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Okay, so I'm gonna give you a tour of the new freshmen dorms. Alabama. These are the newest storms on campus and their their traditional style, but kind of like kind of like a little better than traditional because each room has its own bathroom in it. It's not where, uh, there's community bathrooms or anything like that. So it's just two girls to a room. All girls on this floor, and each room has its own bathroom. So go ahead and show a little bit about it. You've got an area right here where everyone can kind of sit and watch the news or TV or whatever, got another rule area with the TV. And here's a laundry room. It's kind of small, so there could potentially be fights about that. Enemies. Some couches. As you can see, it's really secure because you have to have a card to get into right here. Some more little study booths. You know? See, there's one more thing I have to show you about this story. We're gonna pass by TV again. I passed by the little living area. These couches air So comfortable, by the way, I laid on one the other day and I could just fall asleep. Yeah, Got some more dorm's over here. And here is a little study room where me and my friend are about to study. guys, welcome back to another week of my life. Actually, this is the first real week in my life because I told you that the last one, like the first week of classes block that I did was just kind of weird all over the place wasn't really all we came off. So this week, I wanted to do it right. One of the breed as long Everything I did this week is currently Sunday 1:30 p.m. And I just now got ready and got out of bed and I'm leaving the house. It's been a good weekend. It's been a lot of fun. I've met a lot of people. If you're new here, my name is trade, and I just transferred to the University of Alabama last week. So this is all new for me? Yes. We had a really good weekend. I really wish that I would have logged it, but kind of glad I didn't because I just take the whole experience and But maybe next begin or something, I'll do some blogging. But now I'm on my way to run a lot of errands. The first thing I want to do is go to this pressed juice. Sorry, I want to get a wellness show, and I want to get some juices toe like detox. Get the week started on the right foot, and then I'm gonna go to the grocery store and get some healthy foods and ready to start being ld again start working out. You know, Spring Break's coming up soon. I don't know. I just have a couple of errands to run. I thought about going on nails done because, you know, you see the situation, but I think what I'm gonna do is just come back here and take Ma. What's the word? I can't think of it. The one that picks these off and, like, just let my nails hell and then start getting jail instead of a killer. Because everyone my name is keeping these acrylics on since, like, may cause I just keep putting new ones, and then I'm gonna come back here and start on some homework. So I have one online class that I can literally do any time and finish it, and I'm gonna start on that. I'm gonna start on my other classes. I've already read through the syllabus is and stuff and just total, like get heads. I don't get behind. I just figured out Start this fog today, even though it's Sunday, because you guys appear because I do. You have kind of a busy day and I don't know exactly what the weak will hold. I'm gonna try to get Thio McFarland, which is where, like all the stores and everything is with no GPS. I think I can do it now, but I'm not sure we'll see how that goes. I just got my ex and radio turned back on, but it went off on my mom like, updated R C subscriptions. So although I'm, like, so over but yes, we're gonna be Oh, day I successfully found Wal Mart. So I feel really proud of myself for learning my way around. Now, you guys just don't even know how bad I am with directions. Like, that's a really big deal for me. So I'm gonna get the groceries and the stuff that I need here, we're gonna go get Jews and then go home and clean and do that myth. Okay? I'm home from the store. Got everything I needed. Now I'm gonna go and unload all the stock and we're gonna clean my room and then, yeah, I don't know. I have until it's it's only 2 11 and I don't have plans until seven. So with a whole day to be productive and D school area Good morning, guys. It is Monday morning. I'm ready to get the week started. Once again, I'm trying to be kind of quiet just because there's a lot of people that live here and we're all in different schedules as far school goes, So a lot of them don't have classes on Monday. So I don't want to like screaming at you guys in the wake. Anybody up? Have a really busy week, have a lot going on kind of value all on that later. But today is just Monday. My original plan was to wake up this morning and go to the bookstore and get my books because, you know, we've been in class for almost a week now and I'm a book yet, but I think I'm just gonna go to class. It's a 12 when I get out of 12 50 stop at the store on my way home and then have another cost. Tonight starts at 6 30 I didn't have it last week since we started classes on Wednesday. So that's a new one. It only makes once a week, but it lasts until 9 30 which may look on that. So right now we're just gonna go Spanish? I just got ready. Did the absolute bare minimum just put mascara on? Other than classes in, like, books and stuff, I don't think I have any other like, drastic plans for today. So it's really just gonna be like a chill day. And when I get my books, start on homework, That's the plans. And I'll see you. We'll make it back. Okay, So I just open my laptop for the first time since yesterday and there's this big line. What in the frickin hick is that? And then it's like running through down here to wow, like about Anyways, that's not good. I don't know what to do about it. I think I'm gonna take it to Tech support on campus and see if they can fix it like tomorrow, because I don't have time to do that today, so I'm just gonna deal with it. I think what I'm gonna do is like, I'll show you Just gonna, like, slot everything over until it works. Because I literally cannot see through that anyways to spot that little problem. I've got my little protein shake here, and I'm missing two nails now instead of just one. So I'm gonna go ahead and sell the rest of these offer right now and it's only two o'clock and I think we're going to the gym and I've got 6 30 So my goal is to go to the gym and then go to the bookstore On my way to my last I looked so bad, you won't be having any gonna introduce yourself. I like shame. It's okay. Literally so cold. Like it was so warm last week and then this week it's cold. So held their trouble. I can't do this in front of it. So you don't think we're on facetime anyways? We're being productive and going to do, and we've been saying for like, the past week, the entire weekend, we're like, Let's go to Wayne Long here last week and then just like back cardio. But, like, I didn't actually work out. So we're considering getting a ride back. Yeah, so today we're doing the thing. And, um, what is this Wind was gonna say? Oh, I have cost 6 30 inches a meeting at 6 30 So that's the plan after the gym. But until then, we're gonna work out and up a little workout plan. Now, is it? Truth. So was just like I need to go to detaining, bit like, now that I'm looking at it like it's gonna happen. I have to. Especially when Seo Pale Well, okay, I would be down to Charlie Sprague. Well, they probably think I'm crazy. I get a straight way Have you start laying out in the hard, like when it gets warm? I like this guy. I know next is just so gross outside today and just cold Tomorrow's gonna warm back up. Wait. But anyway, I had a great workout, and hopefully tomorrow can get out of bed because we did cardio and abs and arm. So we have to come back to get a free T shirt. Yeah, if they're really giving out free T shirts of this little thing and we walked up to and they were like, we just gave our life. You should away, But come back tomorrow. We really motivation to come back to the gym tomorrow. So and so do the king. Oh, that too. Okay. I don't know if you guys can hear me over, like the cars in the street, but I just got out of class and it's non 20 PM and I'm freezing hand. It's dark, mama way home. So that causes, like, 15 minutes away from the house. So almost there. But it's really freaking cold. And Marty sore from the gym. Yeah, Holly's You have no one to make it if I make it, and I appreciate it. Hi, guys. Good morning. It is Tuesday morning and have two classes today. And then I have stuff to do to. Not right now. We're just gonna go to class. It's only like 11. 43 that class starts at 12. 30 and it's about a 15 minute walk. So I was thinking about going to the bookstore because I still haven't done that. And I really need thio. I don't know if I have that much Tom, If I left like right now, maybe I don't. But if not, I'm just gonna go on tomato to causes because they're back to back. And then I'll go to the bookstore after that before I come home, because I literally have to go today. So the two guys is that I'm going to right now is Daisy. I'm 1 80 m C 101 I really like both of these costs and buzz of the Professor. So that's really good thing. It's still, like 49 50 degrees outside, and it's still really cloudy. I'm is wearing his black hoody, these cam oh, little women leggings. And then my why's use? Whoa, lighting. So, yeah, we're gonna go to Causton. I'll see you guys some time. It's not like freezing out here, but I didn't check the weather until I walked out here. And it's actually only 40 right now. Some God that I did wear the big coat. It's, like kinda nice. I don't know. It's not too cold because the wind is not blowing. Hi, guys. I just got home. I've been out doing some stuff tonight and I am so tired. It's only 8 30 but I'm frickin exhausted. I don't know what today has done to me. I mean, I guess I have done quite a bit, but I'm also super thirsty. So I'm gonna go in and get some water and take my makeup off and go to bed tomorrow. Wednesday. I only have one class. It's a 12. And then I have to go to the bookstore like I have to go because I didn't go today. So maybe running through costs, I could go do that. And then I just have stuff to do tomorrow evening. But it wasn't like that. He goes and say good night, and I'll see you guys tomorrow on Wednesday. Okay, guys, it is currently 10. 