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Guys. I'm at the eatery right now. Just chillin. Doing some videos are uploading videos and a bunch of people. You could be in the back around. From high school and they came to tour. They're eating here right now, and it kind of just reminded me of like, what I'm doing this and kind of the purpose of this platform and why I'm such a strong, like advocate for equal campus kind of resource is for people who are able to come in tour because way have thousands and thousands of students, high school and even middle school and elementary schools that come to tour. You see, I and other amazing campuses, especially in California and those that don't live in help when you don't have the exact same opportunities. Sitcom is really expensive travel expenses and everything. So yeah, just like saw them, and I kind of like God not like sand, but like it humbles me very much, and it humbles me every time I see tours on campus every day. So hopefully I can give you guys some somewhat of a similar experience through what Hey, what is going on? Guys is your friend. I will seen Richardson or your tour guide for today. Today I will be giving you a tool that is one hundred percent honest, one hundred percent real and one hundred percent awesome. Here at the University California, right? You see early? It is just beautiful. It is located in one of the safest cities in the United States. Yeah, and I will be giving you the tour. I will be going through all the best places where you can eat here at UC I one of the best places where you can study here at U. C. I and we'll include a Q and A at the end. All right, guys. So keeping watch in the next videos, I'll see you and the next video. See you later. Okay. New anti learning civilian that just opened this quarter around a year to build. But it's like state of the art. Yeah, all right there. It's really focused and station with students. It's people with eyes, and it's a lot of fun, a lot of seats for you to do your homework very cool. Nearly. No, a bit. Students. Just Well, that's just it. Yeah, no. They also have these seats outside. I really like you close to the computer center area. There's something similar to, but it's just nice to relax Here is the beautiful, big circled Aldridge part. We're gonna be cutting through the park here. Um, I don't know if you wasn't so bitter over here, they're setting up canopies because it's actually homecoming week. So on Saturday, there's gonna be a big homecoming fair. But the Ferris wheel and everything is you can see there's a lot of greenery, um, and benches all around the park right now. It's about four thirty on a Thursday, so there's not too many people out. Other big things that happened in the park are at the beginning of every quarter. There is an involvement fears. So the biggest one is the fall involvement fear, um, which happens, and Aldridge Park, where all the clubs and fraternities and sororities table for new members. And then there's also winter and longing for your spring in long affair, so there's always opportunities to get involved. Langston, which is right in front ofthe gateway. This is actually a library. So if you're looking for some books and stuff like that, you can come and get some books from me here. Like I'm working on an essay right now for humanity score. And I have to get a book about the Incas and all that stuff. Some when I come in here later, get that book and start working on that essay. So let me show you guys around. Here we go. And the same thing for this one. I will not talk once we get inside. All right, here we go. You check out from that side, you can ask questions. Or if you're looking for books, you can find them. You can have the person on this side. You can study right here, this one. All right. And that that wass All right, guys. And that was Langston library. I give you a little a little look at length and library, all right? And that was pretty much in See you guys in the The entrance to the art. So there's one fortune in here yet. It's about ten thirty in the morning. And then there's the basketball court. I think there's three or four. There's a people are just so nice against like on Tannoy. Yeah. Okay, then there you can actually rent out towels. Lakhs? These rooms are really cool because you can rent them out with your friends to play like tennis Racquet ball. This is the second. Yeah, we just called the Wellness. It's in the back. Usually it's a little bit less crowded than the other one, because the other one has, like all the guys, heavy lifting and a lot more free weights. Yeah, this is what. Here. Is the beautiful. So. I always lay out there ten so gorgeous today. See how they actually provide you with, like, kick boards, booties and like floaties, if you will. Yeah, it's so pretty out here. Let's go to the Langston library. There, too, mean libraries in campus. It's Langston and then Ayala. Not anybody, all anymore. It's just like we'll take a look inside. Questions here, librarians figures. That's right. I'm gonna be playing. Let's go. It's basically the same fourth floor. Out of books you could rent. Wanted. We'll show you some of the study room's so you could look study rooms, just book it online and have it for an hour. But really nice. It's just axing. It's great for study group sessions, you name it. Thanks and leverage. What, and start studying. So what you can also do here at the library is you could rent, uh, tops of every need one check out this year, two dollars per hour. But it's good, you know, if you don't have time, and then there's also printing services. You know, I spent a lot of time in the library. Getting work done here is great because it's quiet. You can focus, concentrate. It helps me be productive, especially since I'm working now as well. You always want to make sure that you can balance both and come to the library. Really allows you to do that. I work around twelve hours a week. It's not a