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I'm sitting right now in the game room. It's one of Chile's spots to hang out on campus. They have study booths and they have a pool and a desk. You can rinse board games, you see, Here's my friend. Dog were in the game room like I said, and he's just playing some pool. I don't know any cool pool lingo terms to use on this. What are you playing? Yeah, what he just did. Dom is my c s friend. We're in a class together, and Yeah. So, Dom, what do you like about the game room? Well, since I'm part people hear us, I could play free full time. Pretty much so. Yeah. It's also a good study space, as you can see. I mean, sometimes there's people here, but other times, right? Sometimes quite a good place for relax if you need to know why I like it. Yeah. So, yeah. Come to you up and join the full club. You get free, pool yourself, show and sign in and get free pool for the rest of the week. Right? I think. Yeah, I think so. Okay. And hey, here's some pulling close up shots for you guys to see our bowling lanes and just decide. No, If you come to get her nights on Friday, you could get three bowling just checking in and showing up with their student ID. So, yeah, keep that in mind. Here's University Auditorium. A lot of people like to come to the center to hang out. I believe there's a bunch of ventures here, if you can tell, and it gives you a nice view of the applause of America's over there. I'm gonna show you guys that in a different clip, because one of my friends really likes to be there. And, yeah, so this is the Plaza of America's. It's one of the chill spots at you off. I think you see there is literally a guy sleeping on, ahem, IG. There's a guy doing homework on his picnic blanket, and currently it's graduation season. So a lot of people are taking their grad pics. Here's the Kem building, its yet its repose in America is located. And then, yeah, I'll just walk you really through it really quick, so I don't know if you hear of a century Tower is kind of going off in the background because it goes off based on class periods here. And like I was saying, she'LL plot show Plaza Showplace Two people are chilling on emigrate now. I remember when I first came to us, I thought this building was super pretty and it still is. I think it's the University Auditorium. So yeah, here's pause. America's actually these paved are these new pavements the red, big pregnant pavement? Sorry, those air brand new. They only installed that this semester, I believe so. It's made it a lot easier to walk through the plaza, and they still managed to maintain a lot of natural trees here and also this area over here, where the camera's differently, doctor, that they have this thing called Krishna lunch. And it's typically where a lot of students could get vegetarian friendly meals. It's a food truck kind of thing. So, yeah, it's it's really economic, too. I think it's maybe three or five dollars and meal, depending on what kind of plan you get. So, yeah, that's part of America's very chilled very awesome. One of the nicer spot. This's library West, by the way, when the nice spots on campus to hang out condition my dorm rooms. Um, the reason why I am quiet outside is just because of the fact that it is quiet hours. So we're not supposed to be making that many noise. Um, yeah, this is our dorm. And, um but I'm just going to give a wraparound really quick. It is apartment style. So we do have the bathroom, and then we have two rooms and the full kitchen. So, guys, I'm going to start with the bathroom. I, uh we do have the sink and actually shower. They do come every Thursday to clean it. Um, this is our kitchen. We do have a full sized fridge. Uhm sync and stove. And then I'll feature My wonderful remains artwork appeared. Um, this will be my suitemates room. This is their door. Um, I'll explain this sticky notes later, but this is how they're to set up. Um, they have their bed side by side on DH. Then we all get the same basic closet if you live in baby um, which is where most I students live and every person in the room get to death and everybody on the outside, he gets a desk as well so this would be my suitemates test. And this one is my desk. So the people, the two people that don't get a desk inside the room we'll have a desk out here. This would be my room and my roommates again. I will explain the sticky notes. Oh, later. Um, this would be our closet, um, base and stuff like that. This would be her bed and her, um, desk. And this would be my bed. And obviously, we kind of coordinated with everything to have patient all around the room. I actually love my roommate again. Hi, guys. So you do get a basic narra and ours got lucky, so we kind of had to mirrors, But usually you don't. That's why my my suite mates have a, um, stand up there. So guys, again, that is my dorm. It is. Apartments thou So you do have a kitchen bathroom on dure rooms, all in the same place? Communal bathrooms would be up end of the hall. Um I do love. My remains were randomly match, and at first I was very, very, very nervous because I am a freshman. All my roommates are sophomores, but honestly, they're an amazing people. I'm not just saying that for this video. I do truly love them and have built so many great bonds with them. Unfortunately, they're not here right now. I was kind of hoping they were, but hopefully you would meet that other videos there. Honestly, Great. Um, basically living in a dorm is amazing. It does have its downfall. The fact that we do have to share a bathroom. Um, it is kind of small. You do have to