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You described the student body like stereotypes and tell me if they're true or not. Mothers. Many eyes There's many different specific types of student bodies. Tell me a type of students you see, like on campus. Well, there's prominently sorting fraternities in which I'm in a sorority, so there's kind of that kind of gang. And then there's for your state students. And there is really smart people on these kind of people called Mitch. That's my boyfriend. And he's just We don't know what one of his he's been ghosting me all night, so I got to go and so yeah and yeah. Okay, so I have another question. What's it like being in a sorority and tell me like your experience? Got it? I really enjoyed being in a sorority. I think it gives a really good group of girls that are kind of looking towards the same path as you are. I think sometimes it can become distracting. Just because, uh, many events you have to go to, however, plan accordingly that you could. Okay. So what? Do you do it again if you had the choice. Okay. Think that's all I need to Start over now. You ready? Yeah. Okay. Describe your classes and your workload in your major And like how that works out for you. Um, since I'm, um, a interdisciplinary studies on the pre med track, I have a lot of, um, homework, but I think it's definitely difficult to balance with the sorority. However, I believe that I can so I do not through three different specific ways. I do a Google schedule in calendar, and then I get my homework done three or four days before and then I primarily focusing upon test. And so doing that, people, sometimes I s already events. However, mostly, I'm able to balance ill. And the sword is really understanding with being able, Teo, miss certain events, if it pretends, doesn't tell me a little bit about like, when you do miss short event, What do you do to like, make up for that? Um, well, there's different things that I do to make up for that. For example, way have formal. We have chapter meetings, everything weak. Which is kind of like our way to keep up with what's going on in the sorority. On their required. However, I have a class during my chapter meetings this year. And so what I do is they have what's called makeup chapter on. So I I go to make up chapter and, um, able it covers my actual chapter. Okay, so a little bit more about the Shorty, do you think that if you had to do all over again, would you still be in a sorority here at U. S O Do you think, Do you think the rush? Do you think it's better to rush in the fall of the spring, or can it really be either way? Well, I actually didn't rush, so I was CEO feed. And so I'm actually a founding member of the story. And so since I did that, I was rushed by corporate specific and so I didn't. Hey! I didn't. I just It's OK, keep going. Keep telling us about Shorty. You rushed in this. I didn't trash. My roommate, however, rushed in the fall and she loved it. It was a good experience, however, a little bit stressful because of thinking because it's really hot in Alabama, but true. OK, what about what about the money side of it? How, how, really, how much of an economic expense is being in a sorority? Expensive. I'm talking lies, not something you play around with. However, I think it is overall a good experience. If you're looking for a good social group and I think it's a good bonding experience, that's true. Okay, thank you. And then thank you, Gabby and Mallory Now we are headed over to FERC uh, Ferguson, a big hot spot on campus, but their Starbucks. There's all sorts of food, but good luck in surviving, and that line is really long. Um, there's usually fountain in the middle here, but I don't know. They shut it off a lot, and I think it's really for show, but they don't have it on very often, but I like it. I think it kind of adds a little something. A lot of times you find people out here just doing work. Yet the bottom floor has really male our offices, Starbucks and the soup store, which is where you can get some textbooks. No, I spent a lot of time here. I think I've said that through the ER in the middle of the day, when I don't want I have work to do. I just go upstairs. But there's that line at Starbucks that sometimes it's all the way out the door and out the front door. There's the suit store. That's where you pick up some textbooks. I usually get them on Amazon. It's cheaper and you can rent him expensing, Expensive. That's the mail room. And then now we're about to go upstairs and look at the dining options, which is where I eat lunch, because I don't have a meal plan anymore. Because I live off campus now, and the meal plans are pretty expensive after first in year, so I usually don't get it. You get a nice panorama. Bryant Denny on the wall. That was We're going up the stairs, take a right and there's our food option. You got Auntie Anne's pretzels. You got subway, You got Panda Express, Wendy's we'll get there. I usually pay an express a lot just because you like it, the healthiest option in there, which is probably why I don't do my research on that. And there's not a hope Options aren't those for this for dining. There's the Wendy's right there and, of course, the crown jewels. Check that chick fil A line gets so long e I think I want time waited for half an hour and then I was like, I gotta go. I didn't even get the But you come at the right time on over there. They have decent pizzas. It's Tokyo's or something like that. Okay, you guys. So I think that's it for this, uh, campus tour of the University of Alabama. I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful, Came past through my eyes through the eyes of my friends and peers. And to give you one last piece of advice before I go, I think if if I had to choose something for somebody to have told me last year before I came into college, I would have wanted to hear that it's okay to embrace change. And it's okay because changes happen, and this changes your good. So you have to be ready because college is nothing like high school. You make it here, and I know me personally. And a lot of my friends were just shocked at how different it was here. And it's a good different, so just be ready for that. Just know that your life is about change as you know it and keep your grades up. Don't drop. Don't drop the ball first. Mr. Like me and a few of my friends kind of started to do towards the end, we got a little lazy kind of didn't try as hard as we could have, so just come