lot, but, um, it adds up, so you always want to find the time. You can just focus on your schoolwork, and this is a great place to do it. Place is here, Thanks. Floors tall, but we'll take a look inside actually see this patio. So it's one Jane, sir. Here. The cool thing about the way building set up. You know, you're thinking instrument here really echoes. It's just relax. Let's take a look inside. This is That's your answer. No. Science articles. And that's mostly Really? Yeah, that's very well controlled. It's also a room you could rent. There's a lot of study off attorney's here. I have realigned my name's Gotham Bonnaroo. I'm a undergraduate student here at University of California, Irvine. I'm a second year computer science major, and I'm here to show you all about you see what it has to offer, what you can expect and how much fun you're gonna have it here at this campus. Now, a little bit about myself. I'm a runner at heart. You know, I've done cross country in high school, and because of the so many scenic locations we have, like, you can see behind me, you know, it's just a dream come true just to be around nature. And that's really what I love about the CIA the most. Along with that, I'm a big, uh, inventor, You know, I like tinkering with gadgets, and you see, it has a great, um, entrepreneurship program here which has helped me get grants and even, uh, work my way up so that I could continue working on these projects. Says the C s major. I do a lot of programming, analytical and computational, but we have a ton of majors here. Mainly bio major's business majors, humanities majors. So you'll feel right at home, and there's a lot of diversity here to let you see eye so you can experience very, very diverse cultural influences, no matter what you're interested in. If it's clubs, if it's event organizations, you'll find it here. You see, I I'll give you a tour of the campus, including the dining halls of residence halls, so you'll know all the famous landmarks and what you can expect here is a good experience. We're about to go to Corsica. Yeah, you know. People clearly care. First smash. And you. Pretty cool place. So anyone can I know this area. Creator being because there's a lot of computers, high power technologies and fast so you'll get well, you do have to pay for the computers, but it's less than five bucks an hour, so it's it'll be good. So one of the hidden gems about you see Eyes, University Club. This place was just recently renovated, and it's kind of on campus off campus. But it's a great place for any parties that were going on that are school focus, basically, maybe for faculty essentially, but it's very cool and very open. But there are events here, a lot of tables and just beautiful. And there's even this little like altar or you could relax. You're saying whatever you want to do, you know, it's nice re open here. It's cool. So this is Peter the amphitheater. The only school that Peter, it's very well story planning a wedding, people original options so strict on Peter's name In C. Francisco J. Ayala Science Library, which is the biology library here on campus. There's only two made libraries, and then one day we study center that we have. But this is, I would say this is more popular library among under God's or especially first years just so. Fifth floor rooms that are really popular floor. It's that really popular for studying or the fourth and the fifth floor. So there's that study rooms, peace rooms that you can and out with your idea mine so they're private and you can talk a group project. Which is really because sometimes your roommates or something you're being really they look like and you basically rent them out for times, lad's and yeah. Thank you for joining us on this campus tour If you had a lot of fun. One last piece of advice I'd like to have. You just don't procrastinate. Spend a lot of nights kind of being up later than I should. So try to avoid that. Oh, and also you. Only you can prevent forest fires. Welcome, Tio. Welcome. Teo was enthusiastic and started up. Welcome to the UC I campus store. My name's Parker, and I'll be your tour guide if I got that voice that welcome, uh, welcome. Yes. What is up? I am coming to you Live from the very sunny Southern California. My name is Jasmine, and I'm super super excited to be your campus ambassador for you. See, I, um on campus. Really? So let's go in and get started. There is so much to see. All right, guys. So we're back here. You see, I we are in the middle layer of you. See, this, right here is the center of attention. It is the cherry on the pie. It isthe odd. Rich park check. Good out. It's a big piece of land with a lot of nature. Seconds out, all green bunch of grass and over twenty four thousand trees. It's a clear relax in places you can see. You got people walking out of class going into the house and the dorm since their apartments. And you've got people coming into class. Now, this right here is the fast way to get into class. You just cross over the park and boom, you're in your class. Five minutes. This right here call Ring Road. It goes all around the park. Therefore you will never get lost. You start in one place and you may may walk for for like a mile two miles. But you will never, never get lost if you follow That's reporting building is the student center. Actually no there and we'll take a look inside. It's a very big building. A lot of people have a lot of meetings. There's giant follow rooms, but only very cool for you guys to see. Yeah, so the student center just or take a look at the computer lab. Some of the rooms air crit, e small like this one. But I've won a competition in a room like this, so plenty of time to study. A lot of computers. So if you ever want to study, they have Max here. You could use Teo. I've spent a lot of time here because it's so peaceful, and I can get my work done on time, so I really recommend coming too Right now, I'm actually walking towards Aldridge