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Thinking about Florida International University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Florida International University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Florida International University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Florida International University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Florida International University experience. These Florida International University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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so we just arrived that way. Way most exciting for me because I got my number one school top top school and I got it. Let's see what it brings on. She she wants me to vote, too. You see, I'm so bad, you know, we'll see out, like, you know, like I know where I'm going. I love school. No, I'm kind of said he'd give me a bag. Look at this. You e This school is official. Do you see him use you? Yo, Soap says Florida International University. They're soaps. I mean, they're so the trash can's is if you like what they talk in there. You got a charging center? Look at those talking. Nice way. Got turtles on campus way dumb lately. Like Miss our tour. And now, like someone else, is gonna get the tour around the school. But it's just crazy. Like I'm some time like I look crazy in his coal. About you see me in the jacket. I have Jack on all. I didn't bring any of the jackets desire. Something was gonna be hot, But it's not even that cold. It just really windy. So it's like a brick. There's always a crazy. So is off to a bad start with college to believe this car is not looking like the most Because yeah, just almost dressed to get here and other stuff. Yeah, it's just crazy, right? Yes. You're ugly. Thank you. Yeah, you could see the city and everything. That's one of the purse dislocation. You live in it, you fly with it, Mike. So the centre not over here is the most suitable to see your number on graduate level. Graduated way just arrived. University of Central Florida, and we're here and the tour about outside a little bit, actually early today. Thank the Lord, because every other time we went to we were late. But you have made it is Give me your bag. Oh, yeah. Talking. Oh, yeah. Probably meant a bit of a tour, and I'm decided that she was hungry. So she went and got some fool, right? And now he loves everybody else. So now we're just locked. This camera is not for nothing, but so we just love everybody. And I think you put his body home under city weren't too pleased about this college. So please, you already noted Vise marks some we got Where the key is that brand new whip Got no keys. Won't keep, huh? Survives First her window seat was mine, but she looked low. Ask if she's a whole mom and she took my my windows. So was back with a new video, too. Damn gonna be doing a dorm shopping video. And I'm gonna bring you guys in the process of me buying like my blanket my later my calendar. You know what you know, but so I gotta buy food. You see a pool conditioner order, and I'm gonna bring the process. I don't want to see this video I was thinking about anyway. Not jealous. My name is telling me to do it, so make sure I see that, Mr. Get this, describe it. And I like my commandant below what you think. And I'm actually gonna be posting like the final product once I get my room settled. That put everything in the right place, I might be posting like dorms were video. So make sure you're stating that make sure you don't coming on the ultimate pimple because I know it's really ugly, and I understand. But, you know, you girls going to stress college starting out and I should actually name it was actually the biggest book. Anyways, that girl stress college is really stressing me out even though I have started and I'll catch you after stole who you got a target. We're gonna buy everything I really hope because we don't want everywhere today. Party slump. He guys load TV. Right? Way. Don't went everywhere today. Honestly, Way haven't found too much. So I hope that target will be the place. So we're trying to figure out what comforter I'm about to get, but I think I like this one. Yeah, like I really love pinks. My hair color bound over to get days. Or like the white one. This is a a rug. So it's a rug. But I don't know what you're actually get. I think I'm gonna go with white, but the same time I don't want it wasn't dirty because I'm not sure if these two colors really match like what I'm seeing, But the white would really get dirty, so I'm going to try to figure out maybe great. I don't know, because by the time I pulled this, I came to help me out. Tell me which one I should get you. So stay tuned. My need to get this for my laundry. You think I should get this hurry like