What Can You Do with an Architecture Degree?

If you think an architecture degree only sets you up for one career role, it’s time to rethink your position. Due to the technical, visual, and planning skills you develop during your studies, you can utilize these in various creative and design-based positions.

This guide will further explore what architecture careers are available, the type of salaries you can enjoy, and how to settle on the right college.

Architecture major : should you become one?

If you want to become an architect, this degree is the obvious choice. It will provide you with the skills and practical experience required if you hope to enter the architecture industry. Plus a degree can open the door to valuable connection that can shape your employment following graduation.

What can I do with an architecture major?

It’s easy to simply focus on architecture in terms of what you can do with your degree. However, most graduates enter various fields beyond being an architect. Here are some examples of jobs with an architecture degree.


Most graduates will be seeking architecture careers when they’re fresh out of college – as expected. This role sees professionals plan and design various structures, including factories, office buildings, and houses.

In 2019, research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed the median architecture salary was $80,750 per year.


When it comes to identifying the boundaries of a property, it is up to a surveyor to produce precise measurements. These professionals have to take into consideration everything from researching land records to taking into account the shape of the Earth’s surface.

Based on information presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a surveyor earned an annual wage of $63,420 in 2019.

Civil engineer

A civil engineer is responsible for a range of infrastructure projects and systems, including roads, bridges, airports, buildings, and water supply systems. These professionals conceive, design, manage construction and maintain the projects they work on. Civil engineers can work in industries ranging from construction to education.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights the competitive pay received by civil engineers, with the annual wage being $87,060 per year.

Picking a college

You have decided to earn an architecture degree. Now it’s time to make another major decision – choosing the right college for your requirements.

Picking a college is far from easy. There are several elements you have to take into consideration, including location, living arrangements, and the actual architecture program curriculum. Then it’s a case of putting together a shortlist of the colleges which best match your requirements.

Now it’s a case of putting in the research. There are certain elements, for instance, which require more in-depth research than others. One of those is the campus experience. Ultimately, you require a quality campus which best supports your education and comfort.

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