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What's up, guys? We're hearing Tallapoosa. This's basically the club day at Berkeley. It's really massive, and it's only one day from thirty seven, So they have clubs lined up all over the place. I'Ll show you guys, Theo. Wait, wait. Wait. Keep it smooth. Way matches your take. Thank you. So it's kind of like, you know, water bottle and then, like, minutes pretty. I know you. Yeah. Wait one hour on our way. Ah, definitely. Just tonight, you know. So there's a bunch of clubs here, and there's also frats that you can check out one's actually coed on this is Bye. Don't wait. No way. This way, Theo. What? Their pre medical honor. Society. And so what is this? Pump it out. Can you tell me more about what you guys do in every single meeting? Waste a lot of professional. That's our House members of my positions over professional development and shadowing opportunities. Way also go on trips, Tim and schools like you, Davis, just remember. What's your favorite experience about way? I'm more interested in video. E think innovative design is what I want. You doing it for hearing our pitch. Yeah. So basically, we're student way illustrator to target me. Wait. You have, like, any, like particular focus Searching a video editing club on only recommendation I could find from other way. Don't have a video team right now. The best way. We have a lot of people waiting. I got a way. Wait. I lost a lot of people. Froth. Hell of youse, like name one Dixie Jesu. Her name is Jessica likes long, like a hundred dollars just plugging on the trail. It's also your live longer than her till you're God, She's she's wait. All right. I'm here in the elevator of Toll. I've been told how fast elevators. I don't know what, but it's really nice to. So when they hit something, you get where you're going now. There you go. That is Underhill. It sounds like tennis court fan usually is practicing right now. I don't know where they are. This looks like, Yeah, we'll be turning over you guys. What? How would you describe the surrounding town of Berkeley? And you think that's important to your time? One of the things that I was really looking for in a college was a small college town of experience, but close to a city and, well, Berkeley isn't a small college town. It feels like that because the surrounding area is just so completely full of students. It's kind of impossible not to feel like the whole city is your campus. Uh, another thing about that is that Berkeley is it is a city, so you can get all those city vives downtown, but you also have Oakland, San Francisco and so many other urban areas near you that really the possibilities are endless. Hey, guys. Another beautiful day here in Berkeley. On our first stop today, I'm gonna take you guys into a really cool building called Self. All fun Fact. It is the oldest and first built building in the entire UC system. Hey, guys. So this is the international house. You do not have to be international toe live here, but a lot of international soon's d'Oh they have their own dining hall. I hear the food is really good. We are now walking up to California Memorial Stadium. We are going on a hike. Not a very hard hike. Come on, jeans. But it's really beautiful. I'll show you guys that looks This is old, Um it's a lot of offices, so we're not gonna go all the way inside because I don't want to disrupt in one. You see, architecture really pretty. Very old. Yeah, that is the oldest building in the entire UC Ah, the quad, the beautiful quiet in front of the big library. And it's a place usually where it's pretty popular. But when? The morning. Because I wanted to serve the community, that's you know where I go to Berkeley, kind of, Yeah, of the blade of the choir. I don't have any friends, but what's more, just enjoy the beauty and just enjoy that nature. Berkeley has to offer such a beautiful place. The quad is one Just want a place where students can link up and have fun and the right together. It's a place where people play football, play hard, work, quitted and just have fun and relax and stop being Okay, there. You guys go. I'm sitting. I'm staying right now. Trying very hard not to fall off. But do you look out right there? That is the Golden Gate Bridge. That right there is the camping Neely. And I absolutely love coming up here and I am a spell. I love coming up here. It's incredibly beautiful eyes. You can see we made it for sense it right on time. So you guys get a view of the whole day and how beautiful this place is. Hey, guys, I want to show you what I was eating. I'm having chicken tenders. Noodles for Todd. My roommate is having vegetables and potato fries and noodles. And God we're having so far they have pizza. All right, guys, that is the end of our tour of UC Berkeley. One last thing I wanted to share with you all as my own personal piece of advice. I know this whole process of picking out university, you really overwhelming kind of stressful, but stay true to yourself and stay true to what you know. You want people like your parents, your friends, teachers at school, guidance counselors are going to try and still you in one direction. But it's really important to stay true to yourself and pay attention to where you think you'd be the happiest. Because in all reality, you're the one that spending the next four years. They're not your friends, not family, not anyone else. So really picked the place that you see yourself being picked the place that feels like home. That's what I did. I love Berkeley so much. And I hope I did a good job of showing you guys all the different aspects of this incredible university. I would love it if every one of you came here and got to experience how amazing it is to be here. This is my favorite place in the entire world. But If birthday is not for you, it's not for you. Stay true to yourself and figure out what it is because that's way that you'll be the happiest and most successful version of yourself. OK, so long story short. I can't recording classes because, honestly, you just can't recording classes. You don't want information, recording glasses, the release, your policy mostly. Just say now, don't you bought that? So, like what? I did kind of recording class, I did my best. True story I should've recorded classroom couldn't