Park. Um, there is a separate floor walk away if you don't want to walk across the bridge. Um and you want to go straight to the part? Um, I'm actually picking up my friends, Rene, which you there's already met before from her class. And tonight we're actually going tio this. Basically, it's a very, um professionally put on talent show called Solstice here on campus. They do it every winter in the fall time. Um, our student government issue. See, I they put on, um, this thing called Park after dark as well as shocked Ober, which are kind of like Ray V things. Their concerts, they bring really famous artist. This year, Black came Ace up, Ferg me and DJ Mustard for are Shocked Ober. And then Aldridge Park after dark is four week zero. And, um, they bring in a bunch of DJs. So it's like more of a rave scene where a shocked over is more like a concert. Thank you. It's walked through that tunnel, which is actually the humanities bridge appear from the student center to the humanity school. And over here, something really cool and artsy about U C I a rh these sculptures we have. They're basically Asian sculptures from the jail foundation. It's for the School of Humanities. I got this here in two thousand five. A lot of times you'll see some people saying over here, just admiring and it's pretty peaceful. Let's head inside one of the lecture halls. You see a lot of murders, Eugene. This one conceived me. Four hundred students, five hundred, three hundred. It's a lot class is about to start. Modest, and this year it's public school. No, Actually, I'm not even a part of this, so I'm probably gonna leave, But yeah, the rooms are huge. A lot of people don't expect anything less. Honest truth. What you Yeah. Warren. No. So I'm going to take you to another classroom or a love. They can either be both, but they're around thirty forty students a lot of room. Theis quickly see to make it easy to communicate with your partners to foster discussion and intellectual growth. Hey, what's going on, guys? That is ten AM at the moment. I just came out of my class, and I'm gonna show you guys around one of the three libraries that we have here. You see, I this one right here is our friend C School day. Angela Library. Don't. This right here is intended for science majors, but anyone can come. I come here all the time because it is just around my my class. So I come here before class or after class and get some studying done. All right, so now we're going to get into the library, and we're walking into a moment soul when I mean go inside. I'm not gonna talk about much. I don't want people get mad at me. So I show you guys around. You can see Don't And we have this live against five elevator, right? I can't take this there. So if you want to be healthy and get this thing here in the second floor, there is something special way the computer lab. You can also print more. A few cents. No, Let's You can see them. Are you forced to take this? What? Thanks. Kind of. All right, guys. See in the next video. Right? Guys right now on the bus. You are just a theater recreation center. I'm sorry again. And I just wanted to talk about, like, transportation here on campus. So Basic two gets the ark from the court and technically, even Earth much have to take the shot. It's called The Eater Express. It's totally free. You don't even need to show your idea. Yeah, we're actually right now. We're in one of the brand new fuel efficient persons like you. You tried to be. Art is about ten to fifteen from Mesa Court. I'm not sure about Middle Earth, but music does have its own little like Jim. It's kind of like a party complex style, Jim. Not very big, and there's no life for you. Wait. Hey, we just got off the bus. I made a mistake or leader, and I saw that they were, like, fuel efficient cars or buses. But they're actually here. Electric, So yeah, that was stupid. Hey, guys. So I just finished work today. I work at a light tea Office of information technology, and they basically handle all of the things that concerned online. Resource, is that You see, I, um but I'll give you a campus tour and show you around, So I'm not one of the parking lots there. Ton of parking lots here, even parking structures. The thing about getting a car here, though it's hard to find a parking spot in the parking structures unless you want to pay for preferred parking, which is extra. So just be aware, and parking is pretty expensive. Hears about a hundred a quarter so their spots. But it's hard to find something. So this big building, it's a farthest part of campus. It's MST be the multipurpose Science and Technology center in here. It's a lot of labs for physics or chemistry happening inside. There's a lot of instruments, but it's pretty far. I'm glad I only have one class here. Right now. We're in the humanities right area. You could go down there to reach the court, which is living dorms for that grounds for the freshmen who come here nice. This most PC I is a big open, not a parking space, which makes it really nice when you want to get to class. I want freedom. You just want to move. But good. These are the humanity buildings. You're on campus. So if you want study that you'd be hanging around here most of time in the bio signs area and right over there, the science library, That's our next stop. But if you look a week here, there's a lot of research on DH. Really? You see, I it's research school, so there's gonna be a lot of it and even suit. It's compressing space like I've done a lot of memory studies and sorts, you know, just experiments, you know? So anyway, if you really want to get awfully double up to three search, then you can talk with your professors, see if they're looking for people. But it's very cool. Oh, so the great thing about Jussi eyes that there's so many bike paths that you can just really bike to cross around Eldritch Park around the outer circle here? No, and it's what allows me to get the class. You know, uh, in around ten minutes, you