorm life and college living. So a lot of resources for you guys all income down below so you guys can check him out. All right, so it's now the next day, and I was able to sleep, and since I'd have cost today So I just got up and got ready, And I'm about to head over to my story house to have lunch. And it's actually my favorite day today, you know, like like the box being burgers over my favorites. So I'm gonna get dressed and then head out and come back and I think by the pool, and I'm just gonna wear this today. Very casual. E just came back from laying out, and right now I'm gonna go get my eyebrows done because I'm way overdue. So after that, I'm gonna come back and study for my test tonight and then after go to dinner and then have the one of the Mr 80 events. It's like a wing eating contest and that after review session and then take So yeah, pretty busy day today. Okay, so today is now Thursday and yesterday after the wing eating contest, I took my test and I think I did better than last time. So I'm hoping that I did so since I took my test last night. I don't have to go to class today because they're taking the test. So I was able to sleep in, and it's now like noon, and I'm got ready and I'm gonna go have lunch again. It might already have, and then I only have one other costs today. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that. E just got back from lunch, and I have about 30 minutes and talk to go back to my next class, which is education, class and challenge. I was so excited because he had pokey bulls today and it's like one of my favorite things and I was so excited, answered myself. And then I saw one of the contestants actually brought us in and out like I showed you guys. Danny, Of course, I wanted to have more than that. So I felt guilty about my feet. So I ate my burger and they just had, like, a little bit of people thinking, I wish I saw that they brought in and out like That's like a huge burgomaster ap like the guys. They're just super C and like, bring us stuff because they want, which is really cool. So, yeah, like earlier this week, the Bosch, But injuries, actually, one of the other good doesn't spot like cane. So, like they're really, really nice, just really excited for this week. Event tonight is the talent show, which is, like, big major thing for the week. So that will be really fun. So soon as I'm done with class, we'll have dinner, then come back and get ready because it starts at seven. But we want to get their way. Okay, so I just got ready right now. We're about to leave to go to the missed a fee talent show. The lighting is terrible. That's where the shadows alone. I'm just making our king top. These jeans are pack sun and then my check advance and then this belt, that is from wait. We're gonna go out tight and I'll show you what I'm wearing. I'm wearing this shirt I got from a nasty girl and then just a Boxster and booties. Really? We haven't gone out like a long time on a Thursday, so I'm really excited and I'll get a few clips for you guys. You guys a little bit. So it's now Friday morning, and normally on these days, I just take the time to catch up on watching YouTube videos and other shows. I haven't watched out the week and also doing a lot of my online homework because I'm taking to online classes it semester. So I try and get ahead on a lot of that these days because I don't and then, right, I'm gonna go have some breakfast and then do that for today because normally these days, a pretty slow for me, which I I really enjoy. I like just staying in and out doing anything right now, like six. Go ahead and go get dinner I'm going to get that every week. That's like my favorite, and I go to and a couple of my roommates are gonna go out tonight. But we want to go tomorrow, too. And I literally couldn't physically not go out three times in a row now, Saturday morning and we were gonna go out today, but we actually decided not to, because a lot of the front all wrong weekenders. So they're, like, out of town, and we just didn't think it was worth it to go out. So today, I'm just gonna use my free time to really get ahead on homework and deep cleaning my bathroom and doing laundry and just getting a head for the week. So that's what I do today. And since it is how much I'm gonna do and tomorrow there isn't gonna be much that I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna end the log here, So I hope you guys enjoyed it. And if you did, we should give this video with thumbs up and subscribed envelope you haven't ready and I'll see all my next video by Hey, guys. So right now I'm about to go to the U of a basketball game. I think it's against Alabama, my friend. Just text me and literally 20 minutes ago, saying she had an extra ticket for me, my friend. So we're gonna go and I can't wait to take guys with me. So let's get started. I must write A You have a T shirt about former jackets, some bark jeans and then my black van. So something really casual and trying to keep warm, cause it's like 40 degrees outside right now. So, yeah, right now