What is a Communication and Media Studies Degree?

If you’re a lover of media in general and have an active interest in it from an educational viewpoint, then this degree may naturally appeal to you. However, this degree covers more than just media studies. You will learn all about the diverse history of media and its changing nature, as well as how society responds to media and uses media to communicate.

A degree in Communication and Media Studies will require an avid and up-to-date interest in all media outlets, including staying informed about news and current events and being able to use a wide range of technology and media outlets.

What Can I Do with a Communication and Media Studies Degree?

If you’re looking for jobs with a Communication and Media Studies degree, then the most obvious career paths will be those who work directly within media. This could be film, television or radio, based on your preference (or perhaps experience with all).

Communication and media often go hand in hand, as this job specialty will always have a message to provide. The roles within this field can vary from key communication focus, such as translators, interpreters or writers, to more direct media roles, like broadcasting or announcing.

Due to the number of people needed both behind the scenes and on the frontlines when it comes to media, there are many lucrative and interesting job roles available.

What Communication and Media Studies Salary Can I Expect?

Communication and Media Studies careers can vary, which means the salary will vary, too. In general terms, media and communication roles will have a salary expectancy of $59,230 per year, according to figures based on last year’s information, provided through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This average wage is based on common roles such as announcers and interpreters.

Studying for a Communication and Media Studies Major

Studying for this particular degree will see you on a rewarding educational and career journey. Not only that, but it will provide you with the opportunity to conduct your studies within a campus you can enjoy, and within which you can thrive.

How do you choose a campus you know you’ll enjoy, however? Choosing the right college for you can be very tricky, even if you know that a Communication and Media Studies degree is the perfect course.

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