know, from my house. But the business building's air right over there to the right. Um, and I'm just heading home for now. This is the anterior. Over here. I mean, everyone don't touch you. You're going to work today. Right now, we're inside. It's a pretty big place you can see. They have about two birds here. A couple and then people clear. What's this game called Bad men? There it is. Extra rooms where you get anybody just, you know, play anything racquetball. We're at the gym right now. This is a place for self reflection is to work out and understand that you're a person. Everyone comes here, and it's just a great place to be the son of work out into it. So you'll find anything you need here. Whatever you want, it's gonna be here. Well, we're focusing on our biceps and triceps. Mostly. We'll probably do some shoulders later on just to get the broad kind of kind of digs in the chest. A little bit too, but not as much as we have. The movements are so will mostly be working on biceps and triceps. Little bit of four arms and chest and back. So we got weights over there. We have machines over here in the back. We have treadmills. I'll get over there and tell you a lot of treadmills over here. Everyone's running, you know, watch TV if you really wanted to. And then they also have some groups, workout routines in this corner. So what we have here are the bad men in courts. There's a couple of games playing, probably a club. Today. It's pretty big group. But along with that there a couple of other machines were on the top floor, by the way. And here is our indoor A truck. It's right around the basketball court, so you could really raise yourself out if you wanted to. You're well again, pretty high. Get out. So the Ark is actually free for any C. I soon particle tuition come here for school so you can come here anytime you want. That's a little far from the sea I like. You could walk and maybe a twenty minute walk. Or you could take the bus here, which most people do, But it's in this place. If you want to use it, take event. So we also have a pool for our members to use. There is one in here for like, you know, if you want to relax, Kitty, pull that thing with bus full hoop and then they do the bosses. If you're interested, you could do that Olympic size pool over here and in the background. You can see some field. We're going to check those out right now. So these are the dark fields. People play soccer here. There's some baseball fields, too, and over here we can see a ton of tennis court. They're some basketball courts, too, so it's a huge place. It's a huge place. So if you're looking for anything, people even play cricket here. People play. Quit a chair. There's a lot of sports. You could do it And with these fields, like everything is open for a lot of the structures here at U. C. I. A is a lot of parking, but a lot of parking structures. So you can find parking, stay here, work out, go home. And you could do it all within, uh, a short So I hope all of you enjoyed our tour. A thousand tour of University of California, Irvine. Buy me Gotham Banner. And before I let you go, I know college admissions are coming up upon you. Probably. Or if you want to know more about you. See, I know you know you want Teo really experience the school, no matter what school you go to, your gonna learn to love it, and you're going to enjoy yourself. The reason why we have videos like this So you could get a chance to see these schools if it's too far. Are you not able to see it in person? But I gave you my perspective on you. See, I And to be honest, like I love it here. I'm so glad I chose you. See, I at my school, I had other options. But you see, I really fit what I was looking for for a demographic. For the clubs, for the engineering and computer science program they have here. That's really why. Oppa qc ay. And as the years went by, it's my second year now, right? I'm really glad I picked you. See, I So I hope you guys can learn from my videos on DH. Take it. Uh, for you. So you have the knowledge and the will. Okay. Choose the school. That's right for you. Thank you. I'LL see you guys later. Hey, guys. So right now we're outside of the eatery, and right here is the mail room. And then right here is this place called The court hears my friend Ruth, and we're going to go into study. It's basically a study space. There's also private rooms that you can rent out with your kids. Um, which is really nice for group projects himself. So we're gonna go inside. Some guys, we are back at it, worn more time. And it's almost the last time our campus tour is coming to an end. But before we come to an end, I want to show you guys around two centers where you can come and study Well, one is the library and one is I guess you could call it a center. It's this one to my left. It's called Gateway Study Center, and we're actually going to go in there. I'll give you a little panoramic view. What's his sign? And then we'll head out and go to the other side, which is Langston library. So here we go. I won't talk to the second all right? People were gonna be kind of weird, but it doesn't matter where we go. All right, so that Wass Gateway Study Center. Hey, what is going on? Guys, at this moment we are in front of you. See, I we are here. Uh, this is where is the place where people you should meet up. Uh, there's where people pick up people sometimes since ours are allowed to come in here. And then people can just easily walk down the stairs and just meet up with their friends. Right there is the common area for picking up and dropping off. We are here by the Black Course, and behind me, we have, uh, it's like the administration building. It is called Aldridge Hall. And this is where the Financial Aid office is, is also what the undergraduate and under clear offices. So if you're an undergraduate, are on the close student like I am. Then you can come here, talk to the advisers and ask him what you can do to change your majors and