30. And I think I already told you all that I was going to bed because I thought I waas, but when my friends wants to hang out, I haven't seen him yet since I've been here. And I've known him since, like before I came here. Whatever. He's on the Chilean team. So they're about to leave for national soon, so I don't know what I'm gonna get another chance to see him. So we just both had a free Now we're like, and I'll see. I'm going to hang out with some friends. Hopefully, I'll be back before, like midnight. We're like Bob. And not because I don't wanna stay out too late that they do have class smart, even though it's not till 12. I don't like sleeping in a very long so it's better for me to go to bed early. I don't plan on coming back on here tonight. I just want to, like, update. You guys will let you know what was going on, and then I'll fry. I see that in the morning. Good morning, guys. It is Wednesday morning, and, um, I didn't wash my hair this morning because I'm gonna come back and shower after this class. I just want to say hello, and I'm walking to class now. Spanish, You know, only class of the day. And it's actually sewn us out again because the sun's back out. I'm just doing this little sweatshirt and leggings, so that's really great. After Spanish, we're actually going to the bookstore that literally have to go on. Then you guys probably there, or I'm out like a little bit on cape. It's just so pretty up today. All right, you guys be proud of me. I finally went to the bookstore and I got my books except for the one that had to get online and another and I have to get on Amazon. But I was gonna vlog in there, but I was, like, really, really big and intimidating. And there were cops, and I was not expecting that, so I didn't. But I'm going, Okay, All it is literally three clock in today and I just made us coffee. I don't even have awesome. It was to get it out. I just had coffee in the freezer. Morning heavy Thursday. I know. Look super cute with my little head on from that my umbrella above my head. But today's the first day that it's rained on classes since I've been here, and I'm already not a fan, and I just walked out of the door. I mean, I have, like, a 25 minute walk ahead of me because I have to go somewhere and then have to walk back 10 minutes to get to class. This is already, like, so not fun, but you got to do it. I'm just wearing my rain jacket and like a like a sweatshirt under it. Some lucky in the 100 bits. Yeah, that's that. And I'll see you guys after class Sime. It's dark. You can't see you. But I love you. The house. I'm out. Good morning. Everybody is moving day and it is dark. It is, uh, currently almost seven o'clock in the morning. Our goal is to leave at seven. Of course I'm running. Like, why wouldn't I be? For those of you better name here too much. And I am from Kentucky and I went to Eastern Kentucky University for the last two years of college. And today I'm transferring to the University of Alabama, So I'm moving into my house today. School starts on Wednesday. It's Thursday. Today it's gonna be a crazy day. I'm gonna be doing a two part moving day block, so basically, today will be part one. And then this weekend will be parked too, because my dad and his dad are moving me in today. We're doing all the big stuff. And then my mom and her mom are coming down Friday night instead the weekend and we're doing all the finishing touches. And they're bringing anything that I forgot, which I'm sure will be something I just wanted Starts flogged because I know we'll have time to later. We're finally doing it. Finally moving. I can't believe today. Actually, hear it came so fast. I'm feeling so many emotions, and I just I know this lodging is not good and saw an ideal way to start the block, but I want to go out and start it. So I'm gonna go ahead and get on the road since I'm light and I'll update you guys as we get along. It's about a seven now. Were dropped. We should be there about midday. About two. We gain an hour and, uh, see you guys in a little. Well, thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoy this life. First it's up on the day I had literally everything packed. But these socks and this is some detained whenever we could. Okay, guys, obviously it is. Now they're a lot. So I just want to come back on and the kind of that you it's eight o'clock now and we're about 45 minutes down the road. I guess I always have a long way to go, but I just wanted to come on and say that it's daylight. It's a nap by the quality's better. We've got some road trip muffins. They expressed that. Mom, I have my eyes. Coffee as usual. Did you, as usual, Would you expect anything less for me? My dad is driving me, so that's fun. And then Pappas following us. He's like, they're getting Gaston now. And then we're gonna go on unless something crazy happens. Probably not update until we get a little bit closer. Maybe time to go, maybe even Birmingham, Because, like, I don't want the whole trip to be about me talking. I just like I feel so we're leaving this state as a resident for the last time because, like, I'm going to get my album A I d. Tomorrow to be liken instigators and and this just looks super weird. So I just have all kinds of things. Like, I've just been thinking that I want to sit down and talk about to know after I get settled in and stuff I just really excited. I can't wait to be there and just see the house. Everything moved in and see how it all turns out that you when we get a little bit clips him got a little snack. I'm never tried this, but it looks cute. so I wanted to shoot. I've absolutely no idea where we are. I'm gonna look it up and then, like, you know. Okay, so I literally Googled wear ama and it says Davidson County, Tennessee. Never heard of that. We just kind of went through Chattanooga. So we're probably close to, like to Georgia on and then be in Alabama suit. So call. I'll give you another update when we get a little further down the road. Once again, dogs on the car. I don't know why I can't forget the block. Once he gets in here, we just get talking and then I forget, But you're officially in Tesco's set. We kind of didn't want Bess in passenger seat build for a minute because we just went to eat at Outback. And now, Republics, we're gonna go in the grocery store really quickly and get all that, and then we're gonna go and go to the house and move in. So yeah, just briefly bring you by the long does your shopping, and then we're gonna go. There's bright, sunny. Oh, my God. Guys who were in the house since the second. We can't leave him here. It doesn't feel real. It's definitely not set in literally. I already put my bed together, but came in. Okay, So, like I got here and I called the girl and she did tell me, like how to get in the house and stuff As soon as she told me where the key was. It was like the movers. We're here with the new bed. We order not my bag from home. So that was, like, really stressful. I was trying to get everything done really, really fast, and we brought the groceries in really quick and now we're starting like already unload stuff from the car. And I was like, I don't know, It's just all happened so fast. Haven't even had time to let come on Dad's bringing stuff in. So I feel like I should go help instead of talking to us. It's a log. I'm gonna go get some stuff and you guys want to see the outside like show show. The outsider is that dangerous. Free much cleared out my car. There's still a little bit of stuff, and then I've almost got on my clothes in. Just these last few on the hangers have to G o You guys have a bit of a task ahead of me. This is just what's in the floor. That must be, he unpacked. But I did get to bed. The sheets are on, so that's good news. That's gonna put pillows in there. The TV fits perfectly on top of that, that's cool. Um, and I managed to fear all the hanging says it abroad on. Hangers in the closet have left space in between that because I don't want to catch up. I'm trying to block as much as I possibly can. Well, doing this. But I don't know. I can't really I don't know. You know what I mean? It's just difficult. I think the best thing for me to do is just unpack, update, unpacked update, and then we'll see what happens after that. And then I'll just brought back the rest of the evening itself. It's still pretty early in the day, and then tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday will be all kinds of like Aaron yearning days. I have to go get my lessons and all that will go on campus and then orientation Monday. For now, I'm just gonna start unpacking all these clothes out of here, and I'll come back on when I get this done, and we'll see what we can get into next. Okay, so I got Doblin unloaded completely. Now I'm starting on this one. I don't really know where to put everything. I'm starving. Two suitcases done, and I'm starting on the 3rd 1 now after it doesn't die. And I've only got one more suitcase left, and then all the other stuff that's not in suitcases has to be put away, and then I'll take a break. This is gonna be fun to get through by another suitcase. But statist, the last one is just a bunch of shoes, all dental here. And I've already started putting some in there so it shouldn't take too long. I'm so dead. I'm still not even done. You got It's been the longest day ever. It's only 7 15 It feels so much later. Which Kobe? Because I'm on Central Tom Hale. And at home I was on Eastern Tom, so I am an hour behind, but like I should be this time. But I only have slept four hours last night, so let's probably walked for the most part I've got a lot of this down and I'll show you like the progress and stuff. I've started hanging up stuff and then I'll just take you through the main part of the house because obviously I'm gonna do a room tour and a house tour when everything's done. I just want you guys like the little just of it and what? Not right now. So, like I said, I got my close up and then I just had my jewelry up. I still have to deal with this mess. I've kind of got that just sitting like that for