record and they said I can't record any classroom because it's not Hey, guys. I'm on only now to the university health center, which we also called the Tang Center. Something you don't really think about when you're looking at what call it show too is health care. But the tanks and I have here is really good. You can drop it, uh, make counseling appointment. I'm going to physical therapy right now, but really anything you need, everyone that works here is awesome. And so nice. I just took the bus over here. We have really good bus system that I'll sit and So what you see here is just one of our many logs We call this faculty Glade. It's not the most popular lawn, but it definitely is beautiful. There's always students studying, and over here we have the beginning of Strawberry Creek just so cool, because when it's quiet enough, you can actually hear the water rushing. Hopefully, yes. So we are walking right now to the other side of campus. Uh, I really the way campuses organized this humanity buildings on one side, there's math buildings on the other, so it's really convenient for whatever Major you're going to have to trek all the way across Had a lo and welcome to campus rule. My name is Megan, and I'm going to spend the next few days show you guys around the place that I call home at the beautiful University of California, Berkeley. So before we get started, a few things about me, I am a freshman intending on majoring in legal studies, and I'm from San Diego, California a couple clubs that I'm a part of here are you see, Rally committee, which I will tell you guys about, and I'm also part of Cal redirect, So let's go. Library. And this is like one of the library's on campus already. Vince, I really like this. The fourth floor. It's like, really, he's So what people do is they come here for group sighting and it's really nice because you talk on this floor. It's like, really movement. Floor plan is great for group projects because you could eat talk like it's I like it a lot. Are you guys on the other thing I love about, like, even if you don't love the open? I like to study space. There's it's got five floors. So the fifth floor's quiet floor and it's just really like, very versatile. So whatever your needs, market probably has got like, cafe downstairs to the library. You need like, a coffee break. They're out there sitting like Moffett is great. I love this library. If you need a life, please. Visual space conference rooms for Project X meeting stuff like that. And the other thing about it. It's part of what's college will be well at Calais, basically the house and are really promotes like, well, so what they have on campus. This thing was called not pods, which are just like, literally, just like pods where you can go in and you cannot find space. People do it all the time. It is connected directly. Just, Yeah, since and there's also directly into SFM um Yeah, Entrance to another area so means tax is one of the choirs or libraries like it is dead, literally dead. So it's kind of scary and morbid. More three. But Moffett has like a little tunnel way that leads into the main stats, which is underground. Library. All right, everyone, I just got done working at the library with my vest Rens and and it is almost six AM So the great thing about Mafia is that it's open twenty four hours. I'm back. I got a smoothie from Golden Golden Bear. Two. The dining hall's here. All right there, Hood. You'd expect from dining halls. There's a couple different ones which I will take us all about. But the food IGBC is actually pretty good. I like this. Movies are like salads. I hear that the case of use air good. But I refuse to eat them because I don't find native Mexican food and I get inside you go. But I am this walking sprout. Most of the clubs kind of packed up. But they're so clubs around here. A lot of them close around two o'Clock, so they kind of just there's dogs. Let's go. All right, So it looks like there's a soccer picking contents over there. People are handing out this's very territory signs. I have two of those already. Is that what you see is what we hold Golden Bear Cafe called G B C. Alexa there stands here. What's your favorite part about Berkeley? No. The spirit of California. Thank you. So Alexa is in road racked and rally committee with me and Conrad is invalid. Problem, right, Conrad, have a fun fact. Did you know that first football game ever played in? Is that our old field? Which, with a designed by John our just and it was all the sights of value, life size, building. Okay, Now I'm making my way across campus. This is what we call Memorial Glade. It's our other lawn that people like to study and hang out. And there's a clock tower right there. The campaign. Ellie, I'm gonna try my best and take you guys up there. If I can find a clear day, it's really cool. You can actually see San Francisco. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge. You are coming up on one of the seals that you're not supposed to step on. If you do, you have to run all the way to the ball over there. Is it? So you can hope for. So we have a bunch of different stumbled ings over here, none of which I have been in, because Hunt's again. I'm illegal. City's major. There's a little white dog right there. Always have their dogs on campus, which I love. You have one thing that's really cool. It's a pet. Hugs on spelling show you Sproul Hall in a little bit, but that's one of our central places on campus, and people bring their dogs and you literally just go pet them and it's wonderful. We do it Almost every day midterm season. One of my favorite things that you do here in comfort on campus. They're getting up to July. Very, um, going to go and show you guys around. I won't be able to talk because once again it's a library. But I'm gonna show you guys around. All right, So this is for more, for that's a mouthful library. This is the quote noisy, for which is still really, quite and for reference. Right. There is the blade that I showed you guys right over there is Don't library, so everything's pretty close. There's walkers that you can move your stuff over here. It is pretty cool hand. There's a bunch of different studies spaces. There's not pods over in the corner, always full, and I want them. But they're a bunch of cool