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So anything. What's your major aerospace engineering? And how did you choose that? Well, it's like, you know what? I really, really, really like space. I'm not gonna make any money as an astronomer, so might as well go engineering still. Airspace Situs. I like it. Okay, So how do you think about what do you think about the academic programs here? Easy. Difficult. It's physically your major. It's basically my major. So far, I've had about five mental breakdown system, Esther, But because of rugby, I get to blow it off by hitting people like it works, as, you know, engineering as well. And also more team. So I'm feeling there yes, of academic life is definitely more difficult. But if you balance it well with the athletics and clubs and design teams we have here, you'll be fine. It's definitely all doable suture. That's true. Yeah. Uh, what what? What else besides academics and run? Were you involved in here? Oh, I do. I'm in our Air Force ROTC. Oh, tell me about So I would see you do your four years here at more like you get your degree afterwards. You contracts. Second time in the U. S Air Force. So drop on upon graduation with the Arti C program, you've become a second second, lieutenant, you got your job. I've got a four for your commitment, I believe where your commitment to the Air Force. What other do you know about any of the other kinds RTC here for? In case anyone's interested in that. Yeah. So we've actually you have. It's actually really, really good with art Scene Got all the branches here. God, Department of the Navy, which includes a Marine Corps option. We've got army and essence that Air Force. So we got all the branches right there except for Coast guard. But they're not even department defense. Right? Understand? Very cool. So the arts program is pretty big here. Universal for its secrets. Yes. Pretty damn big director. Really good detachment. Katherine won fifty. Yeah. One fifty. You heard it Here first. Ladies and gentlemen. All right. Thank you, Anthony. Hope to see around running condition my dorm rooms. Um, the reason why I am quiet outside is just because of the fact that it is quiet hours. So we're not supposed to be making that many noise. Um, yeah, this is our dorm. And, um but I'm just going to give a wraparound really quick. It is apartment style. So we do have the bathroom, and then we have two rooms and the full kitchen. So, guys, I'm going to start with the bathroom. I, uh we do have the sink and actually shower. They do come every Thursday to clean it. Um, this is our kitchen. We do have a full sized fridge. Uhm sync and stove. And then I'll feature My wonderful remains artwork appeared. Um, this will be my suitemates room. This is their door. Um, I'll explain this sticky notes later, but this is how they're to set up. Um, they have their bed side by side on DH. Then we all get the same basic closet if you live in baby um, which is where most I students live and every person in the room get to death and everybody on the outside, he gets a desk as well so this would be my suitemates test. And this one is my desk. So the people, the two people that don't get a desk inside the room we'll have a desk out here. This would be my room and my roommates again. I will explain the sticky notes. Oh, later. Um, this would be our closet, um, base and stuff like that. This would be her bed and her, um, desk. And this would be my bed. And obviously, we kind of coordinated with everything to have patient all around the room. I actually love my roommate again. Hi, guys. So you do get a basic narra and ours got lucky, so we kind of had to mirrors, But usually you don't. That's why my my suite mates have a, um, stand up there. So guys, again, that is my dorm. It is. Apartments thou So you do have a kitchen bathroom on dure rooms, all in the same place? Communal bathrooms would be up end of the hall. Um I do love. My remains were randomly match, and at first I was very, very, very nervous because I am a freshman. All my roommates are sophomores, but honestly, they're an amazing people. I'm not just saying that for this video. I do truly love them and have built so many great bonds with them. Unfortunately, they're not here right now. I was kind of hoping they were, but hopefully you would meet that other videos there. Honestly, Great. Um, basically living in a dorm is amazing. It does have its downfall. The fact that we do have to share a bathroom. Um, it is kind of small. You do have to share a room if you're anything like me. I've had my room, my own room. My entire lifestyle was kind of different. But I do love my roommate and we get along very, very well. We do go on roommate of, like, social event itself about Well, like eating dinner together or we'll all just cooked dinner here. Um, hopefully you get as lucky as me getting a roommate. I have heard some stories where