share a room if you're anything like me. I've had my room, my own room. My entire lifestyle was kind of different. But I do love my roommate and we get along very, very well. We do go on roommate of, like, social event itself about Well, like eating dinner together or we'll all just cooked dinner here. Um, hopefully you get as lucky as me getting a roommate. I have heard some stories where they do not like their remains. Um, you can always get a switch if it's that big of a deal. But hopefully you are blessed with a great roommate such So here's a CS building across from it is Marston. That's one of the main libraries. And here's the basement. So just typically where I studied personally, if I come to the library, it's really big. Lots of tables, lots of study rooms here. No. Yeah, that's pretty much it. So, yeah, you could just study here. There's a lot of outlets on DH. There's Kiki and their song, and you could write on these boards using this, like dryer a sports and work out complicated problem. So I'm not supposed to be in here because normally the their study rooms that I reserved but inside the library's you confined study rooms that have whiteboards and a large monitor screen that you can plug your computer into through one of the multitude of cables. In here, you have problems you can charge with. And yeah, you just reserved these private study rooms and you and a group can just privately work without having the disturbances of everyone out there. Not that that is typically a problem. But if you want that option, it is there, so some uni were in our calm for a lecture right now and I guess to start off with I'll just go over kind of lecture. Format it you have so computer science lectures there typically discussion and let your based. And then there's a nineteen to one student faculty ratio, and professors are generally pretty easy to approach you. What do you think about professors here? No, See a professor or something disorganized? True, But I don't think personally Don't matter if I don't any lecture starlet is good security. I mean, it's hard to pay attention in class honestly, but you could get a lot of online help. Everyone here is pretty much self taught and then office hours are very flexible. And professors like if you pick the right ones, they're generally pretty approachable. And I mean, if you go to their office hours a few times, you'LL be able to get recommendations from them and they'LL be able to recognize you. So yeah, that's the general consensus. I'm gonna show the classroom little bit because this is typically where computer science lectures take place. Carlson. So it's a pretty big room back pretty big. Then I'm going to show the front. So here's the front of our little ten. You can see there's a professor right now helping a couple of students, and then it has a lot of big screens. It makes it really easy for students to like, see what's going on and taking notes and their other friends. Also in class with me, James and Amanda. I've been interviewing. Okay, And that's typically how computer science lectures go Room three oh nine, which is one of the main rooms for office hours here, too. My friends, they're doing an exercise for us. There's John. And then there's another one. My friends doing something bugging over there with Mark Sellers. And here's your office hours going and yeah, that's one of the following shadowing the great Sean Gone long in his discussion section today. Uh, here's some of his students. No and no, I'm sorry. Don't worry about it. Um, I don't know what those are. I think it's decoration. And then here's some chalkboards for John to do some amazing problem solving on. And when you go up there, there is, um, a screen that will come down, which you can connect your laptop to and show all of your code and slides on. So, yeah, that's a bit of a room tour. And I would take some clips of the great John Long teaching today. He is connecting Hiss Mac book right now. Okay, So Jonah's connecting his laptop the last that wear bringing the screen down so that he can show his students some code and coding problems and slides teach efficiently as the great computer scientist that he is, you know, as a Facebook software, It's in here. So here's my friend's door. She has graciously let me in to come give you guys a tour. Here's the living room and here is the kitchen area. Do you have a stove, a microwave refrigerator? And it's finals week. So there's some dishes in there. It's okay, and you come with the trash can and the cleaning materials are brought from her roommates in her herself. And then here's their bathroom area for this specific sweet. It comes with two bathrooms, and it's shared between for girls. So then they have to also have two sinks. And I'm not going to show any personals because yeah, and so here's one room to room a third room and a fourth room. And so one of her roommates has graciously let me into her room to give you guys a tour of what it looks like. Here's her bed. Some personals desk comes with the room personals and then mirror. She bought herself decorations and yeah, that's basically what a room dorm room at us looks What's up, everybody? Welcome back to my channel. I'm today. I'm gonna do just a quick video giving some recruitment. Advise for Jordan recruitment at u F Panhellenic. But this advice can really be used Any schools if you don't go to you after walks out this video because there'll still be some useful advice for you in here. I'm so I want to start off this overall tips number one. Obviously, you know, everyone says this, but be yourself. It's