this one? But I don't know. They don't have you like this. Like that book. They don't have it in twin. And that's where my bed is at college. So maybe on other side don't have it. I'm hoping to do so I just got this pillow case. I think it matters with this. Thank you. The mirror. But I want Oh, I need a big mirror. Mom. Baby, look who decided to wake up high. I gotta put this because you know, them dorm beds be nasty. Boost. Seema seem on top of that. Yeah. Oh, yeah, cause that's just a thing. Yes, I just got this towel also in the road. Yeah, It's not just you. I like helping you. Yeah, well, we could feel it right here. Yeah, that's pretty thick. It's split. Yeah, it is. So you got a test, Phil? Nice. Mom. This is how you test it? Yeah. Good night. I like this one. Mom. Get Mom. Get used to that. I'm down with me. Yeah, okay. How much? You cry when you see the bottle. You want it? Go get it, Paddy, Take off. Okay. Yeah, me baby. So, what are we looking for? A trash can. Um, Mom, this white one no. Is $20. Is that much? I don't know. I don't know about. Right. Go on. This one looks messed up. Yes, it is. Patty trash. Just go. Just getting bad. Just getting So now we need, um, Bob, We need a wrong maybe. I don't know if I wanna row like it would be too much. I don't really have a rock in my room now, so I don't know if I need it later or not. Later today. Now we got this, um, grave rug is gonna match my sheets. And I remember from right here I got great sheets. Social match. Karen's I don't need current. I need actually need a mere, but I want a big one because I back home, I was never able to have a big near because my room was too small. Just doesn't work that way. But now that speech So I don't know, I think maybe this one let's see $90. Um, the sea. Yes. See, Like you think I look nice in this? I think I like Disney, but I think it's 60. I'm not sure this right here in the 60 Carlton Hope so. It was pretty big and I'm looking for, like, lights for, like, my room. Someone like Layton and I want to put pictures and stuff. This is pretty cute. This is cute, huh? Right here. These lamps. Which one? I don't have a black guy no more because as to be on top of my desk, I just want to put it on top. My desk. Okay, So should I get this one? Whatever him. So you know we got snacks. You know that? Mark? Oh, boy. You got the Oreos, man. No, we got chocolates hurt. Hershey Bar. You got Eminem's, right? Patty wears that airhead. We've got the air. Head's right. There is the big pat. And then right now way need, like, drinks and stuff, like juice. And then what else? Oh, fruit snacks. We need fruits next. Oh, I need to get shampoo. Conditioner? We still got a whole hour. My head is hurting my family members to eat these all the time when I was younger. Mom, the raisins. Yeah, the loose ends. But I feel like this was toe Oh, Rice Krispie treats. Should I get the big room? Let's get the little mom because I have all this food, and I'm only stay for a month. But I get these Cokes. I think somebody get you. Jews are only drink This one about a purpose is a drink after side drink this bigger and it comes out more probably. And it's something that so, like, I just got, like, the shampoo or not our stuff. And now, like So what? Do you even okay in college like school wives? They might. It's on my web shooters. I came and got you hope, but, like, honestly, I think I might just wait till I get to class and then figure out, By the way, look at my nails. Yup, is broken. Don't come from me in the Commons. But like, what? Do you even get to college? Like I know there's a laptop. Mr. People take notes, but, like, what do you even like? Bye. That is so confusing. I'm going to get a notebook. Papers in pen. Well, you're not people's what? Pen and pencil. And I'm hold off on the binders. We gotta do the hardest part. Not the artists were putting you up on your list, but we never got to put a lot of stuff in the skin. All of this you can't really sell. But you're so much stuff in here. Like literally so much. It's crazy. Go back for the lady Will have to scan orders because she will be mad. This is that I was packed full of stuff in there. Full of stuff in there. We got Patty. Look at this. I might have to break my neck. Oh, my Sabra. Okey fabric. Brodus is full of stuff like Pat full of Stuff Road. I can't believe this and is raining like crazy. Look at this. Look at this Shit is crazy, you know? Peace out. See you soon. Yeah. So we change location, your little body at best Buy and we got a TV. That's one less about most things in here. I still have to go back in And where somebody now I have to bring the ship to the fucking room. I'm dying is Peg, you know. Let's go. Okay. I'm actually in my dorm right now. I have made it back. It was so stressful. It'll bring all