they do not like their remains. Um, you can always get a switch if it's that big of a deal. But hopefully you are blessed with a great roommate such some uni were in our calm for a lecture right now and I guess to start off with I'll just go over kind of lecture. Format it you have so computer science lectures there typically discussion and let your based. And then there's a nineteen to one student faculty ratio, and professors are generally pretty easy to approach you. What do you think about professors here? No, See a professor or something disorganized? True, But I don't think personally Don't matter if I don't any lecture starlet is good security. I mean, it's hard to pay attention in class honestly, but you could get a lot of online help. Everyone here is pretty much self taught and then office hours are very flexible. And professors like if you pick the right ones, they're generally pretty approachable. And I mean, if you go to their office hours a few times, you'LL be able to get recommendations from them and they'LL be able to recognize you. So yeah, that's the general consensus. I'm gonna show the classroom little bit because this is typically where computer science lectures take place. Carlson. So it's a pretty big room back pretty big. Then I'm going to show the front. So here's the front of our little ten. You can see there's a professor right now helping a couple of students, and then it has a lot of big screens. It makes it really easy for students to like, see what's going on and taking notes and their other friends. Also in class with me, James and Amanda. I've been interviewing. Okay, And that's typically how computer science lectures go Room three oh nine, which is one of the main rooms for office hours here, too. My friends, they're doing an exercise for us. There's John. And then there's another one. My friends doing something bugging over there with Mark Sellers. And here's your office hours going and yeah, that's one of the following shadowing the great Sean Gone long in his discussion section today. Uh, here's some of his students. No and no, I'm sorry. Don't worry about it. Um, I don't know what those are. I think it's decoration. And then here's some chalkboards for John to do some amazing problem solving on. And when you go up there, there is, um, a screen that will come down, which you can connect your laptop to and show all of your code and slides on. So, yeah, that's a bit of a room tour. And I would take some clips of the great John Long teaching today. He is connecting Hiss Mac book right now. Okay, So Jonah's connecting his laptop the last that wear bringing the screen down so that he can show his students some code and coding problems and slides teach efficiently as the great computer scientist that he is, you know, as a Facebook software, It's in here. Uh, okay, so we're gonna go to come for tea. This is my friend Kiki. Here's how Chan. So here's the inside of comfort. E. There's the meal menus, not menu drink, menu cheese, and then tables. And all the people study here, too. And my friend Kiki and there's hell. Okay, So here's what we got. I got, um, the winter melons, He with Boba and herbal jelly. And then I also got a side order of oyster mushrooms just for a little snack. And then what did you get? I know what you're going through with it. Really? Why not? Yeah, And then how chance hasn't come here yet. So I'm here with my friend friends. Claro, we're going to go to. So how, Cafe. So me and my friends are here. Uh, so how? Street Cafe. And then later we're going to try the tea best teacher. So we actually decided to go to achieve us first on the inside. Here's some decorations. So I got to become quad lemon tea with crystal bubbles. Kiki got the strawberry rose tea with bubbles. You're sunk Four Seasons T. And here's our chance. Let's see white white tip will auntie. So this is so how cafe It's new and there's there's you and there's And now we're gonna go order Butter came and I got the Jimmy in with tofu. And then we also have soy eggs and fried doughnuts which are going to dip into doing later. Then how Chen got would you get Let me out Which one of you knows? Okay, I'm here. Raise your butt and then we have dumping over there and the Medicis steam oci with I think I got it with soy bean powder. We're at best he again to try Lanyon. And also I cannot resist another. So here's my t order. I got the strawberry roasty with crystal bubble on DH. Here's how chance Order he got the mango green cheese. So here's the show You Romina they didn't have support. Yeah, I think it's the pork belly, so I had to sub for chicken. It looks pretty good, so I'm gonna try it And here's how chance Katsu on it. He also had this up for chicken. Unfortunately, I just want to make a quick video on gains. My life gets culture so against it is very oriented around It's college. It's college students. And so, in terms of