whiteboards. Thought you, khun for study groups and got Wait, wait. Okay. My friend's gonna walk on his seal. What does that represent? Yeah, he's gonna fail. His class is not gonna get a four point. Oh, unless he kisses the ball for two minutes. I don't know. I don't know where the ball is sick. Some guys were at the Berkeley Stadium here to see the Berkeley affairs. Basically, we're gonna form a one fifty with all the freshmen class on transfers. So we're gonna be in there. As you can see, it's gonna be crowded as big night that we had last night, so yeah, wait. You guys were at stadium. Wait. Wait middle, But this is seriously insane. There's so many people down at the field, there were all lining up to make the one fifty for one anniversary, so yeah. No way like this for now. So as you can see, we have a little shopping combined. Pulgar right there. We have the house that just opened. Um I've been told that they help start up companies. Never actually been in there. Yeah. Party having cops. Things there you have copy Central, where you will pick up here. Go Lammy Anything you need, Anything that you kind of like for a project outfitters, which is awesome, have little cafes and places me and study. We're right on the edge of campus. I have a class right there in the mornings. Hey, guys, we are going down Greek row right now. Here. Some of the houses there's front and sorority houses. Kind all neck stand. Um, I am not angry, Cliff, so I don't really know. Well, any of them are, but I'm sure give you guys look around. There's maybe two or three different streets that have a bunch of different Greek like houses on it. They are all also very close to the units. Uh, right. Next unit one into so they're not too far off campus. If one year you do decide to live with your Greek life housing, you will not be far off. We call that Channing Circle right there. It's the circle in the middle, kind of where Greek row is. Um, fund rally, calm. We dio night rallies where we walk around, play all the Cal songs, all the different housing units, and we stopped it. You can see there's a bunch of different pumps is right here. And that is part of a Is to speed friending and weapons very safe. Nine p. M. For lunch. So I said to have social pretty cool. I have a full length mirror it No. Yeah, here. Take it. Because I don't think plus. Now I claim my schedule so that I have a break medal day for lunch. One thing I really love about Helper, who does their scheduling is you do it kind of like an online matrix. So it's kind of like Google Calendar. It's cool because you can see what all your schedules will look like. She was a study. Here. It's Krystle board. I work with Great. It's a Tuesday fortnight. This is my It's my real name, which I'm not gonna show you right now because Hello, I'm back. I'm leaving the library. See it behind you right here. And we're in front of Memorial Glade, which I already showed you guys. Now, if we walk right down, there's another library called Moffett Library. That's the one I usually studying because they have a noisy floor, and I feel uncomfortable if things are too quiet. But that's what's great is. Every floor of the chip library has its own kind of personality character, so you really get to study with whatever vibes with you. There's entrances to Mafia everywhere, but I'm going to take you guys and on the main floor you can really What do you What would you say? Your typical Friday night is like you in Greek life. Do you hang out with friends? So I'm not much of a party force. And so creek like freak like isn't something that I like indulged in at all. In fact, so my Friday night is probably like club events like usually have a social on Friday night. Or maybe just sitting in and like watching a movie with friends or like hanging out, just like catching up with reading me what clubs or you're part of some part of us always carry Georgia on. There's a collegiate version ofthe water, the International. So we have that kind of service events every weekend. Ah, the Kappa. Nearly the last attraction is soaring. You hear the noises too excited for Accompany me the soy cap decided Bill, a clocktower offering prayer in Arabic views and daily Caroline concerts. I butchered that statement. However, Campania Lee is one of the most beautiful, exotic buildings the cap has ever touched upon. The campus lately has been rising strong. It's three hundred feet. Aye, made that number up. But it's really talk, you know? It rings every hour and he cries whenever it's lonely, which is every hour, much like the cause to please here at Berkeley. Christ, it chirps. But then it's standing high. It's important because it's beautiful, but also Berkeley pride. You think capitally, that's your tower. That's your clock. Don't let any Bryant, Trojan or any other mascot tell you otherwise. Capital is beautiful, and it's as beautiful as you make it. Because she's standing tall, she's standing pretty. And after all the justice after all the hay. After all the malice campus has gone through, she's only thing still sees attack here. Campania. Lee is the Willis building here, and you're probably wondering why is it important? Why isn't appointed one of the three because the two libraries produce knowledge while the Captain Healey is a production of knowledge made physically thank you. Yes. Hi. Infusions off! Do it! My name is Similarly, I'm stewed in effort. Please. What? What? Brickley? It was between Berkeley and Senate. Okay. Okay. Hey, Joe. Yeah? I actually don't come here. I actually just live in the cab. Yeah. Yeah, but why my California? Hey, we just help kill. Yeah. I mean, it had, like, prestige. Like I got a good pack. It No biggest schools as a good Astra program. All right, Describe the city, but here account this far, right? It's very wise. Oh, you look Everyone has, like school spirit. Everyone was like, out here. I mean, everyone here is really smart. Major, please, My major, that major. Major's astrophysics and hopefully to kind of studies astrophysics. Well, like as an astrophysicist, it's more like very like make observations and research online. Oh, form's theories like the universe, things like that. He's a describe the climate Jack Gin like figure, isn't it? Tough. I'm like it's like you can suck up anywhere like ice for me. Like if I