this stuff up. Lily, let's go up and down like the elevator and go back in and bring all my stuff from the car, like four top four times, like three times. So stupid recess. What about anything in my room? I didn't put everything up, and I yet because actually before me right now that I have to go to. But I'm definitely gonna be posting this Barry's wanted after. Like I said, I think I said it in the beginning. This video I was gonna be posting. I don't want, you know, You make sure you like who's up years ago. Maybe back. Remember the new video. So today I'm going to be during a storm door video, and I This video was actually highly requested ever since I got to college and still be honest, which I haven't done it, because literally it takes so much time to do this because I have to go through my whole camera rolling forgot which, because I wanted on my wall. So it really took a long time. And obviously, I'm in college, so I was really busy at first. And after I was just lazy to go and figure out what it is I wanted to because I literally have so much picture. Yeah, Yeah, probably know I take pictures all the time. So it was really hard to figure out what picture I wanted. And I'm actually gonna be on my way right now to get the pictures. And after I put the pictures on my wall, I'm gonna show you guys the room swore so yeah, Make sure I stay tuned for that. Make sure that this describe, but if ever already joined the family because he was getting bigger and bigger as I speak, right? Now make sure you like this video coming down below. If you like my room and the setup. Because for me, it took me a lot of time to be in my room together. And the only thing that was left was the pictures. Other than that, my room was like, I got everything else in my room itself for the pictures, and I'm finally going in two days or stay tune in for that s so I just got the pictures, fill me. I got 100 pictures of literally 100 pictures, but I don't know if I'm gonna use all those pictures. Let me show you. Let me see the first thing that pops up. Let's see. Oh, me, Amelia playing soccer. So you guys, this was supposed be $30 but I only pay 10 because I found a promo Colin Online. So you pay $10 for 100 pictures, let Michelle 100 pictures. So it's late. I'm about to go in my room right now. I'll catch you here. My building. So this is the outside of my building. Years alone. Found one or whatever. You wanna call it a ship. And this is in front of my building. Began there right now in music. So right in front of my building. A stadium where, like, the football games, that so literally after every game, I'll hear that shit. And this is in front of my building. Out. Look at the vibes I live in. Panther hold. Don't you go upstairs. You need your one card. Mine is right here in this chair is broken, like once a week. So it be a struggle. So I'm currently in front of my room right now and I'm a show. Ya do that? Yes, sir. Are you ready? Or you already hold up. Where am I? All right here, Kim. I'm from Kate Starbird, Connecticut. And my major is accounting. If you didn't know and yeah, this is what he is. This what we do? Everybody has a different Let me show you what I'm talking about. But everybody has a different, you know, Superhero would have a seed, a Batman or whatever, because I'm ready. Are you ready? So first I got a vote to decide, and then I gotta put my penance. Well, you see what we have. So when I come in, I see the sinks and shit. So there's a sink. There's a you feel me So now we got one thing, The other thing And then we got some soap over here. Let me put this back after we got to show you got my stuff And then this is my roommate stuff. So let's see what we have here. So I gots and shampooed is what I use a little tired What? My things. My soap. I actually want to change too. So Body Washington soul, because it is much easier to use. But this is what I got for now is my toothbrush. You know, some basic shit. And then you see what I got in here? Essentials. I got a razor. Some deodorant is my package. When I go taking showers, that's what. So then right here we got you got a big ass lookin fridge. So we got orders. Ice cream. So that some of my roommates so? But this is mine. This is mine. This is my You could tell that I think. And this is mine. If you want it, let me know in the comments because I got the wrong flavor. It's strawberry Danilo and I like Dr Mary and and blueberry, and I got the wrong one. So therefore, yeah, we've got some potential that's not mine. Some noodles and shit. And then Dr 10. So I have a lot of colleges like you can't put your old timer chamber. We are blessed with this. So each room goes to put their own type of Checco as freshmen. We can't kitchen in our dorm because they say that freshman's cause more fires. So they're