where to eat there, a lot of cafes. Here we have Boba tea cafes. We have, um, Asian fusion cafes, French cafes and then turns of where to shop way have one main shopping mall, and then we have a couple of shopping centers. And then we are only a few hours away from major shopping centres in Florida and general, such as Orlando outlets, Orlando Moss and Augustine outlets. And then and in terms of nightlife in Gainesville, I think the main scene is really the music scene here. James was a pretty good music scene, So if you're into that, you should definitely check out downtown Gainesville. And then if you're really into nightclub bar life scene, there is also. There is also that here in Gainesville, it's just a little bit chaotic and not really my scene. Then turn to how this affects you in school. Like while you're living here, I say it just it makes it really easy to prioritize school place to focus on school just because there isn't really much here to distract you from school. So, yeah, I hope that helps I'm sitting right now in the game room. It's one of Chile's spots to hang out on campus. They have study booths and they have a pool and a desk. You can rinse board games, you see, Here's my friend. Dog were in the game room like I said, and he's just playing some pool. I don't know any cool pool lingo terms to use on this. What are you playing? Yeah, what he just did. Dom is my c s friend. We're in a class together, and Yeah. So, Dom, what do you like about the game room? Well, since I'm part people hear us, I could play free full time. Pretty much so. Yeah. It's also a good study space, as you can see. I mean, sometimes there's people here, but other times, right? Sometimes quite a good place for relax if you need to know why I like it. Yeah. So, yeah. Come to you up and join the full club. You get free, pool yourself, show and sign in and get free pool for the rest of the week. Right? I think. Yeah, I think so. Okay. And hey, here's some pulling close up shots for you guys to see our bowling lanes and just decide. No, If you come to get her nights on Friday, you could get three bowling just checking in and showing up with their student ID. So, yeah, keep that in mind. Here's University Auditorium. A lot of people like to come to the center to hang out. I believe there's a bunch of ventures here, if you can tell, and it gives you a nice view of the applause of America's over there. I'm gonna show you guys that in a different clip, because one of my friends really likes to be there. And, yeah, so this is the Plaza of America's. It's one of the chill spots at you off. I think you see there is literally a guy sleeping on, ahem, IG. There's a guy doing homework on his picnic blanket, and currently it's graduation season. So a lot of people are taking their grad pics. Here's the Kem building, its yet its repose in America is located. And then, yeah, I'll just walk you really through it really quick, so I don't know if you hear of a century Tower is kind of going off in the background because it goes off based on class periods here. And like I was saying, she'LL plot show Plaza Showplace Two people are chilling on emigrate now. I remember when I first came to us, I thought this building was super pretty and it still is. I think it's the University Auditorium. So yeah, here's pause. America's actually these paved are these new pavements the red, big pregnant pavement? Sorry, those air brand new. They only installed that this semester, I believe so. It's made it a lot easier to walk through the plaza, and they still managed to maintain a lot of natural trees here and also this area over here, where the camera's differently, doctor, that they have this thing called Krishna lunch. And it's typically where a lot of students could get vegetarian friendly meals. It's a food truck kind of thing. So, yeah, it's it's really economic, too. I think it's maybe three or five dollars and meal, depending on what kind of plan you get. So, yeah, that's part of America's very chilled very awesome. One of the nicer spot. This's library West, by the way, when the nice spots on campus to hang out Tommy was my friend. Bobby and I met the resting club this past winter. And Javi, what's your major? Uh, I'm actually a history major. Yeah, University of Florida history. How do you do, sister? So I guess I just love reading. I love studying history of our country. And just, General. Just really interesting subject. Very well. Where you from? Some arisen from Massachusetts border. Reason, Massachusetts On I went to high school in South Florida from being late. Very cool. Just go. She's all right. She's So what you doing here in Southwest? Uh, so I'm just hoping, man, get us some late night hoops. Like made a long shred from home over on, like, over by campus. So some late night school. But it's worth it. Get some cardio. That's why I'm here to very cool. Uh, what do