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way. Think Hey, y'all, It's Libya If you're new here I meet Wisley, a passion videos. But I'm also a current student at N. C. State University. And where is about school season? So I am doing my school videos. So today we're going to be talking about the truth about dorm life and answering all of your questions that you left for me on in Syria. Um, and that is at brightest of the bunch. If you want to follow me over there first, I just want to give you a little background on my day. So far, so my left ear has been driving me insane recently. Like it keeps ringing for no reason. And like I didn't go to a concert, I wasn't in water. I dont have water in my ear like anything like that. Well, you know, I didn't have water in my ear, but we'll get to that. So I went to the doctor and she said that it's just like compact your wax. And she said that they were going to do this like water suction thing contraption on my ear. We do to both years. This year's find this year never had a problem. We did it for like an hour off and on between them, squirting water in my ear than suctioning it out with, like, this little, like suction thing I don't now going in with, like, a little pig and like picking at the earwax on the air drop the ear is still ringing, and now there's also water trapped in my ear. So just like me speaking, it just feels so weird. And just to add to, like, how terrible this day is going, I came home from the doctor's office and Lily, who is trying to get my room right now. Hod, pooped and peed all over the floor, and she drug out all my makeup out of my makeup bag. My makeup bag is always on the ground, and she normally hasn't messed with it. But recently she's been messing with it, and she drug it all out and chewed up pencils. And I can't find my eyeliner. So I'm not wearing eyeliner, which I don't like, either. So that's just how today has gone so far. I just want to share that with you guys because it has been a day getting into it. Let's talk about dorm life. So NC state. There are a few different kinds of dorms. The most common ones are holes, which are like several rooms on one hallway. And then there's a huge communal bathroom at the end of the hall, and then the other cell is sweet. I think sweet style is definitely more common and where people live in that that I know personally, at least. And I lived in a sweet, so it was like 10 of us, five different rooms to one bathroom that had two showers and two toilets. And same with this. With every dorm room, there is a laundry room downstairs. There's normally like an elevator. There's normally like a study lounge, like a hangout lounge, like two separate rooms, a little kitchen downstairs and also like mailboxes. And then some dorms have separate mail rooms elsewhere. So, like if you're in the Tri towers and you get a package, you have to go to met Cops of the Tri Towers. All our visit Bergdoll, Robo and Carol and Metcalf. And then, if you have a package Africa Metcalfe. So that's how that works. That's basically how the dorms set up ours had, like, 10 floors that I was in. But some of them have different floors. Tucker OMON has four floors, and there are a whole style and all explored where study students live there. So that's basically the setup of the dorm. Just to go into my room a little bit. Lilly stuff. Uh, Lily, you've been bad today, so you don't deserve to be in the video. I have a dorm tour up on my channel from my dorm last year, but it was two twin beds that were lofted, and then you could put stuff underneath. So my desk was underneath. My roommate pulled hard desk out, and it came with a microwave and a fridge. And then we also had, like, closet space. You guys can check out my dorm towards see all of that. So there are a few things that happened in dorms that don't happen in your normal life. And one of them is the fire drills. Now, the way far drills work is you have to be down the stairs and out the door in three minutes, no matter what floor you're living on. And the thing is, if you don't pass the fire drill out, Say, three o'clock in the afternoon. Then they're gonna give you the fire drill at midnight that night, Never. You just got out of the shower. You're just laying in bed. You're finally comfy to go to sleep fired Joe. And if you don't pass that one, it's gonna be out and even more inconvenient. Time of the night and tool. You pass it. So you really want to try to get out of sauce? You can, and it can be really annoying. People will be outside freezing and their towels and blankets the middle of the night screaming like that is how it goes, and you just have to deal with it. That's one of the things that you have to deal with living in the dorm. Another interesting thing about dorms is the laundry room. So downstairs in the lobby near the study lounge and Carol Hall is a laundry room, so you have to love all your clothing down there and everything else. And the thing is, you can't leave your clothing there. You can. But don't leave anything that you're gonna be really upset about it being gone. I was in the study on studying one day and heard another student talking Thio the ari on duty and the police about how their clothing was stolen. So I don't leave my clothing. You don't realize how long laundry takes until you have to sit down there with it the whole time. It takes like four or five hours. And of course you have to remember like Don't put my new red and see stagers e in there with all my white clothes because it'll start everything pink and my remain did that a handful of times. And another thing with the laundry is they have specific places to put the detergent says some of it goes in the drawer, and some of it goes in the washer, so you just have to, like, read what it says. Another thing about the way the dorm system works in general is checking out for vacations. So whenever it's like fall break or I don't think, I don't think you have to leave on fall break. But whenever it's like winter break and spring break, you're required to leave the dorm like it closes like you can't use your key card to get in. If you don't know. Every dorm room has a little scanner outside, and only your key card can get you in if you live there. So during vacations, your key card is turned off and you're not allowed in the building out. Also, you have to check out, and in order to do that, you have to turn down your air conditioning to a certain amount. Sometimes you have to clean out the fridge and turn it all. There's just like a list of different things you have to do, and you have to schedule it with your R A. For when you want to check out. You have to stick that time and be ready to go whenever they come in there, because after they come in there, you're not really supposed to say in there anymore. So you have to be really on top of that. One thing about living in the dorm in general is there is a lack of privacy. I wasn't used to living with anyone else because I'm an only child. It was kind of weird for me to be living so closely to someone else. The thing is, just even when you think you're like alone. You're not alone because it's someone else's room when you never want to make them feel like they can't be there. Definitely everyone wants their alone time and whatever else. But you never want to make your roommate feel uncomfortable. You just have to keep that in mind and just communicate with each other. There are some things that you're just gonna have to to get over like it might normally bother you, but you're gonna let it slide for an out like I know I was very relaxed about a lot of things, like the light in like the air and, you know, like things like that that are just like little things you might have to let go of sort of just let it happen. I would just remind you Thio, be very respectful of your roommate and not try to have too many people over all the time or do anything that you wouldn't want to be done in front of you. So another thing about living in a dorm room is you're eating so your food is in the room with you. It's right under your desk. It's right on the microwave. It's right in the refrigerator. It's a lot easier to snack, especially because we have vending machines downstairs. Whenever it comes to that, you want to try to limit your stocking to avoid the freshman 15. I feel like that's another thing that you struggle with because you're living in a door. And personally, I also felt like dorm life made me feel more like I was missing out on stuff like just whenever I would be the only person in the dorm, like on our whole. It would be like, obvious that everyone else was out doing other things. So, like, definitely try to get involved because it bothers you more when you don't cause you noticed like, Oh, they're out doing this They're all doing this and like that was something that really bothered me. So the main thing you asked me about was the bathrooms at how you learn to deal with that. So in the sweet sound that we live in, someone cleans our bathroom once a week. So there are two showers into toilets, like I said, and two sinks also, and there's a mirror and it's clean. Once a week. I've never had to wait on the showers, even though you're like 10 girls to two, showers like that must be hard. But it's really not because we all have separate schedule, so we're all doing different things. The only time I had to wait for showers was whenever the cleaning lady was in there cleaning them. And sometimes it's at an inconvenient time for you. Like, say, that's your, like Maine time to take shower for the day and she's in there cleaning. But you just have to remember that like she's helping you out a lot. So you need to respect that she's in there. If you're living in a hall style, it is cleaned every other day or something like that, I think because more people are using it, But it's really not that bad. Showering is definitely not like a relaxing, uncomfortable thing to do. It's really just like I need to be cleaned, so I'm going to shower and you have to like, where your robe in there, where your shower shoes carry your shower caddy around. That was the thing that irritated me because your shower caddy gets what whenever it sitting in the shower or outside of the shower. Wherever you said. I prefer to sit mine outside of the shower because it gets less wet, but it still gets what? So you take it back in your room. You're like dripping water everywhere, but that's just dorm life, and you'll get used to it. It's not as bad as it seems, I promise, like you might be dreading it, but it's really not that bad. The next question was about If you can change your room and yes, you can, you can apply to have a roommate change. I actually have a few friends that did this. My one friend that is like my closest friend at St. She ended up changing her roommate. They just kept fighting over every little thing. Like I said, things that you know, personally, I would let go of. But she was trying to study and stuff in their room, and her roommate would demand that the lights were all are like that. Her lamp light was off and they would just like fight over the lights a law, and like fight over little things like that. I know there was like way more than she likes struggled with the law, way more stuff with her, but I don't remember very much of that. She ended up switching halfway through the year and lived in a completely different door. But I've also heard of other people that have just been in, like bad situations where girls end up not liking each other and maybe like threatened or like, say, some mean things that they shouldn't say. So if you end up in a bad situation with your roommate, you can talk it out with your RN. And if that doesn't work, you could definitely apply for a room change. Someone asked, How do you get into a routine and work out and like, be on a schedule now? I didn't work out at all until, like, the last two semesters of my freshman year, and I would work out in the afternoon just because that was never is convenient for me. Everyone has a different schedule, and I would just say it's better to like schedule like I'm going to study out this time, and I'm going to work out at this time, and I'm gonna eat at this time rather than just thinking like Oh, I have six hours left today like on Mondays. I You have, like, 18 a. M. The semester, the same thing on Mondays and Fridays, so we don't want to waste the day away. You want to try to schedule out what you're gonna do and stick to it so that you're actually productive. You'll get into the routine of things that might take a little while. I know I slept a lot whenever I was first getting there to college. I don't know. It's like I go back and forth with how I sleep. I mean, they're sleeping Aton or like, barely sleeping at all. But I slept a lot whenever I first got to college, so I just had to adjust everything and really figure out what works best for me. The next question is, how do you overcome being homesick? Adjusting My freshman year, I had my boyfriend there with me, so I didn't really feel like I got as homesick, Especially whenever his family was coming down like every weekend for football games. It really did feel like we're still home. But throughout the year, I definitely started to feel homesick more just in the way of like I wanted to be in my hometown, not necessarily wanting