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Thinking about Florida State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Florida State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Florida State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Florida State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Florida State University experience. These Florida State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Anh Tran

Vietnam, Media & Communications, Class of 2021


Derek Johnson

Florida, Film, Class of 2018


Raul Arenas

Panama, Marketing, Class of 2019


Alexandra Erickson

Florida, PoliSci, Class of 2020


Keeley Hernesman

Chemical Engineering, Class of 2020


Emma R

Class of 2022


Hey, guys, what's up? Today's video is going to be my special college moving blogger. Just so exciting claiming, waiting to interviews for so long. But today is Tuesday. January No, no, that's not It is Tuesday, June 18th and I leave for school tomorrow, and then we move it on Thursday. So we're driving up to parents about a seven hour drive. So right now we're packing up the car because we have to leave so early in the morning. So I figured I would just do like a quick little Timelapse tonight of us packing up the car and then off log me driving up tomorrow and then moving in on Thursday. So, yeah, I just want to do a little intern for you. I'm so excited. Um, this is everything. Mostly everything in my car A little bit into your car, but I think I did pretty good. Do you think I packed late enough? That's really good. Hey, guys, guess where we are. Our turn bag. I'm gonna show you, Emma, but she's gonna keep her eyes on the road. There's Emma. Two hands on the wheel. 10 and two. Um, right now wear Scylla out five minutes in five hours and 58 minutes away. So yeah, but the thing is, the room that we're living in, I don't know if she told us that we're living in over this summer isn't the same dorm that we're living in fall. So after six weeks of summer session, we have to move out and go home, and then two weeks later, drive all of our stuff back up and move into a new door thing. This is my coffee that I get from Starbucks. Nothing. Doughnuts get hazelnut ice coffee with. And what is that? Like? You do the noise when I drink coffee. What else do you see? Anything. You're munchkins. I was a munchkin. My dance recital. So today is a very emotional, nostalgic day. Our last day with our families before we start on our new light ahead of us wear very excited. Ok, here's another thing that just happened. That was kind of funny. So Emma was singing a song on tick talk. I'm not going to sing it cause it's copyrighted. So she goes, She sings this out. I'm, like, already singing talks right now. And she goes, No, I heard someone the radio, and they go what she always does when she lies. So I'm like, All right. Now take talk. This is the problem. You can't go in front of us. Can't go so fast cause her car might explode through. Okay, that's all we gotta use. Oh, shit. I'm sorry, Mom. Taking over Vlog. Hello? We're trying to find a parking space on, you know, crazy parents. It's not really happening. Did they know where you're going to school? Yeah. Okay, so look at that golf cart. It's a cute look at how pretty cool. I guess you have to put it up here, people. Wait one. So today? Well, I'm on. Blake aren't going to go to college today. E o kind of. Hey, they getting ready for college? As you can see, they're getting their dorm ready. It's a process. Emma was angry so that your cousin speak with angry. So then I said, I need to play, and then everybody else ended up getting sick. Boy, I mean, my camera is out of storage, but Blake and I are putting stuff together in our room. I mean, like, away and our parents left. Finally, I love you. Mom. Dad, um, this is what we're doing right now. Our beds are pretty much set up like we kind of got some stuff on the wall, but we're putting stuff away in drawers. Um, that's really it. And then we're gonna eat lunch, but everything else is pretty much set up like that. Hey, guys, welcome to our Okay. Well, you're not gonna see a lot of work because I'm into an actual room door. I forgot my solves. But this kind of wait, I need hair socks. Okay. In my top drawer. Right there. Yeah. So we're just kind of been organizing everything to put those posters up and do a few things, but mostly everything that we're also gonna get a carpet, but yeah, So I feel like this. Hello? We finished our dorm, and I'm not gonna show too much of it someday. A room tour, but way just got ready for bed. And we're spending our first night in our door watching friends. So it's, like, perfect. And we have, like, a little bit to do. We want grocery shopping. We got a lot of food, which is good. We're here for six weeks, we went a little overboard. But Lake, it's okay. I have to get a picture printed for that picture frame, but that done. Okay. Do you have anything to say? Good night. Okay. Good night. We'll see you in our next video. We'll see you in our next video. And Mm. Blake college logs. Yeah. So hope you like this movement bog, and it's so I've got. Hey, guys, It's Emma. Welcome to my dorm. Like someone was video for me. Okay, So this is our dorm. We're living in Reynold Hall. And I can tell you that because we're filming it right for Move out. And this is for State University. So first walked in the door. We have this over here. This is from hobby Lobby and a few pictures printed out. And we have this whiteboard that all of our friends signed. And this picture from project adulation. Very nice. This Blake cobblers probably hobby lobby. And she got the Zen