like If I mess up in amount class behind all semester, I feel like if it's like, you know on it d'Oh unless you stay another year. Okay, So what's your favorite and least favorite part ever? My favorite is Gaza. You like the dark Casa A have a long, harder time transition. Like even now. It's like, really stressful. My famous home. I feel like I think that's not really help my least favorite. The hill. I hate the fucking hill! No. I wish there was more resources for local color. I wish there was more people color. Yeah. Thank you. Yes, this is about Yeah, but my Hey, guys. So now I'm going to show you the launch room and Jim and all that kind of son step. So this is our laundry room. Pretty much what you'd expect it to look like. You can swipe your card right there, loaded with money. Ahead of times, you have to carry quarters, which is very useful. We're also floor l lower. So kind of underneath where I came in yesterday. So I don't have bathrooms. It will sell convent. No. And then this center building is shared by everyone in Unit two. Not just my building. So here's where you get your mail. And then come this way. And there is a student lounge people Khun Study hangout. And then here's the general. All right, So I've walked about a block or two. And if you walk right up here, that is Unit One. That is one of the parts of the units of the dorms. Campus is right that way. See earlier time. They have really good pizza there. Open pretty much all night. I love it. I highly recommend you try that. A lot of Vietnamese place dumpling place. There's a bunch of different types of food here. You definitely could probably eat a different type of food every day of the week and not yet. So we're walking right now, up to Crossroads Dining Hall. I know I help even up walking across its shining all It's our main dining home. So that is a club called the Stress of Dogs. That is one of the different clubs that has dogged on campus, and they are my favorite. I love them. They're so cute. You will not appreciate dogs until it is the middle midterms, and you are stressed and you have been sleeping. And then you see a dog on Cuba's and you scope at them. So cute. I love it. Berkeley is really into mental health and making sure that everyone is okay and trying to manage their chefs. Muchas possible. There are times we're gonna get stressed that's inevitable. But he does a really good job of helping students get through that way. Have the tank center counseling, which is our kind of university health center, and they're counseling is amazing. You could just go drop in whenever we are now walking back to where I live. I live in one of the Doering centers, called the units. So we have the units who we have. Clark Kerr. We'll just kind of further, and we have three different units one, two and three. I'm in Unit two, and then we also have fools. Hall, come an apartment off campus. I'm gonna do Dan tell you guys all about that. But we're just kind of walking by. There's much of, um, little shops, so she does that. Hey, guys. So we are now going into crossroads. Which ones get in Ours are dining hall. Yeah, so this is kind of what it looks like. You're always playing pretty good music. All right. Hey, guys. My room is not his messes. I thought it was gonna be something to give you a look of a photo. All those boards come on the wall, which you're really nice. That's my bed, that it's Underhill, which are just showed you guys. You can see people parked cars down there, usually bandits practicing when they give you guys a show, there has happened a practice right when I want to take a nap. Maybe they're not practicing, so I'm not tired right now. That's my roommate side. We kind of have matching betting, then do it on purpose. The rooms have Tell Arax and my room and I got shower covers. And using this cloth covers, shelves come in really handy. We have a microwave and a fridge. You do have to get those yourself. But what I like is you could rent it from universities, so you don't have to drag it up. I'm on the third floor. I didn't have to carry it. That is the room to our sweet. That's my roommate's room. So I am pin, as I said, a sweet I'm in what's called a double sweet because there's only two of us hears about it. Thanks. Tracks for towels. You have a shower in here? Go shower. Door's always really loud. And here we have a bathroom bathroom. Domestic maids live right there and my roommate and I live right here. So I and then what's called a Possum. What is your favorite and least favorite part of UC Berkeley? So the fake. OK, I have tons of answers for those, but I tried to use one for the favorite, but I think I love the greenery on campus. I love the fact that I could just go sit under a tree and we're eating and just be inquired and and see other people doing the same to or let go inside this huge library. That's right, yours. I'm just kind of late. It's being all of the amazing architecture and find like the aesthetic. That's something that's I'm really lucky to have you pass it I don't like. I don't like how it chilly up here. They're like five levels of players in the Berkeley campus, not something I'm not usedto miss Flat Life. Hi, guys. You're here with another Berkeley student. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you? Okay. Hi. I'm dragging me. I'm from New Delhi, India. Summon international student here. And I'm a junior majoring in political science on hoping to minute in prison concept studies and global poverty and practice. Awesome. Why did you choose UC Berkeley Kulick, while you two still apply here? I think because I didn't think I'd get in your But I applied here because I wanted to study international relations. And that was something that wasn't offered in the undergraduate level in my city. And also for the exposure off international relations, doing bookies reputation in it. So that's why I chose to apply here. Hey, guys. I'm here to show you a another door in the ocean. That's my friend Mary. This is her room, So we're gonna thank her for letting us show her room. It's really que as you can see. So this is a triple. So Mary has two roommates living with her. There she is in the corner. Um, so they have a bathroom down the hall, and I'll walk you guys down there and show you where that is. So yeah, this is what