What Can You Do with an Animal Science Degree?

Animal science is a subject which revolves around animal biology, how humans depend on animals for both leisure and food, and how animals function. Studying these topics then leads to ways in which you can apply your newfound knowledge to issues like livestock production and agriculture.

It can also lead to a road into a diverse collection of careers, ranging from animal research to work within the food industry.

Should I become an animal science major?

If you have a combined passion for science and animals, and you want to translate this into a future career, this degree makes a lot of sense. Even though you won’t qualify as a vet once you acquire an animal science degree, it’s not that rare for graduates to go straight into a veterinary postgraduate program. Plus there are various animal-focused job roles you can go into following graduation – including as a veterinary nurse.

Along with gaining specialist skills which revolve around the biology, welfare, and health of animals, you also acquire transferable skills which can help in all career roles. These include good communication, problem-solving, and the ability to work in a team.

What can I do with an animal science degree?

This guide has already established there’s an assortment of animal-related careers available following graduation. Below are three of the jobs with an animal science degree that you could pursue.

Animal scientist

When it comes to animal science careers, there’s one place to start: with a role as an animal scientist. This role involves conducting research in nutrition, growth, development, reproduction, and genetics into domestic farm animals.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states on average, an animal science salary is $68,570 per year.


A zoologist is responsible for studying animals to learn how they connect with their ecosystems. These studies revolve around animal behaviors, the physical features of animals, and how humans impact natural habitats and wildlife.

Research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals ‘zoologists and wildlife biologists’ earn a median salary of $63,270 per year.

Farm manager

When it comes to the production of crops, dairy products, and livestock, a farm manager will oversee these tasks to ensure the success of their establishment. Other duties include recording financials and maintaining farm facilities.

The median annual pay for ‘farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers’ is listed as $71,160 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Selecting the right college

The animal science curriculum is what you first need to research when choosing a college. After all, it has to match up to your needs and future career plans.

Following that, there are several different elements to consider – one of the biggest being the quality of the college campus. It would help if you found a campus with high-quality dorms and a supportive study environment.

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