now, and I've still got to deal with all of this mess. But that's good, and this is not. It's still pretty messy. I just put that there and I'm definitely going stuff up back here in the wall there, like ruined. And then that's just I just kind of organize that like that, and I've gotta hang that up somewhere. I got all my pictures of all my sweet little friends back home, and then my calendar just went there. I've got a update that obviously, So when you walk out, how about there was in here? Lose another bedroom that goes upstairs. And then here's the living room and that upset I'm not gonna go there now, but yeah, that's still from in here. Is this on? That's my box. I mean, does this dining table? It's killer. And then here's the kitchen, and that's a wonder. So I feel like I haven't logged a lot today, obviously. But I just also feel like I haven't really had Tom likely just been on the road for seven hours. And then it was so quick, I guess, that moving everything in. And then when they left, I just started trying to unpack everything and get all that done before tomorrow. So Lara said, though this is going to be two parts. So, like the rest of the weekend, there'll be a lot more going on. But I did one of long today, obviously could just like the first day of moving, and then when I get everything completely put up in a little while, I'm gonna, like, sit down, put the camera on the tripod and, like, actually talk because, like I told you guys earlier, never just like so many things going through my mind that I just wanted to talk about update you on how the whole day has been since. Like I said, I don't feel like I don't know. Maybe I got more footage than I think I did. I really don't think I have that much, which is weird, because I really thought I would have a lot. But, I mean, there really wasn't much to do today. Besides, get here, get Kurt trees and get it all in tomorrow. And Saturday will be really busy days and probably Sunday in the orientation Monday and national championship Monday. And then tis a Ah, I guess that would be my day of break. And then Wednesday class, it starts all having in super fast, and I just can't believe I'm here. Quick update. You can really see that camera doesn't pick it up. But she had these lots just like chilling up there, and I just not plug him in, and I kind of like, um, I don't know, do elected? I think so. But like with the lights on, you can kind of maybe see it better. Cool. Okay. One last night. Peak. Obviously, the floor's gonna be clean. I'm gonna get a rug um I just got some trash, but I just wanted to give you guys like a last little bitty update of today's progress. And it's coming along. It's got a long way to go. Should be all done done, Boss. Sunday, I'm gonna order some stream lots to go on this wall Bahama bed, And then I'm gonna order obviously a rug, like I just said, and probably some other little decorations as far as like, moving in and stuff that'll be done Sunday. Now I'm gonna sit this camera up and talk to you guys. Alec, so bad that I think have a legitimate excuse have been moving and traveling all day. It is pouring the freaking rain outside. This is me. This is what you get. Also need to fix the lodging, so I'll have that situated hopefully sometime next week. But for this video, this is what you get. Part two, I don't know. Like there's a lot that I could talk about, even over sort. First of all, I still don't feel like I'm here like I don't feel like I've transferred schools and I don't feel like I'm going to college at the University of Alabama like That's definitely not what this feels like. It feels really weird moving into a house, so it doesn't feel like I've moved to a college. I don't know. I have no idea what I feel like right now. Like truly. If someone asked me to explain how I felt, I would say, I don't know, obviously excited. I'm not sad. I don't I'm not. I'm not sad about leaving or anything, but I just don't know how I feel. Like I probably won't be able to give a legitimate answer until, like the end of next week after classes start and I start to get a feel for my new loft as Faras leaving like I was feeling a little bit, I don't know, nostalgic it. I don't know if that's the word to use or not, but I was just thinking about how in my hometown, like everyone always comes back like everyone's there and I was like, It is kind of sad to leave, like everything you've ever known and everyone you've ever known. But when you want to do something and you just set your mind to it, you know, even if it's not the norm, even if it's like, really out of your comfort zone. Like, don't let anything scare you away from it. Because even though it's gonna be, like, completely differ or who knows what situation might be like, it's going to be worthy in. And even if it's not even in this crashes and hate l love him and I moved back home. At least I won't spend the rest matloff wondering what if, Like, I'm so happy I'm here, I think I'm gonna love it. But even if it goes completely terrible, I'll never wonder. What would life would have been like if I would have came here when? Because, you know, I wanted to come here freshman year. So now I'm finally doing it. I'm really, really happy that I'm here, and I feel like it's gonna be a really exciting, fun, crazy journey that I get to bring you guys on. This is just the very beginning. And it's just a small portion of what's to come, because this video really doesn't show anything if you're still watching. Thank you. I don't even know where I'm going with this, I guess. Really? What? I just wanted to say what? It's been a weird day, and I don't know how to explain it. This is like a good intro. But the next two days, like the next moving day, part two, you'll get a better feel for what it's gonna be lock and obviously the house and what my room's gonna be like. Like I said, we'll go on campus and all that. That would be a good time. So if you're not subscribed, subscribe. And if you wanna watch, like my video explaining why I'm transferring and, like I got in and stuff falling that dumb below, too. So I guess I could, like, talk about the house a little bit. So obviously, yeah, this isn't how it's apparently I read that it was 700 yards from campus. I don't know how true that is, like it is pretty close. It's pretty close to the strip, right? Dinning all. That campus is right there, so it's good distance. It's a good areas in the house. Neighborhood is a nice house. I'm so excited to do a house tour and then I have five roommates floor of off. I don't know. I really can't figure it out. Originally I thought it was only three. I don't know. It's so business is really weird, but I've never met the girls that I'm room with. I follow one of them on Instagram. She followed me. So she's the only one that I'll even sort of condom. No, but I've never talked to them before. And it it sounds super weird. Built the girl that I'm subways in this room from like she's super nice And she told me all about them, and I feel like it's gonna be good. I'm not really nervous to meet them. I don't get nervous to meet people. I'm pretty open and, like, outgoing like I don't really have trouble meeting people, But I am nervous that, like I don't want us to get along so that it's obviously not like an awkward six months living here together. 67 it's seven months, so I'm like, I'm not nervous. I don't know. I'm just anxious, so I'm excited for them to move in. I'm pretty sure everybody's coming on like Saturday or Sunday, like everybody at the university, since everybody still home on break because the national championship is on Monday, but we don't start classes until Wednesday. I don't know when they're coming. Haven't talked to him. Don't have their numbers. Just have their names. I don't think I mean, I wouldn't assume that that now. Having Egyptian Also anxious if they think about that too. I don't know. I don't know, Like, sit here and ramble on for you guys today. I thought I could get on here. I had so many thoughts this morning and I wanted to sit and talk about them. But I was in the car, dad, so I didn't get to At this point, I'm just kind of want It's not setting and yet, so I'm just chill. And I feel like I'm just like in a strange place, away from home by myself. I don't know. It's so weird. So my mom and mommy more coming down tomorrow, not we'll get the rest of the stuff moved in. We'll get all the decorations. Will do all the fun. Stuff will go explore. I'll say he does with me to get my license tomorrow. But that's all gonna be in the moving day part to log. Like I said, Subscribe. So you guys can see it should be up. I'm hoping on Sunday, but I'm thinking probably Monday because I'm not film some of Sunday. I just don't know what else going on. Yes. So this has been a really, really weird definitely did not go any way that I planned on it going, But it's just kind of the way the day fell. So hope you guys enjoyed it anyways, and hopefully moving day, part two will be better. And then we're gonna be going. It's gonna be orientation National championship, first day of classes. And then I'll start doing makes a mile off, and it's gonna be crazy. So yeah, I'm excited bringing us along. And I hope you enjoyed this and hope you enjoy all that help. You like this video? If you Hey, guys, it's Jade. Originally, I was planning on filming a what they bring to college video first, but then I decided I was gonna make two separate videos for that kind of thing. I'm going to make a what timbering to college and then the ultimate packing list for college, mainly for like, freshmen dorm rooms, a TC. But then I got to thinking, but that was taking a really long time to make that list. I'm just in the mood to film today, so I decided to make eye what not to bring to call in. And most of this is like personal experiences for things that I brought to college and didn't use and ask a couple of my friends shout out to Savannah and take what they didn't bring the college, and we came up with 12 things that we could have completely went our freshman year of college without having in our ese beauties. Honey dorm rooms that we have number one on the list is do not bring your entire college. Do not bring your entire closet to college. What I mean by this is there's four