like, Yeah, you can have it. So I have a fridge. I mean, and then we got a bath. You see the vibes? Yes. You have to open it. Close it. And we got a little Charlotte right there, Star. Right there. You got the bathroom? No. We need this indeed. Got the trash. I like how it matches kind of this blue, but it's pretty big dose. That tub so clean it could take a bath. Like, you know, I'm saying, fill it up, Put a bath bomb in it, Slick. You leave here, you will know what to wear. So so, back to the shop. This how I look in the shower? Oh, uh, sorry. Anyways, is kind of wait here was I would have sat down, showed you the barbs, but whatever loathe you know me and then a B drumroll, please. You know, I think I'm excited. Yes. Are you all ready? Oh, yes. There you go. Survives a Just look at that. Whoa. I got the pink sheets. I got some pictures if you see yourself Focal too. If you don't, I might not fuck with you, but I might not have a picture with you. No, I'm saying, you know, I got some pink sheets, you know, the vials at night. He would pink sheets, sun light. And then right here, I got my book bag LV, sunlight. Then I got my Balenciaga. Let me show you this. You saw my roommate to just pass by. Look what she did to my shit. She stepped on my ability. Okay, I believe that. I can't believe that Stella Bella saga is and has been, like, a week. And you still haven't got me eight in a clean it She just in our san. So I was like a rock. But anyways, so right here. That can be. And as you probably noticed, it changes color, but my camera is doing the ass job focusing on it, and I like it. But that's the Bob's. Let me show you from out. So look how it looks. And my bed is kind of Oh, I got a rug. Might if I got a rug. Right, Dude kind of matches my great right here. Then go some pictures. And here is my desk. Yes, sir. So we got the desk right here. You know, Dr Laptop was the wrong way. You got the laptop, you know, seeing So you went up. Hello? Are you there? There goes my nephews. It's kind of blurry, but they were a year. I got some pens gossip in. I got so tense right here. There goes July right there. I didn't cross out the days we look on July 8th or some shit. I didn't cross out the days because I feel like it just looks attacking and shit, but so this is my calendar right here. And this is when I go home July 20. His homework bribes right here. Chiller go like this on my laptop is where this where also, um, edit my videos right here. Mac won't take shit. So, um what's call? You see these? Like it is. It's a cute about this. Got sufficient, my friend. Some extra pens and pencils. My apple. Watch out if you don't want this Apple Washington. You know, comment. I never use a shines like for thinking about getting the apple. I don't because it's a waste of time. Anybody says that, then I got this isn't my style. My better You gotta cock elite and some glasses. I don't got much stuff in here. It is my Panther game stuff. You haven't seen the video? Go watch it. This is my tripod. Here's another My party for my legs. This way. The goodies. I got some gear heads in here. That's her. She's in the bottom. That's you know she's right there. I can't. So my mom bought these for me to take out my nails and share some cotton balls. We should charge right here. TV, bro. You see my TV looking my TV thing, and then we got the microwave right here. You know, I'm saying we go Seed of arms right here. Michael, if I need it, then we got a little mirror. We're all saying, You know, Steve got the mere right here. Yes, sir. So, like, this is the bodies, which that's also for That's my side. They were that the mirror and then brought. Look how big this is. Let me show you this. So I'm looking for my desk, bro. Look how much room there says I can get sober. And then after my desk, there's my roommates does. I'm not gonna go too much detail, but that's a shit. But you got a mere like mine. She got some gum, Frank, about it. Take one shirt. So who's her side? Not as good as my side. I got the back door, Mom, ever. But, you know, she got some pictures of her family. Should I really like this? So this is really cute, as you got some pictures here, and it says today are told happiness. Follow your dreams. I need more sleep, user. So this is the vibe. So when you come in But this is big. So my whole idea this is big. My gosh, Money said I'm going. And how are you my titles? Like my bed? You see, I just turned color is trying to go dreams Go right now and then I got money. Put it away. Once I go back home, I'm opening away in the box Is not all there like that. My love, is it? I came in. We got some water right here. Then I got some shoes in here. Johnnie. Food for that For you. Mac and cheese cereal. Go, go. It's a boy. There's more down there. But you're going off too