really hard sometimes to be yourself during a story of a criminal like you just feel like you have the reason buddy else and it feels kind of fake. It sometimes points and don't let that discourage you. Like I remember when I was going into a room and I thought that I had to be this like Willie pulls her girl, who was super preppy, and that's obviously not me. I went out to the mall and buy a little tree skirt, and labels were dressed its recruitment to where? Because I was trying to put on a show and make these girls like me. And I remember the first day you wear a shirt that's given to you by Panhellenic. So they get to wear my lily Pulitzer. Help it. That was literally so expensive. And I remember walking into meeting people and I was just having such riel conversations, and it wasn't expecting that at all. And no one I was talking thio seem like that. They were really cool to kind of person. And I mean, there's very few people that I have met that are probably like that. I mean, if course there's like a couple that were in my sorority, but they're still cool. But you don't need to be someone that you're not. You really don't. And if you are, if you act like someone that you're not through the process, you're an end up in a house where you don't belong and, you know, be happy and you're probably getting up dropping. So that's my number. One is be yourself, because you upon your people. And if you don't, maybe your people are in sorority Panhellenic recruitment. You know there's so many other ways to make friends. Mother, it's true in a real sports or other sorority chapters is not just Panhellenic. There's other ones. Business worries and all kinds of stuff and you'll find people student government, So don't get too serious about that. My second overall tip that is a huge is Take notes. You're having so many conversations. You're reading so many people and it's like a muse, a long process. It's like almost a week. I think maybe over a week I don't remember exactly. I just graduated. Have I wouldn't dig in my notes once I went to the, um building, I want to to Pref. I would not have remember who to pick or what conversations I had. It's all a blur. You hear conversations mixed up. It's really difficult. I still have my notes in my phone here. So here is my notes. I have a lot of little underage around, Um, like, Okay, so here's the example. I put this on of us and destroy their names, but Blank girl is a journalism major. They do trip, which is like this. Where is H a U f and you go on trip Pretty much weekend adventures. Um, another sorority girl that yelled so funny when a lot of stuff I just like random notes to help you remember the experience that you had like the girl that was yelling. I came her name, but I guess that she runs through the house and Banks everybody stores on game days. I remember that, but I would not have remember that if I write that down, you know, all kind of stuff. And then I broke down like my preferences of after round one, the 11 houses I want to keep. And I kept doing that. Um, so, yeah, now get into the ground. One advice, the wrong one. There's, like, you know, over 1000 girls going through round one. So it's really, really important to make an impact here because there's your mount. Girls get cut around what is huge. So then it's two days that there's two days of all day long girls coming in the house. So I mean, each girl is probably is an interview aton of people. So it's really important. I wanted only wanna call an interview because it really is just a conversation. I mean, it feels it's like 10 minutes, and it feels so relaxed. At least it was for me. Um, but making impact. This is your time to shine. I means important to listen also, but definitely try toe, throw in some box about yourself and make an impact. I didn't really, um, wasn't really able to throw in a lot of facts about myself. I just tried to make myself memorable by having either Really good conversation are charming. Funny, you just really show your personality because it will be able to see that, and they'll know whether you're a good fit for this order or not. And don't get upset if a house he really liked dropped you because, you know, these people that are doing the whole process are really good at it and they have been doing it. And many dated like you. They thought you were really great, but they could see you as a better fit somewhere else. And they don't want to keep bringing you back and keeping you from this other sorority that you really would be happier in a better fit out. So that's a big tip. See, also, don't write off houses. A lot of times, people you know will go on stupid websites. I Greek rank. That's also a huge, huge debt. Do not read anything. You see Young Greek, Greg. It's stupid people who's going to control, like the tier system, just dumb and makes you feel like shit about themselves. It's just not don't go in for a drink, But people still d'oh! And people will ride off houses and not having a conversation because they're not a top tier, you know? I mean, it's just you never know who may be friends with. I mean, I am so friends of people who rush me in houses that I didn't end up in. Well, I only have one house, but you know what I mean. Um, and you never know who you're gonna meet. I mean, just because your house isn't it top to your house doesn't mean that the people that are in that sorority aren't kind carrying great, compassionate people. You know, people in some of the top to your houses are reading bitching, and that's just how it is. And it's up to you, whether that's what you want