and strong. Finish your first semester at college strong and just be ready for the rest here college career. Okay, so I'm gonna give you a tour of the new freshmen dorms. Alabama. These are the newest storms on campus and their their traditional style, but kind of like kind of like a little better than traditional because each room has its own bathroom in it. It's not where, uh, there's community bathrooms or anything like that. So it's just two girls to a room. All girls on this floor, and each room has its own bathroom. So go ahead and show a little bit about it. You've got an area right here where everyone can kind of sit and watch the news or TV or whatever, got another rule area with the TV. And here's a laundry room. It's kind of small, so there could potentially be fights about that. Enemies. Some couches. As you can see, it's really secure because you have to have a card to get into right here. Some more little study booths. You know? See, there's one more thing I have to show you about this story. We're gonna pass by TV again. I passed by the little living area. These couches air So comfortable, by the way, I laid on one the other day and I could just fall asleep. Yeah, Got some more dorm's over here. And here is a little study room where me and my friend are about to study. Okay, so I'm currently and bus hub, which is basically just our little transit hub where all the bus has come. Um, I'm gonna zoom in on this map right here. That is the map of all the busts out them on the comm pic your class or the dining hall wherever you need to go. It is also where the action card office is, which is the student ID during the day time they have this open, but parking services. It comes a bus. Right now. I am actually waiting on the gold tooth. Yeah, because it's gonna take me to Gorgas library, which is where my friends at, and we're gonna get study. So, yeah, I just thought I would show you a little video. It's in that direction. To the right of the bus is is Shelby Hall, which is where I have my classes. So I'll show you guys that later and to the Okay, So this is Lloyd Hall right here. I just came out of here because I just had a sustained dialogue class, which is all about just talking about issues and being open to other people's opinions and just sitting down actually colored during it to to break the tension. But that was Lloyd. This is the choir. This is the Alabama quad. This is where all the tailgating on game day happens. And, uh, the library is right through there. Gorgas library, which I showed you in the previous video. Um, you see, Denny chimes over there. That is a typical what's the word I'm looking for? First landmark of Alabama, like everybody knows what it is. And every so often throughout the day at chimes, I think maybe every hour Honestly, uh, but that's kind of you see that bus in the distance way over there. That is a crimson ride. You a bus. There are a lot of them on campus to take you where you need to go. Right over there is the Arts and sciences building that's behind those trees. That's where I go to get my mentoring done and goes to my count sort of pick my classes and stuff. As you can see, there's tons of people walking on the quad right now, probably getting out of class, and we've got a biker right there. And yeah, if you can see a little white house over there, that's the president's house and sorority rose just right over there past any time. So, yeah. This is a quad. It Obama. And if you can see, I'll try to get a little closer. That's the stadium right there. I can't really see because the sun's kind of blocking it, making it hard, too. But we've got the backside of a million gale gorgeous library right here. That's about it. There's seven times again, all right, until Okay, so I just walked into the dining hall, so I'm gonna be a little tour. So here's where everybody sits, Tio. A ton of chairs is also more room upstairs you see over there. It looks like spaghetti, but there's tons of food. You walk around the corner. Salad bar and outside you can sit outside and eat if you want. It's a really pretty view. Right over there is the, uh, new freshman dorm. And then right over there, I think, is Riverside. No lakeside like side because I'm in, like, side dining right now. So here is the desserts today. Pizza Over here, here. And they have ah station where you can pick what you want. Put it in a little box, and, um, the chef cooks it right there for you. I like that a lot. My friend actually just ate that. So now I'm taking you upstairs, which upstairs there are two different things. There's Duncan Donuts. There's a place called Sola and Solo. It's like Mexican food and stuff like that, and you can use your dining hall swipes for that. It's one thing you're gonna learn to do when you come to Alabama, you're gonna learn to love to walk. His element is not really driving campus. It's not too many streets that run through it. It's one of the things I like about it. It's not too busy, but boy, you put on some miles usually average around four five a day, so just be prepared to do a lot of walking. Nature like the nature walk a lot come through here often. Um, I think it's like a nice way to start a day. It's just really sunny. I peaceful like a smooth morning. Good place to like Wake up to not fall asleep here. Come to campus and give us a finish first. I've got some time. I like to just come here and look around a little bit. It's usually not too crazy. You know, Occasionally you see some people working with you. Well, that's not no. Yeah, there's not. A lot of people are usually there's, you know, there's a couple benches here and there where you can just go and sit. Listen, you It's got to be nature, the nature they said on there, there's some cisterns coming up. Think that usedto boy fishing? But I think it died. It's just like I don't know, a nice little walk in the morning, especially before class. It's safe to the blue pillar thing over there, which will see you around. Campus is an emergency beacon thing. Hold from trouble, but yeah, it's just like a nice little area on campus. Uh, really, like it hasn't been demolished yet. More buildings. It was just get around. For its beauty and its a small. It's not that big. It's just a little part of campus. That's really nice. You should pretty well maintained trance here. Makes for some good pictures. Those pictures on game day. This is it. No, here, I really just it's it's It's also a sure between. War Western. Get in here share.