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Thinking about University of Louisiana at Lafayette and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Louisiana at Lafayette in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Louisiana at Lafayette, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette experience. These University of Louisiana at Lafayette video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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them focused. Wow, this room is a mess. Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome back to me to channel. And today I'm gonna be doing a dorm room, huh? I move into college tomorrow. I'm not going to University of Alabama. I tell you what. I'm going in like the next video of the video. After that, I'm not really sure. But yes, it Since I moved my stuff in tomorrow, I had to show you what I bought for my dorm. It's a lot of stuff, so let's just get right on into the video. So I'm going to start with my bed, my bedding area, someone just insert a picture. I hear of the comforter. Or do they? I don't know. What is it? Do they cover that? I got it right here. Right now. It's in the washing machines. I can't show you, but so with that, I also got some white sheets to go with. Yeah, this just like final white sheets from drama Fi as well. Honestly, don, if I has been clutch these past few months because I've been shopping for dorm stuff for a very long time, and then I got some pillowcases that just like gray. Well, like the ones that came with, um, comforter set that you saw when I got this little blanket. It's like a throw blanket, if you can't least see it now, Allinson picture as well. And honestly, I know Grand White is like, basic. Everyone does that. But obviously, that's what I like. Songs like, You know what? I really don't care. But I'm gonna do like, a touch of green. We're like a marble as well. You'll see I got is this mattress topper from Walmart while why isn't and picking it's like one a half inches, 1.5 inches. I say I want to you like a three inch what they're, like 100 something dollars. And I was like, It's okay. I got this led floor lamp. Frankie, where is the lamp? Right, It's from target. This was $20. I have been feeling the prices I'll just, like, inserted in the video, but yeah, So this is $20 just like a lamp I thought was cool. Like it's led. And Yeah, I think I got this black here, so I'm not only sitting on the floor or on my bed. I don't know what's wrong with me, so I'm not always sitting on my floor on the bed. Okay? Another thing I got is this printer. Wow, it's wireless. I got this printer from apple. Oh, I got that share. The black chair from Target. But I got this from Apple just because, like, it's a wireless and, you know, just comes in handy, I guess. Okay, guys, this is so embarrassing. But my dad got me this house phone. Can you see it? I was like, Why do I need this? And he was, like, 23 $20 for a house, just like you need it. You never know if a storm comes. And I was like, Okay, how song? I got this body pillow. I'm so excited about this because it's so comfortable, Okay? And so I'm not gonna pull it out. But as you can see, I got a refrigerator. Well, I'm gonna have to pull it out. Hold on. We'll have some semi pulling now to show you. So I got this from target. It's really cool. It's just a refrigerator. Okay, so the next thing I got from target it. Wow. So I got from target is this? Wow, Three tier. Can you see it? There it is. Yeah. So it's like a white thingy. I'm gonna put my coffee pot on there. Oh, I didn't buy a new one. So that's what's not in this storm home, but it's like a ninja coffee. But so that's cool It on here and all my coffee stuff eso for stories beneath my bed. I got this thing. Wow, it's just great green. Oh, it's stuff in here. I was like, What's so heavy? So much stuff. Okay, so I got this yeti. I thought this is I'm gonna get, like more too, But only grab one for now. I have another led. Yeah, it's white. And this is gonna go on my desk because my dad has, like, a gray marble top to it. So I felt that the white will look good on that. And I got this little organizer thing to put in my desk to organize things. I got the stapler. I thought it looked really good. This isn't even a stapler. Now. Got this to hang my iron with honestly, like you were like, why don't you buy a steamer? Because he's being I barely know how to iron. I really know how to steam, but I can steam. No, but I can iron by then. I can steam Saw by about an hour. Why that was so crazy. Okay, so another thing from storage that I bought this. I honestly don't know where this is gonna go. I think it's gonna go underneath my bed. I'm not sure yet. Um, well, I'll figure it out whenever I get to my dorm, but yeah. Oh, I'm sorry. I've been telling you all where where these things air from everything I've showed you from, Like, the storage thing is from target. And then these towels from a seed. They're just really thought they're all great. I don't know, it's a problem, but it's so basic, but I just don't care. Yeah, okay. So from Walmart, I just got some No foot's there all. Ouch. They're all just like five star notebooks. Oh, this should be my thumbnail. Hold on. Oh, and then I got this thing. Honestly. Don't know what I'm gonna do it. Oh, I got to I got this one in black and