stuff like that. Then on that side who have you t c have a video where I show you guys around you TC I have one where I showed you guys the outer part of you to see and another one where I showed you guys the inner part of you to see in a few minutes, will will be going to Langston Library, so stay tuned for that A couple of frequently asked questions. We want to know how biggest the school. How big is You see, I Well, you see, I has around thirty three thousand students. It's considered one of the bigger schools. It's in I semi rural area. There's a city nearby, the city of Irvine, in fact, and that really, Ah, in capsule aids, Irvine, where is the second largest employer for the city of urban? And not only that All right, Irvine. And you see, a University of California Irvine was more or less all built by something called the urban company. So they kind of control how parking is facilitated at UC I. They control many of the housing structures here. So you just want to have that in the back of your mind If you decide to come here that you see, I, uh we get a lot of money from the urban company as well in terms of funding for this school. But they do make some administrative decisions. Ah, that a lot of people aren't aware of when they first moved into you. See, I So the student body, we have something called a C associated soon. So you see, I and they're a huge organization that plans all the events we have shocked over fast. We have Ah, summer lands in the spring, these big concerts where a lot of ah, famous singers and rappers come in. There's a big dancing scene here. You C I a lot of k pop, A lot of hip hop and a lot of dance groups. So every night, if you're walking through, you see how you're going to see people practicing, performing for a lot of the major events. We have a big Chinese and Indian population here, you see, I and along with that comes the er, uh, hi, uh, cultural influence here. So there's a lot of Chinese festival's happening. You see that? If you want, you could go on attend their Japanese drumming sessions. Um, so it's very cool to be exposed to other cultures when you come to you. CIA, uh, the academic culture, uh, it's it's big here, you know? You see, I s a universe. It's a research school. So there are a lot of, uh, you know, grad students here, a lot of first who's doing research? Um, but students as well, they're really focused on getting their grades, uh, a CZ and just really focusing understudies. So they're big on that. Popular majors include computer science, especially biological sciences, business majors and humanities majors. Here, you see, uh, defining features of the campus is really Aldridge Park, which is right in the middle of campus. You could see that in one of the videos, and it's just amazing just to spend time there. Uh, Greek life is big here at UC I There's a lot of fraternities and sororities. I haven't been involved in any of them, but there are a lot of fun if you end up doing them. Some people say there's no social tonight. You see, I but there's over six hundred clubs here. You see, I so there definitely is a social scene, and if you think there isn't, it's just you not coming forth and getting yourself involved. Sports. There's a lot of sports here, every sport you can think of for a Division one school. Uh, there's also recreational sports at the arc. If you're interested in doing that, Um, there's soccer, basketball, Batman in water polo. So even running and rock climbing. So it's a lot of fun. If you said to do that, and for the best clubs and organizations on campus, I'd definitely say is, You see, I was one of them, if you want to get involved and student leadership, um, not only that, they're a couple of clubs I'm in. I'm in mace, which is management and information Student society, where a business and technology mashup club. So we have a lot of, uh, interviews, and, uh, just other people coming from other businesses presenting to us. So you can have a computer science and business field from that club. And I enjoyed a lot. There's also a lot of CS related clubs, you know, Artificial intelligence machine learning Blockchain at UC I We have a huge hackathon called Hackett. You see, I that it happens during the winter, so I'm very excited for that. And generally, these clubs on campus, you're going to find you can find one that fits you. So don't worry about that. It's really, truly, uh, great The eyes are I just picked up my friend Renee from class. It was such a good friend. And right now we're walking through the art school, which is actually, technically, like, connected to Mesa court. Um, but it's really pretty here. There's like, uh, fell in. And then here is the administration are building. Our art school is actually really good here. Really? I mean, like, I've been saying that about everything because, like a business and engineering, but all rights goes very competitive here. It's called the Clary Trevor School of Art. Um, behind me here is that ICO grounds? It's actually like a little cafe supercute aesthetic little wannabe Starbucks, but it's okay. Um, and what? Cokie America. Oh, and we also have an art museum as well. Which, yeah, which I haven't been to, but it is So I just got out of my discussion in I c f. Which are these small little portables? Um, basically, because it's a for poly psych class. I have a discussion along with lecture, where you get participation points and you talk about the topics of the class. They're fifteen minute discussions, almost always. You get them for you a lot of math classes, and you get a T A who teaches that instead of your professor. So, like, they can go more in depth and clarify everything. But right now, I am walking along one of the bridges. Aldridge Park is that way. And, um, I am walking by what I mentioned earlier, which is the buildings of the Mais Secor are not middle Earth towers that are being built. Yeah, right now I'm on my way to my next class, which is my business statistics