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Thinking about University of Central Florida and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Central Florida in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Central Florida’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Central Florida, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Central Florida experience. These University of Central Florida video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys, I'm going to take you for oh, one piece of advice that I would love to give, Oh, incoming freshman still high school students like you guys. And that would be to really pay to go into your college application. That can really be. And I'll be all for wish college you end up getting into, because sometimes students are just really similar. So that might be all they have to really tell you apart. Just simple facts and simple emotion, which is your personal say I'll get into that more with my specific college application. I thank you, but I'm really passionate while getting your personal essay dress right. Also, I want that I was showing you is how much I really need to pay attention to my extracurriculars. I find that actually, particulars were one of the few things that might set you apart when it gets down to someone who's just like you across the country. Who has the same exact GPS you and who has the same exact kind of feel about you guys like to be? Strictly honest, then those extracurriculars can add a set of personal details to who you are. What kind of things you're interested in. Finally, something they didn't tell me, but I really wish they did about college is how Holmes. If you could get so for example, you see if we have caps, counseling and psychological services, and those people can help any incoming college student or any college student who's with you. Zia. Whether you're feeling depressed over there, you're feeling anxious or whether you're just feeling homesick. They'll have people who come and talk to you, and it's completely free and completely confidential. Hey, guys, Welcome back Channel is your girl David. And today I'm back with an official dorm room tour. It's highly requested, so I hope you will enjoy it. Kind of radio sore? Simple. I mean, not really much to drag out, in my opinion. So without further ado this get So this is what you see when you first come in my room and this is what you can see. Like for him. Someone will be here. I have done here just hello. And I like it when they get injured. That stuff that stores. But I end up to be immigration. I have a mansion for Mikey here, but this is outside of my door mirror I got from beyond. It was only like, $21 including tax. Every year is my snack car. I have a lot of, you know, have a closet, my clothes here, some shit up there, like two shoes. And then and that they came by, brought the towels. And then when I went home for the fourth, I brought that fan that because he's so high a little fan that I had this work and then I have my ring right here, right here. I have three. My impression TV is here. Snow is here. Things here and here is some jewelry too. And then my glasses, that's it's just I have my coat here that one's like from rings up. And this was for showering their size. My planner, my biology book are fine here. A little encounter thing is supposed to be a ring holder. Diseases, decoration and then inside years that I don't even use. I think this is a top. You're poor thing is like here, especially your kind and the stick. And then down here is plastic my latest here and then I have my bridge have more stuff like outside is really the highest point. Please might even go higher. But anyway, I have underneath my best stored OK, bring light box. Water is some person basket. And then on top of this storage container is the cups and they're on the inside. Have bulls were in tissue on the bottle. It is not a dirty clothes bid and the net bag. I have something in it for you, but now she's going to jail. Wait, I don't feel like actually get dressed. Your pants in here, the bottom of your car keys on the wall. He's come on and have a little lights in the alternate. I like to have one whenever there's not really much to show everything. So, mixture, y'all calm it down below and let me know what I want to see next. In the meantime, like comments subscribe and share and watch all my previous videos go share those two. Let me know when it seems like a guy with the constant actual lights here, so until you do, I So there's a lot of construction right now, But this is the outside of the student union, and it's probably my favorite part, um, of campus. So walk this whole boardwalk, um, because it's just so peaceful. Basically, on a day like this, you can just walk and not outside. Study study outside. Yes, it feels really nice out to study outside. The little Bordeaux off again as I was talking about earlier. Super cure thought This is where I saw my orientation day the MacKenzie Miller, which is our star quarterback. But he's injured at the moment, but yeah, so a lot of people come out here super nice just hanging out and look at nature for a second, since we're kind of surrounded, like we're not in the city but war like tennis. Suburban. Right? Okay. He's trying to put a bomb. So Shelby, she's a girl, my positive and we take sustainability and that what you saw was basically they see a classroom experience stints and everyone kind of sets together. And we listen to the professor elections. How would I describe luxuries? Hear they go pretty smooth. You know, there's a lot of professors here. They all have their own teaching styles there, some who prefer to go on a lot. But there are others who perform what we call this a crying, which is where they ask you a bunch of questions and kind of forced to learn the information. It it sounds odd, but it definitely works on the student faculty ratio. Pretty good, I would say, depending on the classroom, and it could be crazy. So for freshman classes, you might have two hundred to three hundred students from Professor. But the more you get into major crosses, Lee that's, for example, it gets down to twenty. And I've even had a class with just twelve students. Wait it out just fine. UCF seal. So it's a campus tradition here. If you step on the field, you will not graduate. So as you can see, they have it roped off so that no one gently steps on. It won't walking on their way. Usually there'd be kind of students walking around the circle. Straighten those stories you see there. But since her construction going on to give us a brand new, that would be to story time. I'm making this. Find. Also, this is kind of a period between classes, so most students are either in class or running to it. Top center. Today, there's always something going on in the student union, which is why so so because it is you got college Democrats here and so beauty and diversity in all things people, restaurants like chilies. Yours. A piece of government stop. And as for those studies. Just Yeah. Yeah, it's even. They're by life. There's some tables up there by the light. There's also some tables out there in the milk if you'd like some like a cozy corner when studying, not at all. I also got this nine small. I don't really eat. If you and he really likes