white ones over there. I'll show you later but anyway, so I don't know what I'm gonna do. Is that gonna be back on top of my closet in, like, but Stephanie? Yeah, that's it. And then I got some shower shoes. I think out these are I really don't. My dad said that they were, but Okay, let me explain how my dorm set up. So basically, I'm sharing a room with, like, one of the person know we share a bathroom together. But we have different rooms, so Yeah, that's all. I don't even know why I even said that. Anyways, can you see me? You are Ya don't understand. Messy. This room is and it's all, like stuff for my Why look so trash anyway, So I got this little thing, and basically I could hang my towels up on my door whenever I finish using that. And I just got some printer paper. And then, like the white crate that I showed you, I mean, that I told you out is over there as well. So next I got a iron board, I got an iron board. It's great. Honestly, I didn't mean to get great. It's only called that they had, so I was like, Oh, core. And then I got this thingy for my dirty clothes. But look, it rolls out like it has, like, wheels on it. So that's so cool. So I'm, like, carry my so much I got a water filter. I got this to go on my desk. I got this to go on my desk. Honestly, I don't know what else to say. Pencils, pans, scissors, stuff like that. Wow, It's a sweat, y'all. And then I got you all be so shook Airpods Wow there, Can you see? Could say while airpods literally I have I've had them for about a month now. When I tell you, they're like the best thing in the world. I love them so much A little bit expensive, but it's worth it. Okay? And also, I got this rug, as you can see. Wow, you're gonna be like, Ray. Why do you have so much gray and lights? Because it's the color of my injury. Another think I'm Apple. So I got a Mac book through. There is no Mac book pro in it. It's not the one with the touch bar just because, honestly, I didn't see the point spending like 300 extra dollars just for a touch former Whenever it does the same thing with the keys. So I got, like with the keys instead of the touch far. That's okay. Okay. So of course something else from Norm if I have to insert a picture. But it's basically tape Mystere Tapestry and enough How people be saying that. But here's a picture right here. And then I got this thingy But you could put like a words on you See, It's like a light box Anyway yourself. I'm gonna put a cliche, but first coffee or shine bright like a diamond like that. Next, my dad bought me this thingy from Longmire. You can cook stuff on it, but I don't really know how to cook except for things I have like, Have you ever heard of hello French like stuff that, like it already comes packaged for you? I could do that stuff, but hopefully my remaining anyway iron, which is from target as well. But it's like the cheapest iron you can get because it's an iron like what do you what else you need to do besides tired? And then I got the cheapest alarm clock as well. Because here's thing, I got it from Target. But I can't rely on my phone either. It's not gonna be charged. The body's gonna be loads coming on. Findings will do that. To start, we're going to be Madeline. For the moment, we've all been waiting for the magic bullet. You know, I love smoothies. So he's gonna come in so much pain and came to make videos about, like, healthy smoothies. And next thing I got are these, like, little flower Billy's, uh, you see? Yeah, really. I'm gonna put that on my desk area in my room, and then I got these lights. It's just like rights law, but they have clipped on them so you can hang, like, pictures and stuff. Um, honestly, I may not use them because gonna put it polaroids up, but I don't know. We'll see. Last thing that I bought. Hold on. I have to go get it. Okay, guys, the moment we've all been waiting for again the last thing that I bought from Walmart, I hope you can see, But basically, it's like a desk organizer. And you can put how this is just too much. Okay, hold on. So heavy. So basically like you put your stuff one here. Yeah, it's great, Marble. So that's cool. But you guys, So that concludes my dorm room hall. Honestly, it's not that much stuff. Um, I'm gonna be a freshman this year at I didn't say it anyway, so I'm so excited I can't wait for college videos. And yeah, if you like this video, make sure give it a thumbs up and Oh, my gosh, My don't scare me. I'm sorry. Many ways. So if you like to be a mission to give it a big thumbs up in common down below what school you're going to cause that's exciting to know. Yeah, it makes you subscribe and turn hells of guys, if you knew. Here. My name is Ray Washington. I make really videos. I am a freshman here at the University of Louisiana Lafayette. And today is my first day of classes. So I'm so excited in particular along my day, it's about 10 a.m. I just woke up having 11 a.m. Class. I'm just enjoying some breakfast, listening to some music and yeah, so Okay, so this is my first day of school outfit. Son is wearing a vineyard vines T shirt. So short, strong dicks. These shoes are so cute. I don't know. I don't know. I just know that they're Nike. And there have been new ones for something many ways. Let's go, guy. So I found my class, but then I get there, and it's like, dark. So I'm so confused. Wait, but yeah, that's my purse going. It's so hot outside. I've been walking for I don't understand how people do this time. I'm sweating. I should have went to college in the last ever been cold, but yes, I'll keep you updated. What? Guys? So cute in the cafeteria over there. Those there were my dorms. Are you guys so I'm still sweating, So I'm gonna go inside and get some lunch. So we just got into the lunchroom. I got the vegetarian option and say, Hey, so cute, Guys, I'm just going to enjoy this food. And then yeah, so right now it is 12. 