trouble looks like. Once again, my room is a double sweets. You can kind of see the difference one, but there the corner. It's a corner triple, so it's a little bit larger. Thank you. Marry married? You wanna say anything? Okay, guys. So first one of the place I want to show you is one of my favorite past a walkthrough. I honestly take the longer route to class just to see how beautiful this is. I'm gonna show you. It's so cool. I love it. And behind me here you have Strawberry Creek. One of things I love about this campus is how unique it is. I'm literally welcome through a grove of huge, beautiful trees. Or I can go out and sit in the sunshine on the grass on the lawn, which I'm gonna show you in a couple minutes. So that was the top of the campaign alley. Now you can hear it. They have Bell players playing every day on the hour, so it's just right now. Eleven o'Clock going up there is free for students. All you have to do is show your Cal I d. So sometimes my friends and I would just go sit up. But how beautiful the view is. I've been wanting to take us up there, but it's been so foggy in the city, but they was perfect. I'm so excited. It's so pretty. No. Right. That's where I went in. I can't see four point Oh, ball is right there in the middle behind me. And this is one of the prettiest spots because you conceal the fall. I love it. So I hope you guys enjoyed that little It's unique preview at one of my favorite spot Guys. It's a beautiful day here in California, and now I'm gonna go around into guys kind of like what's right around campus. And I guess you take the town Ah, Moffett Light. Bury the most Bujji library out there now. By Boo Gee, it's a nice thing. Mafi libraries someone that is very nice. You very kind, very adorable. It was made, or it was re vandalizing. Twenty sixteen and with studied fifth for fourth Floor has been a great destination for students to go all over campus to study their academics. Just worship and acknowledge the beauty of the Berkeley campus Mafia Library resides in the middle of the Berkeley campus. It's right in front of Moral Glade, right next door library. It's a very vital and important spot because if you want to meet someone new, gonna Mafia. If you want to eat somewhere, gotta Mafia. If you want to just study Gautama for you Want to sleep there Sleeping pads, Pods. Excuse me, Cora Moffitt. Come off. It's very beautiful for luxurious. It looks very expensive and it's very nice and it's very casual and it's very rigorous and it's very modern. If you want to study, go to Moffett. If you want to thrive, gotta Moffett. Mafia is the most important building because Mafia is where Hey, guys, I am just leaving Moffett library like me. Also in Moffett on the first floor, there is what we call the F s M The Free Speech movement Cafe. Everything here in Berkeley at Berkeley is an acronym. You got used to it. I promise. Now, wait. We're headed over to sprawl. Hall's role is the life center of campus. There's always something going on. You will never be bored if you look into small Hall, so it is pretty close. I was just over there a little bit. Go, and there's much of club set up. One of my clubs is actually doing a crispy cream fundraiser, so I'm gonna walk by and say hi to So I'm going to show you guys a little bit of my CNN walk right there. We have doing now. And if you are letters in science, you're going toe in there. I hear it's very confusing. Luckily, it honey class in there. But everyone here is pretty willing to help you out with someone riding a scooter. Right there. That's pretty common around here, right there is realer hall. There's a bunch of big left holes in there. You have people playing music over here. You say they're game right in front of us. That was donated to the university by Mrs Saver again. What you see, all the people ahead of me is Hey, can I? So I just left the health center. As I said before, I'm there once a week for physical therapy on my back. But I wanted to talk to you guys about the bus system. So Berkeley allows us to use all the public A C transit buses for free student passed. They also have campus from buses continues. So this is the view for you. And you get here. I come starting fights. All right under here. I'm not gonna go in there right now. But there is a man a room. There's a gym. There's a student lounge. People in there studying. This is the unit to courtyard. To have a grassy area. You have a bike. You can walk in there. I don't personally recommend you bring Abi. There's a lot of pills here, but we can't. You were all the buildings and this is my building. I thought it was towel for a while. I found out that it is not towel. Go and one safety feature we have that's cool is you have to swipe in to building. I just leapt into the stairs in your room, so it's very safe, very secure head on. So this right here is Southall. Once again, it is the oldest building in the UC system. U. C Berkeley is the oldest. You see. That's why it's called Cal because at first it was just called the University of California. It's not a Southall you had nor fall over there, but it was structurally unsound that had to be taken down for reference. Point. Campaign nearly is right there, so you guys can get kind of an idea of where everything is on campus, so we will head inside. Hi, everyone. It's carrying again. And today I'm gonna show you around the main plaza directly. So what you just saw was the MLK student union and the student store, um, a student store. You can get all your cal gear and every piece of clothing or, like, notebook anything you might want. Count related on our left. We have the student union, which is where you can pick up Amazon packages. It's also where the student Senate is located. There are a couple of restaurants in there like copy shops. So there are some great things located in there. Um, on our left here, what you just saw was Golden Bear Cafe. And, uh, that's just the cafe where you can get some food, get some drinks. They have, like a burrito bowl, like, set up in there and a smooth B in a coffee place. It's so nice. What we're walking through right now is called Sprout Plaza. This is like the main courtyard of UC Berkeley. Um, so this is actually not a typical week. On a typical week, you will see, like, tables all across this entire