seasons. Obviously bring your closet as this season's go Unless you're literally gonna be so far away that you can't go home and get more clothes or you don't plan on coming home at all or you're only coming home like on Christmas because you're so far away Bring them out of the seasons. Go. So when you first move in and bring you know the rest of your summer stuff that promise you it's gonna be hot, you're gonna be wearing shorts and a tank top the end. You could take those calls home. Come back, get your fall clothes Come back, Get your winter clothes combat, Get your spring clothes. It works so much better you will not have room and those little bitty closets and drawers that they give you for your entire closet. And more importantly, you're not gonna use your entire closet, because after the first, like waker to have classes, you're never gonna dress up for classes again and literally the all day you're gonna need any remotely nice clothes for is if you have a job, if you have a presentation and if you're gonna be going out things like that. But as far as just going to regular classes you're not even gonna need. Which brings me to number two. Don't bring on your taste. If you're anything like me, you probably have 50 T shirts. When you're going into your freshman year of college, I'm going to go ahead and assume that 90% of those T shirts are from your hospital stone. Bring him Bring like five, maybe four, like Dom, bring a lot of T shirts because I promise you you're gonna get so many notation. So many free teachers. You're gonna buy a new T shirts with your college like name and e T. C. And if you go Greek, you're gonna get so many T shirts and things like that that have, like, you're sort of your year fraternity on it. But you're gonna end up wearing the same T shirts over and over and over again, and you'll have your favorites. The ones that fit the best ones out of the most comfortable does everyone you're gonna wear. You're not gonna need 50 you know, argument 20. You're hardly gonna need Tina for number three. I have doubt bring 30 pairs of shoes, So look as far as bringing your entire closet of heels in when? Just don't do it like bring a pair Maybe too. Don't bring every color of your car verse if you haven't, because you're not gonna wear your not have room for him. Don't bring every flip, flop and sandal antenna shoot like pick your favorites. I promise. That's all you're gonna wear. You're not gonna need more than, like, just as simple amount of shoes for number four. I have a printer. I'm so thankful that I did not bring a printer because number one I would have had nowhere to put it besides literally the middle of my dorm room floor. And secondly, my college provided us with the printer and it was free. We were given $25. I think it was 25 cents for every piece of paper that you printed. I've never got below, like, 18 17 either semester because it starts over after the first semester and it'll said you taught him money on one. Buying a burner, attentive space on having a brother and a ton of money on buying printer paper. Remember, Father, I have don't bring and chair fruit on big bag any excess furniture at all really? Because when I promise you, you will not have room for it. And two, you won't use it because you're gonna be given. Well, I was given a chair to get with my desk, which is where I got ready. That's the only time I used it. Because other than that, I was always on my bed and he rented it. Came over, was always just like we always hung out on my bed and my roommate, her bed, like you're laying the floor. But you're never gonna need excess furniture because one no room and two you want number six? I have Don't duplicate with your roommate. So whenever you get your roommates, Ahmet, you need to contact them, and you need to come up with an agreement. What you're gonna bring in what she's gonna break or hey, basically the only thing that you may need to duplicate it would be a fridge, because I can understand where those mini fridges are kind of small. You would want all your stuff in your fridge and they want all their stuff in their fridge. You will anyone microwave one coffee maker, one anything else like that? Because we had to coffee makers to microwaves. And we ended up taking one home, I think, and then wait, never used the other coffee maker and just sat in my corner of the floor and took up space. So you need to plan ahead with the So you know what? Not to bring in what? Tuber number seven. Don't bring how school apparel don't, David, because when you're gonna immediately stick out of the freshman, it it potentially may or may not get you judged. I'm not saying that I would judge somebody because they had a T shirt on that said like so So hospital someone so cheerleader and stones out like, obviously, I could care less if you were a teacher like that. Your letterman jacket, I think, is so important to stowed away after you graduate, don't ever bring it back out. And where around at college, Thankfully, I only saw maybe take people the entire come that I was at college, where they're Letterman jacket and I was just like, Oh my God, I can't believe that I'm here like that. So embarrassing. So try your best to go head to get a winter coat because another warm, but they're definitely not something to show off. And where? What you getting called for number eight? I have a big stereo system. You won't need it. You won't have room for it. It'll be completely useless unless you have, like, your own house. As far as like a dorm, all you need is a small speaker that you and your friends could listen to you a new shower or when you're getting ready to go out or when you're getting ready for class. If you or one of those people like me that have to listen to music every single time you get ready, a speaker is completely fun. A big stereo system. All you're gonna get is noise complaints and no room in your room in your dorm room because it's gonna be way too loud. Everybody on the floor will be able to hear it, and nobody wants to hear your music, and it's gonna take up so much space. You literally gonna have nowhere to put it. So all you need is a little compact Speaker Atwood worth remembering in that, but not a huge stereo system used for number nine. I have an op pad. I don't even know where my dad is having used it in years. I'm sure a lot of you in the same way as me. But some of you probably think Well, like what if I use it? What if I I need it? You're not gonna if you have I phoned liken often. And a laptop that's call years in the Navy if you don't have one of the other than you may need an iPad. Yeah, but everything that I don't think you're gonna ever use it. It's just something that's gonna be in the way, something that you would have to worry about getting stolen. But overall, if you're not gonna use it for your classes, you're really not gonna need it for liberty. And I have done bring a tent of school supplies because I promise you won't use it. I probably brought, like, five packs of flash cars, and I may have used two packs of those. I brought a bought all kinds of colored pins, black pens, highlighters, pencils, folders. Bonner's no books like I had like, a notebook for each subject had a ponder for like, three subjects had folders. The only thing you're really gonna made is like two notebooks, maybe one binder and folders, because what you'll really what you learn pretty quick is most of your work is gonna be online, and you'll submit it through a computer to like, blackboard or something. And you may need a folder for, like, hand up papers. You may need a notebook if you're one of the people that like to take notes on paper rather than on your laptop, which personally, I'll take upon my laptop because I can talk faster than I can drop. I can't use my fingers anymore because I have more than 10 things on here. So for number 11 you don't need nine functional room decorations. I was kind of bad for this because I want him are going to be very cute decorated and wall decorations are fun if you want to hang lots of pictures. If you want to get like you know, those things are probably longer. You thought cute sayings and hanging on the wall. That's not going to take up any space, because it's gonna be up on the wall. But as far as things like pictures in picture frames, little decorations that you'll put on your desk is literally gonna take up space. You're not gonna have room for it if you're a girl and you're Is that destiny it ready? It's gonna be in your way. When your time. Do you have your makeup all over the place, you're not gonna need it. You really won't have anywhere else to put things like that. Besides the desk that you're even or that you bring. And the last thing I have for number 12 or 12 I'm really not sure what that's gonna look like. A camera that's hard to do. He is. Don't bring a lot of coffee cups, coffee mugs like bottles that you put water or drinks in the kitchen like plights, forks, spoons, knobs, balls that aren't plastic because you'll really only use probably one or two coffee cups like one or two bottles that you'll put your drinks and let when you're on the go. Keep everything plastic because you're not gonna wanna wash your dishes all time, and it's gonna be messy, and it's gonna take up space, and you can just throw classical when I am by new whenever you need and you don't need a lot of bottles and cups and things lying around because you're really not have anywhere to put extra stuff because you're gonna have you're gonna be living in such a small confined space. Thank you guys. So much for watching. And I hope you enjoyed this video. Found it helpful. And if you could think of anything else that you didn't use when you went to college, be sure to comment it down below because it always help other people. If you like this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to see more for me whenever outpost, because I'm so unorganized and wait, are you guys? So I just edited this video that you're about to watch, and I realize this, really just I can't just post it without filming this intro. I, like sorted it an intro, but you'll see when you get into the video what I mean, but it's very just there. There's really no context in anything, and it kind of just jumps from things that thing place place