40. I just got out of the cafeteria, but I'm still eating lunch with my friends with my friends, but yes, we're just, like eating sandwich way. Both have class, that one. So it's like, right over here from the top little bit. Yeah, I had to, Matt, she's gonna have to math right now. It's one away, and we're just sitting in home because my teacher, even I don't know what's going right. So you're sitting here waiting time? Yeah. So just take a look. So they just like sitting so I don't think zoomed in. Oh, no, that's too perfect. So I don't know how my blocking skills have been today. Um, honestly, just taking it all in. All right, now I'm enjoying some Starbucks. I'm getting a Clif bar. I'm watching YouTube video That just got back to my dorm. And let me tell you guys so basically in my math class. We all set out in the hallway for, like, 15 minutes, and we're like, Oh, we get to go because our professor is in here, but turns out they just didn't open that well, They said back like it was a class in there, but it was actually are classmates that were in there, not a different class. So we're basically just like wasting time outside for no reason. Yeah, so that happened. We get so mad. I don't know how I feel about this, Professor. I really love my English professor. Maybe I don't know. We'll see. But yes. So right now, I You know, I'm going across that today. I called them. I have a four o'clock appointment. Stop Machete. All that, Jim. Hopefully it's It's like, um, go crossfit back home and yeah, I was a translator. Okay, guys. So I didn't, but I'm explain that. And the next clip Look at this place I just came to It's called clean juice. And look at how cute this is loving show. Thank you so much. Okay, guys. So I'm back in my dorm. Let me explain to you the whole Crawford situation, so basically I went there, and I really liked it. But they also have a thing called fly fit classes. And that's a crisis like $100 a month is very $50 a month. But you only meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I'm gonna try it out tomorrow. We'll just see how that goes before I pay for crossfit, cause I mean, I just don't know which I'm gonna pay for, but yes. So, like I said before, thank you guys. So much for watching this video. You guys enjoyed it. Stay tuned for the dorm tour next week. Okay. Thank you so much for that report. actually to channel if you knew. Here, my name is Ray Washington, and I'm a weekly video. So make sure you subscribe and click that belt telling your post notifications. And yes, So today I'm gonna be doing a dorm room tour, which is highly requested by myself. Yeah, I really hope you guys enjoy the media. Okay, So whenever you close my door, um, have, like this, Like reacting to hold my bag. So I have my fossil bag, a guest bag that I got from New York, and then a towel. I don't know. Well, that's up there. But anyways, then I have my mirror right here, which I'm like, because it's like, That's it. Um, So right here is like my little like, pantry area. Guys, these are the best. Like you don't even know I eat these every single day as well as these. I love these so much. I have some almond butter as well. If you eat almond butter and bananas so good life hack from Ray. Um, these are my, like study snacks. I guess so. I have, like, two of those. I don't know what this is. That's full of candy. Actually, And then I have ramen noodles, which I haven't touched since I bought them four months ago. Not some bread, and yeah, I don't know, bacon bits. That should go right there. But anyway, so right here, I just have some, like forks and knives and napkins and yeah, so moving on to my desk area, I have this organizer that I got from Walmart. If you watch my dorm whole video, then you know that I am obsessed with this. This is what it looks like. So cute. So this is my Mac book, and then I honestly, I think I'm something about moving this to hang it on the wall. Like either right there or right there. I don't know yet. I don't know. And then I have pictures of mine. It's a flashlight. Just these lights go out and, yeah, some of my polaroid I'm obsessed. And then another picture. My dad and yeah. Oh, this is my watch charger. And that's my phone charger. So these are just some drawers. I have had these organizer's in here to make sure everything's takes organized just because, like, yes, I'm that person. Have some beans or something about buying a stand to liking the morning and then some tissues right there. And I normally just after class. I just want my rucksack. Right, bear, just because here I have my ring light. Can you see it yet? And this is just like George from my clothes and stuffs. Um, Stevie, I'm obsessed. It's a row coup, I think. Or raku something like that. So based, like a watch like Netflix and all that stuff on there. My PlayStation, my beats Right here. I have