area. And there I will be like clubs and organizations advertising their club. Um, but right now it's dead week, which means that everyone is in the middle of parent for their final. So no one is out here really advertising anything. It's just people going toe libraries and stuff. We are coming up on, say, their gate right now. It's pretty iconic. It's an essential part of UC Berkeley campus life. Um, if you watched the movie Monsters University, you might have seen this. And, yeah, that gate in Monsters University was based off this gate right here. Okay, so just past the gate, we're coming up on Mueller Hall and the company like Tower on her right, Wheeler hall houses be large auditorium on campus, which I was showing another video. And the camp nearly tower is another iconic part of Berkeley, and that's UC Berkeley. Hey, guys, you're now getting to one of my favorite places. I'm here every Saturday, pretty much all day. We're at California Memorial Stadium, otherwise known as the football stadium. I am going right now to help set up for the game in a couple weeks with rally going. So I'm gonna show you guys a pretty cool view. In the grass. Hello. Introduces off these. Hi. My name's Brianna Fragoso. And I'm a first year. My So get So explain why you chose cow being used, that you got a count. Uh, chose cow. Because when I came here last year, on year, two years ago on a junior trip, uh, it was my favorite school by far. And it had one of the best programs for Major. What's your major? I'm a biochem major, but I'm under the well. I'm a biochem. Yeah, I'm under the biochem track, but I'm an emcee. A major? Why? Wow. OK, so this guy, the student body here at county, uh, just funny use. For the most part, it's pretty diverse and everyone who's pretty friendly Yeah, everyone's pretty open. They're pretty. Don't worry, okay? Describe the academic culture. Cat burglar. It's very competitive, very difficult to keep up. You have to be on it to be able to keep up with the rest of the class That's overall, very competitive. Okay. And lastly questions. Yes, he had a hard time. Agnes, What's your favorite leased your part here at Berkeley Golden Bears here at the recent university. My favorite least favorite, uh, favorite is probably that there's so many programs here and that there's a lot of opportunities to do different things that there wouldn't be back home least favorite really is. I think scheduling I have a lot of different classes and is very pacts. Very competitive. So there's not a lot of free time to do everything that you would want to do. See this here, here, just moved up. That's gonna be the seat of success for you. I'm leaving. This is my truck. I just finished reading on video. You know that. I forgot. I left out in the second, but this is important. This is very important. You will succeed wherever you go. Whatever you do. If you have the mindset, you would. You do it now. I just set it there because I'm excited. You're going to be the person you want to become. Really? Cliches, really. I know revenge is Washington's video kind of shows me what you wanna be. You want to put your foot in the right step. Good step. People always tell me that. And I always hate when there's always vague, you know, predispositions of motivational speech. It's not called action. There's No they do this exact. But you do this. And if you want to play because you want to end up like this and they tell you that you're making it step so you don't know what the F is going on between there. You make saving you physically, It's you theoretically all in your head. It's really all you're you're going to get there one day. And if it's, there's always one big things like disaster and just like trauma and just things that are gonna hold you back. Yes, that's gonna happen. But it's going to take you to overcome your scene. Refreshing In college, they told me to give you advice. My advice is, even in high school was think about it. Theoretical sense. A very practical person. I love practicality. I left things being realistic. Yeah, very religious. And I know Operation said that, but it's just kind of goes to show how something so impractical can become so practical, make the impossible possible, not practically make it possible. When I was making these videos, how'm I gonna entertain myself for just entertaining people watching these for, like, twenty thirty videos? How am I gonna do this? When we mentioned the stuff and I'm on the last video right now, you know, I was going to sickness was going to personal things, and I was going to a lot of things. You can't see those videos so that maybe you can because maybe you don't see that the practice that should have been there. But it's there. The videos were there. And although they might not be the best videos, and although they might have not been like the most editing of the most clean and more stable, it's something that I thought was impossible for a term. I really thought it wasn't going anywhere. That's my biggest advice. Make theoretical practical. You two go on, continue to based on theory and make it so science there anymore. You know, the little guy says, Don't let dreams be dreams. Just doing that screams of Brian from your face. Don't do it. Don't think about it. I'll have myself yesterday had the seminar was pursuing our procrastination, and basically it was like You procrastinate because I forgot the reason. The minds. But you're not lazy in a scientific sense. It was to display now that if you're cross your progress. And I think if you're procrastinating is because you're lazy and that's a fallacy. Now they're scientific created, backs it up and I agree with it and I see why. But the procrastination undermines your humanity. Every human. Remember that just because you saw this video doesn't mean you're going to be the best person you want to become. Is this going to end up on you? And I want you become the best person? Because it is a matter for you to Berkeley. Where do you go to CSU Or you going to community college? These ranks? I said that in a rank order because that's how society views it. Berkeley number two, Public University in the world go Washington because they have high aspirations. And most times they're not people. They're Washington's. They think you have a chance to get