day today. So I just figured I would like, briefly thrown intro in this video and, like, kind of explain everything. So basically Friday, I started the video we were going to. We had a sister had date parties of basically a date party with no boys that ended. And then Saturday morning, I just pin drop back up off at a day, which is our spring game. And then from there we went to DOrtiz and from their rooms out that not and it just kind of they were all that in there. And then Sunday morning, I just picked back up with my friends when we were on our way to this baseball game and Birmingham because we had a sisterhood retreat for PC 18 something that's pretty much it. That's it's pretty self explanatory, but it's also like not so. I felt like I needed to just add a little bit of context before you guys get into the video. But I will say this is probably one of my favorite videos I've ever donut college. It's also very rial. I really bring you guys in on like things that are much too not in my life. But then again, like I'm in college, what do you really expect? It's definitely a fun bog. It's also very real. That's all I'm gonna say. Hope you guys enjoy. If you do enjoy it and be sure to give you a big thumbs up and subscribe Gamble. If you're not already and follow my social state will be like down below. And sorry, it looks about today's Easter Happy Easter guys, three years old, I just haven't posted it. So I love you and enjoy Good, actually, this'll good lighting. Welcome back to another wakened in my life way. Have a date party today, but it's just for us. So it's like a serious party. No boys, basically, and the theme is Alfa Freeze and are sure and I just on. We're all at meddling and Emily's apartment getting ready, and we're gonna go. I like 3 32 grounders, which is where it's really loud in here trying to interest gonna be a long weekend. We have this going on today. We're going out tonight. We have a date tomorrow and we have a sisterhood event in Birmingham on Sunday. We're going to a baseball game, so this is gonna be a super fun block. I'm glad you got here. I'm about to put glitter all over me and blue lipstick on and I'm ready. I just felt like a little bit of blue from the document. Health face on blue lipstick. Quinn's letter. Okay, well, wait. All right, I'm gonna take the camera, and we're gonna say hello to everyone, E I weigh waiting in the background. So much better. Like this way you can't even see it in the camera bythe first. Wait. No. Now our best ever. Number one. You're good. I made them myself. Wait, wait, wait, wait. All right, guys first blogging and rounder be scary. We're going to do Wait, wait. I mean, from what we're doing. Hi, everyone. I'm walking to the bus is this is going to Birmingham really kind of hold head of a bonding time going to go, which is a bonding, is if we don't spend every week, we literally take it literally like we couldn't just go to the baseball game together. We had to go to glory bound beforehand to hang out with you, then to Starbucks Way are also matching like it's just, just think, living our best. So, yeah, really Guess what was going on Because I brought you along all weekend. It's really messy. That's fine. Flex for us again. Waking. It's fine, all right? It's so cold, you guys. Now we are headed over to FERC uh, Ferguson, a big hot spot on campus, but their Starbucks. There's all sorts of food, but good luck in surviving, and that line is really long. Um, there's usually fountain in the middle here, but I don't know. They shut it off a lot, and I think it's really for show, but they don't have it on very often, but I like it. I think it kind of adds a little something. A lot of times you find people out here just doing work. Yet the bottom floor has really male our offices, Starbucks and the soup store, which is where you can get some textbooks. No, I spent a lot of time here. I think I've said that through the ER in the middle of the day, when I don't want I have work to do. I just go upstairs. But there's that line at Starbucks that sometimes it's all the way out the door and out the front door. There's the suit store. That's where you pick up some textbooks. I usually get them on Amazon. It's cheaper and you can rent him expensing, Expensive. That's the mail room. And then now we're about to go upstairs and look at the dining options, which is where I eat lunch, because I don't have a meal plan anymore. Because I live off campus now, and the meal plans are pretty expensive after first in year, so I usually don't get it. You get a nice panorama. Bryant Denny on the wall. That was We're going up the stairs, take a right and there's our food option. You got Auntie Anne's pretzels. You got subway, You got Panda Express, Wendy's we'll get there. I usually pay an express a lot just because you like it, the healthiest option in there, which is probably why I don't do my research on that. And there's not a hope Options aren't those for this for dining. There's the Wendy's right there and, of course, the crown jewels. Check that chick fil A line gets so long e I think I want time waited for half an hour and then I was like, I gotta go. I didn't even get the But you come at the right time on over there. They have decent pizzas. It's Tokyo's or something like that. Hey, guys, look, come back to my channel and, um, doing another sit down video, which is like, What the heck were really branching out this summer, Theo? Today we're gonna do another video that has been so highly requested from so many of you ever since I transferred Alabama. So for those of you that have never been here before, First of all, there's a little red button dumbbell, and you should probably click it and hit. Subscribe. Second of all, if you don't know me, my name is Jade. Some people think it's pronounced JD because of the wine. It's not, but I understand where you're coming from. I guess so, if you don't know me, I did used to go to Eastern Kentucky University. I am from Kentucky and a transfer to the university of album of this past spring semester as a junior. But it was the middle of junior year. He transferring, plus changing my major. We're not transferred that late in the college put me back a little bit, so I feel like I'm kinda in Ma second semester junior year starting this semester. I don't know. This is really confusing. You probably don't care. I know what you're here for. Here it iss I wrote a lot of things down in this notebook because I know I wouldn't be able to remember the mosque. It sounds like I'm reading things off. Literally am. And the last thing I wanted to say before we get started, I forgot. So let me think about that really quickly. My friend Caitlin just started YouTube channel, and she also goes to be Emma. She also transferred this muster. She is also an Alfa fee. And she's also sports broadcasting major. So she just started to you too, General. But yesterday or today Before And we decided this morning that we're gonna film a video on this channel so I can kind of shot her out. And it'll probably be at the end of this month. And I want you guys asked me questions for that video. So it's gonna be a Q and A. Ask questions about Alabama. I ask questions about our lives. Whatever you want to know. Ask questions about Alfie questions about being in a sorority, questions about transferring questions about our measure, which is sports broadcasting. Anything else you want to know? We're gonna film that at the end of this month when we both go back to jail together, you can ask in my instagram dams, which is right here, Follow me. If you haven't already, it's a good time. And then you can also ask in the comments Blood. We're gonna answer every question moving on to the video. What you're all here for. You guys have asked what the biggest differences are in going E k u versus when. Obama. I think this is a good video, even if you don't really go to either college nor care about either college for a smaller college versus a larger college. So Ikea use not lock community college. It's not like a super small private college. It's definitely university, but I'd say the enrollment is about half of eloped them. I think album is like 30,000 something any K use, like 15 or 16,000 something, which is still pretty good sized college. But it is definitely a lot different than 30 plus 1000 students. First thing that I wrote down that's different for me personally, and this is probably not for everybody, but this was definitely what I noticed the biggest difference was right off the bat and that thought, Eddie K. U. I felt like I knew everybody, and obviously I did not know 16,000 people. But everybody is like the community who you hang out with. I guess so. I knew, like the entire Greek community, my Hershman year. I lived in the Greek tower, so I lived with, like all the sorority girls and all the fraternity boys where across from us, I made friends with them than friends with their friends. I went to all the fraternity parties. I went to the bar. You know what I mean? So there's not, I guess it's not all Greek, because I didn't have a lot of friends that were also in that community, that war Greek. So I guess you could call the party community, which sounds kind of bad, but I really care. So I knew everybody in that community. If that makes sense, the best way I know to explain that to you guys is if I would go to a frat party, I would walk in and know every single boy in that fraternity and what I know them well and like, you know, hug them and have a conversation. And then I would know majority of the girls that were partying there as well, Especially once I got older and I started a lot. You know, I was a freshman. You goto all the parties and then you kind of start doing the limit down. You have your favorites and you go to those. You know, you start to get familiar with all the girls that go to those as well, so you kind of walk in. And no, almost everybody at Alabama that is not the case at all. I'll talk about their frat parties in the differences and frat parties in a minute. But just like walking in and not know in a single soul, basically, you know, you show up with occasionally you're gonna run into one or two people that, you know, maybe you might know a couple of frat boys in that fraternity. It's different