a chair for whenever guests come over. And then that's my was called mop. No broom. Why's it out of focus? I'm sorry, guys. There we go. And so this is my bed? Uh, yeah. This is the best blanket. Enough for a whole year. I don't even know. Um, I'm obsessed with that. You already know and yes, moving onto this area. This is my friend. I'm not going to show you what's in there. It's probably just milk. So this is my I keep my charger for my phone and kill him with kindness. That's my favorite. I just love that so much. And you all know me how I feel about grass. And then I just felt my keys and stuff like that in there. And I keep my sunglasses case because I used to keep them, have a lot of them, so the rest are, like underneath there. But I want to keep one out that I wear every single day. And then right here I have my little Polaroid wall, but I'm working on. It's so cute butt. And I say why? Because it's gonna be more than just that once I get more pictures, Um, I'm obsessed with this lamps led lamp and yeah, so moving went into my closet. Uh, it's a big mess. So that's all of my shoes. It doesn't seem like that much. And then somewhere she was down there, my dirty clothes, and then up there, I just keep extra. Why is that right? I don't I don't even know that should go over here. I think so. That's like my water that I drink. That's just extra deodorant. Mouthwash. So, and this is just like some more stuff that I use on the daily, like cinnamon toast crunch is everything that I have a whole box of oatmeal right there. Y'all, I'm up. I love over here. Some soy milk, more oatmeal cups, bowls and Yeah. Okay, so that concludes my doorman toe are really hope you guys enjoyed it. If you didn't make sure you give it a big thumbs up and coming down below something like Hey or anything, make sure you're following me in all of my social media links will be in the description box. Make sure following my weeks, make sure you follow me on all of my social media. The links will be in the description box below, and yeah, you guys have a great day for you, Theo. Good morning. Welcome to the bog. Today's gonna be a really good day. I have a lot of stuff planned, but first Hey, good morning. So I got my coffee. Black coffee is my new like obsession, but actually, I'm giving up coffee next week for the rest of the semester, at least. Hopefully I stick Thio. I don't know, but yes. All right. Now I am at orange Theory Fitness. Oh, hey, if you're new here, my name is Ray Washington. I make weekly videos on YouTube. Sometimes I make more. So if your subscribed make sure you post, I mean, turn on the post notifications. Yeah, but, um fine. Amit Orange finished. You know I do. CrossFit But I may switch to orange theory. I don't know. I'm just saying I have a ghost today. It's like a It's like a free class. So I'll just see like, Is this for me? Is a novel of my friend from home is coming here to spend, like, half of the day with me. So that's exciting. I miss her so much and yet No way. Way theory. Okay, guys. So I just got out of the gym. It was so much fun. Just bought tickets to go see the none for me and my friend were gonna go tonight after review the apartment that we make it. I don't know. I'm so excited. Like you'll see all that, but yes. So today I'm gonna actually prank her. I'm gonna tell her that I love her. I like more than a friend. You know, the usual. Like I'm in love with my best friend, Frank. So, like, you know, that's why I asked that lady just, like, stopped her car to look at me. That was so, uh, can you see me? That was so crazy, but yeah. So now I'm about to go to my apartment. I mean, my dorm and go. I probably fix myself, like something to eat and do a little, like editing and stuff like that. So before I get into the shower, I'm gonna use my What is this called re texturizing math with rove. Clay from Origins From Got from before I talked about it in my skin care. I love it. Yeah. What happened to shower? Just got out. The shower took off my face mask and stuff like that. I get to go home. I made myself a little salad. Will be here May not. It's like a startup. But what's in here is chicken feed, broccoli slaw, and then it has found some cheese. Parmesan cheese. I'm gonna put some Italian dressing. I'm ready. Hey, guys. So I am dressed. I did a few hours of editing and studying and all that stuff. I have my vineyard vines shirt on and some shorts, but look who here, but yes. Oh, she just got here. We're about to go and find something that each and then I have a few surprises in store for her, but yeah, I got chicken tenders and you got some fish. You know, I like it. Why are you looking like that? Do you not like it? Hello? Hey, guys. So we just got Oh, wow. Lightning storm. But we just got a movie. It was so scary. And Malia miss the our apartment appointment thing to tour it so that it happened today. But we are here. We're just kind of like a look around. I was pretty creepy, but we're just like looking at the apartment. But it's cute, so yeah, take a look around. Uh, what are you doing? Look how their coffee Candies. Yeah, Look how cute these apartments. I'm so excited. Guys, look how cute this is Way guys. We just book our motel. A motel for you. You better not doing like Roaches at my vineyard Vines simile. I have something to tell you. What about? Please don't trust me. What is