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Like I said earlier, I am a chemistry minor and right here we have Montgomery Hall. That's Homer answering right now. If I can open the door. So upstairs is a bunch of different lecture halls. That's where the introductions to chemistry take place. So a lot of the things that we do have pre Rex to them. So, like, right now, I am in a chemistry one of five class where we don't actually get to mess around with. Any of the chemicals were just learning about chemical compounds and all kinds of stuff like that. But when you get into the higher level chemistry's, you actually get to come into a lab sort of like this. You can see all of the stations behind me way have shelving human. It's full of whatever you need to do whatever project you need to do. So a lot of the higher level classes, they're going to be up here, people that are juniors or seniors that are minor and you're majoring in chemistry. You're going to be more of something like this, whereas I'm still stuck in a lecture hall because I'm a freshman. But if we go further down this way you'LL actually get to see one of those lectures halls. Wei have a couple different options here. Most of this floor is just labs and stuff because we have more upper class with me do lower class. But with moment, let me see. Let me see. So here we actually have one of our lecture halls. This is actually one of our lecture halls. As PC can hold a lot of different students. This's where Professor usually comes up and talks. They either have a chalkboard or they have a white board available for different people, different types of people in different ways, of course. And on every side of the classroom we do have a periodic table of elements, just in case somebody forgets to bring theirs to class. So the professors do help you. They do learn with you. I can tell you my class only has about twenty five students in it, which is pretty average coming from, Ah, high school that only had about two hundred students in it. So this is the chemistry building. Yeah, well, we actually have something that's original to our campus and our campus on Lee. You will never find it on anything else or any other campus in America. We actually have this thing called Cypress Lake, and that's what's behind me here. This is a giant lake in the center of campus where the biology students do a lot of research. It actually holds live alligators, turtles. We actually have a giant snapping turtle in the bottom. We have a lot of fishing here. The engineering students in the middle of the summer and sometimes the fall semester will actually build canoes out of cement and race them through the centre of the swamp. Every fall we host this giant crawfish festival, where they have about twenty thousand pounds of crawfish, and it's hosted right here next to Cyprus Lake. This is the center point of the campus. This is what draws most people to our campus, even if they're not originally going to come here. We have a lot of kids that come by just to look at the alligators and everything, but they are very docile, like, right now, I'm actually standing on top of a great. Um, so you can see underneath me into the water. A lot of people will actually come and just, like, examine the alligators. Look att them whenever it floods they actually, sometimes they. When the water rises, you can actually see the alligators. But we do have, like, a giant wall around, so it's very, very, very safe. Um, and the alligators don't really harm anybody. We've never really had any accounts of anyone ever getting hurt by them. Uh, but this is a very big thing on our campus. A lot of the events that we have either take place here or at the student union, which Cypress Lake is connected to its right over there. But this is just one of the biggest things on campus. This is something that we are proud of here With great from glass. Can you tell us a little bit about your position? What glasses signed Secretary Secretary? I sent a letter What, and lost his organization glasses for giving your acceptance and support organization allover. Big events that have every year is following a drag show. It's a very big Ben. Over eight hundred people come every year. We actually sell out John Mother, we have our trans generally remembrance, and in spring we like a lot of members to go to you. This was way. Have a lot of side downtown, Joe, actually. Where y'all to paint in the trench under fire? Yes, we actually did it because Sounds like a lot of good things with campus really spreading. Get some sport for the other. Were members of yes, that's all I want to create a space for. Everyone can feel safe and well, thank you. Thank you for that here. So I've actually in by your beige right now. As you can see behind me, we do have concessions that go along with this theatre. This theater is actually located within the student union on campus. Eso Anything that goes on event wise here will be either held in the ballroom or in by your issue. Ah, lot of the times they have, like movie nights. Every couple of Wednesday's They'LL do a movie night here. They've had dance, recital, speech, debates, anything that you can think of happens in by your vision. A lot of the times pieces off freshman orientation actually happened in here. This is the actual theater, a CZ you can see. It has a lot of space for a lot of different students. They actually have a projector that can come down on the stage as well. Uh, they have a sound room above me where they have the projector and everything. That way we can do movie nights and different things like that. They also have multiple different rolling pedestals for the speech to beets and anything like the speech debates in anything like that. Quiz Bowl will also have some events here, but a lot of different events on campus go on Okay, So I'm currently in one of the freshmen dorms that are available with what we all share Y'All's names with us. I'm Jacob. Yes. Okay. So how did you know me? Like what? How did y'All decide that you were gonna be roommates? It's not, boy. Josh will be knowing since high school, about for