class in the business building. It's one of my core undergraduates classes. So here's the middle Earth construction. It's a beautiful day outside today. Social science Tower, I believe. And then this is the Social Science Plaza, and I'm gonna be walking through some of science is to get to the business building construction. So here's the Palmar school of Business. Um, here's them your section of the building on. Then there's also the original business building on. Since we have expanded, there's very pretty lights up there if you see it's so pretty at night. Various that there's also a lot of cafes inside, as well as study space and a Starbucks. Hey, guys. So we just got out of our business statistics class. I'm with my friend Renee again, and my friend Ivan and I'm gonna ask them what their favorite thing to do for fun on campuses. For me, I like to spend my time off goingto all the sporting events. Men's volleyballs way like known here, you see, a yeah Are are sports are pretty good. We don't have a football team, though, and it's oh for me, definitely the love dancing here. So like a lot of hip hop teams and different workshops that you could take. So it's basically what's going on, and it's kind of loud because there's a protest going on right now. Disability justice. Yeah, so he didn't know. Five years. B u C schools are kind of known for being liberal, so you guys didn't know that already. You for free speech. So now we're walking along. Bring road, where all the clubs in the org's usually a have stuffs for sale. So they saw food and so just kind of how they make money on campus. Sometimes two dollars. Huh? About my spam A Sufi right now? Yeah, really good. Spam. A soup here from the clubs. Wait, Go, go, go! Go with these girls. All right, So we're walking through the student center again. I already showed you guys over. Wait. I'm not gonna lie. You see, I could really work on its school spirit, but sports they're good. So this is the information and computer sign since Plaza. They're a lot of seats here for students to sit down, relax, do home where some of them are solar powered. So they actually charge your laptops phones. But you can find people in computer science, computer game science, software, engineering, all working here. And even if you know it's a major, you can still hang out here. There's engineering tower over there. I see it pulling up. Here are the engineering buildings. This one's pretty cool the way the windows set up in all of that. But here, interfering is here. Computer sciences here, some right next to the Disability Service Center. This place is used for, you know, any sort of disabilities you have. They even have no takers for you. If you need that, or people will take you to your class, should you have issues walking and such. So it's very useful that they have this here. If you need extensions for homework for even quizzes grades, um, finals. They can provide him here. So this here's Paul Murad business and then great great kind of classrooms on social area here. So if you ever want to do business, just know that it's a great business. You can really do great things here. Yeah. And this is you, isn't it? Please, a captain in the back? See? No, it's great here. These here are the social science powers. A lot of buildings here is pretty big. You will be a couple of things. I will not is that it takes really forever. Three walking like I am. Many people want most people walk. But itjust this campus is so huge that it's gonna take you fifteen to twenty minutes if you need to walk across. If you're not thinking all this parking technology park, it's OK. But it's a huge campus here. We've entered medical side of campus, where you know a lot of biology. Students do a lot of research of these buildings, and students can participate, too. So it's open. And here are the natural sciences buildings. So, you know, math, physics, any type of science. What's going on, guys, Since your friend Agustin back at it again with another video at this moment, I'm gonna show you guys around campus possum right there. We have to have it. We're just putting in a little bit pricey, though. Agent Bocks on that side, we have Wolfe Margo on this side. So if you have a wall sparkle account is gonna be really good for you. This plaza is about point four miles away from the from You see, I was actually, like a corner away from U. C. I. But, well, since the school is really big, it depends on where you're going, how far it is, But let's change topics a little bit. Let's go. That's where I got my that's where I got my hair cut the other day. Great clips. And you can get some valuables right there. That's where I get my tables most of the time. All right, there we have Mediterranean girl and house. We have ice cream on this side, and it's keeping going. They have a spot right there. I've never been there, Uh, and decided they have Gino's pizza. I had genius pizza about two days ago. And that was pretty good. I feel like four ninety something for a slice of pizza. It was pretty decent on this side. We have things garden, just Chinese food. I've never had that. I should try it sometime soon, and we have witch witch. I have, which which maybe once every two weeks because it's really it's pretty good. It's not a good prize, and it's it's seems healthy on this side. We have obviously conflagrations almost all the time, almost every day. To get my essential, you don't have a meal. Plan has to cook at home. So I need to get my stuff for breakfast for dinner. Insolent. On this side, we have dull taco, and on that side we have Starbucks and we have cheese, and that is pretty much it for campus Plaza guys stay tuned for the next video. So this is the hall. Okay, so why don't you just tell me a little bit about yourself? What's going on? All right, So I'm a second year of a major university health, right? I wanted to go to refine. I'm from Monterrey, so I want to stay in California. But I kind of wanted to