it? So is something I've been feeling for a long time now, So I just think that like I like you hurry. No, I'm being serious. Like, I think I have a like a connection, you know? Right. I want t o Right. Okay. So she knew that that was yes. Okay, guys. So I really hope you enjoy today's blawg. Um, I had so much fun. I miss turn so much. You, too. Anyway, so I really hope you guys enjoy it If you didn't make sure you have a big thumbs up and coming down below something like, Hey, whatever you want to comment? Yeah. I love you guys. Made you so much for the reporting to you guys With great from glass. Can you tell us a little bit about your position? What glasses signed Secretary Secretary? I sent a letter What, and lost his organization glasses for giving your acceptance and support organization allover. Big events that have every year is following a drag show. It's a very big Ben. Over eight hundred people come every year. We actually sell out John Mother, we have our trans generally remembrance, and in spring we like a lot of members to go to you. This was way. Have a lot of side downtown, Joe, actually. Where y'all to paint in the trench under fire? Yes, we actually did it because Sounds like a lot of good things with campus really spreading. Get some sport for the other. Were members of yes, that's all I want to create a space for. Everyone can feel safe and well, thank you. Thank you for that here. Like I said earlier, I am a chemistry minor and right here we have Montgomery Hall. That's Homer answering right now. If I can open the door. So upstairs is a bunch of different lecture halls. That's where the introductions to chemistry take place. So a lot of the things that we do have pre Rex to them. So, like, right now, I am in a chemistry one of five class where we don't actually get to mess around with. Any of the chemicals were just learning about chemical compounds and all kinds of stuff like that. But when you get into the higher level chemistry's, you actually get to come into a lab sort of like this. You can see all of the stations behind me way have shelving human. It's full of whatever you need to do whatever project you need to do. So a lot of the higher level classes, they're going to be up here, people that are juniors or seniors that are minor and you're majoring in chemistry. You're going to be more of something like this, whereas I'm still stuck in a lecture hall because I'm a freshman. But if we go further down this way you'LL actually get to see one of those lectures halls. Wei have a couple different options here. Most of this floor is just labs and stuff because we have more upper class with me do lower class. But with moment, let me see. Let me see. So here we actually have one of our lecture halls. This is actually one of our lecture halls. As PC can hold a lot of different students. This's where Professor usually comes up and talks. They either have a chalkboard or they have a white board available for different people, different types of people in different ways, of course. And on every side of the classroom we do have a periodic table of elements, just in case somebody forgets to bring theirs to class. So the professors do help you. They do learn with you. I can tell you my class only has about twenty five students in it, which is pretty average coming from, Ah, high school that only had about two hundred students in it. So this is the chemistry building. Yeah, well, we actually have something that's original to our campus and our campus on Lee. You will never find it on anything else or any other campus in America. We actually have this thing called Cypress Lake, and that's what's behind me here. This is a giant lake in the center of campus where the biology students do a lot of research. It actually holds live alligators, turtles. We actually have a giant snapping turtle in the bottom. We have a lot of fishing here. The engineering students in the middle of the summer and sometimes the fall semester will actually build canoes out of cement and race them through the centre of the swamp. Every fall we host this giant crawfish festival, where they have about twenty thousand pounds of crawfish, and it's hosted right here next to Cyprus Lake. This is the center point of the campus. This is what draws most people to our campus, even if they're not originally going to come here. We have a lot of kids that come by just to look at the alligators and everything, but they are very docile, like, right now, I'm actually standing on top of a great. Um, so you can see underneath me into the water. A lot of people will actually come and just, like, examine the alligators. Look att them whenever it floods they actually, sometimes they. When the water rises, you can actually see the alligators. But we do have, like, a giant wall around, so it's very, very, very safe. Um, and the alligators don't really harm anybody. We've never really had any accounts of anyone ever getting hurt by them. Uh, but this is a very big thing on our campus. A lot of the events that we have either take place here or at the student union, which Cypress Lake is connected to its right over there. But this is just one of the biggest things on campus. This is something that we are proud of here help you guys Welcome back to me to channel if you're new here. My name is very Washington and I make weekly videos. Welcome to my first ever college weekend My life. So right now it's about 10. 