in there. I mean that if you think you have a testicle and you're probably one smart ass motherfucker, so it's just stop. What you doing? If you're watching this even at the four minutes and me, it's your Washington because I own the increase in these videos. Just No, you're human. And no one, no title, no tiling intersectionality of human beings ever ever be greater than you. Nobody will contain your title. Your virtue of being someone's son, someone's daughter, someone's friend. Just somebody general in this world because you matter a lot. Trust me, you matter. So when I say make it theory, make it practice Make your existence a practical Don't make your existence based on the notion that you're titled the finds You who you are be the person that you practically are and that's a human. And everybody should respect humanity because that's the most human thing to do corruption. And this this ideology that carries that changed our humanity. Being naturally good isn't practice rather than everybody is just practice that makes it better practice being a better human and watching grades go up and watch it societal capital rise or, you know, this ideology that you have to be, You know, last guys finish last. If what you finish that. So what? He still finishing me? You probably learned them out a lot more than the first guy. Did you learn a lot more in the guy before you did? Be virtuous, being noble, something I wish You know, I would have known come into Berkeley. Sometimes you get intense place is dirty handed and sometimes you look at the people who are clean handed. You're like, Wow, I could have done the same thing they did have in my hand end up in the same position with same opportunities. This it's minutes have been a pleasure. I want to wish you guys the best of lucky, because application process. Now I know this is the time to, like, promote myself, Evita Channel. Now I'm going to tell you what, some of the videos, if you wanna watch what we're specifically you should watch this this and on Lee video specifically go watch me. My roommate roommate who's thinks it right here. That's my bed room whose things right there on his frame. Him and I made a video in regards to us in our personal statements were both first generation brown minorities and said that I'm introduction. You really want to see it? Go watch it. Stop washing these videos while these tourists watching these videos about other things and exclaiming you more interest is going to make you more, more inches. And right now it's college appliances in. So I want to wish you the best of luck. I wanna wish you noble a fruitful, inhumane application season. I hope that you kind of keep your interest in mind. Keep your Manny mind anybody under mind. You don't lie because line doesn't prove you who you are, So approval you are. And if because you don't Oh. Yeah. And out. Number three, Number three. Please. No. Yeah. Come on clear. All right, We are approaching the building that I lived called. Told Hall within Unit two. This right here is called Underhill. It's a parking garage, underneath and on top. Most people think that it is tennis courts. It is not so if you guess what it looks like, but it's where band practices this is. Unit two is where I live. Those are the buildings. Toll is the many seats where I am. Water is apartments for do your transfers and thereafter just kind of regular readies. This was our former decoration. This is their decoration. They decorated for Halloween. It's really cute. So this is where the bathroom is. There's a bathroom on all the levels you can see. They're very festive. It's a lot to be. Holy. Yeah, Andrea, There's a wandering illness for kind of looks like the one I should. You guys already. But the difference is they have a smaller one on their floor. Where is we? Have a big one, Two, um, a big one for the whole, willing to use the restroom. Care to describe what it's like. Well, I'm with the seven four. That's a girls only restaurant. But this is the girls and guys restroom. So there's three showers on and then another. There's like three stalled showers. But then there's another shower that's just like a curtain. And then there's four like bathrooms. Also, you have four toilets in theirs. Four to five. Six. Yeah, that's it. Quints. It's living your shower shoes. Thanks, Mary. Yeah, This is another housing. Often you ask, you get. And now you've seen a double sweet and a regular trouble. All right. I have a super special treat for you guys. I myself came around and show you where we Hey. Hey, guys, We're back. I thought for a minute to talk to Conrad and Alexa. Uh, Conrad is a sophomore here, and Electra is a junior. But you guys are obvious and solving love. Berkeley. Much idea. Cool. I'm going into GBC eagles in Right here. Beautiful. Say the gate and we are about to walk through Sprout. You can see there's a lot So very quick. This is what the tank center looks Oh, I showed you guys a lecture hall the other day. This is a smaller type of class, and we have It's used more for discussions. This is where my and much discussion is. There's seventeen people in the class, and it's taught by a grad student instructor, Jesse, on DH. So it's obviously, as you can see, much smaller than the big lecture halls that hold about five hundred students. Ah, the r s f the gym, the famous Jim. Everybody wants to go to this, but nobody makes time. The recreational sports facility is located on Berkeley's campus and is open to all students with their submission. There s I d the R s s. It is very beautiful, very large and very efficient. It's very close and it's very clean, very convenient. It's something nice and I'll let you, you know, kind of enjoy myself talking. I may let you play some music over it. Just enjoy the beauty of the ourself because people here make legends and ledges make the RSF. Hey, guys, we're kind of at the top. You see how beautiful the bay is. There's also saying that I'm going to show you guys and you can walk all the way up there. There's a big logo for C for California, but we're We are right now. The top of the campaign daily. I've been waiting to take us up here for a clear day. You can see the bridge and it's super cool. I absolutely love. So the bells are what? There is California. Yes. Everyone ready, arch? Absolutely. No. This