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Since it is Tuesday and not Wednesday. They're not many tense and tables are, which means I can talk. But it also means that you guys can't see the madness that is working once say, which is when a bunch of clubs and a bunch of groups and everybody who wants to sell something or another comes out and it comes out and cuts like these or smaller towns like those and basically comes to go talk about whatever they're here to talk about, it's pretty great. There's a lot about a lot of free samples, which means I definitely walked through here on one since. But yeah, unfortunately, we don't see that we do get C student union in all her glory. The beautiful blue sky here, the student union cities get together. There's a bunch of study rooms up there. I'm gonna angle the camera up there so you guys can see how there's three floors. They have a been spaces for events, love book. They have event spaces for events so your club can rent one out from there. She a student government association, which also has a massive office of their of their students, can also get green boats or blue books, whichever you're I'm used to calling them, and free scan trunks get one every day. Oh, there's also some food there. And actually, one of my favorite food. The solutions is inside there. But we're not gonna go there until afterwards. I still want to show you some of the farther parts of the campus. And since the campus is so big, we're kind of we're gonna have to go in and come right back It's Taylor. I'm gonna show you a four four nights circle, which is what I currently live in. So night circles, you see a billion apartment complex right across the street from campus. So you'LL get to learn streets once you come up to Orlando or down to Orlando. But essentially we're off of Alafaya and Corporate Boulevard. So let's take a look ad with the apartment looks like. And then the next video, I'LL go ahead and show you with my individual room looks like. So we're gonna go ahead and start with the laundry room so every unit in Night Circle is fully equipped with a washer and a dryer, so you can see we have our Christmas tree. There's our water heater, and then we have some additional storage space, and we have something called Valley Recycling and Night Circle. So that's down here. So every Wednesday you can put out the blue bag filled with recyclables, and someone will actually come and pick it up in recycling for you. So at night circle, get Valley trash six days a week. We get it Monday through Saturday and then valley recycling once a week, and that's everyone's day, so help us out. We have a little chart here where if you're using a washer dryer, you put your symbol. So I'm the hot air balloons. If I'm using the washer, I would put the hot air balloon there and just a really great way for us to know whose stuff is in the units. So that way, when their stuff is done, we can tell them, and we all get our laundry accomplished. So that's the laundry room. So that's right when you walked into our apartment, and then what? Keep it taking a look so way have our thermostat. This is where we put our keys and then let's go ahead, take a look at the kitchen. So what's really nice is you get a fridge, a microwave and an oven included in your unit and basically all you need to cook your best meal at college. So we also added some additional appliances, so we have coffee machine. We have a toaster oven, and then I loved to juice. So that's my juicer over there in the corner. And then you also get a dishwasher night circle, which is really cool, because when we lived on campus. We didn't have a dishwasher. We So me and two of the other remains. This is our second year living together. So we use living afford to last year on campus in the Hercules apartment, and now we live in a four four here at night. So it's really nice because you get a dishwasher, which is down there. So let's keep going and taking you look so way have the first bedroom right there and then we have the second bedroom, which is over there, and now we're here. In our come I'm dining and living room space. So, as you can see, we have the fairy lights. We have a bookshelf over there, and what we leave there is various games. We definitely enjoy playing our games. And then it was my birthday two weeks ago, so we haven't changed the side since then. We also keep a chalkboard. They're usually write jokes. They're so nice circles, a fully furnished apartment. So most of the furniture you see came with the unit. So this dining room table with four chairs came with the unit. We added the two additional chairs you see here, so additional cheer traditional cheer and then the coffee table and those two sofa pieces came there. So I've previously mentioned spirits flash in a video and you can see some of the spirits flash ducks here. So this was a spirit splash Duck could see what else we got. This was a spirit slash Doug, and this was a serious flash duck. So I have one mermaid who just really love collecting rubber duck. So that's her collection out here, and we have our tapestry hanging up right there that you can see something that I think is really cool about our apartments is we always will have some form of guest book in our apartment. So last year we had a sticking up wall, so every guest that came to our apartment would sign their name on a sticking out, and then they would post it on the wall, and I was one of the walls in our living room. But this year we have great, so right here we have what we call guess Jenga. So every guest that comes will actually go ahead and sign a Jenga block. So that's that's a really cool way for us to see who all comes to our apartment but also for everyone to kind of have their own interactive spin within their apartment. And then over here is the second part of our living room. So if you live in a tutu and night circle, you don't