35. I have a class at 11 o'clock, so I'm about to get ready to go to that. It's English, and then I have a math class at one from like 1 to 2 15 So my Mondays, they're really just like a chill day. Have a bio exam tomorrow. I have to study for that. That's knowing, um but it's gonna be good. So we, uh so a little o t d. This shirt is from good life, and it's the first time I've ever, like, purchased something. Whoa! You see? Okay, but this is the first time I've ever liked purchase something from them and I'm upsets with the material. It's like a really get fit. And then I have the shorts from Abercrombie. And then I'm wearing some vans in my number one Ecology Central or these Airpods Wow, literally. I love them. And in my English class, it's only like a 15 minute class. It's like those chill. We just fat. They're really and talked about the book that I was reading this morning. And yes, so are you hot? I'm burning up. We're, like in Hillary. Long sleeve T shirt on. It's a fishing shirt. You guys like I live in my brother's clothes. You don't buy clothes? Just where you'll simply close? Yes, Except I have a sister and I don't think that's gonna work. I come to school in a dress. Okay, so this is our lunch. I have some sushi. She has some things that look gross. You guys college is literally the biggest scam I've ever encountered in my entire life. Why go out by Scantron like, what is my tuition pay for? Never mind that. I s Oh, come on. Another day I just sat in my dorm and I think I'm going to clean up a little bit because I'm gonna film the dorm room tour and guys, I don't know how this thing goes. So how it do that look great? I don't know. Shouldn't be like that or like that to show like that side I don't know. And then I was thinking about taking this off and like ironing it, but I don't know. And then I wish you was longer too, because you could see all the mess behind it. But it's whatever. Do you like money being with my Polaroids? I need some more. So I'm where I'm working on it. I'm working. Uh, it's a bigness. So that's it? That much? All right, so right now I'm sitting for my fact. Well, just for a psychology, we did this thing called, like learn Smart is basically to help you understand the chapter. So I'm just gonna eat study, probably like an hour or so. I have to drive to go to the urgent care center right now, which is, like, six minutes from campus. So that's what I'm doing. Y'all. That's my favorite song by drink. Ever. Ever. I just got to Walgreens. Um, I spent like, an hour and 1/2 in the little urgent care center, and they said I have this thing called prostitute charge. So if you want to know what that is not going to explain it. You could look at that on your own. But right now I'm about to go fill my prescription, get my medicine. Yeah, Yeah. My fish is so crazy. Little bags. Life is just so crazy. I'm paying $85 from medicine. $85. Okay, so I remember that I forgot to update you guys. So I've been in my dorm for like an hour now. Just studying and eating. Studying for bio. Um, I'm not just tomorrow so great for me, but yes, becoming. Just do that for the rest of the night. And I'll just see you guys in the morning. So a little o t b I have this oversized vineyard vine shirt, some joggers, and I think I'm just gonna wait. So Birkenstocks? Because it's like the lazy type of day. You know, I have my test today. So wishing luck, I think it's about 45 minutes later. I finished my test. I got breakfast. Show you what? I mean, um, since I'm stressed, I had Thio spend some money to buy a watch. It's about a sweatshirt, because never I'm stressed. I like to spend money. I know it's bad, but I'm working on it all. It's been $30 so that's that's not bad. So this is my breakfast for today. I'm still drinking my coffee, and then I have some sprite. Um, I don't know if I'm gonna drink that or not issues there. Oh, my gosh. Say, Hey, Taj. So I'm back in my dorm a little bit. I literally just came to drop off this guy. Sure about that. You? Well, Lafayette, it's oversized, like a large. Just a good like I was feeling so stressed. You just buy something big, so I could, like, go to sleep in it. I don't know. It's weird, but yes. Oh, now off to my psychology class guy. So if you don't know this, I'm going to the Beyonce concert on Thursday and I'm excited, And I just found out that my Thursday wanna call classes canceled. So God is really working in my favor because he knew I would have not been there on time because it takes two hours to get from here to New Orleans. But I would have been in the middle of traffic here and the trafficking ban drew JJ because I know how that goes. It'll be like five o'clock traffic. So I'm just so excited. So I'm leaving here pretty early, but yes, I just got to my going just finished. My psychology class was so much fun. I love that class. That's my watch. I'll get inside my major stuff like that in another video. But yeah, I'm just living life. I'm so excited. Yeah, so right now I'm about to film my what's in my book sack video? Well, what's in my college books and video? So just so you know, it's, like, authentic. I literally like I said, I just got to my dorm. I'm about to go through it and from Bath and Body Works. How did the beauty people do that? That's what I just finished