Giro's or the convenience store, then they've got that as well. How about pretzels? And the smell of butter, But as I said, I don't usually make it down this like today is moving day Got here where? We're at love. E. We are almost You do get this parking pass. I'm blogging. Parking Jada is about to get her parking pass. Are you excited? Yes. You guys, I know this is Jake's log, but this is the man behind the scenes with the money. This is the HCM machine in front of Jada. It's called Daddy. Big Visitor in parking information. We'll be back. There goes Daddy pulled in the money out. Come on. Yeah, it After this. Where we're going next. She has her. So Okay, you park anywhere with that pass? Uh, until after 30. Coming up on the be. I think this is a YouTube channel. Yes, baby. What floor? You're on the board. I look in this bag on my school working. She got my coat, my shower, total stuff. My dad worked over there. Definitely good part for I wasn't sure. Chicken bring a tea stuff. Hello? Go to the right. Yep. Wait. It's coming together Like us? Yes. Oh, yeah. I've been working. What are you doing day to put in the We have to jump up there in a second. Well, I was coming together. Oh, boy. You guys want a tour? This is the kitchen area where they eat the living room. What's up of you? They kitchen. You better get some snacks, shall we? She doesn't want me to block. Okay. So I just You see my work so great and gold have a bunch. When it turned out you come in. Do you have a What was that? A microwave and a fridge. You do that? Oh, this is nice. Hello. Life is way kind of Rome. 18 years now. We gotta let go. It's hard. You need anything, I hesitate to call me. You're coming too. I'm getting it. Gotta go. Oh, so I am settled in officially in my dorm. It was pretty sad for them to leave and for me this day, but I am okay. It was really sad, Inning. So my next video will be my first day of classes and like how the whole day bows. So I would definitely get that now as soon as I can after I edited. So we gotta look out for that. Hey, guys. So right now I am a Spectrum stadium, which is UCSF's football stadium here on campus. This past season was amazing for our nights. We were undefeated Oppa until the Fiesta Bowl, which we played against l s U and a lot of that was due to the fact that are about. Our quarterback was injured way actually all dressed up for the next game, wearing lays because he was from Hawaii and we hade shirts with his number. So that just goes to show how much our nights truly care. Spectrum Stadium is also known as the Bounce House, because when when there's a football game and everyone's cheering, jumping up and down, you can literally feel and hear the stadium shaking, which is insane. And that's also why our student body or student section is called the Nightmare. So football games be sure to get here early because for the student section, it is first come, first served. So this is a little panorama of the stadium. Kind of insane. And right now I'm standing in front of you, the Since it is Tuesday and not Wednesday. They're not many tense and tables are, which means I can talk. But it also means that you guys can't see the madness that is working once say, which is when a bunch of clubs and a bunch of groups and everybody who wants to sell something or another comes out and it comes out and cuts like these or smaller towns like those and basically comes to go talk about whatever they're here to talk about, it's pretty great. There's a lot about a lot of free samples, which means I definitely walked through here on one since. But yeah, unfortunately, we don't see that we do get C student union in all her glory. The beautiful blue sky here, the student union cities get together. There's a bunch of study rooms up there. I'm gonna angle the camera up there so you guys can see how there's three floors. They have a been spaces for events, love book. They have event spaces for events so your club can rent one out from there. She a student government association, which also has a massive office of their of their students, can also get green boats or blue books, whichever you're I'm used to calling them, and free scan trunks get one every day. Oh, there's also some food there. And actually, one of my favorite food. The solutions is inside there. But we're not gonna go there until afterwards. I still want to show you some of the farther parts of the campus. And since the campus is so big, we're kind of we're gonna have to go in and come right back So got some skateboards, So more skateboards. These we don't sell and we've got their times. Usually it's easier to just come in between class on walk home state, see? All right, We're gonna take a short. Especially like taking the shortcut because I don't know, it just makes the past. A lover is here, and yet deal plus people who were trying to get into the coffee shops take this path and you just out right here. So. Also also a tradition. What? No. There's also a tradition in which, during homecoming week called Spirits Flash Made have heard might have heard of it because they won one of the best traditions by any college. All the students line up around the ring, Dad, count all right, all of us alone, running down this green lines to get into the water. If I do say so myself. I participated for one year and I lost my sandals. Do not wear sandals into the reflection. Promise you it will not work out. Other than that, it's just really nice. Fly down study. It may seem like all we do is lie down, but you know, we also study way Home. Let me just all right, Foreign. This is basically what works. This is my room. You can see two. Adorable. I have this big window which comes with specifically my room and Mercury. Not all rooms out this, but I like using it like an art piece is part of my room. Um, yeah, what else we got? I recently went to Kia and putting up a shelf because we could put holes in the walls. I got bamboo clothing rack. I've got some little vanity here. Who? So And then Mercury comes with walk in closets as well. This is mine. Specifically? Yeah, B. Let's just say he got his apartment for, like, a really good deal. Some guys, and as far as our bathroom, this is what it looks like. So the show, that little black shelf is my built it myself for Michio. And this is us again for these off campus apartments. The earlier you buy it, the better it will be. But that's never exactly guaranteed. So you kind of have a bit of a gamble when it comes to these things. Usually an apartment would be much smaller. So, like, if you get an off campus apartment, it might be about the size of where the white shelf is down to where the closet is on the closet will be one of the open ones where he opened the door, and the closet is like right here with the rack. If you are a freshman, you probably want to hang out with other freshman and make friend, for example, all my remains, even though we were kind of randomly so dead were randomly selected because we had a dorm on campus, and that's how I made friends are my least my first friends and started to interact more with campus. So if you're a freshman, I would definitely recommend getting an off campus week. You might not always and the things I did with roommates, but at least it'll encourage you to get out there and interact more with campus.