North Carolina State University at Raleigh Tours & Reviews

Raleigh, NC

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Hi, everyone. My name is Kareena and I am a junior at North Carolina State University. Go back. I am majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing. I'm also member with, Say, Looks honest. Program. Ah, a little bit about my school. If one of 16 state schools with Carolina, it's actually one of the biggest but 30,000 year old sow. The campus is huge. It's beautiful. I love it there. I been there for two years and I've loved every minute of it. It's okay. Holly, North Carolina It's about 10 minutes from downtown, and it's a really great location. So much do within walking distance. But we're also going to our beach in a very dry from the mountains. And so it makes your fun weekend trips to the mountains. Fun time with Frank for days. Put hair on Is ever seen nice love morning with friends way back in the ballgame because they're everyone loathe. There's so much support from such a pretty campus. There's so much to explore. Some spots, a thing out. Our tally. Which student union? They're allowed to put their friends out a little. Here, everyone, No. If it's on campus, which not like, you know, about time. My little secret from the point of Java and Nelson Call, which is very college engagements, located the jobless coffee chain in North Carolina and have someone campus can be pretty crowded, especially in Cali. But the one in Nelson. It's crowded because something go there, so I like to go there already. Coffee thinks it's also beautiful out where patios where I am probably about 95% of the time. I don't recommend checking it out. Another face that study at three. Your library on campus. It's beautiful there so you could study. Just go out on the patio and study for my test that I have coming. So if you're thinking about a line there, I don't recommend it has very little like the last two years here, and I can't wait for the Nice to think Hi, everyone. My name is Kareena and I am a junior at the university, and I'm here to give you guys. My advice on taking Theo with probably the most popular of the two is great. On a 1600 point skill, you get different grades reading, writing, math, language, all the different subjects and then scores about combined into your holes, for which that's 100. So I took this city four times in high school the first few times I took it without any practice in terms of prep courses or anything with a t, my freshman software, your price school. And then I just want to make it in here and Prince and everything would be okay. I got my grades back the 1st 2 times and they were OK. They weren't anywhere where I knew I could achieve. And so I enrolled in a prep course this summer after my junior year of high school. I took that for a few weeks, and then I took it again. I think we have to get to more time during my year packed full of great increased dramatically, doesn't recommend taking a course hope. Increase your score dramatically and you can get into the range that need to be in very, very good as a key where it's a test that must be taken from their course ecologist and again, call just happened from criteria of where they arranged your score to be in order to be considered for acceptance. There difference is it screws on a 36.78 point scale as the wass and the way bring their maids to work there for different sections and you get a great and he took them on a 36 point scale and then the average of the street combined. And that's your score. Tasty squirrel once because and what college you go to, It didn't require both scores, and I felt more confident in my keys. Pours the tea one I did okay on it definitely isn't my strong in class. If I had taken a course on it, I do think I was better, but I chose to focus my energy on es aqui. But that's just me. I know. Soon set still on the tee, so depends on who you are as a person, which doesn't recommend taking both at first, get a feel for how I see you guys study for the test. They are important. You call just to look at it, Jake. And it isn't everything of colleges work at, so don't think that it could be bad on it. It will find you definitely won't make sure you're well rounded, candidate. But we put in the effort to study for the test to give yourself about.