garden that people have been loving. It's been a real hit here this summer, but our friends have made a mess of it that we have. It's over the fridge thing from some home earlier house thing that we don't know what it was. And our friends that we just got some magnets. We got a nice friends one and an Avengers. One. Blake doesn't like the Avengers, but it's mine. And then our NBC studio tour things. And on this side Oh, she's showing us the fridge way have are here. Nice from Omar, But it was like $10 very nice. And I keep walking. This is what you see over here. We have our closets. These are immunity from hobby Lobby. And then we hold, like, our stuff, Like my leg purse. This is my closet. It's messy. Don't open mind. And over here we have all of our play those hanging on these life that have since I was like, six, and my dad got that for Christmas. But I didn't like them, so I kept them in my closet. And now we're putting them tease. So thank you. These were used, like, three times. Total way got to be productive and do our work. And we've been productive and thought I work like, three times. Then we have all their shoes over here. She is like to talk to you. And I have thought of you, but in the followers that each one because we have too many shoes and then tops our laundry stuff and it's a hearing guy. This is the overview of everything else. This is Blake side of the room. All of our like, Baltimore stuff is from the lobby. Probably be like to be home. Guts are betting you got from target. We have seen everything this pillow disrupt society. Six. This is from the home study that score. Yeah, and then under our beds, we have, like, the dressers that deceive us in the laundry Baskets are from bed bath and beyond late shower thing and they are trash and recycling. And then we have a star is born poster that we got from the tissue movie Theater. But Frank's posted that Blake out from my below along and poster that I want from AMC movie theaters. And, like, kind of the same deal. This is my side Target betting. Jerry got me the NBC pillow from NBC. The same two pillows from Society six in that home store. Randy made me that thing right here, which is very Q and I love it. Um, that Lalo everything. I guess none of this stuff is from except the lips up there. That's from from 21. Kayla made me that Kiarostami picture frame, and I put a picture of me Keegan Kiara in there and yeah, it's really my side than the lights just from our target Italian. Um, yeah, the rub is from Ross, and we spent like an hour trying to pick it out. Get the softest While that I think we found this on just one. So I'm very satisfied with their purchases. They don't match. Our friends are satisfied with that as well. They always tell us how soft it is. Uh, this is from Costco. We keep all of our blankets and, like, sheets for the air mattress in there. And I was gonna keep their much is in there, but it's too big, and it helps us get onto our bed because it's hard that been from target. Whatever keeps all my stop these. Oh, yeah. These are from this one from the embassy bookstore from the the homes. Yeah. Um oh, these sheets are from Urban outfitters. Yes. Moving on to our desks and everything. This is Blake. She wanted to show you her laptop case. Look it over my stickers and hear my textbooks have not opened this one once, and that one was actually kind of useful. This is her. Stop her schedule on our wall of pictures of all of our friends are friends. And it's like me and Blake and every picture, like together, but then, like us. So that friends too. I think you know too many pictures together. Uh, this is like a project that she also wanted to show you. This is my recording studio. Yes, for her. Modern popular is you're my cans. And this is her desk. Yeah. This is my backpack. Okay. It's probably this is our kitchen. So over here, we have our bold and we're not two plates. We have four. But to pull a burritos got on the other one. These are all of our cups that we like, use only two of them at a time. So we needed 15. As you can tell, I don't know what's down here. They are back in some popsicles measuring cups, napkins here, paper back. And that is our toaster that we only use in the kitchen. We're not allowed to plug it in, so we have to take it up to the kitchen every morning to make my toast. This is a printer that ran out of ink. So now we have to pay 10 cents. Thank you, my friend. Brittany, you are, But we love her. This is a simpler get out. Jordan. I got this for us. For our grad gift. So that's us in over Friends. And my grandma sent me. And Blake, these brakes is over there. They went to Savannah and send them, so that was very nice. We have full house back there. We tried to start logic like we've seen it, but we want to re watch it. We got there one DVD and then stop tissues. This thing that we haven't used in a while, but it smells really good for a while. Camera. Our country that is running low right now because we're about in, like, two days. Yeah, that's running low. Um, we don't have any more food. Curing some cups and mugs and cups. Our microwave and on top, we have our picture, my lovely attack aboard salt and pepper hair and my 175 strategies. Thank you, Jarod. These are all of these which I started taking very nicely at the beginning of the semester and then stopped, which is lying. Our TV that we use every night credits to Blake and our DVD player that only plays in black and white. Yeah, this is my desk. This like shower any shelf self, it's all hands on. It was extremely hard to put up put together. So thanks to our dads were working on this every two hours, I'll try a link