filming my doorman tour. It wasn't even that the, um what's in my college books factor? What's in my college book? Sex. Yeah, I just I can't talk to you. I think I'm just too stressed out from my bio test. But anyway, so it's 11:30 a.m. And I'm using my ring light because it's about to storm. So it's at the peak of hurricane season, So basically a hurricane's coming. I think I don't even think it honestly. Last time I heard it was like in South Carolina or something like that. But I just know it's about just for today. So that's it. I'm about to study some psychology because I have a test coming up next week. Our 1st 1 and I have a lab. Tomorrow's have to prepare for that lab. Yeah, that s o I just finished studying really productive. I did a lot of my psychology work, so that's cool right now, But it's about 12. 51. I'm gonna head to my university class, but first, I'll show you what I'm wearing because it's something different. So I have crossfit today and I go and I always go, like, right after my university class at 2 30 So I have a Nike Sherlund, some Nike shorts and Blackie tights. Probably wear like these shoes with it. But basically, I didn't go to CROSSFIT yesterday because my gym was closed, because that, like, this competition, things haven't worked down like three days of my body. Needs to work out, but yeah, So chains work. I was gonna be really hard that I saw, but you'll see I'm in Wal Mart right now. I just left the gym. I'm gonna insert some clips of like what we did so today's 9 11 so you could think about how hard the workout was. It's basically us cross fitters way of paying respect to our fallen heroes and stuff like that. So, yeah, basically on my wall might have to buy a bigger plate because the ones I bought were so small I can't even fit like my pork in. It was crazy. Yeah. So I think for the rest of the day I have Bible study and then after do actual school work studying and, yeah, that's it for today. Um, I'm expecting some packages to come in because I'm going to the Beyonce concert on Thursday and all of my clothes like I ordered my whole entire outfit and it hasn't come in yet in the concerts Thursday, today's Tuesday. So I'm struggling. I don't know what to do. Because if they don't come in tomorrow, then I'm screwed. And I don't I don't know. So I didn't about, like, two hours of studying. I'm eating dinner. Look, I'll show you what it is. Have some salad. Um, some water watching my YouTube videos like it's pretty good right now. Oh, wow. There are many ways Life's pretty good have Bible study, like 30 minutes. So after you beneath this and I'm in my pajamas. Yeah. What do you take? Pictures. You can also said it's taken record over time to make up with me, so you'll find those microscopes up again. But you're gonna find this. Good morning, guy. So it is 10 o'clock. I just got it on my lap class. Have that from AM to about 9 45 this morning, I left my keys out of my room. So that's how my mornings going Had to pay someone to come and open it, and it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be a good day. Um, have English class in about an hour. So I have to do a little bit of reading before I go there. And you guys. So I just got to lunch for my English class. It is 12. 15 and I'm here with Trey Way. Met at Bible study yesterday in then Genet. I'm assuming your face. Hey, Kelly. Yes. So let's enjoy this food pill. You need to clean my car. Look at that. That's like, Oh, my gosh, it's green. Hold on. What's going on is that get what I got my So basically, I'm gonna hoping it later how to go get it from. So basically I had to go get it from my cousin's house. So that's why because, like apparently like, they don't send it to p o boxes. But i'ma do. Hopefully they fit. They're my shoes. And also some book for English class, but my shirt still hasn't came in. So I'm gonna go to J. Crew tomorrow to see if they have the same shirt and just, like, cancel that order because they're playing too many game. Chloe last week, many ways to got much to go work out, and I'll insert some pictures like right here of what I'm doing. I'm doing the same workout that I did a few days ago because I'm not going across it today because I don't have time. It's 34 You have a meeting at five. So that's workouts, like really quick. I think it's like it's like a 15 minute time. Cops. Yeah, Unbox to shoot first, let me talk to you. So I just got back from my premed meetings. I didn't rob any of it because it was very professional. Like doctors and something. I couldn't do that, but yes. Oh, that lasted about an hour. Now I'm back. I have to do homework. But first, I'm just trying on these shoes. But they look dirty looking to show you a different angle. They were dirty. I'm kind of upset. Are they supposed to look like this or like Dee Ossie? Or is it just me? I don't know. I posted it on my Snapchat. But yes, I mean, check out what it looks like You look like on me. And like so, these are the genes that I'm wearing. Yes, I'm standing on the counter. But do you think that they look good? I hope so. Isn't the shirt But these are the jeans. They're a little big, but they just are they dirty? Like I don't know what's going on. You guys haven't talked to the camera, and so long, Um, I think the last thing you saw was my boots. What I've been doing since then, it's basically study. So you see, I don't live an exciting life. No joking, But I've really been studying. I've been, but I took, like, an hour break Tow watch American horror story tonight. Mom, I love it in right now. I'm actually still studying, so yes, still what I'm doing, I'm doing bi ology, so that's fine. Um what you what? I don't show the blog's is. Well, when I didn't show up this whole week waas me staying up to, like, two in the morning editing, um, studying, doing basically that's it. Because, like, that's pretty much boring. I guess. So I'm gonna end this low right now. It's about 10. 