years. Right? Get together. Go on. And how do you like living in the dorms? Compared to commuting? I don't have to drive. It's, uh it's news on Get. It's convenient. I have been writing Wake up extra early in the morning. I have to drive this. He's happy that you're okay. So how do you like yours? Common room. I know that you all have a common room down the hall. Because you have your own fridge over here because you have your own microwave. My conversation with people, I guess it's nice to have think about it. All right. Well, I think that's all the questions I have for you. You Do you have anything else to say, Teo, Those incoming freshmen? Come in. Do you work? Be on top of the study, Make the most of the time we get involved. Morning. Uh, long story, right? Yeah. Don't for sure. Well, thank you all so much. House are you all apart of? Were part of a design. All right. And what kind of events do you all do like? Can you get me some more information on it? Um, well, this right here we're doing pious I so you can pay two dollars to buy any of the brothers right here. And basically, all the money that we raise is going to the national Multiple schools. Your society. Oh, that sounds really cool. So who are we pieing today? Today we're going to Austin. Oh, All right, so So how does how does this work? We just pay the two dollars in fire. Alright, Cool. All right, so let's do this. WeII not have, like a better wait about this thing. No. You still make that work? Well, thank you all So I'm here in Griffin, which is the home of the English Department. This is where I will be spending most of my time because I am a journalism major. And here I have with me Ah, bunch of my friends who are going to witness this friend Jansen from when you saw earlier carry me all the way up to the fifth floor. Griffin is the only building with five floors. It is called Mount Griffin Because of that reason, and Jansen will be attempting to carry me all the way up Tio the top of Mount Griffin. I'm eighty for third floor. Most likely die. So this is my way memory here video. So I think he thinks he can make it only to the third floor. I think he will be able to make it all five floors. I guess we'LL find out that couple of seconds, you know, Jewish confidence. But if we do the power of friendship, I believe you can make it right. Hey, guys. So I'm here with a couple of my friends in front of the CAF. Say hi, friends. Why? Oh, my God. Okay, so, uh, the cafeteria has a couple different things that they offer for a freshman. They offer to different meal plans. One of them where you get fourteen twice a week, the other one where you get unlimited swipes a week. My friend Kyle over here is the man. He gets a limited swipes a week, and he actually saw me into the CAF whenever I need food. Anyone with a Cajun ideas? Welcome into the cafeteria. Um, as long as they have someone to swipe them in, We do offer a lot of different meals here. Each day is a different meal, and you can always find whatever it is on the website way. Also have vegetarian option gluten free options. For those of you who have food allergies, all you need to do is talk to the chefs. If you don't weigh, have a hamburger bar. We have pizza bar, and then we have our daily meal of the day. Uh, we also have a dessert bar where you can go there, and if you're not a fan of any of that. We also have a salad bar, so we have a lot of different options, food wise, and this is kind of just the place for people to come and hang out. So this is the cat. This is where all of the students come to get lunch. A lot of the times, though. Either come here or we have a couple other locations on and off campus. Bacon grab food. We also have Subway. McAllister's The Brute Way have a McDonald's or Taco Bell right off off of campus. We also have the Food Court, which contains Chick fil A Pizza Hut, a bunch of different sushi options. So we have a lot of different food options on campus. But this specific location has your daily food, so anything that you see on this wall over here is gonna be your daily meal. That's what you're gonna find on the Web site in that corner over there. Um, I'm gonna just walk over there and show you off, but in the opposite corners of the of the actual daily meal, you have pizza and, uh, hamburgers. So and for those of you who don't like hamburgers. They also do, uh, kiss ideas and girl cheese. So you have your pizza here and then over in that corner, you have your burgers. WeII do have a bunch of different options, Like I said and for anybody. But we do have other options for vegetarians. Gluten free. Anybody was food allergies. We also have a variety of different drinks and desserts for anybody who is a fan of sodas or tea or milk. We have all kinds of things. And then when you're done, we also have a dish return where you can actually put all of your dishes. The kitchen cleans it for you, so you don't have to worry about any of that. Um, but yeah, that's our meal plans and everything that Okay. What kind of ice cream did you get out? You got some rocky road. And how is that rocky road? Alright, Kyle. And what kind of ice cream did you get? Hollings Freeman, Target. You got the chocolate chip. Tito is so good. Oh, my God. And what What What size is that? Our flanks. That's six scoops of ice creams. That is insane. That's monstrous story. But that doesn't mean that you're right. You're right. And and then we got We got Britney over here. Who's not a what kind of float do you have roof, roof your flood with French vanilla and? And look, how does that, Rupert, You're afloat. So I don't know what else is in the e? I don't know. I actually think it's a bit of root beer, too, Which is good. That's a local Louisiana root beer. Anyway, how does how does it taste it? It's good. It's pretty good. Pretty good. And then I'm over here with my my coffee with marshmallows because I can be, and that's pretty good. Teo, do the coffee. Ice cream here is so good, but yeah, if you can't tell already Anyone who comes to Borden's is satisfied with what they get? Yes, like that ice cream cone. Kyle Like. That's beautiful. Thank you so much.