to be like in my house, you know, in my hometown, I don't know. I felt I feel so much more confident whenever I'm at home. Then I do whenever I'm at school forever. Reason and just like the atmosphere is so different there. And like the social change like you don't think that moving to a big city is gonna affect you. Like what? I love the city like it's no big deal, but, like the people are so different from you, and it just takes a little while to adjust to the new like social scene and atmosphere, because it will be different from wherever you grew up. I would just recommend going home during your breaks. I went home during all my brakes fall semester and just talking to the people that you are, like, homesick for and like, talking on the phone with them and stop and also just branching out. There's so much to do on campus, and the more busy you are the last time you have to fill him. Six. The last question is, how do you make your small space feel homey and like, enjoyable and I definitely spent way more time in my space than I planned on. But I would just say fill it with things that you love and decorations that you love. And also try to make friends with the people in your dorm so that you can expand your space a little more to not just your little square, but also their rooms. So my friends would like all the people on your hole and just try to get out and involve yourself in other things. There's so much to do on campus like I regret spending so much time in my dorm. So that is all I have to share with you guys today. If you enjoyed it, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and also leave down below any back to school of videos that you want to see my guys Hey, guys, what's up? It's right. I'm the director and creator of R. J one productions. What's up, guys? How you been right here? It's been a really long time, and I don't really have much to say about that. Except that a lot of awesome stuff going on in my life. I've been doing work for companies filming. I like to make videos from time to time. I changed my major, doing a bunch of crazy stuff in college. There's all the college stuff life, college, life stuff. Second, I tried to make this video. Like two months ago, I tried Thio make a video of this camera, and it just broke. I left it in a tent overnight with no rain fly on because I was filming, not actually for another video and filled up with water. And now the whole thing is dead and the sensor doesn't work. So I have to send it to a company in Chicago for $200 to fix it, which I'm not down about using a camera rental from NC State, which is another cool thing about college. Just free technology. Everyone free. That's pretty dope anyways received a lot of questions from you guys and the video I made about college decision just blew up kind of these for my standards. But I got a lot of awesome comments and questions from that video, whether it was from email or from, uh, you two Yukon section S O. I got my shower. I got my nice little cologne on Sebastian. Smell me through the video. I guess I got presentable stuff. And so I made a list about five things nobody tells you about your freshman year because a lot of times people just like to say in YouTube videos that, oh, freshman year, you have to try really hard because you're on your own and there's no parents to help you. Well, yeah, I mean, it's college, so I'm not trying to start cats or anything but this video trick see those anywhere like everyone mixes videos, right? I wanted to give you guys a list. Five things person went through college that maybe not everyone goes through, but it could be very helpful in your call. Its journey as you try to navigate your way through an insane and extremely busy freshman year that you honestly, you know can be really tough to navigate through. Sometimes as well is extremely fun you take. That's so without further ado, I'm moving to this list. Number one. You're welcome. Week friends are gonna be your main homies When I was writing this Gosh, wait for real off a bunch of people during welcome week and basically don't talk to any of them know, except for a slight few. That's not to say that, uh, people meet their weapon. We can't be your best friends throughout college is absolutely not true. But you're gonna meet Hundreds of people are welcome. It's like saturation level is like great 100. Like anyone like in high school. You know, you meet from time to time, but mainly you're in your own little click. You know, you got your own little bubble in college just explode. You get to meet people from all walks of life in all places. All kinds of states, countries, everything schools, divers is NC State introduced me to a lot of crazy cool new people have a blast fallen over on instagram off social media's. And then you kind of start to realize hey, like, you know, you should be more selective. Yon narrow it down because, you know, a lot of people just totally don't click with you after, like, second week or so fine, you know, friendship, fun. It's gonna be a journey, you know, That's gonna be a journey to find your perfect right group. I guess so, Yeah. And I still definitely talk to people on a regular basis of people I met during. What can we put a lot of those people, you know, you're just gonna have to get outside your bubble and it will take some time to find people you really quick with, but it's not safe way you can to number two second semester slump. Israel. Yeah. So first semester, I basically got straight A's and made the dean's list on. I was really stoked on that and not go live. This last semester had B's and C's, and it was totally different from where I was used to. In high school, I was usually a straight a kid or close straight A's, and it just kind of discouraged me for a while, you know? But then I realized, you know, they just gotta focus next year and the next you're my son and just frickin get on top of that and freaking be myself. And that actually moves into the next thing, which is number three. You will finally able to become yourself in college. I went to a school, Uh, or 60 people from my graduating class went NC State's. A lot of people will finally be able to become yourself, because in my last video about making college decisions, I know if you noticed. But my editing style was a lot like Casey Neistat, sir. I'd just like a bunch of camera angles. That's why he was falling. I was falling in that he was like my inspiration, like That was my main man on YouTube and just want to make videos like him. Seems like the editing, blogging stuff tried to make and then call it just realized, like, totally be myself. Like I just got a like being my own stand about Lane and do great things, and that's exactly what I did. I had a great time in college, really discovering that I'm more of a person that likes to go out and do things a lot. I like to keep myself busy But I also need times where I could relax State show and I just tried just, like, kind of stop emulating people that I looked up to and really just became, or my own man and a man or a woman. I think it's important that in freshman year you escape out of your bubble that you're used to in high school. Meet a lot of people. Try new things. I joined five or six different clubs this year. I was like in zoology, snowboarding, national parks experience. New things are totally out of your comfort zone. So yeah, the before teacher research does matter. So rate my professor. Your school might have a built in system for this as well. Two really important sites that you need to familiarize yourself with because professors can absolutely suck. And I learned this firsthand, not to say professors I had. The first investor were absolutely terrible, but there's some professors that move up light speed. There's some professors who you can't understand what the talking about half the time, and there's some professors who are just a bluefin like to drink their McDonald's coffee in the morning and tell you about it. for the next 10 minutes. That's a call out, not going to say names, and as a result of that, it can be very distracting. And he can negatively impact your grades and your social life in that class. It literally can isolate people, not make them talk to each other. There's other teachers gel students together, love to put in groups. All that stuff. The friends in that class that you make can literally friends dropped your high school career. Been there, done that. So it's really important that teacher that you get as reputable grades has a good standard set by students and good ratings, because that stuff can impact your classroom experience for five. It's okay to have a free slash stay at home summer. Yeah, so about that of this summer, I really wanted Thio. Try my hand at getting a film internship in any of the major studios or places in New York, and I fly to over 50 places, and I got exactly 50 rejection letters. Not a single place accepted me. There's a lot of reasons for that. I'm not a major in film yet, just switching communications. I don't have a massive portfolio of videos built up yet, and I'm a freshman, and as a freshman, you're not going to get as many internship opportunities is usually reserved the upper classes. But I thought Come on, came to score. Interview. Well, I got one for CNBC, and they didn't contact me for several weeks on to sum it up. Don't get discouraged about not getting an internship or not. You know, going abroad are studying a broader having a work experience, summer or a coop Because all those things will come in time. And there will definitely be much more opportunities for that in college. And you might think it's okay to stay home, forgetting I'm doing landscaping. I'm working on Jim and I'm having the time of my life just bring quality content. Beautiful people walk and positives ever know because I gotta Ross often teachers resilience and be stronger. So there isn't my five tips about freshman year things that no one really tells you used to, and I hope that really helps you guys. Now I'm gonna take some questions. Thanks to my trusty question receipt paper. I see you with the after world from Brady. That was the Lakers. Yeah, I love Travis Scott. He was in my college welcome video during one of the parts, like taking samples from rappers. Big Travis Fan from Jason. Jason basically says that he's the first semester of college student 1st 1 to go his family in college, and he's having trouble with Application University, Arizona. I was wondering if you could fill me in on the process you went through all applying What was the title of the female? How did the letter look from Jason? Thank you for your question, Jason. Actually, I just used the common out for every single of my applications and you a vase applications, actually super easy. And it's rolling so you can literally apply until, like, the end of May or June or something like that. And, uh, yeah, I don't think they even asked me for an essay. Just send in your grades. All that stuff. The common application does the rest for you are with that Lincoln League below. Most schools use that nowadays standardized don't days of sending letters and e mails. People are kind of over, you know, they just take a holistic look at your application, and I'm hoping they deem you're good fit, Jason and I hope you got in Kenya Update on that ideal says I've been admitted Thio the industrial engineering program. It's he said, university keep Manu videos inspires a lot of us. Thank you so much. Industrial Miriam is hard is hacked to get into Tennessee State pastry. All engineering is and I have matters back for those people and I hope to see you on campus suit hoodie thirsty says, Did you apply to U. N. C or in state as in state or out of state in state of North Carolina, near Jaeckel Mr Beast House, actually. So bunch of prominent people. Yeah, I'm saying this basically CM says I'm loving your mom, That's what Excited face Crime was hard, but I love among Tiu. She's amazing. How did you study for a C. T s? I'm a junior in high school in there one month away. Honestly, just getting a tutor is the best piece of advice I could tell you there's something clicking. Yeah, honestly, the main thing I can tell you for this is just get a tutor. If you're struggling, can always re take and you can appreciate you do like I have seen year after year. Because, standardizes junior, you can take it like you're so likeable from an eel. You're likable to Abigail. I'm so gonna have us a subscriber. What score you currently from Taza on the North Coast University? Just switching communications. Major loving it so far, Jonathan says you're a Cubs fan. I am, too. W baby Woo. Yeah, tennis type TV says was at the health tracks. Six works. Yeah, I'm actually working there this summer. So hit me up. We can get a nice bench press session in sometime. Yo, Windows Vista, my favorite. You know, everyone hates on Windows. Vista says it's the worst, so as ever. But like I was on the old computer, have Mac now for college. But yeah, this is where it's at, Campbell says. What happened to you of a U of A was awesome option for me, and I want to kind of get out of these touring. I am across country, but sort of an awesome. That's awesome facilities, man. We want to go there for film production. He's honest and up in the air thing. At the time, I was like west into full