have this additional space here. But because we live in a four four, which is the bigger unit of Night circle, we do have that space. So we added a TV here and a TV stand, which we love because we enjoy binging TV thing. So we've been ninety day fiance and broadchurch together, and we did that here. So we will take some of these chairs over here. Adam there lay on the floor, plenty of space. And this sofa right here came with the unit, so you don't get a lot of for sure, and you get a lot of space. So I don't feel cramped at all with me and my three other roommates. So it's definitely a nice place. I really enjoyed living at night circle. It is our biggest student apartment complex, so there are three different phases and they're about thirty seven buildings and there are two twos. Three threes and four force. So if you want to live in night circle, you're gonna want to sign early. So we moved in August of last year, and we signed a released the December before the year we moved in and Night Circle was sold out of bedrooms come about March or April, so it's definitely of the more popular complexes. Just because there is a wide range of amenities you have that on campus shuttle. So the shuttle that takes it from your apartment directly to campus and then it's also one of two complexes that are UCF affiliated, which means UCF does have a say, and it's more connected within the student living that goes on here. So we have to live here in space that you've seen, and then what's really cool is we have a nice balcony that I'm gonna take you out on. So let's go home and take a look of the view so we don't have any furniture out here, and it's very dark because we're looking at night. But essentially, you can see that there is an ample Hey, guys, I'm going to take you for oh, one piece of advice that I would love to give, Oh, incoming freshman still high school students like you guys. And that would be to really pay to go into your college application. That can really be. And I'll be all for wish college you end up getting into, because sometimes students are just really similar. So that might be all they have to really tell you apart. Just simple facts and simple emotion, which is your personal say I'll get into that more with my specific college application. I thank you, but I'm really passionate while getting your personal essay dress right. Also, I want that I was showing you is how much I really need to pay attention to my extracurriculars. I find that actually, particulars were one of the few things that might set you apart when it gets down to someone who's just like you across the country. Who has the same exact GPS you and who has the same exact kind of feel about you guys like to be? Strictly honest, then those extracurriculars can add a set of personal details to who you are. What kind of things you're interested in. Finally, something they didn't tell me, but I really wish they did about college is how Holmes. If you could get so for example, you see if we have caps, counseling and psychological services, and those people can help any incoming college student or any college student who's with you. Zia. Whether you're feeling depressed over there, you're feeling anxious or whether you're just feeling homesick. They'll have people who come and talk to you, and it's completely free and completely confidential. That is the Recreation and wellness center that UCF has given us. Our guest students have given you see up considering all the things that pay for this and allow us to come here for free comes through our tuition. Inside. There's a crazy amount of exercise machines. There's a lap, there's a lap cool there's. I don't I don't know. Thanks to strengthen how well you take that lap. There's a great amount of things. They've got yoga classes. In fact, they've got a lot of classes. So if you want to take a class at the RV R W C, it's best to register like a couple of hours to a full day in advance to make sure you get that spot and make sure you're in that class. There goes the shuttle I was gonna take that's one anyways. A lot of the things at the art of you see Philip really quickly, and they close their doors as soon as the time is up. So you really want to make sure you register and you get there on time. But other than that, it's really great resource for students who want to keep fit and the walk from like almost any resident storm except the freshman dorm's over there is killer, so you'll get your work up beforehand for sure. Hey, guys. So right now I am a Spectrum stadium, which is UCSF's football stadium here on campus. This past season was amazing for our nights. We were undefeated Oppa until the Fiesta Bowl, which we played against l s U and a lot of that was due to the fact that are about. Our quarterback was injured way actually all dressed up for the next game, wearing lays because he was from Hawaii and we hade shirts with his number. So that just goes to show how much our nights truly care. Spectrum Stadium is also known as the Bounce House, because when when there's a football game and everyone's cheering, jumping up and down, you can literally feel and hear the stadium shaking, which is insane. And that's also why our student body or student section is called the Nightmare. So football games be sure to get here early because for the student section, it is first come, first served. So this is a little panorama of the stadium. Kind of insane. And right now I'm standing in front of you, the UCF seal. So it's a campus tradition here. If you step on the field, you will not graduate. So as you can see, they have it roped off so that no one gently steps on. It won't walking on their way. Usually there'd be kind of students walking around the circle. Straighten those stories you see there. But since her construction going on to give us a brand new, that would be to story time. I'm making this. Find. Also, this is kind of a