much even though I did and yeah, don't come from me, But I barely have clothes young. I have a couple jackets. What? My clothes in there. But I have a couple of jackets. But I only got anything cause I left everything in Connecticut and I got to go. Nice bag. Whatever, then A here I have a book bags thou use. Like if I go on like a mini vacation. Obviously, I'm not gonna bring my own. Be aware, because people we wanted to steal my say And honestly, that bag is bigger. Like, that's what's Orlando before the July sun and I just like I used that bag just back right here, you're going didn't fit down here, So put it up there, then I got some. Please, Some schools. Oh, my God. Didn't doesn't cut paper towel. And we got toilet paper. And I got more stuff that I'm gonna bring from when I come to Connecticut's Don't comfort me. Don't say Oh, my God, you've got no clones. Then though I do What's in Connecticut? I was able to bring too much stuff and I wake up. The first thing that I see is this right here. It says it looks like it's far West. Not for us is we strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discourage for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go, Joshua. So this is my laundry basket. But actually, instead of it being a laundry basket, it's actually a laundry book back, So I could just let me show you in the mirror. I can really have it like a book. Bag all my clothes in there and awesome my dryer sheets and, like my pod's would tie pods and you could put your clothes in here. It's pretty big. You get it at target. I would recommend it because my roommate like this, everyone be like, can her sit like this I'm chilling with it on my book bag. I forgot to show you have in mind. So we've got some water in here. This is mine. I got some leftover food from the signing. You know, I had to get some Kool Aid's told. Got more coke and shit. I've got my juice broke. When I tell you. You see this? He says right now, See this house Have empty roommate, literally drink that whole thing by ourselves. You're watching this? I need some juice. I Because you drink on my ship anyways. Well, we got some expired milk, actually. Throw it out. Okay, I'm noticing that that changes color and wait That people that says Can he be hope happy? Because Yeah, that's my shit. These pictures are so cute. So I'm going back to show you. So here we go. So I got some stock. Your pictures, Justin, soccer, soccer school. My boy's eye on your sister. He knowed involved. Yes. Anyways, I was I on my mother. My best friends was Morales. This is when I won homecoming queen. You devise my friend, my dad, You know I got a bride. You. So he's a captain. Picture feeding. Nora was a captain. Yes, sir. I know. Yes. See that? Number 13? You know, I've got my friends in my family. I got my beautiful nephew. Oh, my God, You can't see in this picture. But here goes him right there. Who else is you? Isn't my big family right here? It was graduation day. My dad again not using my dad when I was younger. My dog, my grandpa, my parents. Jazzy. Let's live. Oh, is my roommate right here? I got it. But you don Patty's right here, so yeah, I think that's something my room log are pushing for watching on week. Do, if you like the video mixer hit that subscribe land doing the family game. Big number got speak, let me know. What you actually in the Commons If you think I've changed a thing also, let me know in the comments. So give me that feedback if you think I'm changing it, just like let me know which I like coming down below and make sure you know for this week, because I'm gonna be posting public interviews. But you already know Devise, man. Wait, So wasn't coming back. Why would a new video? So today I'm actually gonna be on my way to Miami. My school is located. They're gonna go to orientation. Honestly, I don't know what to expect, but I just know it'll be so fun. Is it made me so. Except for college, I hope. Release a meeting, people. But I'm gonna bring yacht with me to the process. Obviously, I can't record everything that's going on, but I'm gonna try to record as much as I can for you, so make sure you stay tuned for that. Make sure you get that subscribe. Have it. What? You like this video right now? Stop the video like it for me to describe? Because we hit 20 came in and we just got bigger and bigger as I speak right now. Stay tune in and bring out throughout my day A way to the orientation, right? Mom, she goes todo I think you're right here. She gonna be all a day without me, man. And I don't just handle it because is it Tomorrow she going miss Me too. She got me a little bit But don't you see me? Oh, you graduation Graduation in crisis of the 19. By then you're talking about their school or not, or two minutes away on Southwest Street. You just got your mad