What Can You Do with an Agricultural Engineering Degree?

An agricultural engineer covers a wide range of activities. These professionals can supervise agricultural-based construction projects, use weather and GPS data to inform businesses and farmers on the right land use, and assess agricultural production methods to see what impact it has on the environment. Their main task, however, is around designing equipment and machinery for the agricultural, forestry, and horticultural industries.

Should I become an agricultural engineering major?

Before you start working towards an agricultural engineering degree, you need to figure out if it’s the right choice for you. A proficiency in science and mathematics is a requirement, as is the ability to solve problems.

By studying for a degree, most college programs will prepare you for your future career. They may offer work placement positions where you can build up your practical experience, and you could also make valuable connections that lead to work following graduation.

What can I do with an agricultural engineering degree?

It might seem obvious what you can do with this type of degree, but you’re not limited to one single profession – aka agricultural engineering. There are other areas you can explore in engineering and other fields. Below are some examples of jobs with an agricultural engineering degree you can explore.

Agricultural engineer

An agricultural engineer is responsible for various different agricultural-related tasks. This can include improving machinery efficiency, solving environmental and pollution issues, and processing and storing agricultural products.

Salary List references the annual agricultural engineering salary is $69,017 on average.

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineering is known as being one of the broadest fields in engineering. These professionals are known for designing and overseeing the manufacturing of many products, which can range from refrigerators to medical devices.

Based on research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the yearly wage for a mechanical engineer is $88,430 on average.

Environmental engineer

An environmental engineer has the job of developing solutions to solve environmental issues. This can be done by improving waste disposal, recycling, air pollution control, and so on. These professionals also address global problems like climate change and unsafe drinking water. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for an environmental engineer is $88,860 per year.

How do I settle on a college?

You like the curriculum. You’ve seen the agricultural engineering careers available and feel this is something you want to do in the future. Now it’s about selecting the college that matches your needs.

Your first focus will be on the agricultural engineering program offered by the college. After that, there are many different elements to consider – one of them being the campus quality. Ultimately, you want a campus that supports your development and provides comfortable dorms.

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