period between classes, so most students are either in class or running to it. Top center. Today, there's always something going on in the student union, which is why so so because it is you got college Democrats here and so beauty and diversity in all things people, restaurants like chilies. Yours. A piece of government stop. And as for those studies. Just Yeah. Yeah, it's even. They're by life. There's some tables up there by the light. There's also some tables out there in the milk if you'd like some like a cozy corner when studying, not at all. I also got this nine small. I don't really eat. If you and he really likes Giro's or the convenience store, then they've got that as well. How about pretzels? And the smell of butter, But as I said, I don't usually make it down this So, of course I realize that a lot of you guys are maybe trying to get into you. CIA and while you see, has been increasing their standards like we were still more of the middle of the range college to apply to if you're applying to college in Florida. So why piece of advice for getting in a wood are actually two. Getting into any college would really be to focus on your personal essay, because their personal essay is what sets you apart from the facts. Your personal essay really shows he wore, and I really wish that my guidance counselor had gone more into detail on exactly how it's set to a party because, well, there's a kid out there who have the same exact people savings out fat saying exact number of AP classes It's really what you saying. Your personal essay that set you apart. Did you use those personality traits that they had in their brochures? Are you the kind of college student they want on their campus? And for every college, it's different for you. See if they want a student who takes opportunity, who's a go getter who will not stop until the job's done, and those are the kind of things you have to say in your essay. You can't just say, Oh, we'll have a child here and there. I did this with so and so I met here. I went there, which is what I did for mine. And I didn't get into a lot of the goddess I applied to because it had no personality. So, above all, make sure you put personality into your personal essay and how to increase your chance for U. C. A mostly good grades. No college will reject you with good grades, and you see, it is not the exception. However, if you do have a bit of lower grades, I would still repeat, make yourself more personable. I find that's the key to getting you to most colleges. When I looked back and I see the students So there's a lot of construction right now, But this is the outside of the student union, and it's probably my favorite part, um, of campus. So walk this whole boardwalk, um, because it's just so peaceful. Basically, on a day like this, you can just walk and not outside. Study study outside. Yes, it feels really nice out to study outside. The little Bordeaux off again as I was talking about earlier. Super cure thought This is where I saw my orientation day the MacKenzie Miller, which is our star quarterback. But he's injured at the moment, but yeah, so a lot of people come out here super nice just hanging out and look at nature for a second, since we're kind of surrounded, like we're not in the city but war like tennis. Suburban. Right? Okay. He's trying to put a bomb. Home. Let me just all right, Foreign. This is basically what works. This is my room. You can see two. Adorable. I have this big window which comes with specifically my room and Mercury. Not all rooms out this, but I like using it like an art piece is part of my room. Um, yeah, what else we got? I recently went to Kia and putting up a shelf because we could put holes in the walls. I got bamboo clothing rack. I've got some little vanity here. Who? So And then Mercury comes with walk in closets as well. This is mine. Specifically? Yeah, B. Let's just say he got his apartment for, like, a really good deal. Some guys, and as far as our bathroom, this is what it looks like. So the show, that little black shelf is my built it myself for Michio. And this is us again for these off campus apartments. The earlier you buy it, the better it will be. But that's never exactly guaranteed. So you kind of have a bit of a gamble when it comes to these things. Usually an apartment would be much smaller. So, like, if you get an off campus apartment, it might be about the size of where the white shelf is down to where the closet is on the closet will be one of the open ones where he opened the door, and the closet is like right here with the rack. If you are a freshman, you probably want to hang out with other freshman and make friend, for example, all my remains, even though we were kind of randomly so dead were randomly selected because we had a dorm on campus, and that's how I made friends are my least my first friends and started to interact more with campus. So if you're a freshman, I would definitely recommend getting an off campus week. You might not always and the things I did with roommates, but at least it'll encourage you to get out there and interact more with campus. All right. Here is the entrance to my favorite store of them all. Oh, my God. Yeah. All right. Thank you. Really. So I just made it back from lunch last season. Could not film in there, but that's perfectly okay. We're gonna keep going. This is what happens when you walk straight, did it, Union? You have this walkway kind of boardwalk straight down. And if you walk right down, you run into our next landmark, which is memory, Mom. So go the memory mall. Walk down that sea of the arena, walk a little bit further and hit spectrum CDO. So Valbe last far form camera store. The rest of it will be you show you a little bit of the city of or them, though. And what a night it's like for me and my roommates. Stay. Two. I'm a little sleepy because all that chicken prize of Texas toast, but keep going.