What Can You Do with a Bible Degree?

The answer to the question is an obvious one, right? While it is clear that a degree in biblical studies is the foundation for a career in religion, you might be surprised at the other doors it can open.

Should I become a bible major?

Are you a spiritual student? Do you possess a strong passion for the Bible and Christian theology? If that’s the case, it makes sense why you have ended up on this page. A bible degree provides you with a deep understanding of your religion, giving you the launchpad to mentor and teach others about the subject.

What can I do with a bible degree?

While most job opportunities will relate to biblical studies in some way, graduates can explore other sectors such as teaching, writing, and even archeology. Below are some examples of jobs with a bible degree.

Religious worker

As mentioned, bible careers will often lead to some form of religious work. Different careers fall under the religious worker title, including pastor, chaplain, missionary, and evangelist.

Using research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, religious workers stand to earn a mean annual wage of $38,830.


A counselor is responsible for providing individuals with a safe, confidential environment where they can talk through their issues and improve their mental health. A counselor can help people in areas like addiction and eating disorders.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes counselors receive a yearly wage of $48,800 on average.

Religion teacher

Your degree can also open the door to a religious teaching career. You can teach everything from philosophy to theology, with different subject matters focused on depending on what education level you enter.

For a postsecondary religion teacher, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals this is one of the best bible salary options available. These teachers receive $88,970 on average per year.

Selecting a college for your degree

A bible degree is, obviously, a specialized subject. This means it’s not a program offered across all colleges in the country. Admittedly this is bad news in that it limits your options. Yet, on the other hand, it makes your selection process that much easier.

This is because a major decision like picking a college is no simple task. There are several significant points to ponder, including location, your budget, and the curriculum for your degree. You also have to draw up a shortlist and compare all the points until you, ultimately, come up with the ideal college.

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