40 of, like, probably an hour like an hour and 1/2 to studying. And then after edit the blawg for today and then at it Mother Video. And yes, and then I gotta sleep. Sound. See you guys tomorrow. Tomorrow's gonna be a great day. I can't wait. I'm excited. Good night. Good morning. I guess. What today? Guess it's Thursday, I guess. Ah, Beyonce concert. I'm so excited. Wow. Manu is, um I just got back from class. It's like 11 o'clock. And right now, I think I'm going to go to J Crew because my shirt didn't come in. I'm very disappointed, but hopefully they have the shirt. It's gonna be a good day if they don't find something else. That's what I got. I got the show. I just got some gas. I'm ready. Let me show you what the trade looks like. Um, just like a strike. Like a blue striped shirt. I love it. I hope you can see me. I can't see the viewfinder because it just won't work. Come. But anyways, I much it the road to go back home and hang out with some friends and then concerts. You spend my money passing out bad like my lemon both be jumping off that stay. Oh, something That crab better save a crowd going. I can't believe we made it. This is what we've made it. This is what we wear. He also we had to come to my favorite restaurant is called or you know, Pearl. And look, I hate to the vlog. Hey, Nick. So yeah, they got nasty stuff, but I have the good stuff. So yeah, you all some back in my house and look who's with me. I missed you so much. I'm in the oh, gee, bathroom. But yes, So I'm ready. Oh, I just have my shoes on there over there. But yes, I'm gonna go pick up my dad's girlfriend. Who I'm bringing with me to the concert. Wait, wait. 3 15 in the morning. I just got back to my dorm from New Orleans. What? Stop Managed, put some light, get some stuff for my house. And then I came here. I'm so tired. My voice is like going out. But I had a really good night tonight, and yeah, I just love Beyonce So much, so much fun. I don't even know she's literally queen. Like I just don't understand how she looks and does what she does. She's just, like, perfect, you know? Um, but yeah. So I'll see you guys in the morning. Hey, guys. So, Wow, it's Friday after I just flew by, but yeah, you guys enjoy the video. I had a great week. Hope you guys enjoy your week. If you did, make sure give it a big bones up and comment down below. If you want to see more college weeks in my life videos. I really enjoyed filming. It was a lot of fun, actually. Think about doing more weekend of my life videos that well, but you will see um thank you guys for So one of the other locations that's right off of campus that everyone loves to go to, called Gordon's ice cream. I'm actually here with my friends right now. We're about to get some ice cream. This's the only board and shop they actually have in America. So this is not a nationwide thing, not even a statewide thing. This is the only board and location they have anywhere. This is This is the only place you can find it. And it's not even a five minute walk off of campus. They have so many different things offer. They have floats, regular ice creams. You could get single double scoop. They have banana splits they have confused with like sandwiches. They have so many different things to offer, and it's just a great place to come hang out and have like a little one state with your friends. Uh, we're actually here now, like it's about five o'Clock in the afternoon. At this point, we just got finished, like with all of her homework for the week and everything like that. So this is a cool place to come and hang out with your friends and just kind of distress and eat some ice cream. Okay. What kind of ice cream did you get out? You got some rocky road. And how is that rocky road? Alright, Kyle. And what kind of ice cream did you get? Hollings Freeman, Target. You got the chocolate chip. Tito is so good. Oh, my God. And what What What size is that? Our flanks. That's six scoops of ice creams. That is insane. That's monstrous story. But that doesn't mean that you're right. You're right. And and then we got We got Britney over here. Who's not a what kind of float do you have roof, roof your flood with French vanilla and? And look, how does that, Rupert, You're afloat. So I don't know what else is in the e? I don't know. I actually think it's a bit of root beer, too, Which is good. That's a local Louisiana root beer. Anyway, how does how does it taste it? It's good. It's pretty good. Pretty good. And then I'm over here with my my coffee with marshmallows because I can be, and that's pretty good. Teo, do the coffee. Ice cream here is so good, but yeah, if you can't tell already Anyone who comes to Borden's is satisfied with what they get? Yes, like that ice cream cone. Kyle Like. That's beautiful. Thank you so much.