to surround herself with, or not just kind of it around one. Just make sure you make an impact. It's not super serious. Just you know where you feel comfortable. I mean, you get to pick 11. Alice is So you know, more than likely you're gonna get more than a few back. It's very rare that people get all the houses that they want, so don't be upset. You know, if somebody dropped you, you never know why. And a lot of times the computers make errors. I know in my sorority we accidentally dropped one of our advisors daughters one time. And it wasn't us. It was a computer error. So don't you know, you know, getting a loop, thinking about what did I do? What did I D'oh. Probably nothing. You're probably fine. But like another tip for conversation, obviously. Don't talk about drugs. Alcohol, boys. This artist not appropriate to talk about, Even if the girl in store did you drink? It's just not something during recruitment. Like you just don't know Grady. Stories like that. Um, Round two is the philanthropy round, So basically, just pay attention. I know. You know, For example, a lot of people have been affected by breast cancer, so try to find a place where, you know, the philanthropy means something. That a lot to you, it means something to you. And it's something that you can see yourself getting involved in because you want to join a sorority where you can see yourself lost main growing, getting involved, meeting new people. I mean, everyone has a great feeling to be I mean, the philanthropy. There's not about one, but just keep an eye for that. There's not really have a lot of advice around to just pay attention. Listen, pick up on details. You're gonna have a longer conversation with this girl. So again, trying to make an impact. And you might even talk to two people. Lot of times will be multiple people in a room and at some point of conversation, double shift. And both those girls are going to have to remember you and tell the other members about you what they thought. So don't just try to impress the girl you're talking to. If you're ever in a room with someone else and that sorority or someone walks up to your conversation there, floating around, try to make an impression on them. I know it's hard. It's like two seconds would just smile. Never stop smiling and you'll be all set because a lot of times girls come through and just don't seem like they want to be there, you know? So just try to make that impression. Round three is my favorite round. It's video videos or two so fun to watch. Um, my advice for the video is just try to pick up on stuff that looks fake. I know that they're all kind of it was What not? But a lot of times the videos will have interviews. And that's your time to really try toe, listen to the girl's testimonies and figure out where you be a good fit. And, yeah, I don't need to pick out back end up picking the house that I thought had the best video of the ones I got to go to around three. So you know, I wouldn't judge the whole thing off your video. It's really based on your conversations, but the video Just fun. Thio. See all the girls in action and running around and seeing what fun stuff they do together. Um, sorry. I'm talking really fast. OK, so then last not least, press presses. Great. Get your three houses. If you have houses left, there's dessert. Oh, my gosh. This one house. I prepped a hot Gigi's cupcakes so good. So normally I mean, I guess it's normal. That's why I feel like a normal was. If they try to do this, you really prepped. You will be someone who's rest you before on. For me, that feels more personal. You know, they really like you. You know the person that's rushing you If they rush before it just feels so genuine on DDE, out of every houses, that craft that only two had upper. I was only two of them where a person that had rushed me before and that one of them the girls rush me. I didn't feel like we had a great conversation, so I was kind of like in the house where the girl I talked. Thio had a Russian before he had a great conversation. I really liked her. But I ended up picking the one house who had me with paired with the girl that I had Russian before because it is felt so genuine. And I was like, Wow, like they really like me. They really want me here. And that's what the kind of feeling you want to go for. And definitely and perhaps a lot of times the PM's like the potential new members. You, um they are honest. They are open and no tell every house that they're laughing at. I want to be on your lawn tomorrow. Can we just see you tomorrow? If you don't see yourself there along, Don't say that. And you know it's okay to say that if you really, really like them and you really do see yourself in the line, Sure. Whatever. You can say that, but and it's like you're really like because they there's a certain amount of people you could have in your list and they might cut someone off their list for you. When you put, you know, some other Random House first, and that messes up their lawn and this is not fair. So, yeah, I never wanted to say, Yeah, I want to be here, you know, except for that one house, because that was my last one. And I was like, This is it just say, you know, I'm still thinking about it. I really like this house. I'm still thinking, I don't know. I'm sure that's what I would do just because you just don't want to get the girl really excited and I will be looking for you and then, you know, end up on the lip. It's just it's just weird and it's awkward. And then, I mean, I know people that did that to me, and then I see them in Midtown. I still love them. We're