for everybody. And I wasn't there for swap season, so I don't really know as many, and I also wasn't there as a freshman. But it's different. You don't know everybody and you barely know anybody. If that makes sense, there's definitely a lot more people that go to every party. So you're not gonna know everybody going to the bars of the cage. You is kind of the same way just because you walk in and it's all the same people all the time. And there's also on Lee to really popular bars. Three if you wanna branch out if you're really 21. So I would say that's the biggest difference for me. It was going from knowing everybody to knowing nobody. This is gonna jump all around. I'm gonna try to keep it as organized as possible. So even like outside of parties on campus, in the dorms, you kind of always know somebody somewhere like If I would go work out at the rec center, there are always being multiple people that I knew at Ikea you not the case, it out of him at all. You will probably know at least like one person in your class is that he? Can you not the case at all in Alabama? But there are bigger classes, Obama. And so you're more likely to know kind of like maybe a girl that's in your sorority or somebody at versus, like there's a classy, like 10 people. Ikea, you in the class was like 300 people. Obama. Then you're probably gonna know, like one person in that class out of 30 100 verses. You might not know someone in that group of 10 if that makes any sense. So since we're on the topic of parties, I might as well just go ahead and go on other things. I wrote about that and then I'll move on to some other things, not life in general. Obama is way different. I wouldn't even call it a night like because, like, it's not always at night. So we have this thing called the Strip, and if you'd been there, you know what it is. And it's like, literally a strip of bars, and it's right beside Brian didn't like it's like Brandon, and then you go a little bit and then you start the Strip, and then it goes into downtown, where there are more. It's always popping. There's so many. They're all always crowded. Like if it's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It doesn't matter. They're always crowded. There's always an event going on. There's daytime events. I guess it's just because the size difference in campus and whatnot like there's always gonna be more people. That's probably a good reason What? But it's definitely always something going on like that. Like I will come home from class. I have to pass a rounders on my way home and it'll be a Wednesday and there will be music like bumping on the rooftop. And I'm not godly like, Do you people ever take a break? Eddie, you? There's only two. Like I said, it's kind of like everyone decides to go out or no one decides to go out. You'll have, like your handful of people that go out for Carrie of Young Tuesday and your handful of people to go out for whiskey Wednesday, your people to go out like on Thursdays when nothing's really going on. And then, you know, like a lot of people go out Fridays and Saturdays, but not every weekend. Like some weekends, it's frat parties. It's kind of one or the other. But Obama, you have multiple multiple frat parties going on in Tom, multiple people at the bars at a time, and it seems to always be packed out with like thousands of people at each place, kind of crazy how it works. I really don't understand it, but that's a huge difference for me. Okay, so the last thing I want to say about the party's frat parties, any K u you have probably 5200 people, Max if they have a huge party, but normally about 50 50 to 70 I guess at Alabama, frat parties are crazy packed out. They have these huge mansions and thousands of people at the parties in, like a lot of time. Still higher DJs or like people will come in. We have one weekend where Walker Flocka was at one frat check West was at another fat snake hips or something, and somebody else. I don't know. We had that. And then, like you have all these start ease and it's just like vast amounts of people, like so many people versus parties, that he kur a lot smaller. Which is, of course, because the sides in college and also Greek off is like not really as big of a thing at UK you as it is in Alabama, Of course, just because album has the number one Greek off in America or whatever it is like the biggest. I think so. That obviously makes a lot of sense. We have The house is for frats and sororities at Obama and, like you don't have houses that he k u So that's obviously plays a factor in, like where they're gonna have parties. That he kept you a huge thing that really caught me off guard when I went to my first darty or party at frat parties is they have, like, actual security that worked the doors, police security and they check your Addie as you go in. And that was like, not a thing at Ikea. You just have people that are in the frat working door just to make sure somebody that's like, not in the frat doesn't get in. But one thing that I was anybody Cayugas. We have Dee Dee's. So you do have people that, like pick you up and take you to the party when Alabama, you have to uber or walk, but we don't have a burner German, not really not like big Anyways, you might have a couple people that do it. Yeah, that's like a huge difference is the sides and then the security that really caught me off guard the first time that ad ever had to give them that. I'm going along with that, I guess, would be the size I've already touched on this that you can use half the population. I would say the campus is probably 1/4 of the saws use. Campus is kind of one big circle electric for to it as like on this side of the main road, you have one dorm you have campus. So it's like the library, all the other dorms and then all the classes and then the rec center and the football field. It's all right there in a big circle like you. It's one road. It makes a huge circle around it, and that's all it is at Alabama. I still don't know all of campus. I know my way. I only had class in three buildings this year, too, were like rocks at each other, and I know my way to those, and that's about it. I can drop around campus now the most part, for the most part, but I could not have classes in places that I've never heard of or never been to next semester, so I'm gonna have to figure that out. It's just, like, so much bigger. It's so much different and so much harder not going your way around because there is so much. All I haven't no is like I fucked a quad kind of sinners. Everything and everything goes off of that, which is like the best way I know how to explain it. And then, like Eddie K. U. I would say the library centers everything and everything goes off of that campus. Size in itself is 1,000,000 times bigger, and not even that. But Tuscaloosa in itself is so much bigger than Ikea, then Richmond Richmond only has, like so much, Tuscaloosa probably has about like Lexington. I would say in Lexington is about 30 minutes from rich parents. So if you want to go to these places, you can't have to drop the Lexington, which isn't like that big of a hassle. But it's all kind of like right there in Tuscaloosa. More to do more to go to more things. More restaurants Maur literally everything. It's just a bigger too. It's a bigger city. Even read the other day that Tesco's and now has like more people living in it than Birmingham. Next, every dumb classes. So I don't have any Jenna's. I finished all those that a k you so I've never been in like freshman classes. Obama. But I've seen pictures camera just shut off. I've seen pictures of those lecture halls and they're huge. What? I don't know how many students they seek, but I probably said, like 400 or so even like me not being an engine, as I do have classes with, like, 200 plus people in them. So that's like a really big difference. When you got a K you, you're Jim Ed. Classes are like 60 people. I feel like I had a science class one time would like. It could have been anywhere from 40 to 60 because I don't remember exactly, But there was like a good amount of students in there, But then I definitely had way more classes where there were like 10 10 to 20 people. Max in my class, and I have one class. I actually have two classes where they have probably left 30 kids in them, and that's Spanish, and then a J. C. M. Class and that was like, not really what I expected. I kind of figured all my classes would have, like at least 100 people. But I guess once you get into your major glasses, it does condensed the sizes and stuff, even though, like it's definitely different. There's still a lot of similarities there with. Once you get further into your major, you have smaller class is kind of the same both, and I feel like a lot of people think that a smaller college year professor is more likely to know your name or you're more likely tablet one on one time with them. And personally, I feel like my professors. Obama always left the opportunity to come to their office hours. I had the opportunity to make a connection with them just as much as identity. Kate, you When you're in a class with 10 people, it's easier for the professor to remember you to talk to you, to know your face versus when you're in a class with 203 100 people. So if you want a connection with your professor and you go to a big college, I would say just like, take that extra time to maybe, like, talk to them after class or come to class early, sit in the front row and go to office hours. I don't think that's really much of a difference that people always expect, because I always thought that, like I would have a better relationship with my professors at a smaller college. That's really not the case. I wrote something else down about that. Let me find it. Oh, I said. A lot of professors at them are grad students, so I had to in five classes. That's kind of weird ratio have to two professors that are still in graduate school, and I know a lot of people that do have cried students as their professors. And I never had that Ikea you. I did have labs and stuff with grad students that would help, but it was always like actual professors that taught my classes, and maybe that was just me. But out of two and 1/2 years, I never had, like one person that was in graduate school, be my professor