I'm gonna meet up with my friend Emily to get some food, I believe. No. So everything was, like, pretty much closed. We just got Papa John's pizza, so we'll save. It's good or not. We were finally walking to the game freezing. Who knew? Here's that would be so gold like 40 degrees. And she's from Washington. Yeah, it's like a scold his Washington and not cold. Now it's almost a stadium, so we're not sitting in like the student section because they're sold out when we try to get tickets. So our friend got a structure tickets, so you actually sit in the stands. We don't stand the whole time with just nine days, actually, yeah. Finally made it. You alright? So today's Monday and I have my psych final tomorrow and then my mouth final Wednesday. And then that's it for the rest of the week. So today I'm gonna do just study for my finals payout friends later and then go to the house for my meals. So that's where I'm going right now. Okay, so right now I'm going to a review session for my psych class, so it's gonna be, like, a couple hours just reviewing stuff for the final. And after that, I'll probably study more. Right? So I just finished my study for the day and I just got to my friend Storm. We're gonna have a movie night on. That will be the last thing I do with them tomorrow. Have my final at 8 a.m. Okay, so today is Tuesday, and I took my sight final earlier this morning. I honestly think I did pretty well, So we'll see how they solve in a in the class. All right, guys. So I just checked my grade on my psych final and gone, eh? So happy. That means I have always going to be right now in math, so we'll see if I can keep my being map. I don't really know my good, but I'll try. I got my coffee from the house. It's so good. It's French vanilla. It's like my favorite, so it's really windy right now. But right now I'm on my way to my friend storm toe, help her move out because she's badly transferring next musters the shades to clear everything out of her room. I'm gonna go with that helper. So right now we go get some Mexican food. So excited not only look like this. Good morning, guys. So today is Wednesday, and I took my A math final earlier this morning. Guys, I don't know. I don't feel too great about it, but I'm still having some faith that I gotta be, so we'll see what happens today is my last stay here before I go back home. I don't have that much land just going out friends all day today and then take my friend to the airport on impact and just get ready to leave. I'm all packed and ready to go, and that's the end of this video. If you enjoyed, be sure to give this video thumbs up and subscribed. 10 below cabin ready, and I'll see you in my Hey, guys. Welcome to the U of a campus rec center located on the south side of campus. Unfortunately, in here, I do have policies that I'm going to have to follow in order. Teo safe. Keep the privacy of the students working out in here, and I don't want to get kicked out of school. So we're gonna put it is much as we can without getting in trouble. Basically, what? This is a free, enormous Jim four students. We have plenty of basketball courts and racquetball courts. We even have an indoor track that runs along one of our many basketball courts, which I think it's super awesome because it's far to sign way. Have a huge, huge waste lifting area. We have a huge cardio area. Just awesome. Because glass is stressful, and it's good to work off that stress by working out way. Have a outdoor rec center where we have a huge rock climbing wall, which is second best to our ginormous pool, where you can come out and lay out by the pool with friends or swim some labs. Something else that's really awesome offered here at the wreck is we do have equipment rental and not just for working out way. Have a rental equipment for hitting Mount Lemmon and you could go camping. They have tense tow offer. Have they a wide variety of classes that their campus record offers, So you definitely have to come and check it out. This is the many reasons you need to come to you of a hit the campus wreck. There is a ton of people right here on campus right now, because first of all, it's the end of the semester. Just kidding. No, Todd, it is mid term weeks. Everybody here is on campus, even the people who never show up to class. And right now, where I am taking new is basically what a common building looks like here. Uh, University of Arizona. And I'm gonna give you a quick tour of that. It is the College of Humanities and modern languages. Let's go inside and check it out. Okay, guys. Like I said, we're checking out the College of Humanity's as well as the modern languages building. This building is combined, and this is kind of what a typical academic building looks like here at the U A. Downstairs, we have a ton of tunnel lecture halls, which is what you're looking at right now is the hallway to the lecture halls. And upstairs we have a bunch of flax rooms where you'll command for maybe a mini lecture if it's not held in a lecture hall as well as discussions are held up here in these