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Thinking about Clemson University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Clemson University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Clemson University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Clemson University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Clemson University experience. These Clemson University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So this is Godfrey home. This is where all ground communications majors have their main classes. I actually am a graphic communications major. So we're gonna go inside and take a look. This's the atrium where students like to hang out between classes or, you know, just chill. It's Mark done in the back of Godfrey Hall. There's this nice area for students to come study or work on assignments or projects. That's right over here, next to the press room. What you're about to get check out right now on the way to the press room. You have this little shell fear that displaced it for packages that soon created. I have to be a little quiet because classes are in session right now. So this is the advanced lab were upper level graphic communications, press run, steak place. That's what you call it. Flex. Oppress. And this is an older flicks and press klicks. In short, First lexa graphic printing and we've got some labels on. Here are some stickers that some suits will make. So we're in here checking out the press room right now. This is Mr Rose. I guess he's busy. I'm gonna try to track him down there right now. If I get him to speak about the press is a little bit here. Leslie. Where where are we, mister? Is fresh fruit. All right, So what are we looking at right here for the press? Because this is how a lot of stuff commercial, It's a lot. All right, So now we are in the Fed. Oh, studio and I am about to do a little product photography, videography or commercial. I made for one of my friends for his new show company. And, uh, as I was telling you earlier, it was a graphic communications major. Have the opportunity to pay thirty five forty bucks, have access this gear rental program, and I can run out nice cameras. See, you've got a *** like here on a couple different lives is a pretty big selection a year you can pick from in the program. This is the atrium where students like to hang out between classes or, you know, just chill. It's mark done. So we just came up the stairs from the atrium, and now we're going upstairs where all of the lecture halls are where I have all my lectures. in graphic tensions. There's just so we have some pretty nice classroom space is in the hall. Flat screen TVs, really nice projector, another and these nice tables that you come right home across from that lecture hall. There was another lecture hall over here, but they have actually worn out the walls in this area, and they're turning it into something totally different. And there's another lecture hall over here where I've had a lot of my way for someone to cut away to a shot that I got the other day of class in session in this life, you probably next month, is all tied up in that scene. That was God for help that we're walking over here. We're gonna walk right by Bowman Field, where lots of students come and hang out with Frisbee football. You name it and we're going over here to Bracket Hall. It came from moment field right past Tilman here. We're going over to racket. This is the inside of a bracket hall. Relax. We've got students studying and working on projects that they're a couple big lecture halls in this building. I've had socio had a sociology class here. I've had a psychology class here. Enough environmental science class here syrup. So that's the big lecture hall and bracket home. There's actually class going on in there right now. Here's the ring where I had my first sociology class up the stairs at the back of the building. Find an exit and another entrance to that giant lecture hall. Last job men get okay. Also, we're coming up on the physics building here. That kind of is the building for science. So here is the kind of laboratory lots of experiments going on in this place that looks like a period of table that had one physics class in here, and I actually like math. But for somebody who doesn't like math, I understood everything quite well. That professor was excellent. A lot of the professors at Clemson are really good. All right, so let's try to take a peek in this lecture hall right here. No. So that's actually elect your home where I had my first physics lecture. Like I said, I only had one physical last year, but the guy who taught it All right, So now we're in the frat quad. We're gonna go over here and see if we can get a couple people to talk about what's going on here today and tell us about their major and tell us about why they love clips. Let's go check it out. Wait. My name is Roger, right? You're in a fraternity, right? Yeah. I'm in Alberta. Big. It's got a pretty good party scene, right? Doesn't get a Woodstock. I did not. We have Mountain Wing in that way. So what is mountain way on weekends we go up Tio Flat Rock, North Carolina for a few days called Camp. Wait there. Wait. Bring days. We go up there for, like, two days and just have a hell of a time. Yeah. So what's going on here? Way Wings for wishes. Basically, it's a wing eating contest and all the proceeds, I believe going to make a wish Foundation back. Trick that with an actual chi omega. But I'm pretty sure my name's George. All right. And what you're you I'm a sophomore way are at clubs in Greek. Quad right now. This's wings for wishes. It's Chi Omega's biggest billions of even of the year. All of the proceeds go to make a wish. South Carolina grandkids for you are wish terminally Why do you like what you like? Limbs and what's your major? So I'm an