Quit and take two. So we gotta check in And the banter, All your notes files. Man is crazy. I can't believe it. You already noted vibes. I got the axis. What's it called? Swipe card. So I could get into the panther modestly. I think. I hope so. So I just got in my dorm room. Looking is, uh, manually noted. Bobs madly started 8 30 Like this. I'm assuming done. They got to meet i e. I got a shirt? No, because it was closed. So therefore, I need to find the shirts and work on his hot as hell in Florida. I mean, my crazy, but, you know, let's go later. We don't know about, uh yeah, people, Mom. So actually, you got me orders. Horn some milk. So I'm a name. So your head you gotta run around and get four times because you can't. So we got a thing here that you can't walk around. You may want to step on it. So was looking slow. You got a go around four times. If you're trying to graduate on time, you can't step on there, right? Yeah. I don't know that. My name s stuff on here. I don't think I actually got this foot. So we have way too comfortable in transition from high school to college. Clinton's like, for example, I have a class to learn way mammals here Munch initiative by myself because our little friends guys, wait, I'll only about to do right now. But again, this is why our chili subway. Burger King. You got me fucked up. There's more veneer, Starbucks. They got a pull in somewhere over here, over a chick fil a Dunkin. Get fucked up, But they gave me a coupon. Five a hero and then 25 in our food. Give me free nails. Holy moly. Going over information and financial service is information talking nice. They gave me $8 to anywhere working. You know, I'm going to wait. This is my advice about my longer When I have a tripod that's longer that way, the whole thing. But they said use the whole thing or no money back saying everything. My way out. I tried everything like what is good, but they had, like, steak steak was gonna go. I feel kind of dragging Sound like sauce. So everything I like no, that way. But I was like, I gotta flex. No way. No way My name is brought up numbers grand following us around the Ralph on the score B a r a t e a m My phone back was up. Body. Get it. How far would you go? Nice. Follow me. So we What is this? Right now? This is just a moment. Hi, everybody. So if you want a concept for you, I highly suggest you get involved on campus. See? Is our vomit party, you know? Yeah. So now we want to go eat. I'm super retired. You see, in my face, I'm I've been excited too. Talk like I just want to sleep, go in my room and be out without bags in my eyes. Look. Yeah, this is I got people to fit this competition, you know, just broke. But I'm not crying. You're crying. She'll look at this. I just got done, like, two days ago. Oh, no, not the easiest guy to go over these. Not puddles anyways. Yeah, I was gonna come because they already know. Devise, man, we're here. My Panther, my buddy. We are here taking flick system. I'm sweating like creams. I might look crazy as this video, but it's okay. We out here, this my head a holdup. Wait, wait. Way back doors is shit. No. TiVo. You notice? Shit. My back was taken no more. You get to 20. All that's gonna change. Right now, everything is at your fingertips. You have the ability to make your experience here at by you as great as you want it to be. Yeah, So I just finished register for classes when I tell you was mad. Stressful. Like everybody. Like everybody that was here was registered at the same time and there was concern about seats available, like social. I've been here for hours trying to get my classes and schedules situated because I don't know what to take one. Take it like I want to like, punch classes in one day. Or if I want to spread out. We've got so much to like. No, you think about it. I'm so stressed. I wanna go. So Yeah, basically, Yeah, Pete, this year. You know, this is for, like to school if I want to go in the library, My dorm and it's a credit card team time. So I can't be showing our members, which I get to, please. Yeah. So I got back home for my reputation and, well, super duper fun. I got some meat on my camera movement. I got to me amazing people that I hope to, you know, you know, hang out during the school year I got to know about I got to know about the school. I got to know everything. And I'm super duper excited for the start of college, and I really hope you guys enjoyed the video. I appreciate you for watching all the way through. Make sure you hit that. Subscribers have already joined a family. Could just getting bigger and bigger as African speak right now. So, yeah, make sure you hit that light by coming up below. Do what you gotta do a stay tuned for what I got coming. All these college video's gonna be lady Teddy, man. So make sure you stay tuned for