still friends, but I'm like, you know, saying so, Yeah, just be honest and open if you really do see yourself there but don't lie and used to make stuff up because, you know, you feel that they want you on your lawn because you're going to see them out. Money. I see girls are rushed me Midtown and were like like random places. You're going to see him. You have this huge, but it's also very small, So yeah, you're a preference would be pretty emotional. A lot of people are crying. I didn't cry. I was confused why you were crying. But a lot of people dry. People get really touched. It's a really emotional conversation I fried once I was an actual member and I was going through recruitment because, you know, a lot of times at most sororities the people that are already members would you like a testimony like a big, too a little about how much he needed them and stuff. They've been through something, the chapter, something. Get him through it and it's emotional, and that makes you cry. Sometimes the PM's can relate to the story, and it's just a really emotional time. So make sure you just take really seriously and just try toe, be in the moment and be present. Yeah, that's pretty much all the advice that I have. Anything, anything else you know again, it's yourself. Take notes. Be honest by your feelings and don't be upset. You know, if you get Thio, um, the hammer with the place is called Philip Center and you open your heart and it's not the house you put number one. Everything happens for a reason. You probably meant to be there. I have friend friends that opened our card, wasn't house they wanted, and now they give it to themselves anywhere else. With the house. It was on their card and cannot picture themselves in the house that they wanted. And that's just how it isyou know. And if you don't and sometimes people don't get a house and that's totally fine likes more you. They're fun, but they're not all that. It's not your whole college experience. I mean, I have fun the 1st 3 years, but towards and I was getting kind of get burnout. We've been, you know, you have your friends and I just not that serious. Like I knew some people who would never want to recruit. But we're just sad. And, oh, this house didn't want me. Who cares if the house you don't want to, you shouldn't want them. You don't want to be with people. We don't want you like you see in your ground and you are beautiful and you're calling your strong and stand tall and just keep truck and you'll find your people. Don't even worry about it because there are so many other organizations that you left you get involved with. The Greek life, you know, replied, It's kind of on the window. He's working, kicked off campus for stupid crap. I mean, I had to predict in the next 20 years, I don't think regretful be nothing, at least not the way it is now. I mean, that's just that's so I think so. But I don't know. We'll see. Don't let me do it. So I hope you guys have a great recruitment. Stay true to yourself. Be confident. Smile drop. To be sure, I know like there were just the people. The little, uh, members are just as nervous to meet you as your meet them. I know when they come out of the house, everyone looks robotic, and it's scary. Music Barbies. It's fine once you walk in the house, especially once you know that you like that house is gonna feel so comfortable. If you don't feel comfortable, it's probably not the place for you. So yeah, just be open and ready for this energy is France on that. You love the next four years. And even if you're rushing a sophomore junior, even the senior like, I hope that you get the house you want and it's they amazing experience I was doing Yeah, I think you guys for watching like and subscribe for more. Let me know the common to getting your questions about. It's a warding recruitment, whatever that UFO or we have one advice about something else. Let me know. I will call me back to everybody and you like it's a scrapper. More. I'll leave my information and the bio. Tommy was my friend. Bobby and I met the resting club this past winter. And Javi, what's your major? Uh, I'm actually a history major. Yeah, University of Florida history. How do you do, sister? So I guess I just love reading. I love studying history of our country. And just, General. Just really interesting subject. Very well. Where you from? Some arisen from Massachusetts border. Reason, Massachusetts On I went to high school in South Florida from being late. Very cool. Just go. She's all right. She's So what you doing here in Southwest? Uh, so I'm just hoping, man, get us some late night hoops. Like made a long shred from home over on, like, over by campus. So some late night school. But it's worth it. Get some cardio. That's why I'm here to very cool. Uh, what do you like to do outside of academics and playing basketball here? Yeah. Yeah, I'm actually a Florida cicerone. Tell us, Tell us about that. One of the girls were basically the fissure. Soon ambassadors in university, we work directly with the president's office and with the Football Association. We also give tours. Teo, Prospective students. And you want athletes who are our recruits, and we're trying to show them around campus and share them with the university. So, your your unofficial tour guide here? Yeah, right. Toward Tour Guide. So, after watching this virtual tour, maybe when you guys come to campus check it out. Maybe I'll get my boy Javi comes take a real tour. Yeah, that's right. All right, Well, good luck balling So anything. What's your major aerospace engineering? And how did you choose that? Well, it's