environmental engineering major with Spain is mine and I love it because it is community waken. See it out today, everyone really comes out for a lot of different events that we have going on here, whether it's for footballers philanthropy and I need So we're now coming down Fort Hill Street, which is the street that leads right down to Clemson. Steph Valley. Take a left here if we can get a little closer of the stadium way. Our Memorial Stadium, otherwise known as Death Valley, home of the nineteen eighty one, two thousand sixteen and the recently this year's national champions, Alabama, couldn't hang. This year, you got the best of one of those times where I got lucky and the gate was open, so I was able to walk in. Clemson's got the spring game coming up this Saturday Stadium is going to get pretty lips. So now we're going right past Littlejohn Coliseum, which is where Clemson has all the basketball games and other events like graduation. I'll be walking across the stage in their next fall, so this is the reflection pot in front of Cooper Library. There are one million nine hundred and sixty gallons of water in this pond, and fine actually helps cool air conditioning system for several buildings near directly across from the reflection pond. We have the amphitheater, so the amphitheater is actually kind of special to me, because when I was a high school student actually got the chance to come play with the clips and drum line on this very stage on game day. No, I actually had a shag contest here one time, and me and my sister wanted shag dancing is a form of swing dancing that's actually the South Carolina State dance. I signed up to that side and that I'm actually the president and one of founders of the Clips and Shag Club that we got up running this semester. So if you come too close and you will have to check out the Clemson Chat Club now for a little close up of Tillman Hall, I was taking a little loop around the drive in front of Tilman here. Tillman Hall is one of clubs and most notable buildings on talking about Clemson, either. Think of football with Death Valley. Where you thinking Tillman home. Hold on a moment. Field Tillman All is the main administration building. In nineteen forty six, it was name's Tillman Hall board of trustees. Our here it Sikes. All this's where the admissions, financial aid student records, registrar and the President's office is. I'm Bobbie Duncan. I've been This is the director of operations office Leonard. Urgent Missions? Interesting. Clinton is really high right now. You're doing a lot of things really well across the country as far as our national branding s. We have a lot of applicants that are coming about applications that are coming in each year. Everything that comes in. We receive about twenty nine thousand applications. We accept about twelve thousand over twelve thousand of those applications. We haven't acceptance rate over right around every year, about forty nine percent this year. Way have a a goal of about thirty eight hundred freshmen and that we're hoping to enroll this year. We're looking at perspective applicants on their several things that we look out most heavily. Review process. Five Academic factors that that mean the most just energy process When we look at your GPS in your school provided a weighted G p A. We're going to use that nor a few process class Danny information that's available. So if we have a definitive class right from a student, look at that. A review process. It's not a look at the school profile to get a lot of a lot of information about the rigor of the school. The curriculum that's offered there. We're gonna look at the strength and rigor of a student High school coursework, so that's looked at review process. Almost look at things like standardized test scores. Way use The S A, T R A. C T. And review process Wei don't require right example is part of our application process. But there's things that states completed our application that can tell us a lot about themselves as an applicant. And the something we're looking at is actually a choice in major. So when students applied Eclipse and they put a first and second trust major on the application, so we're actually looking at our freshman class based off the information they put on their application, made a choice that they're missing president and we make our selections based on that. The reason we do that is we don't wanna over Philip program, so we will make sure that we have seen is that I'm able to get into the first year classes. I'm trying to keep our students. So now I'm gonna talk a little bit about my daily routine more than you. So I don't think you see anybody else really doing this. I ride my bike for this building, and once I get to the front, go across the street over to the dining hall and then I go to class. The only thing about this is gets me there a lot quicker than walking. So every morning I ride through downtown Clemson and up to the dining hall where I eat breakfast. So after I get done at the dining hall, come over here to Godfrey Hall. What you probably saw on the tours of buildings video and I get my first lecture. Cheers. Any right? What we wanted to watch way had run tsunamis. And now I'm going back to my apartment to work on some projects. I checked out some here from GC Reynolds. You're in a programme again. Teo work on projects with Now I'm back in Earl Street where I live to work on some homework later, we're going to give film. So I just did some filming for my marketing project, which is my senior project, and I got a smoothie from all in coffee. Now we're headed back to campus to eat some supper so you can see children wave back. Now, we're over here at the doubt that fills. Meaning I also have a gym here. Starbucks and Barnes Noble. So we're here at the community down. You can't actually take