that. Oh, she didn't see you. Who is that? No. Oh, you too. Some years ago. Come meet me back in there with a new video. So today I'm gonna be doing a damn the life of a college student. And I noticed that he was gonna be very important for someone. Yeah, because some of the guys told a different career path of college guys were no holidays. And some of you guys are gonna be going into college very soon. So, you know, you want to see how college life is actually hit the subscribe, but they're already joined. The family can Basically I'm just gonna show you guys around and show you guys what I do as a college student. Oh, when you look. But anyway, so, as I was trying to say, usually I'm very last minute. Basically, you know, we wake up, we go thio freakin, you know, brush our teeth. And you know, you shouldn't be doing this if you're Carlos doing since I'm doing, uh, you know, f I u version of this. I'm gonna wear my new shirt. Let me. I think it's this one. Let's see, after you're all changed and ready you see that? Yes, sir. And I put on some biker shorts. You just run. I woke up earlier for the purposes of this video, but usually I'm like, No, my clothes brushed my teeth auto, and I'll be running. I love Oh, my God. I'm gonna be late. After you get ready, you just grab your book bag and, you know, you put your laptop inside because, you know, as a college student, you do have a lot of work. There's no getting away from it. So usually, you know, usually do my homework the night before, So my laptop usually here. So I just put it in my bag. You guys want some? You know, I'll say it, I'll put it right here. And then after you got your book bag, you know, it was nice, but on. Anyways, after you got your book bag, you got to go in the mirror So you can remind you that this year Babbage and that you know you're gonna do good in school today. You know im cabin right now, because you don't got time to do all this. But you know, if you have time to do it, because It's good to remind you that you're bad, baby. I personally don't do my bed. But if you do your bed the job and you just leave, grab your phone. Don't get that either. Make sure you shut off your liking. I didn't haul has elevator, but it's all the way. Yeah. See, I'm on the last dorm. It's all the way down there. Star saying fuck tushy. And I go through the stairs, even though you know, And then I usually just run down the stairs Literally. Because if I'm on the fourth floor and you know, this is the views all the way down there. But let me tell you, they got the best buddy right here because they have speed Donald Spears. E got more views. You know what I'm saying? I like you may be hot when I get more views. If you go to college in Miami, then you You know, you got news like this for Florida in general. Yeah, and you still walk in. I have to open his door because it's in a lot more. I have to open us as soon as it changes time. If I open it before the alarm. Oh, shit. Eyes. I'm just kidding. That was a joke. That alarm doesn't worry. So anyways, I walk to class and my class it takes usually, like, 10 minutes. Okay, I'm Cappie. Depends on the class, and some classes are, like, five more minutes away, but other clashes air like a 10 minute walk. But I don't mind, because you know, this campus so beautiful. You know, I got this nice little place to take pictures. I'm definitely taking pictures, You know, There's a pool right there. This is another Western asshole. That's very dangerous to pass by because that's where all the athletes live. So to pass by here, just know you're going to see a cute ***. Um, so, yeah, very dangerous. You can't be looking crazy, but I still look crazy, and I don't care, but you're a walking shit. Remember that big building outside were too cute to be out right there while my classes right here. So you know, it's not so much of a walk. You feel me? Usually what I do before class, I come right here. You guys, you gotta see the vials. Yes. So I come right here. You know as a college student. You were. So usually I gotta do some work in shit, but obviously, I'm not going with you. I'm doing this video, so yeah, I get the gist of it. Like this right here is a rocking freaking K on doors at this is rocket. Oh, yeah, Yeah. I could definitely see that. Yes, sir. And lenders of you to the water found stones, you know? And after I'm done doing my homework, you know, I usually just go to the water fountain and shit. And I you know, I drink the water because it tastes good. Cleaning up about to drink that water you got me for breakfast? I usually go to this place called a street and especially like buffet or whatever. So I was like, multiple things to eat for breakfast. Like, Cheerio. There is Spanky's Wild bulls, all that good stuff. You know, there's hamburgers too, if you