for a class. I mean, it's not really, like, weird or like a difference or anything, but I kind of thought It was cool and they pay for your graduate school if you teach that class for them. I just wrote down. Obviously, sports. I don't think I really have to touch on this. Too much sports of IKEA. You. I went to one football game, my entire two and 1/2 years of going there. I went to to basketball games and that was it. And I love sports. They're just, like, not as big as this at a call. It's like that. And that's just the fax at Alabama lack. It's Alabama. Everyone in Tuscaloosa in Alabama, eight sleeves and breathes football, and that's just how it is. I haven't even spent at the school if they're in football season, but I've been to games before. I've been to the tailgates, and I went to a day this semester. I went to basketball games this semester. Everyone loves softball. Everyone loves baseball. Everyone loves golf. It's like it doesn't matter what the sport is. It's just a sports community. Like everyone comes together, pulls for whatever sports playing that is Alabama luck. It's just a huge is a big sports environment, and that's why I love that my major is fourth broadcasting and I go to Mama because it's very appreciated there. And there's a lot of good classes and things and professors and speakers and everything that comes along with it. Yeah, I just put obviously sports because I don't think Obama would be what it is without sports and particularly without football, because, I mean, you can just definitely read the fax that, like this school itself in the town itself, has grown so much just since Nick Saban got there. And it's always been a football school, like we've always been good if it but not always. But like we've had history, like with Bare Bride and with other national championships is definitely a sports school versus Ikea, you, which is not at all sports school unless you make it. I mean, you could definitely go to the events and stuff, but it's just not like prioritized everyone. Obama loves Obama and wants to be there. I wrote that down because it's so true. I feel like if you go to Obama and you don't want to be there, you transfer and you're gone, and if you don't transfer, then you're there and you love it It's not one of those things like you're forced to be there. So many people come from out of state. Somebody people come from around the world and somebody will come from in state. But if you're there, you love it. You love Alabama, support the school. You love the people, you love the camp, you love it and you're obsessed with it. I guess in a way, that's really not the case for UK. You you definitely have so many people that do love it that I also know of a lot of people that hate on it. They love it and they hated at the same time, You know what I mean? That was kind of me, always lived the people at UK. You hated the campus, hated Richmond and hated a lot of things about it. But I love the people and I would never change. Go on there my 1st 2 years because of the people. I did meet everyone. Obama just is kind of obsessed with them as that makes it so it kind of makes it a happier, better environment to be in. I don't know. I don't want this video to seem like I'm throwing in the shade of a K. You. It's just my experience. So if you're going to, can you like, don't take this the wrong way? I also wrote down that it feels more like college at Alabama. It's like the college town with Jack on it touched on and me and my friend, we make a joke that we're living in a bubble. It's like Tuscaloosa is a bubble, and that's what we live in. That's where we go to school. Like I don't know if that makes any sense. It's the prettiest campus ever. I don't think anyone can argue with that. Like if you visit, you're gonna have probably fall in love with the campus. I went on my first visit in eighth grade, and that's when I was like, This is where I wanna go to school. But just like everything that comes along with it, all the experiences, all the opportunities, like I said, game days, parties, the whole town, it's just it feels like I'm getting the full college experience that I felt like I was missing out on it. He kept you. Everyone's different. Everyone wants different things. I personally wanted to go to a big school and get the full experience like this. And so that's kind of what I feel like I'm getting now that I didn't have before they kill you. So a big thing for me. I already knew a lot of people. Okay? You A lot of people went to college with me when I graduated at Ikea, you and a lot of people came after my freshman year from Harlan to Ikea. You at Bama? I knew no one. Absolutely Nobody was out like, close enough friends with to be like, Hey, I'm transferring Alabama. Can we please hang out like I didn't know anybody? So I guess the comfort of that Ikea He was kind of one of the reasons I went there in the first place. It was so nice to have people as a freshman coming in that I already knew that, went there and have people coming in with me so that we could always kind of, like, go places together and like we made our own friends. But you never had to make them alone because you always had people with you. So that's probably honestly like this second biggest difference for me was like no and so many people coming into it versus not knowing anybody all coming into it. Which is probably how a lot of you feel that are going Obama that are coming from out of state. You might know, look, one or two people, but vast majority of you aren't gonna know anyone. Versus if you were to stay home in your own town or your own state, you would know so many people at that college. Another thing that was just a personal thing for me is that a k u. I was barely two and 1/2 hours away from home. So if I wanted to make a day trip, I could make a day trip. Now, Obama, I'm seven hours away from home, so I can't make a day trip. I can't even make a weekend trip unless I really push it. What I really want to. But there's just no point in that for me, as a really big difference is being so close versus so far away. The weather is so different this winter, we probably only had a handful of bad, bad, bad days where I was, like, really cold like needed gloves and a big jacket. But even then I still felt like it never got as cold as they always gets any k u in the winter. And like, Yeah, we do have cold days where you have to, like, bundle up not many, and it gets warmer so much faster it gets. It gets colder so much later in the year and warmer, so much faster. So we probably just have a December and January that's really cold. But even in those months, like you still have warm days. I remember on the national championship not I had on my to a jersey and jeans with holes on the front and back, and I wasn't called it all that. Not that was January 7. The weather is way different. Eddy Kay, you. It definitely doesn't really get warm until the end of April or May, but you do have, like, warm days. So I guess it's kind of opposite if that makes sense and it starts getting called in like October, even though you still have warm days, October, November, December. It starts getting cold in October, versus it's still like extremely hot in Alabama. I personally don't like the cold weather, so being down there makes me a better, happier person. And the last thing I write down, which is also a big difference, is the culture and the diversity of people Obama versus the people that he kept you Like. I said, most people that you care you come from in state or as a rounding state, like a lot of people come from Ohio and the and the things like that you do, you do have your people from out of state, and you do have a couple people from out of the country. But for the most part, everyone comes from in state or very close by. So the culture and the diversity isn't very large, very different. Everyone's kind of not the same kind of the same, you know what I mean? There's definitely still different culture diversity there, but not half is much Obama elders in the South, and people come from all over the states. I know very popular states that come our California, Florida, Jersey, New York, Maine, Chicago Marshall Noise. So many people come from Chicago. People just come from everywhere and then yet you don't people come from out of the country. You have our troops that come from out of the country for all different sports. You have recruits from different states. I have a girl that I made really good friends with more my classes and she was adopted from Russia so that you do have, like so many different people and different tops people you get to meet just from so many people coming from like all over the world versus everyone coming from the same state. I think it might be more out of state students than in state students now or it's like 50 50 or like really close to that. Don't quote me cause I don't know. But I'm pretty sure there's a ton about state students effeminacy, and that is everything I wrote down. The city is getting so long it's gonna take me so long to edit. But I do hope I answered all your questions, and I hope that gave you a better insight in a smaller school versus a larger school. Ikea. You versus Obama. You guys have been wanting to see this video literally since the we got transferred, and I was like, I promise I'll make it after my first semester, and here it is. So hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, be sure to give this video big thumbs up. And, like I said at the beginning, did the subscribe button. If you're not already and follow me on my social media's, which will be lead down below as well as their literally, all just my name. I don't know how I got so lucky to get that handle, but it's just dead, sailor. Yeah, thank you guys. So much for watching. I'll see you in my next video if you have any more video suggestion living below and don't forget to leave Comments, questions in my diem's and in the comments. Don't forget to leave Comments English sweetheart. Don't forget to leave questions and the comments and in my diem's that you guys want to see about that video. Make it learn your film at the end of this month of you guys. Bye. Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. This is literally so weird for me sitting down on filming a video because of mostly, like, transformed this journal into blog's. That's just awkward. So today I'm doing a video that you guys seem to like really lock, because I've posted it the past two years and I've gone to college and it's glass. A lot of use in a lot of locks. And so I just want to keep doing that. And I get, like, a tradition every year. So basically, it's a college school supplies hall. I feel like you guys were so far away for me, But my tripod is broke. My camera doesn't work, so I'm doing this on my phone. I wish you could see the way I have it set up right now. If I remember, I'm gonna take a picture of it and insert it here. So I think I say this. I've said this like the past two years anyways, because this will be my third year of college is that you don't really need a lot of stuff as far in school supplies goes like you do in hospital, and a lot of this stuff you've probably saying before because I didn't use it. Words still in perfect condition and I'm using it again. I've got a few new things, but it's gonna be like not to new. I think what we'll do is just go ahead and start with the stuff that you guys have probably already saying If you watch the one last year, if you didn't want you out like the one from last year and from my freshman year of college down below in the description, because it's kind of fun for you guys to see how much it's changed, like how much I packed for as far school supplies goes for my first year versus my second year versus what I'm taking my third here because you really don't need that much. So last year I showed you guys these folders and I use this one for geology class because we got a lot of hand out papers. So it's pretty. Don't if he goes Comptel, but it's been it's been pretty used. I'm just like laying everything up there so you guys can see it and but it's like in good enough condition. Use again if I need it. I don't really need folders that often. Um and I have this pink one that I'd do nine years back. And I think that was what it will come in handy for is education because I am an education. Um, also last year, this thunder was the thumbnail picture. Uh, never got to use it. And I'm pretty sad because it's not your color. And it's a one and 1/2 inch And the only reason that even Bob Unders Oh, there was that picture. Well, anybody, this is from my freshman year, and it still and perfect conditions still have two bucks that I'm taking back. The only reason I have these is because sometimes you'll bought books for classes that aren't actual books. They're just off closely paper, and you have to put him in a body to keep them all together and a lot of education costs. Books are like that. And so I just talked to just in case named to do that. But I don't use binders for, like, looseleaf paper to do take notes or whatever odysseys to play notebook for that or my laptop, which is why you don't a lot of schools of us because a lot of school work is done on your laptop called. I am excited that because my mom found these two cute little notebooks at Wal Mart and she got him for me. And so, um, hoping that I put used to them. So there's this one. So they're just 21 subject called Your old notebooks and, um, probably won't use both of them this semester. I'm not used one this mustard and one next semester, but I have a couple of classes that requires a lot of notes or paper. Then I may use about this Mr. But that's all the paper them taking a college for one semester because I do a lot of notes on my computer and a lot of teachers will just print, not print. But they'll do power points and Noah blood, like the power points to the blackboard, and you'll just study from like those powerful. So so about last video, I mentioned that I had that notebook to keep my thoughts organize. It was just like a little journal notebook or whatever, and so I got a new one of those today from Walmart because favorite color Hilo, and it is super cute and it's just like paper like this. And so if I have to write down like a to do list, or if something to do with my channel, anything, sometimes I'll write down like my work out there. Like what? I'm eating and books this. I got this and you guys haven't seen this. But I got this last spring, and that kept put. It's literally the same thing. So if you guys have much my left to school supplies holes, you've seen these pencils and I'll tell you every time that they're my favorite pencils in the whole world. In this time, I'm super excited about him because they're new colors as my favorite color and really pretty colors. So I'm gonna put it really close. Okay, so he's not coming. And, yeah, I'm really excited about him also. What? I haven't bought these map pins because I have a map back there and I'm gonna start some talking everywhere that I go. So that's just bring them back for the day. I got two new dry erase markers because I have a dry erase boards, and I'm sure you guys in my dorm ha that I'm probably gonna post next week or the week after that. I used it last year, and I used it my freshman year. Always start out easy, plainer, and I always stop using the plane. You're, like, a couple months into the So this is the same plainer that I had last year. It's just the defendant, this cute little Lily Blitzer planner, and it went through December 2018. So I'm just gonna keep it, Actually goes to January, not team. I'm gonna use that. I've already, like, started market stuff in it, amaze it for the rest of the semester and then get another one that starts in January and just use it all year because I like doing stuff like by the year instead of by the school year when school starts. I use this pretty heavily, like I always write down like a tennis or about homework do. And like, I couldn't go back and look at it. And it helps me so much. And then, like, I just get lazy and stuffy, isn't it? But I wish that I would use it because I think I do better liked academically when I'm organized and this helps me. So if you're going to college, I would recommend a planner. But most people will tell you that you probably won't use it that often. And if you brought to my school supplies off before then, you know my favorite way to study is note cards, and my favorite kind of no cards are colors, no cards. This is cute because it's got what and colored. The thing about being an education major, though, is you don't do a lot of studying. Got the next cards just in case. Actually think I've had these for a whole year and I didn't use any index cards last year because I didn't have anything to study for. But I also get the big ones, and I say this every year two that I like to keep these around in case I have a professor that lets you use one note card on an exam for a cheat. You always need to have the big ones because you can fit more information on this metal Stipe lor that I've had since my freshman year of college. Actually, maybe since sophomore year, I don't remember, but it still works and paperclips that I've had since freshman year. Never, never needed, actually wants for one Piper. I used them once and then disciples that I use. It must a blip because where I was an English major, I had to do a lot of papers and always had put him out. And I always had to stapled him. And there's this little thing that I just had sitting on my desk last year last year. I don't know if you guys, so I don't think this was in my school. Suppose all this is kind of a Dorm Paul kind of thing, but I use it for lark five cards and pens and pencils and just to keep everything organized on my desk. So, yeah, I think that's everything that I'm taking the shoot first Glass applies as faras, my junior year of college Ghost hope you guys like this video if you did, and you found it helpful if your incoming freshmen or whatever, maybe you're not maybe just want to watch it, Eddie, you're still in high school middle school and I don't know, I get a thumbs up and subscribe to see more based broom me every Thursday. That was a weird thing I've ever done. I thought this video is just really awkward because you guys are so far away and a lot of kind of sucks, and it's not about came around. Don't know if you're gonna be able to hear me, Okay, you guys. So I think that's it for this, uh, campus tour of the University of Alabama. I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful, Came past through my eyes through the eyes of my friends and peers. And to give you one last piece of advice before I go, I think if if I had to choose something for somebody to have told me last year before I came into college, I would have wanted to hear that it's okay to embrace change. And it's okay because changes happen, and this changes your good. So you have to be ready because college is nothing like high school. You make it here, and I know me personally. And a lot of my friends were just shocked at how different it was here. And it's a good different, so just be ready for that. Just know that your life is about change as you know it and keep your grades up. Don't drop. Don't drop the ball first. Mr. Like me and a few of my friends kind of started to do towards the end, we got a little lazy kind of didn't try as hard as we could have, so just come and strong. Finish your first semester at college strong and just be ready for the rest here college career. Okay, so I just walked into the dining hall, so I'm gonna be a little tour. So here's where everybody sits, Tio. A ton of chairs is also more room upstairs you see over there. It looks like spaghetti, but there's tons of food. You walk around the corner. Salad bar and outside you can sit outside and eat if you want. It's a really pretty view. Right over there is the, uh, new freshman dorm. And then right over there, I think, is Riverside. No lakeside like side because I'm in, like, side dining right now. So here is the desserts today. Pizza Over here, here. And they have ah station where you can pick what you want. Put it in a little box, and, um, the chef cooks it right there for you. I like that a lot. My friend actually just ate that. So now I'm taking you upstairs, which upstairs there are two different things. There's Duncan Donuts. There's a place called Sola and Solo. It's like Mexican food and stuff like that, and you can use your dining hall swipes for that.