production That I am now especially. And I'm still considering switching my major that much in a year. So I am looking into California colleges that and you have a again. But for now and beyond. When I was a senior in high school, still deciding I was like, Yeah, it's really cool. I gotta get a scholarship there. But ultimately I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. An NC state offered the best of all worlds. They had a bunch of majors from you and I have a film studies minor here, which is not the same thing from production. Another video, but is it really made the summit push comments. Thanks for the video. I had a great heart for reaching the unreached particular the Himalayan people groups is referencing my hungry video a long time. Just launched when YouTube channel covered upcoming mission of Mount Everest. Awesome video. I subscribe. Thank you. Gods described the summit push. It sounds amazing. So so and all you guys a message me about 10 against the state, hoping to see me on always on campus. I'm always doing stuff. I'm gonna be living a Stanhope next year. So come, children. Jacuzzi with me, and we'll talk live sports games. Except one more thing. I'm gonna be making a uses channel. I am so down to start making again. I won't make fun of the years. I wanna make whatever comes to mind. Definitely gonna keep college muse alive, obviously. So anything that you guys can think of that you want to see me do Just let me know in the comments and yet great time making videos again, man. Whoa. You guys have any questions for future video? Um, something that's making me look like an egg. So today is college moving day, and we are just packing up the final things. Before we go, I'm wearing my vineyard von ship, Scher and Nike shorts in Birkenstocks. And then I have on a during the brook tank that you can see in my Mr Bag on boxing that I just posted on my channel. And you can use my code. Oh, in and CSU for 15% off. But here's my room. It's pretty empty. As you can see, I still have a lot of stuff over there, and something's over here. I'm gonna put my makeup in the bag, but it looks really clean for me. Um, leaving a lot of my clothes, as most of them probably will not fit. But as you saw outside, I'm also taking a lot. So and I just wanted to say that it is, like, 4 30 right now. Okay, Mom, what are we doing? We're moving you to college. Are you excited that it's 4 30? I'm gonna be able to sleep here a little bit. You gonna sleep on the life? Yeah, Well, he's gonna miss you, you know. Yeah. Good girl. Are you excited? Yep. She's beyond excited. Well, you're gonna have to contain your excitement. So here is the car all packed up with Tubbs and then in the back of my mind, I have my linens and stuff like that. Pillows. So we're all ready to go. Hey, all it's really dark outside because it's 4 30 and the morning. But if you don't know, I'm going toc State University and moving in today. And we live about three and 1/2 hours from there, and I was looking enough. Thio, get one of the residential storage parking places. So I am driving my car. I will be following my mom and her boyfriend, And then my dad and her, his girlfriend will be driving behind me. So we're just leaving to go now. Way doing today? We're maybe Oh, my goodness. Are you excited? Yeah. Are you decided to be up early and about to drive three and half hours way are ecstatic. So, like I was saying earlier, I was able to get a resident storage law, um, parking sticker and actually lucky I got on as soon as you were able to apply for them because there were 500 parking spots for 5000 freshmen. So you can only imagine I just barely got a parking spot. But I am thankful to have that. We're at a pit stop area. We're still, like, three hours away or something, but it's really dark. And it was raining really hard a minute ago and it was foggy, so it's really hard to see where we're going. But it's cleared up a little bit now. It's still pretty dark outside, as you can tell, but we've stopped for a second and then we're gonna get back on the road. Okay, so it is No. 7 41 I I missed my exit. So I had Thio go through this whole thing for, like, 40 minutes trying to get back Thio where my family was because I couldn't get over because a trucker guy blocked my exit. So we just had that whole ordeal and now we're back on the road. So here we are. We are about to enter and to States campus. If you could see that sign away over there. Here we are on campus. Okay, so we're on campus now. Way our own. Like the backside of it, though So we are driving towards my door. I'll show you around more. So the way we're thinking that this is gonna work is that my mom is gonna get in my car and drop me off at my dorm so that I can go and get my key and go ahead and get it in there and everything. And then they're gonna bring the stuff on this like trolley that the school is providing. I believe so. That's what I think is about to happen here. There are 10 setup. There are just tons of people here. It's still really early. It's like 95. I think moving started at nine. So, like I said, I think we're gonna go by the dorm. And my mom is going to go and park the cars where we're supposed to park them during moving days that I could go get my key and go to my room. All right, so I am on campus, one of these to my dorm. Honestly, I don't know what I'll figure it out. And down here on this little beach area that they have, they're having their check in. So that's how I'm doing. I'm going down here to check in. It's like right at nine. So we've got Iraq. Never checking started. It's going to my door. So I have my key now in this storm is my mind. So I am about to go in there. So we just got here. It's really really these are the more Hi, your design team is here. Don't do this. Oh, I guess on my desk I'll have to get I mean, I get up every morning to get the other long mystery cross use the upper part of my bed, and so far, the gallery will. And this will have whatever I change it to because it's the cafe board. So, like things about my social media stuff like that on my desk, a stillness. And this is the closet area, its stillness. And then we have our tiles over here, and we have this little antler thing for, like, my robe or something. And they're like, so just an update. But car ends the gallery wall ourselves, put something on there, can't decide what I'm gonna put the desk is still a mess. And then same thing up there, the walls and we hung up that antler like I showed. And then I home my hats, my robe and put bag right there to challenge right there. I wasn't expecting this much closet space, so I didn't bring as many hangers as I should have. But so I have that bar right there on those bars and all the coins, their home. And then those are my shoes right there. I still have to organize like my food and trees and stuff. It's up there, but I've put like shorts and undergarments in that. And then we got a only body mirror because we thought we might have won and we didn't. So we went ahead. And so I just want to show now that we have a little more stuff in here. My roommate moved her bed like this. And I change this gallery wall to a little corner like this for me to do videos that went on in. And then I still just have my bed and my desk is still miss like always and then hung up all my clothes. I have I'm just saying that's our rug. I haven't put it out yet, and then we put the fridge on one of the things that storm or in and all her steps and bags, which is a really smart way for her to bring it. And I will do a warm tour. Um, sometime within the next week. Probably. So my roommate just went to dinner, so I'm just gonna finish up showing around what we've done with the dorm so far. And then that will be the end of this log. And I will go ahead and edit that Ariel. So as you come in over here, I'm just turn the switch and see what you see. So her clothes right here and then we got our fridge and little thing and the microwave, some storage up there. My clothes hamper. Shoes, towels, the betting that you seen, I cleaned off my desk a little bit. So does it better I put my Jr Carter slog back there. Now insert my code here for you, and then over here I have my little corner that I love. And I was gonna put my instagram and Twitter and all that right there. But I don't have enough tease to spell Twitter, so we'll see about that. Um, have my hat's on antlers right there. And then I just have some hooks with my totes in my robe thing right there. And we laid out our super cute rug and I'll just briefly go over hers just cause this is her space. And later I will do a more told room tour with, Like where I got things and what I'm storing where, like what? I'm storing all up there in these drawers and whatnot. So be on the lookout for that. Just a reminder that my outfit from today this is my Jalen broke tank and you can use my code. Oh, in nts you for 20% off and you can see this full tank, including the super cute back in my video that I just posted before this one. My Jalen broke mystery bag on boxing. So definitely check that out. So thank you so much for checking out today's flog. I plan to do a block post all about like my housing experiences freshman year. Once I finish with that, so definitely next year be looking out for that. But for now, you can just subscribe, like and comment and you can follow me on instagram. You can follow me on Instagram at price of the bunch Twitter, brightest otb. And so thank you so Hey, it's Olivia. If you're new here, I mean, Wesley fashion videos. And I love you too. Go ahead and subscribe. So I'm also a current student at N. C. State University. I'm in fashion textile management, and I'm currently in my back to school. Siri's If you have any questions or anything you want to see, please leave those down below. But today we're going to be talking about everything you need to know about college. So all of the basics, I'm just gonna be going through everything like meal plans, housing, busing, how classes are everything. And it's gonna be from my perspective, which is NC State specifically. But I would imagine that it's about the same throughout different colleges. So let's go ahead and get started. So the first thing I wanted to talk about is male plans because I had a few people asking about, like, the best things to eat in college and like, ah, specifically for NC state. But milk blends in general typically work how you have like your student, i d. This is the way it works in the state. So during orientation you'll get your student. I d. It'll have your photo your name, your student number like that kind of stuff. And use that to get into the dorm rooms and to use your meal plan. I think those are like the two main things. You also have to present it out like football games and stuff if you get a student ticket. So you just want to always have that with you because it's pretty important because you do need it to get into certain rooms and thing. Also, if you're like in the College of Textiles, I know if you're in design, you can open the design lob after hours with your card so your car just just really important. But you have your card, and there are different packages of meal plans that you could get. You could get a really big one or you can get a really small one. You get a medium sized one. You just want to kind of judge by how much you think you eat in a week. So it's going to kind of like track how much you eat before you go to school to try to figure out which meal plan works best for you and just kind of compare how much you eat, how much it will offer for the semester. But you also have the opportunity, at least NC state to switch your meal plan and tool like the end of September. They'll give you like a time period to figure out if this meal plan is working right for you. And if it'll still like a line with you using all of the swipes and whatever by the end of the year. So you have a little grace period that you can kind of figure everything out. But basically you'll be working with the dining rooms. Why more like food? Court style swipes like Not the dining halls, like the other restaurants wipes. And then you'll have, like a dining dollar system. So freshman year I had the everyday plan, and that was unlimited dining hall swipes. You could go to the dining hall as many times as you want, and we have. This is so horrible that I remember what they're called, but we have one that's nearly and then we have another one that's near Carmichael, and we have another one that is only open toe athletes in the afternoon. You can go there for breakfast and lunch. I think that is the case case you can go to for breakfast and lunch, but the athletes are only allowed to have it for dinner, and then we have, like, ones that are open to everyone on each end of the campus. So the dining hall swipes. I had as many of those I wanted for my everyday plain that I had freshman year. And then I also had 12 food court slides a week, which I prefer the food court. I'm just calling it that I don't know what it's actually called like the food court cell places more than I prefer the dining hall. So for us, that is tough use, which is like burgers and chicken tenders and stuff like that. Low slow Bos That's kind of like a chipotle, eh? In a way, we have Jason's Deli. We have a pizza place, those air, that's what then tally and then in tally. We