is all so. The City Bay Bridge sentences Golden Gate. You got it. That's south there's You're just there in this building in the system. All right. Way are at, As you can see, across our dining home for Prince. Unit one is right there. You walk down that way, you get towards you three, which I'm gonna be going to later for a rally commuting tonight. Crossroads right here. There's no life right now because it's about two. Thirty. We also have the done. They have Pete's coffee. It's super cool. You can use your meal points. You're dining points to get coffee from the done. They also have really good pizza. My remain, I love going there. So here. Now at Sturdy the Bear. He is the marker for the beginning of California Memorial Stadium, which is right there. That's where we were earlier. I houses that down there. Yeah. There's another parking garage right here, and we're headed up All right. Here we are in no library. As you can see, the architecture in here is absolutely stunning. Here white people are studying. So you have different rooms. Have computers, hunter, different books. You find any little place that's quiet in here? Study. They have a lot of meeting rooms that you can kind of reserve, just really helpful concrete projects. Reading room right there. This is something I want to point attempting to, uh, Berkeley is very focus on accepting and, you know, kind of allowing anyone a spot on Cape. So whether you identify something, uh, have preferred pronouns. Everyone here is really good about making everyone comfortable making this a safe space for ever. Oops. Here. In view of dough library. I only wanted to separate. I just love them. You love it. So one last thing. If you had to give just one piece of advice to us perspective, Berkeley student, what would you say? Enjoy your senior year. First of all, Jones, question. Megan. Just fully commit when you come here to everything that's going around. If you see a protest happening, Vice Brow, that's okay. Just enjoy it. Live in the moment, Really? Try to take your college experience and treated as a formative time. Don't say this is who I am. This is what I'm trying to get out of it. Let college because it's going to And it's so much more fun if you just take it for the ride. One last thing we forgot, Kell. Spirit. Alexa. What Cal spear organization are you part of? So I'm on couch. Cheerleading is so fun. And very rewarding experience. I love being there for all the games. I'm gonna squash a little rumor right now. Did you get recruited for cheer? I did not. I got into the school, and then I tried out, And I need Is that how all the Cheer team is? How all the dance team is? And all the spirits? Awesome. Okay. Thank you very much. So I'm gonna give you guys a better view of this area that I love. You see all the trees and there's the clock tower trying to block the sun gets There we go. People are always hanging out here. Um, still on people on hammocks, studying. There's someone over there doing a tight rope, which looks really hard, and he looks very talented. All right, We're starting our hike. This is Bull Hall. As I said before, it's an old castle. We're not technically at The Hague yet. We're going up the parking lot. But everyone is in agreement that this is the hardest part of the hike. As you can see, it's pretty really pretty, but I will show you guys the top Ah Dol library. We think of Berkeley. The one hundred fifty years has been in existence. You have. Think of though Main stacks, the underground library, the big white library in front of more ugly, the library that is shown all throughout the movies. And the most vital part is, Why is it important? Weiss's library important? Anybody else? This library is Berkeley. When somebody goes to a tour, everybody shows his library. It is Howard's two point. Oh, it is beautiful. It is massive. It is a collection of data and knowledge that produces the production of the future. Here at Berkeley, if you don't go into dough, you're not a student, then that's pointblank. Period, though, is a place where students can come together and thrive and produce knowledge in the sense that no other school can't is really beautiful and really amazed to see its progress and its progression. House became more beautiful for the one hundred fifty years has been existence door library always be the existence of beauty here at Berkeley and will continue to do so until Berkeley finally shuts down when, probably when the roads over the library was a beautiful scene day and night. Everyone. Right now, I'm heading to one of the gyms and say, What up? Because there are a ton of gentleman you see campus. I'm actually heading to the one that is connected directly to our door. So, like right now, I'm on the second floor where I live and I am taking the elevator down to the lower floor, where we have a gym that I shared by all the buildings in one. It's actually one of the smaller Jim's, but it does get the job done, so I'll take you there. Sure. Have some. Don't elevator down at the gym. Ready to go. I don't actually go to the damn it. Yeah. And, uh, I don't know if he really saw. I didn't want to, like, record everyone at gyms that feel, like kind of creepy. And I didn't want to be like that one person just like out there with the camera, Not actually exercising you like this. Kind of weird. Uh, but, you know, one Jim's. We have, like, four tried moons and couple electricals bike machine. Like a bunch of things you can do there. We don't really have a zoom anyway. Options, but Blackwell residence halls, which is another residents. All they have gave much nicer gym. Then we dio they've got, like, weights and dumbbells and all that stuff. The main gym on campus is called the Recreational Sports facilities. I think. Call it our S A for short, so I don't actually know what it stands for, huh? But, yeah, they have, like a lot of equipment. There are, like, four swimming pools scattered throughout the campus. The RSF has a lot more options to do with exercising. But as you can see, like there are so many places on campus where you can get your exercise going so you don't have to go all the way to the RSF yuk Unjust. If you're living in the dorms and free living on campus, you can just go downstairs into your You're not building and there's a gym