you like to do outside of academics and playing basketball here? Yeah. Yeah, I'm actually a Florida cicerone. Tell us, Tell us about that. One of the girls were basically the fissure. Soon ambassadors in university, we work directly with the president's office and with the Football Association. We also give tours. Teo, Prospective students. And you want athletes who are our recruits, and we're trying to show them around campus and share them with the university. So, your your unofficial tour guide here? Yeah, right. Toward Tour Guide. So, after watching this virtual tour, maybe when you guys come to campus check it out. Maybe I'll get my boy Javi comes take a real tour. Yeah, that's right. All right, Well, good luck balling So here's my friend's door. She has graciously let me in to come give you guys a tour. Here's the living room and here is the kitchen area. Do you have a stove, a microwave refrigerator? And it's finals week. So there's some dishes in there. It's okay, and you come with the trash can and the cleaning materials are brought from her roommates in her herself. And then here's their bathroom area for this specific sweet. It comes with two bathrooms, and it's shared between for girls. So then they have to also have two sinks. And I'm not going to show any personals because yeah, and so here's one room to room a third room and a fourth room. And so one of her roommates has graciously let me into her room to give you guys a tour of what it looks like. Here's her bed. Some personals desk comes with the room personals and then mirror. She bought herself decorations and yeah, that's basically what a room dorm room at us looks And then here is the moon cheese rock of Gainesville. Okay, here's the name. Actually, don't forget there's guys could read it. It's too early to rock. So yeah, it's another iconic place with your friends again. Here's University Auditorium. A lot of people like to come to the center to hang out. I believe there's a bunch of ventures here, if you could tell, and it gives you a nice view of the applause of America's over there. I'm gonna show you guys that in a different clip, because one of my friends really likes to be there. And, yeah, and then here's another view of turn. So tree tower and yeah, so my look. So here's a CS building across from it is Marston. That's one of the main libraries. And here's the basement. So just typically where I studied personally, if I come to the library, it's really big. Lots of tables, lots of study rooms here. No. Yeah, that's pretty much it. So, yeah, you could just study here. There's a lot of outlets on DH. There's Kiki and their song, and you could write on these boards using this, like dryer a sports and work out complicated problem. So I'm not supposed to be in here because normally the their study rooms that I reserved but inside the library's you confined study rooms that have whiteboards and a large monitor screen that you can plug your computer into through one of the multitude of cables. In here, you have problems you can charge with. And yeah, you just reserved these private study rooms and you and a group can just privately work without having the disturbances of everyone out there. Not that that is typically a problem. But if you want that option, it is there, so Okay, Okay. And going in tears in front of the hut of don't so hot chick fil A. Yeah, there's a Starbucks because you can see it's later in the day So the hours or not is busy and it's a little more civil to come by the section I'm gonna take you inside a pod. It's sold out now, but you can't get sushi drinks. What? Another food that you can get on with it. Oh, very over school. I don't snacks, snacks, drinks. I block it is our so right here. It also has food here. Inside will show you and there's a game room. It's not open right now, probably for you. What's on it also had study rooms, emotional centers in there. And it's also the part of twenty really important student government here. Gives you two hundred fifty pages. Lucien So pretty guys, every semester. God, here's the rights union food for I'm gonna try to be a stabilized as possible. Um, as you can see, a lot of people also study here and a lot of charging stations. So we have quite a few restaurants here that you can lida in between classes and whenever you have time. So over here we have Oh, sea of one days. I personally don't last that often, but options there for you, Papa John's. And we also have crew. Time's over there. The salad bar. That's for people that prefer healthier options. Personally, I think it's a bit over priced. And then there's Panda Express back there. Um, and there's also a Starbucks here. If you need a quick coffee run, break in between classes. Koyo tropical is over here. You have to be careful. Polio in between lunch breaks, though, because it gets really crowded. So, yeah, that is another one of the places that