also have Tali Market, which is like a little store that has ice cream. It has our ice cream place in it as well, and you can use at the little stores you can use dining dollars or mill slides. It just depends on what they allow their. But if you use a mill, swipe their that counsel's like a food court mill swipe again. So we have that. And then we also have Starbucks and Talley, and then we have P. C J Ports. The new job. Oh, we have those all over campus. It's just another coffee place. And then, if you go around a tally to the other side of your car, Michael, we have one earth, and it has a whole bunch of different. Like more healthy silo foods has, like Mediterranean and like Japanese and like a house like a food bar, have a whole bunch of food over there, and they have special. So sometimes I'll find things that I really like over there, so always remember to check them out. Sometimes they have weird hours, but that's what we haven't tally. And then over in the atrium near GHO Library, we have Chick fil A smoothie. You we have like a Chinese or Japanese place. I think it's Chinese. We have a rap place, and then we have another pizza place that also has, like Boston's on main campus. That's what you're picking from for your life. Food court mill slice is what I call it, So I prefer to eat at those places over the dining hall. And so for the meal plan I had freshman year that every day I only had 12 of those food court swipes a week, and then I had, like, 100 dining dollars. I think so. Basically used dining dollars if, let's say of our used my 12 mil swipe for the food court, that weak. But I still want to eat there. I can pay for it with dining dollars instead, or you're given certain like amounts of money that you're allowed tohave per mil swipe. So, like in the food court places, it's most likely like $7.25 or like roughly around in there depends on where you're eating. So let's say the solid at Chick fil A is always like way more expensive than it should be. So let's say I got a salad and I get, like, a drink and whatever, and it comes out to be like $8 in my mill slide only covers 7 25 Then I can pay that extra amount with my dining dollars. That's kind of like a breakdown of how the meal plan works for Assad into state, at least so that's the plan I had freshman year. Now that I live in an apartment around Centennial campus, I have the smallest plan that you can have, and I think that's like 100 or 1 50 food court slides and then, like 100 dining dollars as well. And I prefer that because I don't really eat in the dining hall's anyways. But whenever you're living on main campus and it's your first year and you're living in a dorm, I think that that everyday plan is a good one for you. So then you can always go to the dining hall if you need to, and you'll never run out of swipes over there. So if someone asked me specifically what I thought, the best places to eat on campus, where I definitely frequent Starbucks and Chick fil A the most, I do really like one earth. I just have a hard time getting over there during the hours that they're open. I don't know why I think that they have where it ours. They might know anymore, but I like they used to, So those are my favorite places. I really liked the Chinese Japanese place in the atrium at first, but then I got kind of sick of it. Over time, I'll get Jason's Deli whenever I just want a simple sandwich or something. Toughies is okay. I really ate that a lot back in the day, too, but it's like a go, too. But it's like I have not excited. Go to it if you know what I mean. Less Lobos is okay. It's not like the best Mexican place or triple twist all place I've ever been. But yeah, those are my go choose one more thing regarding mill plans. We have this app called tapingo T a P I NGO. All one word. You guys need to download it if you're coming to stay or everyone to the school that has it is a lifesaver. I promise. You just put in your information and it'll have your meal plan on it. And you can also add your debit card. If you want to add your debit card and then you just go and you can order anything from any of the stores or like any of the restaurants on campus, and then they'll get it ready for you. And I will notify whenever it's ready, and you can just go by and pick it up and keep going on your way. So if you like on your way to class, you want tapingo. Starbucks are Starbucks. You used to be a mess that they remodeled it. So it's great now and they have a whole section for, like, picking up in a whole section for ordering like they should. So it'll all be out there ready for you to grab and go. It's really convenient. I highly recommend that you download. It's my favorite thing. It's making me think that maybe I should do a video on, like the top 10 laps that you should download for college. So I think we should do that, too. But, yeah, tapingo you guys need So now I wanted to talk a little bit about housing. So at N. C State, you have to live on campus your first year as a freshman, you have to live on campus. So there are so many different styles that you guys can choose from a where to live, and I'm gonna be doing a whole video about how to survive living with your roommates, and I'll talk about this a little bit in that, too. But we have, like hall style dorms where it's like it's kind of set up like a hotel, so you each just have your own room. And then there's like two bathrooms at the end of each end of the hallway so that you guys share that. It's like communal living down there. And so I lived in a sweet style. I lived in Carol, which is one of the tri towers. It's right on the center of main campus, and I would recommend living in one of the tri towers. I really like that. So my sweet style was like we had five different rooms in this little pod, and there were like four pods on each floor, and then each pod had their own bathroom that we shared. And then down downstairs, we had like a kitchen and like a hanging out area. So that's kind of like held a sweet style where then we have apartments, but you have to be an upperclassman to live in the apartment center on campus, which a lot of people live in the off campus apartments, which are still on campus. They're just not through campus like you're not paying for it through N. C. State, if that makes sense. I live in Wolf, Bridget's on Centennial, where the textile and engineering classes are because it's the on campus apartment complex, and I use my financial aid to pay for it, and I know that I could get it to live in an off campus apartment complex, but it would be a little more complicated, so I just prefer living on campus so that I'm paying for everything with my financial aid in one place. So whenever it comes to applying for your dorm, but you might want to pick living with somebody that you already know, or you might want to try to find somebody that you can room with, or you might want to go with just a complete random. What I did freshman year was there was like a Facebook group that I could go into for my school and me other freshman that were incoming, and we would post something like, Hi, my name is Olivia. I cheered and played tennis in high school, and I'm gonna be in fashion. Textile management. Um, my favorite towers are blow a wall like this is where I hope to live like, blow up like little things about yourself. You can read with the other people wrote in, like reference that to figure out what you're gonna write. But that's what I did to find my roommate. I found her on Facebook, and then whenever we applied for living, we applied to have each other, and then we ranked three of our favorite like dorms that we wanted to live in. So whenever you do that, they prioritize your roommate as a freshman, they prioritize the remake that you chose, so you're most likely to end up with that. Remain. You just might not end up with your first choice of your dorm. It might be your second or your third, but you guys will probably more than likely end up together. So whenever you're a freshman, I don't feel like it's really that competitive. But once you start doing things like applying for housing, trying to get parking passes, figuring out your schedule, it gets really, really competitive at least inside say, I mean, it probably is like this at any school, but since we're so big, it is so competitive, and it's so hard to get what you want, like you have to be on top of it. It's like whenever I was reapplying for my apartment this year, I had a friend that I wanted to live with me. But since she lived off campus or sophomore year, NC State wouldn't let her just come back on her junior year. And we all have different, like time slots that we apply for things. And so your time slot is given to you based on how many credit hours you have so right whenever your time slot opens for things like enrolling for classes, getting parking, like I said or applying for housing, you want to do it that day that minute, because otherwise things will fill up. So like I said, I am in the apartment that I wanted to be in this year. But I didn't get to live with my friend because it was just too competitive and she couldn't get in same thing with parking. So as a freshman parking on campus were only allowed tohave parking in the residential storage lot, which is on Centennial campus. I think you can also now get a parking pass on Lee's lot if you live in Lee. But I lived in Carol and the only parking place that we were allowed to have his residential storage lot, which is Iran's continual campus. And it was so competitive. We had to be up and on the side at eight o'clock, typing in the information and paying for it. You have to pay for it straight off the bat. You can't use financial aid for that. And I had to do that again this year, applying for my own apartment parking. I was a wait listed for my apartment parking last year. So, like this year, I was on it and I was sitting there watching the website crashed for 30 minutes, and then I finally got it. And thank God I'm not wait listed because last year I was so paranoid that I was gonna end up without my car and be like, stranded on campus, which, as a freshman, it's not a big deal to not have your car because like you need that times like be in the college constantly and like you have all your meal plans. They're like, You're fine as a freshman, I think. But me personally, I need to be able to get out and go around town were like for the block and stuff. I like to go and take photos, but I also like to just be able to go and do things and not have to sit in my room all the time. So for me, I'm like, I have to have my car. So that was very stressful, because that's so competitive. And it's the same way with classes. I'm gonna do a whole video about how to survive college classes. It will come after this one. Probably go for everything that you're worried about with classes. I definitely recommend that you check out that video because it's like 30 minutes long gonna go into all the details. I just want to touch on how competitive and rolling for classes is because it just goes along with how competitive everything else could be. So, for me, whenever I was a sophomore, I had a junior standing because I have a little more credits than a sophomore would typically have, so you would think that that's pretty good. But apparently all the other sophomores my age have even more of a junior standing than me. So they had their enrollment, like a few days before mine. So whenever I went to enroll in all my classes that were in my car and click submit, it was like they were awful. So I had to go and I had to change everything and go back to my advisor. So just making sure that you're on time to sign up for things like that is really important and just have it in your head that things might not be exactly how you want them to be. But like it's college like I like. I'm like, I'm not living with the girl that I wanted to live with, But it's only a short period of time. It's not the end of the world. I'm gonna meet new people. I've problem make new friends, and I'm excited to meet new people. So just know that like it's not the end of the world. But things are really competitive, and you need to be on the website and doing what you need to do on the day you need to do it. So another thing that I wanted to talk about is buzzing at N. C. State. So if you're living on a big canvas, you might have to take the bus especially and see, say, if you're in engineering or college textiles, you will be taking the bus because, like I said, we have to separate campuses. One is engineering, college, textiles and the others. Everything else I have to consider things like how long it's gonna take me to get from Centennial Campus two main campus. Whenever I'm making my schedule and I need at least 30 minutes, probably 45 would be nice, but at least 30 minutes to get in between the campus and have time to get there on time and everything. So the way our bus system works is you just get on. It's just free. It's free to all its pretty the public. Anybody that wants to get on the bus can get on the bus. We have a nap. I'll show you guys. It's called Writer. I think it's called Trans Lock. It looks like that right there, all right. It won't focus, but I'll insert a screen shot of it. We haven't happened. Basically, you can go on the app and type and where you want to go, and it'll tell you