in the description, but yeah, probably forget. We got like a boy from Home Depot. Right? Thio, Keep make sure t meet and talk for a while. This is also from Hobby Lobby. So this is my desk. I have my laptop listening stickers from Red Bubble and my backpack is northeast. This is my Hayley fam sweatshirt that I wear almost every day. Jewelry, things from HomeGoods, lamps from target, some picture frames, a movie calendar. All of these, like little clay containers, are all from home goods. Yeah, perfumes by disposable camera. Makeup holders are home goods. Well, and then my friends calendar that I crossed off every day. And I have to flip the page today because today is the last day of July and then all the showers and all these doors are very messy. And last but not least, is our after we each have our own thing here. Open up and they can keep whatever we want in there. Our toothbrushes, soap and lotion that has never once been used hand sanitizer, our sponge to the auditions, some don. So this was just probably disgustingly dirty, um, cleaning stuff. No important things on their and our fan, which we love, because it gets very hot here, but it's also our famous possessed, you know, Like it. Explain to them like we'll just be laying in bed like, try to go back, for I am. And it'll just start speeding up Or like, slowing down like randomly changing the speed and the different like settings. So our room's haunted and her friend is possessed. I'm not going to know for this video. She's our bathroom. I got something. You enjoy your room. Thought it was wearing pants this whole time. So please don't judge me. And I hope you enjoyed my room. And we're moving out of this room in, like, two days. So state agency are room for next semester. Thank you for watching Blake. Do. You won't say anything. Bye bye. There's someone is in. No, You stayed away. Hello, guys. Welcome back to my channel. Today's video is going to be another college video, and I think you guys have been loving my college video so far. I've got so much great feedback from all the ones that I've uploaded before. I met a link all of my past college videos down below if you want. Today's video is just going to be kind of explaining why I chose the school that I'm going thio I If you haven't seen my college revealed video, I'm going thio Florida State University actually leave in about three weeks to go start school. I'm doing the summer term, so I start very soon and I'm really excited. I'm really nervous, feeling a ton of different like emotions, but very excited. Um, so a lot of us have been asking, like, what kind of help me choose where I want to go and just like the factors, I guess that kind of help me decide. So today I'm going to be telling you all about why I was sort of state university. I have a list in my phone of like all of the things that I want to talk about about f s u. So let's just get right on into it. I have a list right here of like all of this world. I applied to it and like the ones I got accepted Thio telling you why I didn't decide to go with that. The first school that I got accepted to was the University of Alabama. And I loved the school so much. This is gonna be my backup school. So if I didn't get in F S u, I would have gone to the University of Alabama, which is mostly wide, and choose it just because I did get into F C, which was like my top schools over University of Alabama. But I went and I visited one of my best friends there in the fall, and I absolutely loved the campus. I loved the lifestyle. I made a lot of friends, and I got along with a lot of the girls that were there. It just seemed like a place that I would love to spend the next four years. And then I came home and a lot of my friends were like a joking on me like Obama girl and kept doing like Southern accents ends up like right? Like, why are we joking on me? I was kind of, like, upset. My friends are drug. Know me for wanting to go to the grace of Alabama. Didn't really care because I still really loved it. And it was such like a beautiful campus. And I just really could picture myself being a student there on my campus. Um, this is a school that I wasn't planning on flying too, until I saw the campus. So I saw the campus in November, and then I applied, like, literally the day after I got home from visiting my friend, and then I got accepted, like three days later because it's rolling admission. But I wasn't planning on flying there. And then when I did go there, I absolutely loved it. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, I could definitely see myself here, So I applied. And basically the reason I didn't choose this school is because I got in FSC, which was my first choice school. But it's an amazing school, and I almost ended up there, like, if I didn't get in, I would've gone there and yeah, it's an amazing tool. Beautiful campus beautiful like surrounding area. And overall, I loved the University of Alabama. The next four places that I got accepted to we're in Florida. First of all, the University of Florida. I got accepted to I kind of like I got accepted to the pace program there. Which is, um, you get accepted to go and get online student there for a year, However, until you have a certain amount of credit hours online. So basically, you moved to Gainesville and you live in Gainesville. I think you come like I think I could literally do it from my house here like I could do the first year and not even have to go to University of Florida. But whatever I got in for the space program and if if you f was like a dream school of mine, I would have done it. Like if I had gotten like, something similar