What Can You Do with an Agriculture Degree?

If you want to venture into food science and food production fields, agriculture can be an excellent subject to study. An agriculture degree allows you to gain hands-on experience, build up your knowledge, and find rewarding job positions within a relevant field.

Should I become an agriculture major?

If you have the right amount of ability in science and mathematics, and you want to venture into a future career within agricultural science, you’re on the right path towards positively answering the question posed by the above subheading.

As for what you will be studying with a degree in agriculture, a standard program will typically cover subjects such as soil ecosystems, plant genetics, precision agriculture, and agricultural economics.

Once you have graduated, there are many different careers available for someone with an agricultural degree. Not only that, but these careers often provide competitive salaries, job security, and promising future growth profiles.

What can I do with an agriculture degree?

As mentioned, there are various career paths an agriculture graduate can take. While plenty of people will gravitate towards a position like food science, a degree in agriculture can open the door to multiple industries. This is particularly the case if you combine your degree with specialized or additional education.

In terms of jobs with an agriculture degree, below are a few common examples:

Agricultural and food scientists

Agricultural and food scientists perform numerous different tasks. These include creating new food products, developing methods to improve processing efficiency, and boosting the sustainability of farm animals and field crops.

In 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported agricultural and food scientists earned a median $65,160 salary.

Agricultural engineer

Attempting to rectify agricultural issues is the main aim for an agricultural engineer. These issues can range from testing equipment for safety to overseeing production operations.

It has been revealed that in 2019, an agricultural engineer earned a yearly $80,720 salary on average.

Farm manager

A farm manager is responsible for overseeing the production of crops, making dairy products, and looking after the livestock. Other tasks can include the maintenance of farming equipment and keeping a record of financial information.

2019 figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals ‘farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers’ received a yearly $71,160 salary on average.

How do I pick a college?

You’ve seen what agriculture careers are available. You know the type of agriculture salary you can earn. Now it’s about earning your agriculture degree.

This means you have to make a big decision: selecting the right college. You want a college that supplies a reputed agriculture program with the concentrations that match your needs. Yet this is only the start. You also have to analyze the college’s reputation and facilities, the location, living costs, and more.

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