what buses to take where. But once you're getting familiar with the buses and the bus stops and everything, it will become easier. You'll know what bust your waiting for what bus will take you where, like I'm always waiting for the eight or the four or the three, preferably the three, because it will take me right to my apartment, but you'll get used to it. But until then, you can look at the map of where the bus go. You can type in where you want to go, and it will tell you which buses would be easiest to take. And you can do things like look at when the bus will get there. How many minutes away it is stuff like that. So there's an app, and it's really helpful. But our bus system is just free. You just get on it and go some schools. You might have to present your idea or something, but are just just get on it and go Oh, and that goes into my friend Cayla on Instagram was asking if is the campus really as bad as it seems? With all the walking? Because N. C. State is huge, and I will say I was back there like last week, and hiking across that campus was exhausting to me, like I forgot how much walking I have to do at school. But whenever you're in the flow of things, you'll get used to it really quickly. You're just concerned about getting to your next class, and you won't even flinch. Once you're like, two weeks into it about having to walk across campus, you'll get used to it. At first. It is like, Oh my gosh, this is so far. But, like at the end of the day, I don't really It doesn't affect me that much. Like I wouldn't not choose NC State over it, you know what I mean? So, going along with this, you guys were worried about being able find your classes, which I feel like it's a valid concern. I always feel like that as well. So what I do is I get off the NC State map and I figure out where each of my classes are before I try to go and look for them. And then once I have it, like Math Out plan, I try to go and walk the campus and find them specifically so that I know exactly where I have to go, and I won't be like late on the first day or running around or anything. And I feel like that's a really great tactic to use also about classes in general y'all were concerned about, like the size of classes and different things like that. So at N. C State, at least you'll have classes that are really big classes like classes such as like, physics is one of the ones that I had a really big class of people in and like some communication classes, like, you'll have some classes where in this huge auditorium and like the teacher will not know your name. You might not even know his name. You guys will probably not communicate. It would just be like a huge room that you're just sitting and listening to. But then you also have more personal classes for your major. Probably like I do for my FTM classes. They're pretty small, and I feel pretty comfortable, like speaking out loud. I know the teacher. They know who I am. Also, my journalism minor clauses were having pretty small cost. Well, we can just sit and talk to each other, so you'll get both sides of it. And I don't really think that having a big Klaus is that bad necessarily. But I do prefer my FTM constance, but I feel like that's just because of the subject. I just prefer that subject over, like physics and stuff like that. But it probably is helpful to be able to communicate with your teacher a lot easier and like working a smaller stunning for some people. If you're struggling with a big cloth, I just recommend asking about, like, office hours and like tutoring sessions and going to things like that. I did that my freshman year, and I found that very helpful. I just thought of something else, and it's a little thing, but the laundry people are always like Don't you need like quarters and, like don't you have to pay for the laundry and anti state the laundry spring? At least I don't know if it's like that. Other schools you might have to use your card or something, but I didn't see say it's completely free and it's located in the dorms at the bottom of your like residence hall. Yeah, but you don't want to, like, leave your stuff in the laundry down there and those residents holds because people might take it. I mean, you'll just have to fill out the situation. But I wouldn't recommend leaving like super valuable things in the wash for a long period of time or overnight or anything like that, because it is like public and anybody can access it. So that's how the laundry is. But let me just tell you, once you get to college, you're gonna be avoiding doing the laundry as much as possible and re wearing things until they're not re wearable anymore, because the laundry takes forever. And you don't realize that whenever you're at your house and it could just run while you do other things. But whenever you're like sitting down there with it, you realize it takes forever. But they have, like a study lounge near our laundry room and Carol, at least so helpful. So I feel like that's kind of the general thing that you would be worried about starting into college right after that. If you have anything else I'm going to do, answering your questions and concerns videos to leave those down below. But I also just wanted to touch on internships and study abroad. These air really good opportunities that I felt needed because these are really good opportunities. I feel Acuna, but these are really good opportunities I feel like you need to take while you're in college. So first, let's talk about internships because I actually hot an internship this summer. I did a video about how I got my internship, and I hope to do one. Recap in my internship is well, so make sure to subscribe to see that, but you can get credit for internships while you're in college. You can do unpaid internships or paid internships for credit. So then you'll get like a school credit for it, and you won't have to take a clock. And they highly recommend that you do that. I think that college is a great time to get some work experience with. Bigger brands are at a higher level by being there in turn, you know, working for the inside side of a brand rather than just working their retail setting, You get what I'm saying. So looking for internships, starting your sophomore year is a good idea. Going to the career foreign stuff is helpful, but it might not be as helpful with finding internships because they're mostly looking for students that are about to graduate and are looking to be hired. So you really don't want to go in there and, like, waste their time by just saying like Hi, I'm a freshman and I just want to know about internships like some of our classes may just do that, and I absolutely hated it. So I recommend, like Googling the different types of internships that you're looking for and seeing what comes up. That's what I did. And like I said, you could get credit one time. If you want to you and then you can also do an internship, prepare whatever, but I think it's really helpful for your career to take those experiences while you're still in college and are expected to have much experience. So the other thing that I want to talk about it study abroad, which I will be talking about more on my channel because I hope to study abroad myself this coming spring. But I just want you guys to keep an open mind about it and to research about it whenever you're going into college, because it's another really great opportunity that you might not get again. You know, it's a good time to explore the world and still be doing what you're supposed to be doing for that time frame. You know, without taking like a gap year or anything like you can still be on track to graduating by studying abroad. I recommend this because it's most likely going to cost the same amount as it costs to go to college anyways, or if you're like an out of state student or something. The tuition at the colleges abroad are most of the time cheaper than out of state tuition is. So make sure that you're looking into study abroad and like what's available on your campus and making sure that you're saving the classes that you should be saving for your study abroad and just ask your advisor. You'll probably have like an intro class or I know orientation. They have like a presentation about it that you could go to, so you might want to do that as well. But I just want you guys to keep that in your mind and take advantage of that opportunity because it's a really great opportunity. All right, so that's all I have to share with you guys today. I'm sorry that it took me a minute a few times. Lily kept barking, and I just had to keep repeating the same sentence over and over until she stopped. If you guys have any other questions or concerns or anything that you want to see from me during this back to school season, please leave that down below. And I will make sure to feature in an upcoming video to make sure that you subscribe So they don't miss those videos and give this video a thumbs up. And I will see you guys next time. they all? It's Olivia. Welcome back or having you here. My name's Olivia and I make mostly fashion videos, so make sure just described for more. So I said, I make mostly fashion videos, but I also do college related content because I am a freshman in college at N. C. State University, and today I'm going to be sharing what I got in my college care package. So my mom set up a plan with all the members of my family where each person has, like, a month, and they send me stuff and it's really sweet, and it's always really exciting to get the package. And I'm super thankful for everything that everyone has sent me. I just got this huge package from my dad's girlfriend's mom. I call her Gammy, So think he's so much to her for sending me all of this. And today I just decided to share with you guys because I know that there's like a ton of information on Pinterest about what people get in their college care package, and I've just never seen anybody share one on YouTube, and I just thought that that would be a fun idea because I know, a lot of my followers are about to go to college and are curious about things like this. Let's go ahead and just get started. She sent me two different types of Girl Scout cookies, which everyone everyone loves. Girl Scout cookies. It's always so exciting to get them. I used to be a Girl Scout, and I just always loved whenever they're cookies come around. So she got me the caramel delights, which I didn't used to like these. But they're Doug's favorite, and he made me try them. And now I really do like them. They have coconut on them, and I'm one of those people that, like the texture of coconut, I just cannot stand like it. It's not even the flavor. It is the texture, like coconut cake that has the coconut sprinkled on top like I can't the part that's on top because the texture just drives me insane. But it's not that in these cookies are all actually love these. I've already started eating them, and then she also sent me the peanut butter patties, and I love these Also, these have always been my favorite since I was little. She also sent me a big pack of, or Yemenis. Two packs of the gun, ese. The little worms, those in my favor. I've already started eating one pot and then she also sent me a pack of Skittles. Always loved 1/2 candy in my dorm that she sent me this little picture frame and how it was just like a little clip where you could add a photo to it. But I haven't added one yet. It just says you are flying and create Kurt. You are inspiring and courageous on it. I thought it said creative at first, but it says core ages Court angels excited to add a photo to it. But I don't have one with me at school, so I'm gonna have a print one out. But I'm excited to set another photo because I just have one up right now and I feel like in college the sabotage photos up and I just have one. Next. She sent me a little pack of sticky notes, and I'm excited about these because this is how isn't it like the worst? Whenever your memory card runs out or your camera just decides to stop recording in the middle of the video because yeah, that's what just happened. I was talking about these sticky notes that she sent me. I'm super excited about them. I used them to plan out Block Post. If I have already said that, um, I just write what I want a post on the blogger on YouTube on the sticky now and then put it on the calendar in my agenda where I think I'm gonna post it. And then if I change my mind, I could just pick it up, move it, try to plan out my blood coast. But currently, I'm just sort of been doing what I want. I need to really sit down and plan it out, but I haven't yet. But if you're someone that writes in your agenda and you get really no one whenever you have a scratched up out because that's me taking notes were great solution for things that might be subject to change, because then you could just pick it up and move it without having to scratch out anything on your agenda. And then the next thing she sent me was the super cute little pineapple note pad that's gonna be good for like taking notes and things like that. And next he sent me these really fun magnets. They just say, like, girls have more fun and more sparkle, please. And then they just have little stripes and polka dots. So we have a fridge and we might put these on there, or we also have a whiteboard on our door that we might put these on. Speaking