to that for effort to you. I would have done it because it was such a dream school for me. But it just wasn't worth it to me to do all that to go to U. S. When I hated you. F I grew up being a seminal fan, so I would never go to you after the rival school. It's an amazing school. Don't get me wrong. Amazing academics. Amazing everything. But I would just like growing up a seminal I don't like stepping foot on the U. S. Territory, and I just have never liked campus at all. Like it's just not for me. I could see why some people like it, but it just doesn't I don't know. It doesn't really have anyone. I don't like it Also orange and blue. Not the best combo of them all. You know, my dad would definitely kill me if I want to you after because he is the biggest, seminal fan you'll ever meet. Also, the University of Tampa is one that I applied to and this is a private school. Once again, I wasn't planning on applying here. I literally applied. Just have another backup option because I was kind of getting nervous for its end of the application process, like, Oh, my gosh. What if I don't get into any of the schools I applied to just randomly applied to this one because I had, like, a 99% chance of getting in and I just really wanted another back of religious in case this is also a private school. So it's gonna be very expensive anyways, and I The campus is beautiful bubble of law, but they don't have, like, all the like sports and stuff like that also just really wanted to go to a public university. So it was never really like a place that I was gonna go. I just wanted a backup school. Interesting case, because that's always a good idea. To have next was the University of Central Florida or UCF, and for awhile I think I really talked about going to the school because a lot of my friends wanted to go. But I don't think I ever I really wanted to go. I think I was just convincing myself. I wanted to go because of my friends, and I don't want to leave my friends, but this is a very pretty campus. It's definitely a lot more of a modern campus, which is like I love modern stuff, but I think in a college I really love old timey, almost like the buildings at FX, your old brick and I love that. And then the buildings at UCF are kind of more just modern and like concrete and stuff. And it's like, definitely beautiful, but just like an honest, much my favorite thing, it's also very close to home. For me, it's it's two and 1/2 hours from home. We're just fine. I just want to be further, just not really for me. I guess they do have a lot of good things for my program, which is public relations and film. And they were really good film program also like Orlando's amazing area to be in. And I would love to go to school in, like a big city like that. But it just wasn't really for me, You see, after the ball was not for me, so I did not choose UCF. Lastly, it was Florida State University, which is where I am going. So I'm really kind of tell you why I chose that. Basically, I grew up being a seminal fan and you saw my college decision revealed when you know you would know that it is literally all I have lived and breathed for the past 18 years. My dad want tapas. You My grandpa went to FX. You like a lot of my family has gone off issue, and it's kind of just been like a thing of the Romano family loves the Seminoles. So I grew up going to games and grew up going to the campus. I've been to the campus so many times, have been probably like 15 or 20 FSC games. I think it's really cool that I've been to like, a lot of efforts. You games like around the country, like not just in Tallahassee, but I've been to a few in California have been to a few in Texas like went to one of Miami. I went to one in Gainesville like I go to them every year like, kind of follow them around and stuff. So it's been really fun to, like, grow up being a seminal fan for the past 18 years. And the colors are 10 times cuter than you, would you? She's blue and orange over guarding gold card. Ankle was adorable. Are you kidding me? So I love the color is that's one thing. Not that it's like the biggest factor in the world. But guarding gold are very cute together. No other campus that I visited like felt as at home to me as this one did. I think mostly because, like, I grew up going there. So in a way, it was a second home to me, like I go a few times in here. So I think I have a lot of memories from when I was a kid and stuff like that. Um, and it just felt like home still feels like home. And I don't even live there yet. So yeah, that stuff a huge thing. I want to feel at home when I'm in school. And I think I definitely feel at home there because I have so many memories there with my family. So it, in a way, like it's like home, I guess, in a way, like there wasn't really anything to choose because, like, I just like I have known great team years that it was, That was you. Like when I tried to tell, I tried to tell myself I wanted to go to California and New York and stuff which, of course, love to go to school there. But it was never really realistic because I could never get into the schools, and it's just way too expensive. So for say, it was just the best all around option. And I hate Florida, by the way, like I hate the state of Florida. But Tallahassee is like 30 minutes from Georgia, so it's literally the farthest you could be where, like you're in Florida. But like basically out of Florida, like we experience the Four Seasons in Tallahassee, the leaves change. Sometimes it snows. I think it's no this past season or maybe two years ago. You never really know until Lassie. So I'm very excited to ring you guys with me. I love