like, you know what? I really, really, really like space. I'm not gonna make any money as an astronomer, so might as well go engineering still. Airspace Situs. I like it. Okay, So how do you think about what do you think about the academic programs here? Easy. Difficult. It's physically your major. It's basically my major. So far, I've had about five mental breakdown system, Esther, But because of rugby, I get to blow it off by hitting people like it works, as, you know, engineering as well. And also more team. So I'm feeling there yes, of academic life is definitely more difficult. But if you balance it well with the athletics and clubs and design teams we have here, you'll be fine. It's definitely all doable suture. That's true. Yeah. Uh, what what? What else besides academics and run? Were you involved in here? Oh, I do. I'm in our Air Force ROTC. Oh, tell me about So I would see you do your four years here at more like you get your degree afterwards. You contracts. Second time in the U. S Air Force. So drop on upon graduation with the Arti C program, you've become a second second, lieutenant, you got your job. I've got a four for your commitment, I believe where your commitment to the Air Force. What other do you know about any of the other kinds RTC here for? In case anyone's interested in that. Yeah. So we've actually you have. It's actually really, really good with art Scene Got all the branches here. God, Department of the Navy, which includes a Marine Corps option. We've got army and essence that Air Force. So we got all the branches right there except for Coast guard. But they're not even department defense. Right? Understand? Very cool. So the arts program is pretty big here. Universal for its secrets. Yes. Pretty damn big director. Really good detachment. Katherine won fifty. Yeah. One fifty. You heard it Here first. Ladies and gentlemen. All right. Thank you, Anthony. Hope to see around running So here's the building. McCarty Hall, eh? There's a B and C, I believe, is the one you're looking for. So when it's busier, library or like exam season than libraries and a lot of other study places are a lot more crowded, so it's actually better to find an empty classroom. So here's an empty classroom. These are the best to study, and during finals week or any exam week, even mid terms, the library's get very crowded, and it's just way better to study in an empty classroom. You have the pull down, um, screens, which you can connect your laptop, too, and you can just see your where got a big screen. You have chalk boards that you can work out complicated problems on. You have outlets over there, empty desks and, yeah, you can just invite a group of friends and all of you can study in here. It's really goddess Pew Hall. I mean, with my friend Mr. In a few minutes, we're gonna project together, and it again is just another situation of it's too busy to go to the library, so it's just better to study in an empty Yeah, So my friend and I found a study room that's feeling one is a high and, yeah, it's very official and it's much better than the library because, like I said during final season, library gets very loud and crowded. And so we found a private room and it has a monitor, Um, a whiteboard. I don't know if we have Margaret's, though, and large table. So we feel very official. My friend Isaiah showed up, and so yeah, Isaiah and feeling are here, and we're going to work on this group project together. Our business plan present ifs, um, currently internal engine looking for an empty classroom study in because, like torture, it gets very busy this time of year. Study of the light. So here's an empty question. My phone. It was on the second floor of Turlington Hall. I actually don't know howto put that screen down anyway. Yeah, empty on. Quite perfect for writing essays and working on complicated. So here's Starling sent the building that I was just in with private study room. Here's my friend Song. We're going to go get ice Okay, Okay. And going in tears in front of the hut of don't so hot chick fil A. Yeah, there's a Starbucks because you can see it's later in the day So the hours or not is busy and it's a little more civil to come by the section I'm gonna take you inside a pod. It's sold out now, but you can't get sushi drinks. What? Another food that you can get on with it. Oh, very over school. I don't snacks, snacks, drinks. I block it is our so right here. It also has food here. Inside will show you and there's a game room. It's not open right now, probably for you. What's on it also had study rooms, emotional centers in there. And it's also the part of twenty really important student government here. Gives you two hundred fifty pages. Lucien So pretty guys, every semester. God, here's the rights union food for I'm gonna try to be a stabilized as possible. Um, as you can see, a lot of people also study here and a lot of charging stations. So we have quite a few restaurants here that you can lida in between classes and whenever you have time. So over here we have Oh, sea of one days. I personally don't last that often, but options there for you, Papa John's. And we also have crew. Time's over there. The salad bar. That's for people that prefer healthier options. Personally, I think it's a bit over priced. And then there's Panda Express back there. Um, and there's also a Starbucks here. If you need a quick coffee run, break in between classes. Koyo tropical is over here. You have to be careful. Polio in between lunch breaks, though, because it gets really crowded. So, yeah, that is another one of the places that