of white boards, she sent me these Expo dry erase markers and they have a bunch of really pretty colors, which will be nice because right now we just have the black one and marry my Jenna always likes to draw super cute stuff on it for, like, the holidays and stuff. So it will be fun to have a colorful one he used. And I'm super excited about these. Next you just sent me a fresh and a pack of Kleenex is getting little hygiene. Things like this is always good as well, if you call me and there wasn't like a ton of stuff that I needed. But if there's something that you know that your college student news, it's always good to sin or if it's something that you just know they're going to run out of or need eventually. That's also give us end, because none of us really want to go out and buy things like this for ourselves. So snacks are great for care packages because even though we have so many options in the dining hall and the food court's, we do get tired of the food. And it's not fun to spend all of your dining dollars in the vending machine. And because I know last semester I ran out of dining dollars. So I always love having like, sex and candy and things like that little macaroni and stuff like that. I still have a ton of that, and I love having that stuff. But then, any time of hygiene stuff is also good to send. But it's also fun whenever you get a little surprise. So my surprise was in this box, and it is just a hair of the, um, mittens are air mops of hair of the dog, ear muffs. They're so soft and so excited have these they're like the lights. Wait and then there's like a little buckle on them right there, and these will be great scheme. Might years warm around campus because the win over the wind blows. I've always like freezing, and I'm really excited to probably Salvi's on the plug, and it's an Alexis acute and on Instagram and all that stuff. So I'm really excited about these. So that is all I got in this camp package. Thank you so much to everyone that has been sending me packages I always love whenever I have a package. It's like, so exciting because they send you a little email that sound stairs and you get to go down there and get it. And it's always my favorite email to receive. So thank you so much to everyone that's been doing that for me. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did make sure to subscribe and like this video. Like I said, I do a lot of fashion videos. But I've also done several college videos so you can check out those. I talked about my sorority rush experience, and I did like a Q and any recently. So I have all of that, and I also do outfit of the week's every weeks. I do show what I wear here all the time, you're interested in that. Make sure you check that out. And if you're not following me on social media, that's also on the next lad. And I share stuff on that like every single day. So if you want to keep up with me, make sure to follow me on social media. But that is all I have today. Thank you guys. So much for watching and by guys. Hey, y'all, it's Olivia. If you're new here, I make Miss Lee fashion videos, but also a current student at N. C. State University. And I would love for you guys to go ahead and subscribe. So today we're doing one of the most requested videos, and that is going to be a game day vlog. I've made the very last minute decision to go to the game, and it is our homecoming game. So, yeah, we're gonna do the block. I will not be going to any tailgating because I just, like, don't have a group of people to go with like I did last year. So it will solely be like in the game. Flogging hurt my little gross. Okay, it'll be only like in the game blogging. I'll try to show you guys like our tailgate area because I know that look different. Schools do it differently. We have, like a whole lot outside of the stadium. There's like three or four different lots. There's like ones for, like alumna. And then there's like one for, like Greek life, like students and a place for like families. And if you brought your car and there's like different lots. I know, like I went to a Chapel Hill game last year and all of theirs Waas like, split up. It was kind of weird to me. We were tailgating and, like the back of a fraternity, like at a parking lot, the side of fraternity that, like people that I was with were in like whenever they were in college. They were in it. That was a little weird to me. I definitely love how NC State doesn't where everyone is, like, basically together. Like there's all different lot. But we're all, like outside Carter Finley Stadium. You don't have to drive to the stadium like you tell gate where you part I got trouble. Hell, I don't know if we just didn't do it this way. I don't know if, like, this is an option, and we just didn't do it that way. But we like Like I said, we tell you behind that fraternity and then we had to drive to the stadium and park and walk and didn't tell Gateway report doesn't make sense. I prefer the way that we do it. I don't know how other schools really do it, cause I've only been to a few other schools. Games like, Yeah, I will take you guys along with me. Yeah, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go. Here is what I'm wearing to the aim and wearing this Princess Polly ribbed bodysuit. It's really hard to see, but there's like detail ing right there. It's like an outline underneath. I don't know. It's so hard to see and then my read it. Can you Scott, necklace this red cardigan? I ended up finding this. If you guys were watching my vlog that I was looking for one of these. I found this Charlotte Reus and the tag said that it was $30 but it was also for 12 so I was really happy about that. Oh, and the spider suit also has, like, not at the top, like with ties. And then I'm just wearing these black jeans and my cowboy boots, almost unaware, like friend G earrings and a red and black. And why Lily and Laura Brace. hail if you are new here. My name is Olivia and I good NC State University. I am a junior and fashion textile management. And today I'm going to be sharing a few fun bags as well as some frequently asked questions that I've gone about in C State. So first, I just wanted to share some fun facts about our history that I found on N. C. State's website yourself that these were really interesting and I had heard a few of them before, but something that I didn't know. So versus that our original name was North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. I knew that we were big, like ag school, but I didn't know that Mechanic Arts, which I'm assuming this kind of like engineering and architecture and stuff like I didn't know the thought was a part of our original name. Next was that our original colors were pink and blue. If you are not familiar, we are now red and black. I had her before that we were originally pink and blue and understand that's a really interesting color combination and completely different from red and block. Another fun fact is that from 18 92 2 In 1910 the athletics teams were heard to as the farmers, the mechanics, the Aggies and the tags. And then, from 1910 to 1919 the basketball team was known as the Red Terrors, and they had a bull terrier named Togo that was the mascot. And then, as time went by, the name Wolf Pack came from a student publication newspaper on campus that refer to our football team as an unruly pack of wolves. And then they changed us to the Wolf Pack. After I believe it was in 1946 the chancellor asked the students what we should change our name to. And ever since that publication I came out, they had started calling the football team the wolf Bats, so they decided to change to that. And then another fun fact is that they came out with the female version of the Wolf Pack, our mascot whenever they added women's athletics to the college. So another fun fact, not really about the history, but just about our school. In general, our acceptance rate is 40% but our graduation rate it's 75%. I feel like that is pretty good. That does show that it's kind of hard to get into NC state with a less than 50% acceptance tree. But our graduation rate is pretty good, I would say so now, getting into the questions that I've had as mainly is how hard of the classes or how are the classes in general, And I honestly think it depends on just what you're learning. Habits are as a student, but I think it also depends on major your ends. Like for me, I feel like my major isn't really that difficult. Like in high school, they talk about how much harder college will be. And in my opinion, it's not that the class is a really that much harder that the teachers aren't that much stricter. Like honestly, I had teachers in high school that were stricter than the professors that I have now. So to me, it's not really that the difficulty with college, in my opinion, is that you've completely uprooted your life and you're living somewhere else, and it's not like you need your parents around like help you. But I always thought that that's what people meant whenever they were like they can't handle being on their own. It's not that it's more that it's such a change that learning to balance everything you're experiencing is a little difficult, especially at first. But as faras, the classes go. Some classes are harder than others, and like some you'll need to spend a lot of time on some. You won't need to spend a lot of time on another thing that's really different whenever you come to colleges that you only have class probably twice a week, and it's probably an hour and 15 minute class. So really, you only meet for two and 1/2 hours a week with that class. So there's a lot of content that you may need to cover on your own while you're at home. You just need to figure out what class you really do need to like, be reading the text book every night and like working really hard at home on and what costs you might not need to work as hard at home on. So I recommend looking at your syllabus and finding out the great distribution. So how much of your test count towards a great is that? 20% is a 10% like what is the percentage that test count towards your overall grades? That you know how important tests are and what are the big portions of your grades like homework is a huge portion than you know. You need to work really hard on your homework and make sure to get good grades. I would also look at how your tests are formatted and especially if you're allowed to have, like, a page of notes or your textbooks. So, like I have an online class, which those do require a lot more work on your own. But this online cause that I have right now, whenever we take our tests, we can have one front back sheet of cheat notes, and then we can have our textbooks. So I honestly don't have to put in that much effort for this class just because of the resource is that we're allowed to have during the test. But I thought online causes in the past where you couldn't have anything and I had to read like every little piece of the textbook that I could read like I took a class over the summer that had so much reading but if I did, it paid off and I got good grades on the test. Same within person classes, some classes you'll know like I got this. I don't need to work as hard and the other classes. You'll have to teach yourself to study for the way that I stayed. The bus is to rewrite because I need to memorize over and over. I've never forget one of my teachers in high school said that whenever you rewrite something 12 times, it's in your memory forever. That was like the best thing he ever taught us, and that was like the one thing that I remember. So I always make, like a practice test filled with all the answers and then a practice test without the enters. And I'll rewrite the one with the answers until I feel like I know it well enough to take the one without the answers. If that makes sense, so some classes will require more work. But honestly, I think that high school was so much more work than colleges because you're out school, make eight hours a day. I can't believe I did it because I would go to school for eight hours a day. I have tennis practice for two hours after, or if it was like a tennis match or cheerleading than I could be gone until 9 p.m. You know, I would be constantly go, go, go, And I would get home and write papers for my English classes that I had and stay up until, like, two in the morning writing papers, then wake up in eight and do it all again. I don't think I could do that now. And it's all just because, like your routine gets completely the right off whenever you move to school. I wouldn't worry too much about the classes. There's definitely causes that I've avoided taking here, such as chemistry, because that's really difficult. And physics I almost passed. But chemistry, physics, those type of things, like Super Matthew super science classes aren't really my thing. I perform better with E like ftm consumer behavior marketing, like advertising classes that I've had, rather than the more Matthew ones. Like I know I do bad with, like, math and science. So that is the tip you could take costed out your community college that you think you might not do well here and, yeah, that's what I recommend. You'll get used to it. It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Another question is about the campus size. So we actually have two camps is we haven't been campus