classrooms, we also have a lot of professor officers down these hallways. You've been coming up here and talk to your professor. This is a lecture hall as well as a computer lab. The lecture halls usually hold about two hundred to three hundred students, so it's pretty large. And like I said, not all of your classes are going to be two to three hundred students, but especially for your general education. It's definitely going to be pretty big, but that's why we have something called a discussion portion where your students that are in your class are going to speak, split up into smaller sections and you'll pick a day to come in for a discussion in class and go over. Case what you've been learning in lecture and reading upstairs. We also have the departments for modern languages. I have taking quite a few classes with the French and Italian department. Some collection you've got, um, but yeah, basically, this is what a common building looks like here at the U. N. I want to. Three, four. Hey, guys, Welcome to the University of Arizona. Old main building. The reason why I brought you guys here today is because this is the first standing building constructed on the University of Arizona Canton campus on eighteen eighty seven. This building holds so much Ladies and University of Arizona, not only is it extremely beautiful and when you see it on the main malt, you know this is the bay and you know, that is the old main building. It holds so much history before it is what it is today. It was the School of Agriculture building and it was constructed, like I said in eighteen eighty seven and is still standing today. But it is no longer held as the agriculture building. Today it is known for many things, including the place that you will come for tours. But it also holds so much Arizona history and University of Arizona history and its overall just extremely amazing. You will have to see it from your own eyes because this video does not do justice. You'll come here, you're checking career tour and you're greeted by Wilma. And over our baskets on our campus ambassadors will show you around. Please check it out. It's a It is our old baldy. So there is so much by campus right now, so don't know how much of the mall you're going to be able to see on this tour because we have a huge book festival going on. So the entire mall, which is my long strip of grass that runs down the heart of campus, is covered in a bunch of white times. So let's see if we can manage without it. So, like I said, the campus is filled with a bunch of white tents. But this is also a perk of being a college student. You'll never be bored because there's always something going on on campus. Right now, we have a huge twos on Book Festival, So if you're a book fan, tick. This is the spot to hit this weekend at the U of a campus. But there's always concerts and Ted talks and just anything and everything, possibly going on on campus. So you'll never be bored If you're living here on the dorm, and if you're not, you can still check it out. When you come to campus class or whatever it is that you're coming here for. We have a ride at U of a CZ main library you have on campus. We have two libraries. We have the Science and engineering library. And we have this library that is right behind me. The difference between this you I don't really know, actually, do you know, uh, mainly, Marie has a little bit more to offer, and that's why we're here. At signs are just kidding here at the main library. That's why we're here at the main library right now. Um, they have a lot more to offer and just really different things that air exciting. So I'm going to go and show you around the library and show you some of the perks of coming you of a campus and using all of the things that you have a has to offer at their main library, whether it be to study or whatever else it is that you were here at Highbury. Forceful while the science and engineering library is my favorite because it's not as crowded. So if you're really looking for a place to study, I recommend going there. But main campus library does have some different things. I don't know. They have really cool Cuban girls to study in, but to rent out rooms, study rooms, which I'm going to show you the minute I definitely go to you. Size and injury library. But yeah, let's go aside. Let's check it out. Wait. Guys are out. Main library and enforcement here can really take the opportunity to get in your studying. And there's all kinds of places. Teo, sit down. Like I said, me library is a little bit more crowded. But I'm sure you right now is the red brick on the floor and you've listened to some of my videos, basically are talked about how red brick was incorporated into the floor. Because this is a more building and all of you a has red brake do that one thing. Obviously the library. We have books, books and more books. But of course, we have lots of lots of study areas. Like I said, you can come upstairs. And as you go further off the quieter floors way also have a time of these study rooms which are a amazing and I