go far away from home. We're not too far. And the weather's really nice too. Yes. Is there anything particular about ensuring school here that brought you in? Uh, well, I did also get accepted to university Senator Cruz. UC Santa Cruz. They didn't have the engineer program I wanted. So you survived. Was the one that said yes, that did have a point. How would you describe the student body here in terms of activities that they support? Do they do a good job? Uh, yeah. There are a lot of campus or, ese. Um are you in, honey? I am. Yes, I am, too. Uh, sorry, guys. Way to create charming. And I must part of my life. We do traditional my skin, huh? Yeah. Every year getting the year, they have the anti involvement here. Like, find something that interests you. Just just for a minute. Uh, there's also plenty of opportunities. Internships. I know. Orange County has a lot of good networking. Yeah. How's the academic climate here? Clinton? Are you, like, studying all night? Are people studying all night here or just partying? Yeah, this kind of balance. Oh, see, in Irvine, you Yuji, you get a good mix. Says it's a big school and final question. What's your favorite and least favorite part about? Okay, so my figure part what you see, I, uh I think it's a given with anybody college experience. It's the people friends you make me? Um, yeah, that makes the whole experience worth. But I say the worst part, The death Star. Really tiny. I don't know how they expect us to do take notes or take another trick in midterms and finals on those. But the death star is pretty Thank you for So over here, we're at the C s things that's basically where most computer science classes are held. And you can see in the back right there. That's the engineering we're not headed over there were headed Tio Donald. So this right here is Donald Grand Fall. Spent a lot of time here for my SATs passed on homework and just working on things. It's a great environment. Well, a lot of the CS majors have their meetings inside. We'll try to be a little quiet because we don't want to disturb anyone here. There's a lot of people studying a lot of classes going on. I'll also show you around. Go inside. There's a couple of clubs who spend their time here in the first room, sponsors, but we'll go upstairs and show your what a lot of there are teachers here. Um, I'm going to Stan. Look here, right? I spent a lot of time. People, images, great area, just research. They do a lot of seminar programs here, and if you're a CS major interested in seeing clips, they're probably going to meet here. TIO So GBH Donald Wren Hall is something everyone. It's enough, especially your CS major, because it's a great place to be in. Fourth floor. Let's go ground floor. All right, guys, at this moment, we are at the Ant Eater Recreational Center. This is the ark. But before we get into that, I wanna tell you that you have to get a parking pass whenever you want a park around in a facility around campus. You did not get a parking pass. Then you will get a parking ticket. As you can see, Uh, this guy right here is giving out tickets. You don't take it. So please get your parking pass. It is only about dollars per hour, so that's pretty cheap for a couple of that school. You seem all right. See you in the next video. So this year is Aldridge Park. It's just a giant car shaped like a circle right here in the middle of campus. And the great thing about it is that even if you're, like, late for class or you got a class right across to the other side of campus, all you gotta do is just cut through this part. Everything else is just situated around. It makes it really convenient. You see, it's the largest pc of the size. Yeah, it's really the only school you see school that has something like this. Super beautiful. And it's just very convenient. You know, if you want to relax, you can just sit here. You could even placed in games. We got people playing Quidditch here a lot. Other things? Yoga sessions. Very lively here. No one's here right now. Everyone the class. But I just want to show you the park. Very nice. So this is the entrepreneur center. If you have any innovation, all ideas are ownership opportunities you want to do. You can definitely do it here. They have a bunch of great programs. Help you get your ideas from fun stuff on the way to the finished product. So let's take a look inside. So this is the inside. There's a bunch of rooms for discussions, and you could double up your ideas. They have a lot of very highly developed professionals here. We can help you get your ideas from concept already finished product. They also have a nice patio in the back where they hold kickbacks and little events just to get to gauge your interest and entrepreneurship activities. Let's see some of the rooms. So here are some of the rooms Was right for it. Ideas. You can, Abel sounds like. Always with my ideas. And we've even got a grant from the opportunity I want you anticipate, Okay. From the street. Yes, so there are also a couple of other buildings. You see, I applied innovations. They provide a grate on neuro system and ecosystem. First move transition to launch your start up company and navigate your passport. You can truly enjoy your proactive experience there. The support is extensive, and you'll really feel special there, so there's a lot of opportunities. It's a place called a cove, which is a little away from the CIA but still part of C. I A. And they have these giant rooms that just foster innovation. So these opportunities are available for students if they move forward with it. And there are also a couple of startup competition said you could partake in if you really wantto bring your ideas forthe and even make Hey, what is going on, guys? I just came out of my math lecture and I wanted to stop by real quick so I could show you guys one of the three fountains that we have here. You see, I this one right here is the infinity fountain. Let me give you a closer look after