that has almost everything on it. And then we have Centennial campus that I am on a lot, and I live on and on sentinel campus. We have the qualities textiles and the college of engineering. So if you're in either of those, you'll be over here. We have a really nice library. We have a food court. Sometimes you'll have to take tests at Delta over here. If you're taking an online class, you might have tests over here, so the camps itself. It's pretty big. We have to use buses to get around, which is pretty common, But the bus can take like an hour to make its full circle, depending on which one you get on your trying to get quickly from Centennial domain, I recommend the engineering bus, which is currently the number three, because it goes the bosses you can get between campus and like seven minutes, so the campus is pretty big. But as far as classes. You can have anything from a auditorium room filled with tons of people, and the professor will not know your name. Or you could have a class of small as my boyfriend had a class that only had three people in it. So it can be really all over the place. Your classes that are like chemistry, math, physics, things that everyone for the most part is required to take will have a ton of people in them. And then you're more major specific or minor. Specific classes will have less people in them. So, like my journalism causes are probably the smallest cost of that I've been in journalism is my minor. If I didn't mention that. So the class size convey Ari as well as for, like a big campus of people. You'll find that you'll recognize people on campus that you cross paths with a lot, but you'll never know everybody like it's not that kind of smell, like the small town I grew up in, like there's tons of people, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. It's just an adjustment. So another question was what I recommend living on campus or off campus, so I haven't lived off campus. I've lived on campus every single year so far. Just because I find that it's easier to work out my financial aid if I'm living on campus rather than like waiting on to come back in, trying to get the money to pay for an off campus housing. Like in my situation. It works out better for me to live on campus. But also, if you're a freshman, you're required to live on campus here. But if for some reason like if you're transferring in, this is your first year or if you just want to be really involved on campus, I recommend living on campus because it will put you right in there with everything that's going on. Also, like, I personally would love to live by myself. But I know if I did that, I would just like seclude myself from everything. So I like to live on campus and have roommates. They're just like no other people, you know. So I think it's really good to live on campus, but a lot of people do you move off campus there. Sophomore junior year. I just chose to stay on campus because that's what works. All this for me? Yeah. So I'm just going a lot of comments about how is the campus since so it was spread out. You get used to it, you'll figure it out really quickly. Like I laugh at myself looking back to like, whenever we were visiting before we actually got here me and my boyfriend walking around, having no idea where we were. We ended up on the far side of campus that, like some softball fields, and we're trying to get back to tally, and just that it was such a foreign thing. I feel so funny to me because you get used to it. And the biggest thing is thought, you just can't have like, 15 minutes in between classes. If you're coming from Centennial Campus two main campus, you want to make sure you have, like, 30 to 45 minutes to get in between there just in case. So I've also got some questions about social life and the party scene and all that. So I really don't go to that many parties. I've been a few times, but I just haven't really been in like a friend group where people go out all the time. I went out with my roommates at the beginning of the year, and it was a lot of fun. But I don't know if it's like every weekend type of thing for me. You know, in my eyes I think that Greek life is really big here. Some people might not agree, but I think that it is. And like there's broad parties, of course, all that stuff, game days, a really big thing for us. Tailgating is a really big thing for us. But there's other things that you could do is well. There's tons of different clubs, like anything that you could want to be involved in. There's a club for it and you'll meet people in your major because once you get, like, really into your major, you're probably have classes with the same people. So I did a whole video on this, but the things that I do most often are, I like to go out and explore Raleigh. Of course, I like to take pictures because I have a blogger, but I also like to go to the mall. We have Crabtree. It's not that far away From here we have Cameron Village. It's good shopping as well. I like Teoh go to the football games like it said those really big. I've also been to hockey games through and see stay. And we have the Hurricanes here in Raleigh sub in some of their hockey teams as well. And I went to the State Fair whenever it was here. So that's really fun that the Sabres in Raleigh, there's tons of things you could do it. I mean, I still don't know every little part of Raleigh. I still find new things every day. So if you're into the party scene and all that, there's definitely that if you want to go downtown and go to bars and something is definitely that if you want to go to the tailgate, there's suddenly a really fun tailgate. But if you want to do things that aren't partying, we have tons without as well. So I feel like that. It's just a really good round up of everything at and see say so. Hopefully that helped you guys out. I will see you guys next time. Hi, everyone. My name is Kareena and I am a junior at North Carolina State University. Go back. I am majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing. I'm also member with, Say, Looks honest. Program. Ah, a little bit about my school. If one of 16 state schools with Carolina, it's actually one of the biggest but 30,000 year old sow. The campus is huge. It's beautiful. I love it there. I been there for two years and I've loved every minute of it. It's okay. Holly, North Carolina It's about 10 minutes from downtown, and it's a really great location. So much do within walking distance. But we're also going to our beach in a very dry from the mountains. And so it makes your fun weekend trips to the mountains. Fun time with Frank for days. Put hair on Is ever seen nice love morning with friends way back in the ballgame because they're everyone loathe. There's so much support from such a pretty campus. There's so much to explore. Some spots, a thing out. Our tally. Which student union? They're allowed to put their friends out a little. Here, everyone, No. If it's on campus, which not like, you know, about time. My little secret from the point of Java and Nelson Call, which is very college engagements, located the jobless coffee chain in North Carolina and have someone campus can be pretty crowded, especially in Cali. But the one in Nelson. It's crowded because something go there, so I like to go there already. Coffee thinks it's also beautiful out where patios where I am probably about 95% of the time. I don't recommend checking it out. Another face that study at three. Your library on campus. It's beautiful there so you could study. Just go out on the patio and study for my test that I have coming. So if you're thinking about a line there, I don't recommend it has very little like the last two years here, and I can't wait for the Nice to think I don't think I've ever been more excited to make it video in my life. Wait. The reason why I'm so excited to be making this video today is because for pretty much the past year, I've been planning to document records from these moments that have happened throughout my college application experience and throughout this whole process. You know, going through my senior year of high school, I think the coolest part about it has been the fact that I'm unrestrained and I can finally let go wherever I want. Choose where I want to go to college for the next four years of my life, where I wanna live and study. And I think this is so cool for me because growing up as a kid, I'm from state to State city, a city for my parents work. And, you know, I never really got that decision of where I wanted to go. Just kind of like you follow me, I follow you and now it's like I'm free at the same time. You know, the most important thing about college is going to apologies excited for and has the major that you're really interested in and for me. You know, high school just really opened my eyes to like the amount of things that await in college. Like, you know, they're taking challenge classes, extracurriculars and clubs and sports high school, like realizing that that's like nothing compared to the college scale of things just like it just explodes. That college is insane has, like every tool at your disposal and, like high school, is just like a little taste of that. That's why I'm so excited to go anyway. So for my major in college, I declare political science for every single application, and right now I don't even know if that's where I want to do any more. But that's the awesome about freshman year in college, and that's what's got me so hyped up about it, because Freshman Year's for opening up those opportunities, like discovering what you want to do, is like the possibilities are endless anyway. So throughout this entire process, you know, with that in mind, I wanted to, you know, go to a school, was versatile and had all the right tools and options for me succeed climbing nine different schools, you know, pretty high. I'm out, but I want my options open and those air inclusive of George Mason University, University of Minnesota American University, George Washington University, Duke University, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Davidson College and University of Arizona. So, in applying and getting my decisions for some of those schools, I recorded some of the admissions process and decision stuff that played into that. So that further do I'm gonna roll some of those. Welcome to the college law, guys. Let's see if our decision is it. Let's go. It's not working. All right, This is my second acceptance letter. My first was George Mason, and I got accepted there, so let's see. I gotta get my password is loaded. This is so anticlimactic. Okay, I'm gonna do eat all the history and cookies and every single thing you know, dirty. Look at this. What is this? What is all this? Hammer down. Put the camera down. None of that big X completely. Is that the right way? Or is it this way? It's simply that big cancer sign loaded on my phone before loaded on the computer. Oh, my gosh. It's sensitive forever. It takes so long. You get the camera on, though, because it's gonna like load in five minutes. Uh, new. I'm excited. That's my excited face. Oh, yes, yeah. Stab North Carolina State University. I'm pleased to offer you admission to the university. You should feel extremely five year seven says to stay since competition for the space that Scott's very strong and emissions only offer to those students who show great promise. Please save my personal congratulations for outstanding achievements. And he said, What's up? I'm back. So after, like immediately opening the U. N not human, see Wow, Still sucking my mom. After initially opened the NC State acceptance letter, I just got a notification from University of Minnesota on my email telling me to check my application decision, and I got in there, too. So I'm three for three right now. Super excited. I really, really, really, really like my options right now, and I'm just costing my fingers for you and see so we'll see what happens next. Some 33 It's two fingers, three for three on colleges, with 1/4 on the way for you and see this week. So we'll see how that goes from the number one school. My dream school my entire life, and we'll see if I get it. I will catch you guys another night. Yeah. Go. Oh, okay. Just got a new status update. Put him with this. Just like moving around against Wait, wait. So I just cook view update, and then it just does it. All right, so Okay, guys, this'd Davidson College. This is my sixth acceptance letter or rejection letter. Cross our fingers for acceptance. Did a prayer. Everything possible. But whatever happens, happens, and I'm prepared for it. So here we go. Wait. Listed. I got wait listed. That's not bad. Okay, so it is. What's the date? Yeah, it's March 26th. D w really, sir. Decisions at five. And I thought, hey, if I log in 15 minutes early, then I can get my decision earlier. But unfortunately, they kicked me out, and now I'm trying along back in, and it's just giving me the dots. So we're gonna wait on that, and then I will update when those dots are not there anymore. So yeah, I did, like at the beginning. Okay, So decision is, in my view of you are, let's view my G w decision Yes, yes. Presidential academics. Yes. We are delighted to welcome you to the George Washington uber's coming college Artisan science. Just we're going t Congratulations. Yeah, All right. G w An American University down in the