want. Gonna wanna eat breakfast. A hamburger pizza? I don't know. I was really up to you. Yes, I'm really a picky eater. So I gotta be sure. Let me show you a breakfast food. So most colleges probably have this like, you know, they have the different cereals. You make your own waffles toast on most college time passion, but I don't feel like eating. Now, After I go in my breakfast, you feel me. I gotta go to class and they're actually rebuilding or doing some willing. But I have to go through these LA guys stairs or I go to the other side battlefield. I walk into the other starts to go up the stairs. English class is actually in this building right across. This is the library all the way up there. That's the library. So my English class is right here. And like every day, my schedule is different. So on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have one class from 11 45 3 and it's a long class because it's in the summertime and literally combined the whole semester to six weeks. So they have to, you know, have longer class times and then on to lose. And there's 1/2 turn 10 50 then 11 45 to 3 or five. But my cost are never that long. Pictures always was out early. Well, yeah, every day my schedule was different. Go to the bathroom. I'm pretty sure they have a nice meatball anyway. So I imagine there were something like Are you doing? You do So my class is right over. Can't breathe right now. Out of class, I pressed for number one year after I leave first class. I just used to get food again and she i'ma show you where I get food is right over here. There's other options, but I don't like surgery, Cuban and sushi. And whatever this is, I never even cared to look at it. I use it subway, like, somewhere out here And, you know, just chilling out here eating my subway, I guess somebody after it. So basically I just over here I am Subway. You feel me out. So I got my subway, but I forgot to record it for Yeah, but just not a good I used to get meatballs. I worked out something for two years, but I'm still not tired of eating a hat. That shit is good, is how you know, some days I go, you know, go to the pool. That's right there. My residence, What was right? The and go to put us right there. But today I'm not really feeling and you might catch, You know, a friend on campus. See what up to my blog's. Yes, sir. Okay. Thing we gotta do it again. Right here. I'm ready. And after we know encounter, some threatens. We encounter our instagram name sometimes or we may encounter. It's not at name because, you know, get free clothes to school or Twitter at name. You know, just putting out there, that occasionally you to see yourself. But I watch. I think it does mean everything. That's my friend. As one of my friends, man. So don't even come from me. Oh, don't you know that's my friend's means. Okay, let me just make that clear before you start. Let me know when I forgot to mention like, on the way up, I have to use the elevator. That's all there, because these stairs you can't open it from the inside from the outside and you could only go out. Can't you know? I know, I know. You swipe. They work into some bullshit. Watch this. What? Look at this bitch is dirty. She's 30. What? The sun is on my whole look. I got my stuff from what the fuck is that. You know this, which is a bad ass, bro. I can't stand her, Lucy. No wonder why. Okay, First things first, there's just one YouTuber the route. This at me right here. These are my chocolate. Doesn't for when I got the shot where that was a bro's was wearing, and I took it off him for one bed. Um, this is stuff that Kim has thrown at me. Hey, I got something, and this is something I just got and I didn't put away because I want to show it to Kemper's. I got this stuff, guys. I got this dress again, Neon just talking like a thoughts. And I'm kidding, but there's no Todd go somewhere, but it's too small on me. And I got so jeans, all from fashion over. But this is also to swallowing me, so, you know, I got the fashion over, but, you know, I have to return that wait that, you know, this whole is nasty stuff. She always making some trash, and she's lazy to go bring it. So I'm a good roommate, and then you just suppose about your fucking socks. All right, guys? Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay, But you know, after I go to trash you, usually I go a couple times a week. I do homework on this desk is where the magic happens anyway, so that's pretty much what I do. As a college student, I really didn't include everything. Because, honestly, I can include everything. But anyway, thank you for watching with through my training. That's a scribe. But if you're new to this channel mature, you like this video coming down below. Don't forget to hit the bell. So you know when I post you right there, you