him right there as an oval shape and you got water coming out of it for both sides. This represents the infinity of knowledge we have here. You see, I now I also want to show you the Anteaters sign the Zat Zat sign. So to Zon ta designed the anti resign supporting show your school pride. Are you gonna do you go like this? Then you're like this just like that. You get your finger and go like this then like this and then you say dot dot, dot See you All right, guys, way have not come to the conclusion of this great kapa store. Hope you guys doing all the video make them entertaining just for you guys. Then remember, guys, try to keep this tour a hundred percent honest under person. Real and one hundred percent awesome. All right, guys. One more thing. Remember to study. It doesn't matter what you study, but you gotta study. Human capital is the best investment you could make. All right, guys, I hope I see you and you sell your wine. I hope I see you sometime soon. See you later, guys. And okay, so we just got our Jonah juices inside this student center. They also have a lot of space to, like, study and stuff. Um, this is one part of the student center. And then there's also students at herself, which is this big building right here with the stage where they have events. Sometimes that building is very helpful. There's a lot of resource is in there, which a lot of first years don't really go to. So they have, like, the health senator. You can get free contraceptives, you can get counseling. That's Frias. Well, I'm any type of counseling, and yeah, there's also a lot of ATMs. You can always cash out and then remind yourself that you're a broke college student. Right here is the first Starbucks on campus. We have a total of three. We also have aunt, which is a tech support, please. And right here is killed. Just the bookstore. Okay, so right now we're walking through the hill, which is the student bookstore on campus. Was there an ex student center? This is where you can buy books, your text books, You buy school supplies, scan transfer, test your ID because you're probably going to move it and back and all the cool you see, I merch that you'll be rapping. But a quick tip about textbooks is that I don't recommend buying textbooks until after like your first week or so until after syllabus week is over. And your teacher has already explained to you if you really do need the book or not. Another ideas to like look on, rate my professor and ask other previous students about the book because I'm pretty sure every first year has experience the struggle of paying for a textbook and then not using it ever like the entire quarter. So don't be that one person. And don't waste your money. Yeah, tip of the day. So this is healthy. He's a friend here of mine at U. C. I a. And just tell us, you know, your background and why you chose to be sure. Um, so I guess in high school, uh, I want to go to a big university. Obviously, you Caesar big. So then I was drawn to you CIA. Primarily by the strength of this program, too. I was pretty impressed by the amount of general general academic breath courses that you could take here as well as the courses in your major. So I think academic strength is wass, You know, the locality. Probably. How much? How do you describe student body like student spirited? You know, our mascot, the Anteaters. Pretty unique. Um, yeah. Overall students are pretty spirited, very friendly, very involved on campus. A lot of, like, uh, unique clubs. And we'll close the U. N. Um right now, nothing at the moment, but I'm the sort of person who likes to go to different clubs. Just try out for things. And no, I don't really Are there any particular? Is that interested? You know, take your interest. Um, yeah, a few. I was a pretty big fan of CME er first, what about what they did? I have a sense for association of computing machinery, but they're like algorithms. So you said your cs major, How would you describe your academic life here? Our climate, the climate, very academic. Overall. Mostly session alert. Just like thanks. But mostly it's a combination of both. Actually. Um, you know, there are definitely times where you're bogged down. Thanks for everything tests. Yeah, and say so, but just a manageable. Yeah. What about, uh, what's your favorite part of the school? And least favorite. Favorite part. Let's see my favorite part. I've been a I've always liked, I guess locality on what's special about it. There's so orange itself. There's a lot of things to do, places to go. Really good weather. A lot of big companies here, too. Yeah, a lot of startups being formed just in this region. Yeah. Of these favorites. Maybe the fact that sometimes it gets a bit too quiet. Thanks. Not too much, uh, activity on the weekends. But, you know, if you know where to look, I guess you can always have fun. Right now, I'm walking up to Engineering Tower, which is basically an engineering quad. Um, but yeah, it's a really cool area. Here at the bottom of the tower is a bunch of bike racks. Um, what people into bike on campus here? Not as big as, like Davis or Santa Barbara, but feel free to bring your bike's. There are tons of people who ride bikes. So our engineering school here, you see, I was actually very good. Um, this is a quad area that a lot of people like to chill around. So here it is, there's actually these awesome, um, patio chairs, couches. There's four sections off them. Each section is equipped with a table and plugs for your, um, laptops and stuff. And then there's also like shade and lights for at night time. So in between classes, anybody walking through here is free to just shell with their friends, Lay down, charge their phone laptop. And you definitely see a lot of people taking naps over here doing the day, especially in the mornings. So, yeah, this building over here is the computer science building. And then right across there with the glass tower is the new engineering hall, which is really nice,