span of 10 minutes. March 26 2018. My final decision is from Duke on Thursday. So I will see you guys then. Today's a very special day because it is Thursday, March 29th 2018. And I'm about to open my ninth and final decision letter from Duke University Online on the computer. It is 7:10 p.m. Time for number nine. Let's get it, we go. So Logan is with really regret that I must tell you we will not. I'll be able to offer you a place in the class entering Duke this fall. I realize it's disappointing news. I want to assure you that our decision was not an easy one. 37,000 applications for 1700 places. Shoe volume only could admit small percentage of students we found appealing. I'm an outstanding man, though, so it says, and it's time to make my real decision where I want to go to college. So in summary after filming some of the decisions. That video I end up getting wait listed at Davidson, which eventually, after I found out the summer I was declined, didn't make any of the weightless spots. But it was called away. This is from, you know, that's pretty least school that was cool. North Carolina State University got my big acceptance. George Washington University got accepted in the Colombian College of Arts and Sciences with a scholarship, got accepted in the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts, got accepted into George Mason University honors college with scholarship, got accepted in the American University School of Public Affairs with scholarship. Got accepted in the University of Arizona and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences with scholarship. And I got rejected from Duke and rejected from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Now I just want to say that the scholarships for great and all but first of all, there for out of state students, mostly because the colleges are insanely expensive. So the only one that even came close aide in state schools was the University of Arizona. All the other ones were literally like 50 grand or above like it was crazy. It was crazy the amount of money some of these colleges wanted per year. So in short, I eventually ended up deciding on after much, much, much consideration. I would be attending North Carolina State University for the upcoming semesters into the class of 2022. For political science Dangles Long the majors that shows North State University is because, well, first of all, is the only in state school I got accepted to. So paint Person Great. I decided that the programs were fitting to my needs, political science as well as crew development programs, excellent staff, excellent teachers, tons and tons of clubs and activities get involved in. And overall, it's like an amazing school for me and great people just meeting everyone orientation just so down to earth. Chill. I'm gonna love it there already. this'll video specifically geared towards you. Incoming and current seniors in high school who are just lost stress confused at the crazy, annoying parts of the application process. You know the essay submitting test scores like extra careers, all that stuff. And I wanted to share with you all that information from my high school career and the challenges I face to give you some insight in case you have similar majors, interests or colleges in mind. So I know the first thing you guys are gonna be caring about GP and test scores, you know, obvious factors to get into college. And instead of just boring you my face, I'm gonna make your visual. I think so. This is an overview of my high school career and experience to help you guys understand where I'm coming from and High Blood college. So first of all, my g p A. Which is forcing your year because this stuff that put after that patient accounts 3.67 unweighted in a four for waited. That's due to Aton of a P and honors credit work, even though I got a C in physics. So it all balances out from test scores only took the A C T, but it ended up getting a 32 composite Super score with a 31 and a 30 on the two AP tests. I took and there are my scores right there. Good stuff. So next up are the activities and hobbies. Part took it in high school, and one of the biggest aspects of my life in high school was volunteering, which is a major major key for colleges. Colleges are always looking for stuff like volunteering and consistent mission work. If you're involved in a church or not, always be serving people weekly. So every day in Oregon, I would go to a soup kitchen, Bethlehem in soup, kitchen and serve homeless people. And aside from that, I would also do summer mission trips and work at camps over the winters and spring supertec in baseball. They want to see that you have a balanced life. So at baseball freshman year, I wasn't very good. But, you know, I started half again, so pretty fun from it. I was a liaison going into my new school junior year, showed new students around school and I thought that from experience I'd be a pretty good thing for me to do simply because they all know where I'm coming from, and I know where they're coming from. Um, I also went Thio National Leadership Forum was a little government internships as camp up and you see, we did a bunch of cool simulation events, and it's the main thing to help me decide that I wanted to do political science as my intended major for college. Early Start thought at the time. Another activity that really influenced my outlook in high school was taking newspaper class junior and senior year when I moved back to North Carolina. Really help me to open up my writing abilities more on, obviously something that's been staying with me. Stop with nine filmmaking and documentaries. I did a bunch of stuff for the basketball team junior year in somewhat senior year, a CZ well as making like a detailed video analysis from newspaper and doing several interviews and documentaries for that. But the most important thing through all of this is that you find your hobbies and what makes you happy and what you want to do in high school because this is the perfect time to be exploring that kind of stuff. You know, if you want to play on the basketball team, start playing basketball pickup ball. Start practicing doing workouts. If you want to get better at, you know, Spanish class hire a tutor joins all the clubs you can and make a bunch of friends and those that have similar interests as you do, and you'll find you'll have a much easier and much more fun time in high school To universally summarize. However, there are three big tips that will help you immensely in your success and both applying for colleges and making sure you have the best high school experience possible. So first tip first rule of thumb that I can give you is to take classes pertaining to strength. It's okay to want to challenge yourself, you know, to grow in high school through rigorous AP courses and honors courses. But make sure those air courses that you're not only interested in but you also believe will help you have the best chance at advancing in your major if you have one in mind for college number to get credit for your hobbies. If you like playing baseball, play on the team and talk about that in your application of common app. Has 10 activities. Thoughts for you to fill out. So you might as well fill him up all with stuff that you're interested in and stuff that you actually did with other people. When can grow in and submit and get credit for the final thing that you can get ahead in high school. If you want to challenge yourself and prepare for college and get ahead of the curve is to load up your schedule of those AP such Ivy's whatever your high school does. If you get ahead in those classes, you can actually get credit towards college classes that you won't have to take going in freshman year. And in some cases you can get up to like, a whole semester off star slow. Take it easier first couple years, and if you like it, load him up more than your junior in seniors. So apart from those universally interesting things such as extra group activities, test scores, GPS, stuff like that, I wanted to go into some more niche subjects for maybe some of you younger high schoolers will take more classes and deciding what you want to do. So in high school it took eight AP courses, and I tested for seven because physics was the hardest cost I ever took. Anyways, I pulled up my AP scores right here because I wanted to be super transparent and detailed in the scores I got and what it could do to get into college. Most colleges, except a three year above on the AP, scores like super elite ones like Ivy Leagues and, like stuff like UC Berkeley. Stuff like that except like a four or higher, maybe five. But regardless, like if you're a three like doesn't matter. Don't stress out too much about the test scores, even if you get it to some colleges will accept those. And on the bottom line, you're taking these because you're knowledgeable and you need to test your knowledge of this stuff. You wanna get smarter. So a T end of the day. It's a win win for this stuff. A za freshman took AP human geography, and I got a three on that exam software. Here I took the United States history exam. My favorite teacher, Mr Pearce, shot for watching this video right now. because your hands down the best teacher I had in high school and wrote me a letter. Recommendations to thank you very much. And coincidently, I got five on that exam. 2017 junior year. I took three, obviously excluding physics in AP English language and composition. I got four statistics. I got a four world history. I got a 3 2018 senior year. Doesn't count towards stuff you put in the common apple. Regardless, it is super helpful for college and getting those credit hours done with. So I got four on the computer sides Principles. Examine a three on the English literature and composition exam. If you're one of those people that, like, has her whole life mapped out like sophomore year Nice. Will you decide? Oh, you know, I'm gonna be a zoologist. Take AP classes related zoology. I don't know what crosses go towards you. All the statistics take statistics. Draught in get a decent score on the exam. 345 Whatever. And send that in. And boom, You already have stuff toward your major done. Before you even started college. It's awesome. Another thing I wanted to point out is that I had help with my common application essay and college exploration options as a whole. I didn't go through this process myself, actually had a professional Help me with it of a college counselor named Janet Martyrs on Dhe, she is from Stanford University. I'll actually linker in the video because she helped me out so much. But this book follow your interests to find the right college by her and her husband is actually one of the best pieces of reading material you can have for college. It went over a detailed list of every single college for every single major, like deep, comprehensive like words, you see how many words each page has like It's insane. She has a clientele list of people who ended up going on Stanford, Yale in America and all these crazy cool colleges. So the common app usually gives you like six or seven topics to write about. You have to pick. One of the one I chose is sure, and I say on any topic of choice. So I did the versatile on a regular literally just write about whatever. Basically, what I chose for my essay is just something I enjoy, like something else passionate about something I knew I could write well about. So I ended up just running about the outdoors. A backpacking So it starts out with my life is a story on any change. I was seven. I was enjoying stuff. So I go through this thing and I write about, like, this book. I read stuff and I just say in spite of all the changes in my life, my one constant is backpacking, and that's my thesis. And I just write about background and it was awesome, like I just worked out like a hobby. I do like it's chill and like, it's a constant my life. And I love writing about Don't okay, Don't write about one time experiences like that. One time I threw like the past in, like the football game, or like the one time I went on that mission trip. Those things are great, like, don't get me wrong, but you want to worry about something. It's like a constant your life that, like, kind of shapes you as a person or like has helped you discover new things in life instead of just like a one off. And they just wanted by right about something that's been constant throughout your high school career, so people can really get to know you as a person with your hobbies are. Wow. Anyways, guys, thank you so much for tuning into this video about my complete college guide in the comments. Please let me know if I missed anything. If you have any future questions, I'm also more unhappy to email you guys on my email. Just email Raymond. Add vlogs at gmail dot com. It's also in my description in my bio. I'll also be posting several links down below in the description for just helpful tools and tutorials you can use to get ahead of your game in the common application process. A zealous some steps you can take to just make the most of high school in general. I'm headed out west next week, so if you want to see some of those travel logs and hiking and stuff like that, definitely subscribe to my channel and check out some of the links below for some of my other videos. I hope you have a wonderful day piece