videos, but we're, uh, fixing to go in there and get some delicious. Get smooth. Well, now I'm headed back to my apartment. Uh, being senior really does have its perks because I only had one class today, and, you know, that really helps with the work life balance, But you do have to learn how to do in college. I don't have class on Fridays. That way I get to catch up on any homework that I've you know, I've gotten behind owner and finish any projects or get home on the weekends a little bit early and do something that I want to do. All right now we're limp since annual spring game. White team is really gay. Wait. Legendary rock in the background. All the students who have come out to the spring game down here on the hill. Wait. And we got central Spirit down here waving flags, template scores. Way you weigh someone. Put it down! Esteem, everybody! What a great night. All right, so now let's talk about the different dining options you have on Clemson's campus. You have three main Downing House she letter core in the community Hope you can purchase different amounts of meal swipes, and you also have the option of purchasing the unlimited meal plan. You just have to decide how much you're going to cook at home and how much you're going to eat in the dining hall. Even if you don't purchase a meal plan, you can pay around ten dollars and go into the dining hall anytime you want. So you can also purchase what's called Paul Points, which is basically points that go on your tiger one card and to make it kind of like a credit card that you can use that different locations on campus, like Starbucks for Chick fil A or some of the pod markets where they have refreshments and beverages. Honestly, I really enjoy eating at the dining hall because there's a wide selection of food and you can always usually find something that's pretty good if you really look and you put the right things together. I've eaten at the dining hall all my years at clips, and I've had the unlimited plan every year. Having the unlimited meal plan really comes in handy because I could just go to class and go to the dining hall right after and then go back to my apartment and not worry about having to cook. Another convenient thing is they have to go boxes so you can fill up the ticket box with food before you leave and take it back to your apartment to eat later. So that's just a general overview of the all right? Yeah. So this is my apartment. And out here is the Commons area. We try to keep it pretty clean. So this is Earl Street and actually comes with a flat screen TV, which is pretty nice. And granite countertops, some nice modern appliances over here. And actually my court or my apartment actually has a courtyard right after this. So you can go out here and hang out, make a fire this important home. Just grilling over here. Got some nice grills. All right, let's take a look. So we got an elevator right here, and here is a partner, AJ, just pretty convenient. Repeat, because your car your lives really far away. Norms takes about five car here. So as far as my daily routine gets, usually every morning, I just get on this elevator. *** press this button right here on the fourth floor, fourth floor, which is the ground level, basically for the whole entire department. The leasing office is on the fifth floor, and the gym is actually two stories. So it's on the fifth floor floor and the fourth floor, and you can access the pool from the fourth floor. So let's go check out. I usually find myself walking down this hallway to the front door and I walk out the front door and I go over to campus and I go to class. But before that, I usually go to the dining hall, which is right near the building when I have all my classes. And that's pretty convenient. So this is the pool for my apartment complex. Things get a little rowdy out here sometimes, especially on game day. You come out here to pre game watch, to be honest, Megatron up here pretty nice. There's Jim over there. It's two stories. So this just gives you an idea of the types of apartments that are available to live in close in. Got some grills over here. You got some little pod things you Chilean actually rains. Things went Speed Street here, but that guess they got too much beer spilled on it. So cool. Our coming over here too. The fourth floor, downstairs area. You know, Jim in here. Got some treadmills. Nice little workout room in here with you into that type of dancing. And get some bikes right here. Studio cardio Fitness center. A nice little chilling area. Flat screen TV's here. You asked me. Now check this out. We got a virtual golf simulator here. So this is the fourth and fifth floor. Basically Commons and Recreation Area for my apartments. Little foosball table over here. Got a nice pool table. That's mark eight games. We actually have a slot. And down here, we've got a couple hammocks and a couple of fire pits that you can chill about it. That's Earl Street. Hope you all enjoy the tour. So just a typical night out with the gout is just, you know, chilling drink some brews, picking some stuff up on the grill. Here, wear it up. So after we do a little pregame in little eating, get on my projects and homework done, and we usually head downtown. So Clemson's downtown may not be that big, but I can assure you it's nothing short of a great time. Let's go check it out. We're in now. Yeah. No way. Give you a little out of Clemson downtown. Now we'll take a tour. Campus are more fresh company way. Call the court, so, oh, meddlesome like before I'm a senior, so I don't have a meal plan, but one that really, really competing things about going, eclipsing his every student with the meal plan your species called Guess one. So where should we meet up with one of my best friends? Her name is Jocelyn billing, and she's about to let me in so I could get something