definitely recommend this is a collaboration room. Some of your tutoring sessions will be held inside of these brings. You could come in and your T A s will schedule when they're going to be in this room. Wei have whiteboards and just very work together as a group. I definitely work Aman utilizing with brooms because it just really gives you to make sure that you understand all of that one sex in your cross way also have a time of computers that you could hear. So you don't have a laptop. You can obviously come down to the computer lab, and we have math floats and windows and just all kind of things that you could use. So they definitely want you to succeed here. You obey. So they're going to offer you these tools like the study rooms and they have TVs, and then which is really cool. You confront your laptop into it, and you could broadcast. Or you can play video games like those people are doing. Oh, so, yeah, uh, this is another one of those huge collaboration rooms as well as we have borrowed technology. What borrowed technology is basically, you can come here, and if you don't have a laptop, you can borrow a laptop. If you need a camera for a class, you can borrow and check out a camera using your cat card, which is your student idea. So that's something that's really awesome. But definitely. Yeah. Come and check out the er you a main library. There's all kinds of fun stuff to see hearing all kinds of places to study, so Way are going to take a tour of the student union. Basically, what this is is a giant, enormous building with all that stuff to see, including Click store, which I gave you is for us to go back to my story. Check it out way. Also, have the main for in here. So we are going to take a quick tour of the third floor and see what all of your obvious are here on campus. We have angina, which is a buffet style as well as core is a buffet style for salad. Mars twenty. Healthy, great option. All kinds of seeding that places you've been coming here. E. I wouldn't want him in stunning here. Super loud, but people do it way. Do have chick fillet, which is my personal favorite. A swell as a build your own sandwich bar, kind of symbol or two subway way. Have Panda Express. We have called John's Pizza Steak and Shake Way Have fun signs. Those Biggles Way have bike, which shakes. We'll have two gallon earth leader, and basically what this is is a movie's Peter. But it's also home to your lectures in the morning coming here, plus my doing here, so that's pretty cool. But you can watch movies at night time. I think she wants what's unique and the whole this's the Cactus Grill, which is a lot of people's personal favorite. A lot of people actually don't vote here despite what it looks like, but I think we'll know about it. Once you're a sophomore, you kind of figure out that there's the practice grill upstairs. But they do have a sushi serving station where they make the sushi fresh every school day, as well as a ton of options for for this lunch and dinner. So if you're living off, campus is a great place to go way. Have a huge shoot in salad bar where they will lay out the food. So obviously you're not getting a full time. You want to eat something light? We have a soup and salad bar with kind of threw well, so you could get the fresh lots of drinks. Options of a year in outside seating, which is really great during the screen. In the booth basement, we have a Wells Fargo Wells, a computer love. So coming here, we also have a king room with full tables and ping pong tables and videogame station. You can come down here. You can play, but you play Xbox a lot. Wei have four games. We have all kinds of crazy stuff down here. You come down here for your lot top player games online way. Also have the scoop, which is also my favorite. We have ice creams and coffees. You could definitely say you're not a fan of Starbucks. I definitely come here a lot, and I'm not just Random perks about being on a university campus is someone is always walking their dogs somebody with their puppies. Another cool thing about U of A that they offer in order Teo off like, of course, support psychology. And it's scientifically proven that hunting dogs produces airstrips level. So the dean's office has dogs that come in like once a week way just missed it. I was going to take you to go put the dogs, but we just saw a dog get away. So no big deal. So if you have a dog, go ahead. Bring your dog here. We'll put your dog even if you're not coming to school here. Blowers are stress levels. And if you do have a daughter and you go to school here, bring your dog anyway. One of the engines of campuses, if you will. Um, have you seen my dorm room tour with Allie? This is the building that she was referring. Tio. It's totally different than what you would expect. Uh, you expect this close, big square building and inside is totally different. Basically in here, you're going to take your natural sciences. I haven't had any classes in here yet. I wish, though, because it's amazing what we tell you. So let's go inside. Let's check it out.