you guys so much. Thank you for watching, and I will see you in Right now I'm a ladder screen. One of the main open feel on campus. His holster love new event. And it's all I have information both about sure jobs and everything. And sometimes they have free food, so stick it out. So I'm on my way to see the information and what they have morning on campus right now. Here. And lining up. Yes, Terry. Can you be this amazing food? This is Cass. Case far. It's my favorite spot in the city. Hi. It's partly by care and I'm gonna take you a walk on the trail to show you're out. Maybe you were my favorite favorite sport in the heart. Very picture and calm like Paul surrounded by palm trees. And that's why I sing off stare. Is the concert hall open like cruising? That's pretty cool here. Those. Slow by the stage and cool kind of our sister. Ah, really three old rooting, which used to be in factory for like forty years ago or something, and they have been recently reboot into you made a cool restaurant, said the process a little more on next six sides, but it's a really good ass atmosphere to be rotted by this amazing view. good. Wait. Just as long as they know me. E i e. Yep. Elementary school. I didn't even know she was going here. I saw her walking to the dorm building. Like is That is a a Oh, my gosh. Really? Recognize me because it was a long time. Yeah. I recognize a lot of people when I see them. Like, it could be a long time, but I recognize you. If it was for a moment, she scored. So So we decided to room together for orientation only. It's only two days, but right now we're in Wildwood. I love this. So do you want to see your major? Anything? I majored in communications. Yes, we have the same major. That is so funny. Like when I found that out, it was like, Oh, my gosh, this is a room. Won't be too much of a detailed win until we're like settling, but yes. So we're gonna pack. I mean, not pack. I'm I'm back. Yeah. Wait. Good morning. It's It's It's what A cop. It's six o'clock now, but it's still dark outside. And we have orientation, Atley 7 30 or breakfast breakfast at 7 30 But we have to catch a bus at, like, 7 15 7 o'clock or something. So yeah. So it's sticking. Ready? Yeah. So we're gonna leave now for, like, our orientation stuff. We have to go catch the bus at 7 a.m. So Yeah, so Really? Catch the bless. Like good students do. But we can't say any water or else we're gonna be late, like bat suits. Wait, wait, But way Operation first. Wait, wait. It is almost 10 o'clock now, and I just got back to the dorm. Um, I chose not to do tonight. That activities. I mean, I was going to And then when I got here and the door was like, right there in my face, I was like, Okay, I should go inside. You have to be downstairs by 6 30 So that means we have to look for, like, 55 30 or something. I don't know. Six. Not enough time. Because he had to pack but everything back and stuff like that. So we have all of that to d'oh. So I'm gonna sleep with this because it is cold in here. She has a speaker? Yes. No way. 20 minutes trains go ahead of me before you. Just as long as they money many doing that. You will never see me again And let me take money, Money, money. Wait, wait. E Like here it is, especially particularly in the fall. And in the spring when we have, like, perfect weather, like, much like now. Yeah, people have their him. It's WiFi excess WiFi actors. Yeah, they have their dogs and Frisbees. This is a really popular spot directly behind, and you can't see with trees. That's our main library. Really strong. Wait, wait. Oh, or not Hey, someone by myself. And I'm walking to my building to meet with my orientation leader cause we just finished, Like, choosing which classes were gonna like doing stuff. So I got Bobo. Oh, my God. It's actually really good. I didn't expect this. Okay? Something Carrie coming up anyways? I'm not. I'm walking to HCB and we're gonna meet with their orientation leader, and we're gonna learn how to like or register for the classes, but yes, love that body. I just found out that I've been walking their own way. We breaking, We love. We love this for us. So basically everything after this clip was pretty boring, just going through to two roles, and it was probably the most stressful part of this entire orientation, Surprisingly, But that's if you'd like me to do a more detailed, sit down video of what orientation our episode was like for 2019. Make sure like this video and comin down below. Also, I was in Valley for another day after orientation, and I loved it. You can see some of it here, so be sure to stay tuned because it's coming Sorry. Lucky. You. Crest there. That's that. Hey, everyone. I'm outside of da Campbell Stadium right now. Home to F s use football team. And right over here is our baseball stadium. F s u Athletics is a really big deal on campus, and everyone loves the Seminoles through and through. So you're gonna learn how to do the chop pretty soon. Unfortunately, I don't have footage of any of football games because it's spring semester. But I do have some of the basketball games. Check it up. Hey, everyone. I'm at twenty. Dining Hall, one of the largest dining halls located on FX campus. Help. You have several doing limited Teo like different sizes of meals. So I chose two hundred meals for the year when I had a meal in a freshman. It was perfect. I had more than a food. I had no complaints. You also get something probably flexed bucks or meal swipes, and you can use that. Other locations like Four Rivers even took for everybody's favorite. But money is really great. I've been here in a while. It looks very different from when I used to